Snow Day


I stood there and didn’t know what to do. Here was Holly, one of my students from my public relations writing classes, standing on my doorstep as the snow fell outside. She had knocked on my door and I was a bit startled, but I was even more startled to see one of my students on the porch asking to come in.

Holly was one of my favorites, a sharp student who had that rare quality of being able to be respectful without abandoning her strong views in class discussions. Every once in a while I get a student that I get to spend some time with outside of classes, and Holly was one of those. We had a standing appointment to have coffee every two weeks to talk about the class material and whatever else she was thinking about at the time. Holly had a keen mind and thought really deeply about what she was absorbing in all her classes. I found discussions with her to be stimulating and challenging, which is exactly why people like me go into university teaching in the first place.

As luck (for me) would have it, Holly also was a beautiful girl, which gave me every incentive possible to keep our standing coffee appointments. Her green eyes had a distinct twinkle when she really got going on a topic she cared about. It was hard not to gaze at her while we talked, and I’ll admit I was taken with her. She had a small frame but a great body, about 5-foot-3 with perky breasts and amazing legs to go with long brown hair. I had to consciously keep myself from gawking at her while we talked; it’s not that I didn’t enjoy our conversations, but her beauty was distracting and I didn’t want to be the creepy professor who hung out with his students only to ogle them.

I often had groups of students over at my house for dinner as a way of getting to know them better, and Holly was a regular at my place. Thus that Holly knew where to find me wasn’t a huge surprise because she knows where I live. The question was why she was here now, and why the tears? I knew from our meetups that she’d been going through some difficult times, but she was never direct about what it was. I always figured it was the typical stress that students got as they approached graduation.

“Are you okay? Come inside,” I said.

Holly came in without a word and I took her jacket, then put on a kettle to make her some hot tea. The snow had just started but it was plenty cold out there already. I came in with a cup and sat down on the couch across from her.

“So do you want to tell me what’s going on?” I asked after a few seconds of silence. I didn’t want to push but she clearly was having trouble.

“It’s Brett,” Holly said. “He dumped me tonight.”

Brett was her longtime boyfriend. I was furiously trying to remember how long they’d been together, but I knew it predated college. They were high school sweethearts and I had always expected they’d get married after graduating. Even without the tears, I knew this was crushing news for her.

“I’m so sorry, Holly,” I said. “That’s terrible news and totally unexpected. What happened?”

She steeled herself and then told the story. They had been having problems for a couple months and she knew something was wrong, but she figured it would work itself out. Apparently, though, he had decided that their lives were going in two different directions with graduation looming.

It was sort of true. Holly already had work lined up at a PR firm in New York City, whereas Brett had always wanted to return to their small hometown in Connecticut and apply his social work degree in his own community. They always seemed like a good personality match, but career-wise they were going in opposite directions and that was going to require some compromise.

“I knew this was coming,” she said with a sigh. “He’s right. We’re just headed to different futures. I came to college to escape that small town and he loves it there. I think I’m just too ambitious for him.”

“Well I suppose he could have a change of heart,” I said, trying to find the silver lining. “I mean, you two wouldn’t be the first couple to get back together. Sometimes people just freak out before graduation, you know?”

Holly shook her head.

“No it’s worse than that,” she said. “He also chose that time to tell me he’d been sleeping with Megan, one of my sorority sisters, for about a month. It was only after a month of screwing her that made him realize we weren’t going to be together anymore. What an asshole.”

I was stunned. I knew Brett a little from having him in my classes, but he didn’t seem like that kind of kid. I found myself getting a little angry on her behalf, the parent part of my professor personality coming out. I think she caught a little bit of the anger written all over my face.

“Wow, you want to go kick his ass for me?” she asked with a chuckle.

We both started laughing at just the idea of it. Just the thought of a professor avenging one of his spurned students was pretty absurd.

“Yeah I’ll just put on my superhero cape,” I said sarcastically. “He teaches by day, fights boyfriend crime by night.”

That got a smile bahis firmaları out of her, one of the few times I’d seen it tonight. Holly’s smile always lights up the room.

“Thanks,” she said. “Thanks for listening and for making me laugh a little.”

