Snowed In 4


Snowed In 4It didn’t take Kelly long after our Craigslist hookup had left to start scheming. Mark had seemed like a good guy, he’d just reupped with the Army and was probably going to be a lifer. He also appeared to have a good head on his shoulders. The question for Kelly however was how to get her best friend Jasmine and him together. Jokingly I suggested just inviting them over for an orgy and see what happens. Kelly’s smile just grew wider and she climbed into the lawn chair with me, her knees straddling my hips and her still wet gash rubbing on my deflated prick. “You’re so smart, that one of the things that makes you my favorite uncle!””But I’m not your uncle”, I said with feigned indignation.”Which makes it even better”, she giggled and rubbed my face between her sumptuous boobs. What the hell were we talking about again?I suggested that she grab us a couple more drinks and maybe hop back into the hot tub for a little bit to recharge. After this afternoon, I certainly needed it. She laughed and I watched her firm ass shake as she went to fetch the drinks. Some days I swear that girl is going to kill me, but I’ll go with a big shit eating grin on my face if it happens.I climbed over the side of the hot tub, allowing my body to slip into the relaxing hot waters. Kelly came out a few minutes later with a beer for me and one of those fruity wine coolers for herself. Once again I was struck by how beautiful my young cousin was. Her long blonde hair framed the cutest of faces and her body, oh God her body. She was certainly not the skinny k** she had been but had grown to have the curves of a woman without being fat either. Her D cup breasts definitely completed the package. I’d always been more into women with smaller boobs, now I knew what I had been missing.She caught me staring and blushed, “What?””I was just wondering how a man as ugly as your dad could produce such a lovely girl like you.”Her cheeks turned a little more red, “He’s not that ugly!””I hate to say it baby, but your old man got beat with the ugly stick”, I laughed as I took the bottles from her while she climbed in. She settled in between my legs and lying back against my chest. “Speaking of your dad, he knows about us.”She sat up and turned to face me, “he does?” I explained that I’d met him for a beer before meeting up with Mark that afternoon and how he’d seen us the previous Friday night.She looked a little alarmed and then embarrassed as she remembered the night in question. “How much did he see?””Enough that he had no doubts as to what we were doing.””How’s he taking it”, she asked as she lay back down against me and downing half of her wine cooler.”Not bad actually”, I assured her, ” He said that he’s suspected it for a while. ” I took a sip of my beer and offered, “for what it’s worth he said we looked pretty hot if it weren’t for the fact that it was his daughter getting titty fucked.” I wrapped my free arm around her and gently squeezed the soft pliable flesh of her tit. We soaked for a while longer in the hot bubbling water of the tub before going in to shower and settle in for the night.The next day I called Mark. “Hey Mark, Tom”, I greeted the soldier when he answered his cell, ‘What are you up to next weekend?”It took him a second to register who was calling, “not much, what do you have in mind?”I explained that Kelly and I had so much fun the day before that he wanted to invite him over for dinner and maybe another dip in the hot tub. He agreed that he too had a great time and would be up to do it again. We chatted some more before hanging up, mostly small talk. I smiled as I hung up, conveniently I had forgotten to mention that Kelly was on the phone in the next room extending the same invitation to her best friend Jasmine.The following Saturday turned out to be a gorgeous spring day. While Kelly was at work I got the back yard cleaned up and mowed before running to the store for beer and wine coolers. By the time she got home I had pretty much everything set up for our small party. I’d picked up a couple of outdoor speakers so we’d have music and some steaks for the grill. Kelly changed into a pretty red sundress that showed off her ample and obviously braless tits. We’d just thrown some drinks into the cooler when we heard Jasmine’s Honda pull into the drive.She met us in the back yard looking as sexy as ever. Her shiny jet black hair accentuated her exotic Latin features. She was wearing a nearly transparent white blouse and her ever present painted on yoga pants. “Hi guys”, she greeted as she came in through the gate. She came over and gave Kelly a hug the turned and pressed her lithe body against mine and hugged me too. I wrapped my arms around her and returned the hug, giving her firm little ass a quick squeeze. “Mmm, it’s going to be that kind of party”, she purred into my ear and snaked her hand between us to give my dick a rub through my shorts. We all sat down at the table and sipped our drinks while we made small talk. A few minutes later I heard Marks truck pull up. Jasmine looked a little confused, but Kelly assured her that it was a surprise. The gate opened bahis firmaları again