Snowed In


My first sexual encounter with my sister happened when I was driving her to Chicago. My sister couldn’t afford a plane ticket and her car had broken down the week before. So that is how we ended up driving down Interstate 80 when a massive storm front came down from Canada. It started to snow right after noon, and by sundown it was coming down quite hard. I was glad to find a motel parking lot before the road got totally impassable. Shortly after we had pulled into a motel parking lot, the Highway Patrol announced that they were shutting down the roads until the roads got better and the road crews had a chance to remove some of the snow for the roads.

So there was me and my sister Ruby together in a cramped motel room with just one bed between the two of us and the temperature czech couples porno outside dropping faster than the room’s heater could possibly handle. There was no thought of awkwardness as we huddled together under the sheets for warmth.

After awhile, I fell asleep. A couple of hours later, I woke up with a hard-on, spooning my sister. As I started to move awkwardly away from her, she spoke.

“It has been a long time since I woke up to find a hard cock in my bed.”

“Yeah, you have been having a dry spell, haven’t you?” I half-asked.

“A dry spell is an understatement. I have half a mind to jump on your cock just so I can remember what sex feels like.”

There was an awkward silence that was only broken when czech estrogenolit porno she proceeded to climb onto top of my body—kissing me hard as she did so. Despite the fact that she was my sister, my body responded. Groping in the dark, I cupped her ass in my hands and squeezed her ass cheeks as she ground her crotch frantically against mine. Slipping my hands underneath her shirt, I ran my hands up the sides of her back to cradle her breasts with my palms. She pulled herself away from me as I ran my thumbs over her hard nipples.

“Take your pants off,” she gasped as she fumbled to remove her own pants.

I didn’t think as I took my pants off. Her bare thighs straddled my hips, as she remounted me—her fingers guiding czech experiment porno my cock into her ready snatch.

She rode me like a cowgirl, cumming mere seconds before I did, shooting my hot load deep into her pussy. She collapsed on top of me, and we wearily dragged the blanket over the top of ourselves.

In the morning, I woke up to find my cock deep in her mouth and her pussy above my face. We sixty-nined each another for several minutes before I mounted her—this time in the missionary position. She came with my cock rammed deep in her pussy with my balls slapping up against her, as she clawed her fingernails across my back

We had just barely uncoupled and got cleaned up when the motel manager came by to inform us that the Highway Patrol had finally re-opened the road and that it was safe to move on.

As we got into the car, my sister laughed that we should try to get snowed in together more often. And while we have never been forced to do so since because of the weather, this turned out not to be the last time that me and my sister huddled under the sheets together with one another.

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