“It’s not a problem,” I said. “It’s never a problem. Why Brett would be so crazy as to cheat on you and then dump you is beyond me. I wouldn’t let you get away like that if I were him.”

I paused for a second, realizing uncomfortably that I’d basically just subbed myself into Brett’s place. I tried to change the subject.

“I’m curious why you came here, though,” I said. “Were your friends not around?”

“Well my friends are in the sorority, and they’re being careful not to take sides between Megan and I,” she said. “Everyone’s on eggshells there tonight, and you and I talk so freely that coming here seemed natural. I just had to get out of there and this was the only safe place I could think of where I could talk.”

“Well I’m glad to help,” I said. “Hopefully it won’t be awkward for too long. You do have to live with these people for a few more months. Which, speaking of that, shouldn’t you be getting back so that they don’t worry about you?”

I just realized we’d spent about two hours talking, but it didn’t seem that way.

“Yeah, I think so,” she said.

With that I helped Holly get her jacket and I grabbed my keys so I could walk her down. And then after opening the door, we stopped. It was a winter wonderland outside, and in the few hours that Holly had been inside we’d gotten over a foot of snow on the ground.

“Ugh,” I said. “Lake effect snow again. I didn’t realize the snow was supposed to be this bad.”

I called up the weather app on my smartphone and got more bad news.

“Already 14 inches and we’re supposed to get another two feet overnight,” I said. “I don’t know if I’d want you driving in this. I suppose I can give you a ride back assuming the streets are plowed.”

I walked to the end of the driveway and looked up and down the street. The plows had made one pass but hadn’t done much. As I looked around, I realized visibility wasn’t that great either. I wasn’t feeling confident my tiny Honda could handle this.

“I don’t think you should drive in this,” she said finally. “Is there a way I can just camp out here until the roads are better?’

I got a little dry in the throat. One of my beautiful young students staying at my house? That should give the neighborhood gossips something to talk about. But despite how they might talk, I found myself being tempted by just the fantasy of hosting one of my beautiful students at my house. My mind briefly went a bit wild as I acted out a fantasy, but I quickly swatted it away.

I should have said no, should have just shoveled the driveway and toughed it out.

“Yeah we can figure something out,” I said, betraying my commonsense instincts. “I don’t have a guest room but can set up something in the living room.”

I went inside and first built a fire in the fireplace. If we were going to be there a while, I might as well give it some cheer. Within 10 minutes I had a roaring fire going, and while I’d been working Holly asked if I had anything to drink.

“Yeah try the cabinet next to the table,” I said.

I then laid out a few blankets and a comforter for Holly. Between that and the fire, she’d sleep just fine. By the time I’d finished Holly was back on the couch, and had poured us both a glass of red wine. I watched orange glow of the flames dance in her flickering eyes as I walked over to the couch, then sat down next to her as I picked up the glass.

Holly sank into the couch and turned toward me.

“I don’t know why I like talking to you so much, but I always feel better,” she said. “Tell me again about how crazy Brett was to dump me.”

I swallowed hard. Damn, I was hoping we had moved on from that and she hadn’t noticed my lapse in judgment.

“Well, you know, I was just saying that you’re too good of a catch to let go like that,” I offered, hoping that would do. Keep it bland and uninteresting, sir.

“I think you meant more than that,” Holly said.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“You don’t just say it that way unless you have reasons. I want to hear them.”

I took a deep breath. No getting out of this one.

“I mean, just look at you. You’re beautiful in every way. Personality, intellect, looks. You have it all. If I’d had someone like you in college I wouldn’t have let you get away. I just think he’s nuts.”

She smiled a bit and leaned in a bit close, head coming to rest on my shoulder.

“I think he is too,” she said.

I did the thing I shouldn’t do. I put my arm around her and drew her in to me. I was looking for the first sign that her body would stiffen against this probably inappropriate gesture, but she just melted into me. My motives weren’t entirely impure, as I did have a soft spot for one of my favorite students and I wanted to console her, but the sudden bulge in my pants was serving a big counterpoint to kaçak iddaa my altruism. I hadn’t been with a woman in a while, but just the touch and the smell of her hair were getting me aroused.

I desperately wanted to cover up but didn’t want to suddenly draw attention to it. Unfortunately it was too late.