and Mark strolled into the backyard. He was wearing his fatigue pants and a tight black t-shirt that showed off his muscular chest. Our two guests eyed each other from across the yard and smiled. I took it as a good sign. I introduced them and they exchanged hellos but neither seemed certain on what to do. Both had been involved with threesomes with Kelly and I but the extra person seemed to throw them. I grabbed him a beer and started the steaks while the girls went inside to finish the salad and nuke a package of corn.Mark joined me at the grill and I could tell that he had questions. “Jasmine is Kelly’s best friend”, I explained as I tossed the inch thick ribeyes onto the grill. They made a satisfying hiss as the touch the hot grates. “She’s also been more than a friend if you know what I mean.” His smile told me that he did. “Just relax and go with it, tonight is going to be fun.”Dinner turned out great, the steaks were cooked to perfection if I do say so myself, and after a slow start the conversation began to flow. Mark was just finishing telling us about his job in the Army, he was a radioman in an artillery unit. He and I talked a bit about that since I had humped a radio in the infantry back in my time before a knee injury put me at a desk. Jasmine seemed hooked on his every word when he talked about Afghanistan. After everyone had finished dinner and Kelly and I cleared the table, we all knew that it was time for the real party to begin. Again, shyness seemed to overcome our guests so taking the lead I undid my belt and unceremoniously dropped my shorts to the ground. Standing there with my dick swinging in the breeze I asked, “who’s ready to join me in the hot tub?”Kelly reached down and grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled it up and off, revealing her naked body underneath and jogged over to join me climbing in. With a shrug Jasmine unbuttoned her blouse and peeled off her leggings to expose her matching pink thong and lacy bra. Mark by this time had stripped down to just a snug fitting pair of black boxer briefs. The outline of his semi hard prick was very obvious and I caught Jasmine staring.”I’m pretty sure that we’re being set up”, I heard him say softly to the black haired stranger before him.”Ya think”, she replied with a grin as she shrugged her unclasped little A-cup bra off of her shoulders. I’ve known for years that Kelly’s friend was very subconscious about her near lack of breasts so I had to think “good move” as Mark shyly reached out and rubbed his thumb across her dark nipple.She grabbed the waistband of her thong and pulled it down revealing her clean shaven sex and he followed suit by dropping his underwear to the ground. Her normal confidence returning, she took hold of his prick and guided him to the hot tub, not that he was resisting. They climbed in and sunk down beneath the roiling waters of the spa. His arm was d****d over her shoulder and her head on his chest . While his hand was beneath the bubbles, it was obvious that he was playing with her small breast. I pulled Kelly in for a kiss, our tongues exploring the familiar territory of each other’s mouth. I peaked over to see that Mark was again following my lead and kissing Jasmine deeply. Confident that our guests were willing participants I grabbed Kelly’s tit and began working her puffy nipple between my thumb and forefinger, she moaned softly around my tongue. I slipped my free hand down between her thighs and even through the heat of the water could feel how hot and wet her pussy was. “Dios mio”, I heard the sigh from the other side of the tub. A quick peek told me that our new soldier friend had his hand down between Jasmine’s legs and evidently she approved of what it was up to. I kissed my way across Kelly’s jaw and down her neck. Moving down her chest I lifted one of those heavy fun bags out of the water and latched onto her nipple with my lips. Kelly hissed with pleasure and grabbed my now rock hard prick in her soft little hand. She stroked my meat as I toyed with her nipple using my lips, tongue and soft little nips with my teeth. I gently manipulated Kelly’s clit while ravishing her tits with my mouth and soon I had her wiggling around with pleasure. With one arm she held my head tight to her chest and with the other she stroked my rod, her grip getting tighter as her pleasure increased. I could tell from the moans coming from across the pool that Mark had Jasmine pretty close as well. Urging Kelly up onto the edge of the hot tub I buried my face in my favorite place, between her milky thighs. I love the taste of her pussy, even if it was a little tainted by the bromine from the water at first. Soon her juices washed away the chemical taste and I was treated to her sweet ambrosia. I felt movement to my right and looked up from my cousins quim to see that Jasmine had moved over and was now sitting on the edge next to Kelly and the two of them were locked in a passionate kiss and stroking each other’s tits while Mark and I feasted on their cunts. It’s a good thing kaçak iddaa that my cousin David wasn’t watching this. I’d probably have to wash the siding!We ate the girls pussies