“Well at least someone still likes me,” she said with a giggle as she turned her gaze on the throbbing tight spot in my jeans. She already had finished her wine, not drunk at all but definitely less inhibited. I had to stop this, even as much as I wanted it.

“Yeah, sorry about that,” I lied. “It’s been a long time since I’ve been this close to a woman and I let my mind get away from me there.”

I started to pull away but she grabbed on to my shirt. She swiveled around and in what seemed like an instant she had maneuvered her way onto my lap, straddling me as we faced each other. She leaned in and kissed me with a fury. I gave in momentarily, trying to meet her kiss with equal force. Within seconds our tongues were exploring one another’s mouths and we were going at it like, well, two college kids.

“No, we can’t do this,” I said as I pulled away. “Your one of my students. I mean, this is great and I’d love to, but it’s really inappropriate.”

Holly got a glimmer in her eyes.

“It’s a snow day,” she said. “No classes. I’m not your student. I’m just here and want to be with a man who really appreciates me. And I know you do. I know you well enough to know how much we respect and admire each other.”

“I understand that,” I countered, “but you’ll regret doing something impulsive like this.”

She smirked a bit.

“Don’t you know what the girls say about you?” she asked.

Did I want to know?

“You’re the hot professor all of us talk about,” she said. “Tall, handsome, and brilliant too. I’m not the only girl who’s fantasized about you during class. In fact there’s been a lot of talk about exactly how much you’re packing underneath that crotch. It’s hard not to notice that you’re bigger than most.”

Suddenly I was getting warm. All my cock wanted was to escape my pants, but I was still trying to be reasonable here.

“If someone found out, I’d get fired,” I said.

Holly stood up and walked over to the blanket I’d laid out for her in front of the fireplace. She took off her jeans first, sliding them down her petite legs and kicking them aside. She was wearing black lace panties and there was a noticeable wet spot between her legs.

“Nobody will find out,” she said. “It’s a snow day.”

Holly removed her sweater and then her bra. I gasped at the sight of her breasts, all perfect in their peach-sized glory. I gazed at her as she took off her panties, bending over to bring them below her ankles and then off to the side. She was completely free, completely naked here in front of me.

I stared longingly at her. I didn’t have a choice.

I stood up and walked over to Holly. I met her with a kiss again, caressing her body as we joined. She got to work on my shirt first, unbuttoning it and then taking it off my shoulders. From there it was the buckle on my jeans, and soon it was just me in my boxer shorts, with my cock jutting out noticeably.

I grabbed her breasts and teased her nipples as she felt the outer fabric of my boxers, trying to get a feel for what was underneath. She looked into my eyes and I tried not to return it with a plea that showed my desperation to be free. Finally she tugged at the elastic and unbound me, and she gasped with approval at the sight of my 8-inch cock.

“You’re bigger than I thought you’d be,” she said as she wrapped her hands around my prick and rubbed it up and down. “So thick. Are you like this all the time?”

“Only when I’m really pent up,” I said. “Or when I really want something.”

“You know all my girlfriends have talked about this. I can’t believe I’m the one who got to find out.”

We resumed our kiss and dropped to our knees on the blanket. Soon we were tangled up with one another a few feet from the fireplace, rubbing our bodies against one another with urgency as we kissed and rolled around. I left her mouth and moved downward to her nipples, kissing and biting each one as I glorified her breasts.

Her hand, meanwhile, hadn’t left my erection and she was kneading it like she was trying to see how big she could get me. I could feel myself growing. Usually foreplay is good for more girth and another half-inch or so. I felt like I was going to explode.

I kissed my way down her stomach and to the wet spot between her legs. It was perfect, with just a tiny strip of hair and otherwise clean shaven. She looked delicious. I took her clit in my mouth and sucked on it, rolling it around with my tongue. She writhed and moaned with approval, having forgotten my cock for a second as she gave in to her own pleasure. I spread her legs wide and teased her all over, alternating sucking and licking and then kissing down her legs as her trembling body begged for me to return to home base. I’d return, then leave, then return, kaçak bahis then leave. If I was going to fuck a student, I might as well make it memorable and I wasn’t going to do this without getting her worked up a little.

Finally I returned to Holly’s musty pussy and gave it a kiss.

“Thank youuuuuu,” she said with a breathy voice.

It was all the encouragement I needed. I dove into her slit, sticking my tongue inside an seeing how far I could go. Meanwhile I used my index finger to lightly massage her clit and I could feel her folds become engorged as I tried to maximize her pleasure. In inserted my right index finger hooked upward into her pussy, making sure to give her G-spot plenty of attention on the way in and out as I face-fucked her pussy.

Holly responded by slinging her legs over my shoulders as I lay on my stomach, sucking and licking her like there was no tomorrow. She wrapped her legs loosely around my neck and squeezed the sides of my heads between her thighs. Her breathing was ragged and she was moaning as I drank from her perfect teen pussy.

Within a few minutes she began to tense up and I knew she was close. She tightened her legs around my face like a vise grip and I began to lick and suck her clit furiously.

“Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhh!” she cried out. “I’m going to cum! Make me cum hard, professor!”

I picked up the pace and gave her the best mix of fast and gentle that I could muster. I felt Holly’s pussy well up with fluid and her legs started to shake violently as she grabbed onto my head and forced my mouth into her crotch.

“I’m cumming!” she yelped. “And it’s amaaaaaaaazing. Ohhhhhhhhh!”

I drank in everything I can, enjoying the strange sensation of smelling her musky odor while having difficulty breathing due to the clamp around my head. She shook and squirmed as her orgasm coursed through her body, and then slowly she began to loosen up as the waves of pleasure receded.

I moved up to lie beside her, kissing up her body as I went. I was admiring her like a work of art the whole way. Her slender body and pert tits were exactly the kind of body that turned me on, and to be with such a smart young woman had me excited. As I lay next to her she grabbed my dick and began to knead absentmindedly.

“You’re so huge,” she said.

Next thing I knew, Holly was slinking down toward my crotch and rolling me onto my back. She dove onto my cock mouth-first, and I groaned loudly at the pleasure of being inside of her. She hungrily bobbed up and down on it, using her gums and tongue with expert touch as she slid up and down my throbbing shaft.

Then she pulled off and kept stroking me with her hand as she knelt between my legs and began licking the underside of my scrotum. I was over the edge with pleasure. Her hand was cocked at the exact right angle as it reached the head of my penis, and her light brushes of the tongue were driving me wild. I felt like lightning was shooting through my body with each lick.

“Oh God, Holly, that feels so good,” I said, unable to edit myself while receiving such pleasure. “This is such a wicked fantasy. I love having a gorgeous, smart girl sucking on my cock. I want to lick and suck your nipples as I’m fucking your pussy from behind.”

She moaned as she heard me get vocal but didn’t stop what she was doing.

“I want to fuck you in my office at school, taking you on my couch,” I said while panting.”

Holly pulled off my dick and began to kneel over me, positioning her self for what we both wanted so badly.

“Oh God that would be amazing,” she said. “It would be so naughty to do it in your office. Maybe I can bring one of my sorority sisters along.”

Before I had time to explore that little turn of events, she plunged downward on me and I entered her juicy cavern. We both groaned as it happened, she at my girth as it filled her up and me as I realized I was having sex with my gorgeous young student.

She took a bit of time to move up and down on me at first, getting her insides used to my size, but soon she was bucking up and down on me with a steady rhythm, swaying her head side to side and moaning with pleasure.

I took it all in. She was there impaling herself on my cock and I could see her body in all its glory in front of me. Her soft, perky breasts bounced as she moved up and down and her long brown hair was wrapping around her face as she moved. I reached up for her, placing each of my palms on her tits as she moved up and down so she could lean into me. I massaged her tits and occasionally pinched her nipples as she moved, and her breathing began to accelerate at the sensation.

Soon she was laying on top of me, unable to keep the strength up as she succumbed to her pleasure. She was crouching on top of me now, legs spread down around my thighs as I thrust into her with abandon.

Holly’s velvety walls were so soft and so slick, but because of her size her pussy clenched on me so tight that I had to temper myself so I wouldn’t cum too early. But God it felt wonderful, my dick planted inside this gorgeous young coed and her loving every minute of it. How did I get here? I wasn’t the type of professor to hit on his students and yet here I was screwing one of them on my living room floor after she threw herself at me.

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