until both had cum and I nudged Mark and indicated that we should switch. I moved over and immediately dove in between the silky brown thighs of my girlfriends best friend. Her thin lipped pussy was opened up like a flower and I ran my tongue along the sweet pink treasure within. Suckling on her clit I pushed two fingers into the fiery Latina’s box and worked them in a come here motion. It didn’t take long for us to push the two teenage girls to another body wracking orgasm.”Beep, beep, beep, beep”, the control panel of the hot tub sounded as the jets turned off. It was the manufacturers way of letting you know that you’d been in long enough. I often cursed when the timer went off but today, it was a sign that it was time to move to the blanket and kick this party up a notch. I stood up and took Kelly by one hand and Jasmine by the other and climbed out of the tub. Jaz had Marks hand and he followed us to the blanket that I’d spread out on the lawn earlier. I guided Jasmine down onto her knees and instinctively she took the head of my prick into her hot little mouth. Kelly was kneeling beside her and had most of Marks cock in her throat as well. A few minutes of Jasmine’s talented mouth was all I could take without busting a nut so, not wanting to cum just yet I pulled out and again suggested that we switch. Mark decided to switch things up and lay down on his back and pulled Jasmine into a sixty-nine with her straddling his face while she blew him. Kelly nodded to me in the direction of Jasmine’s upturned ass. I got the hint and while she knelt between Marks legs and began to lick his balls I moved up behind her friend and slowly pushed my cock into her steamy pussy. Mark had caught me off guard last weekend when he sucked my cock so I wasn’t surprised when I felt his tongue lick Jasmine’s juices from my shaft as I pulled back out.Jasmine, evidently feeling that her friend was being left out, twisted her body to the side so that Kelly could mount Marks large pole. She knelt over it and I watched as she rubbed the head up and down her wet slit a couple of times before settling down with him buried to the hilt in her snatch. I could hear and feel Mark groan against my shaft as Kelly began to ride him. Reaching out I could just get my hands on Kelly’s bouncing sacks of joy as I fucked her friends steamy tight hole. I played with her puffy nipples as we played out a scene that I’d only ever seen on my favorite porn site, you know, the only with the little rodent mascot. Beads of sweat were beginning to form on Jasmines back, making her brown skin shine in the late afternoon sun and her breathing was getting ragged as my cock and Marks tongue were taking their toll on her. To be honest, Marks tongue and Jasmine’s fiery pussy were taking their toll on me as well and I could feel my seed beginning to boil in my nuts. As Jasmine’s orgasm crashed over her in waves her already tight canal was convulsing on my rod seemingly trying to suck the cum from my sack, and it was working. Unable to hold back any longer I warned her with a grunt, “Fuck, I’m going to cum!” “Cum inside me, just don’t stop”, she gasped through clenched teeth.That did it, my cock exploded inside her, filling her pussy with jet after jet of my jizz. I came so hard that I literally saw spots. After her pussy milked what seemed like every bit of cum from my shaft I pulled out and just sat back on my haunches just in time to see Mark’s very fit body clench and I knew that he was pumping Kelly full of his own cum. Kelly rode him out as his body twitched with every spurt before lifting herself off of him. She started to get up but Jasmine grabbed her by the ass cheeks and sat her back down on top of Marks softening cock. I could just see the first of his seed beginning to drool from her swollen lips before Jasmine moved in for the feast. As she began to clean the soldiers slime from her friends well fucked twat Mark, who was still below her extended his tongue into Jasmine’s sloppy gash. I sat back and watched with amazement as he sucked my cum from her pussy while she was busy cleaning his slime from my girlfriends. It had to be one of the hottest things that I’d ever seen, and I’ve seen some pretty hot shit in the past few months since Kelly came to live with me. Jasmine’s expert tongue was finally bringing Kelly over the edge and I was rewarded with being able to watch that face that I’d grown to love so much as it scrunched up with orgasmic pleasure. “Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Ahh!” Kelly screamed as she came.Finally, all of us spent, we collapsed onto the blanket. Mark and Jasmine lay kissing the combined fuck juices off of each other’s face while Kelly and I lay back and watched with great big smiles on ours. I got up and grabbed drinks for us all and had a smoke. We all lay on the blanket enjoying our drinks and each other’s company. Jasmine and Mark seemed to be hitting it off well, she was currently sitting between his kaçak bahis legs leaning back into his chest with his arms wrapped around her waist. Occasionally she would twist her head so that they could kiss. This started to happen more and more frequently until they gave up all pretense and were openly just making out. He had his hands on her chest playing with her pebble like nipples as their tongues battled for real estate in the other persons mouth. Slowly I watched him guide her down until they were lying face to face on the blanket kissing while he fondled her tiny breasts and she was stroking life back into his cock. The fact that Kelly and I were sitting next to them seemed all but forgotten. I have to admit that watching them was turning me on and part of me wanted to join in, but I knew that this moment was theirs and I had my beautiful Kelly lying against my chest. I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her tight from behind and was rewarded with a contented sigh that had become music to my ears. I let my hand slip between her thighs and lazily traced the furrow of her bare pussy with my finger. Ahh, that sigh again told me that my efforts were appreciated and her thighs parted to give me better access. I played with Kelly’s clit while our guests continued to make out beside us. Mark was now kissing and sucking on Jasmines dark nipples and fingering her obviously very wet snatch. Jasmine, for her part, had him fully erect as she continued to stroke his hard white cock with her small brown hand. I almost felt like a voyeur watching them despite everything that had transpired so far that afternoon. I laid Kelly down keeping a little distance from the other couple, wanting them to have this moment, but my now re-energized prick was ready for round two as well. Kelly and I began to make out in earnest, kissing deeply as our hands explored the familiar landscape of each other’s body. Working my finger through the wetness of Kelly’s slit I could tell that she was more than ready for me so I rolled up onto my hands and knees between her spread thighs and pressed the tip of my dick to the entrance to her scalding cunt. The unmistakable slap of flesh of flesh echoed through my yard and I looked over to see that Mark had taken Jasmine doggy style and was giving it to her good. As we fucked our respective partners Kelly and Jasmine twisted slightly and were soon kissing deeply with Jasmines mouth locked onto that of her friend from above. Part of me was disappointed at the uninvited interaction, but the greater part of me was even more turned on. There’s something about two hot teenage girls kissing that is quite simply, fucking mesmerizing.I could feel myself getting close again and not wanting to cum before Kelly got in one more orgasm I urged her to switch positions. She got onto her knees and I drove my prick back into her tight canal. Jasmine must’ve took this as her cue because soon she was on her back with Mark fucking her missionary and now it was Kelly kissing her from above. Even in the waning sunlight the contrast between Kelly’s white hand on her friend’s brown chest was clear. Even with the momentary reset it wasn’t long before I was once again fighting the urge to cum. I could tell by the quivering of Kelly’s vaginal muscles that she was close so I began to try thinking of anything that I could that might distract me long enough to make sure that she got off. I’d just finished mentally reconfiguring a server at work when I felt her body tighten and the first tremors of her orgasm run through her. Jasmine, from underneath, pulled one of Kelly’s large breasts up to her mouth and sucked in one big puffy nipple. Kelly’s tits were super sensitive, hell sometimes I could make her cum just by playing with them. This was enough to push my cousin over the edge and she howled as she came hard.Like a nuclear reactor starting up, Kelly’s orgasm started a chain reaction. With one final mighty thrust I buried my tool is her still spastic cunt and blew my load shooting rope after rope of my cum into her womb. Jasmine was next, thrashing about and swearing in Spanish as she climaxed. Mark lasted maybe another thirty seconds before he growled and grabbing Jasmines hips he slammed into her one last time, his body jerking in time with the spurts from his cock.We once again all collapsed onto the blanket to recover as the last of the setting sun’s rays lit the yard. With the descending darkness the air began to cool. Kelly suggested that we move indoors and get cleaned up. Kelly and I hopped into the shower off of the master bedroom and Mark and Jasmine shared the one off of the hallway. Cleaned up we all rejoined in the living room for a couple more drinks. Kelly was sitting on my lap in my recliner and our guests were cuddled up on the couch. After about an hour of watching TV I was starting to nod off. Kelly, seeing this informed her friend that we were going to bed but she was free to use the room that I’d originally set up for Kelly. Jasmine looked up at Mark and I assured her that if they wanted he could stay as well.Of course, as soon as I got to bed I couldn’t fall asleep so I lay there in the dark holding onto the love of my life, my cousin. As I slowly began to sink into sleep we could hear the soft thumping of a headboard against the wall coming from down the hall.

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