Snowfall by a Fire Ch. 03

Dildo Ride

NOTE: This is the third installment of this series. While this can stand alone, it would be a much better read to go through the first two installments. Enjoy the read, and feedback is always welcomed.


I don’t remember if it was the sound of the plows that I heard first, or a warm wetness that I felt first, but either way, I was awake. As the noise of the plow passed by in the courtyard behind my apartment, I opened my eyes to see Alex begin a slow bobbing of her head, her body alongside mine in almost a 69, suckling the life back into my rod rather quickly. She swirled her tongue around the glans as she lifted a leg up to expose her snatch to me, then stabbed at my piss-slit with her tongue as she reached her free hand down to begin stroking at her clit. The sensation was incredible, and I gave an involuntary thrust into her mouth as I groaned. Alex responded with a moan of her own, then sucked hard and began a fierce pistoning of her mouth on my cock, her head bouncing up and down, hair all mussed and sticking out sideways. Morning sex always went rather fast for me, and Alex was giving the best head I ever had. I quickly felt my balls tighten up as my release was building rapidly. I gave in to the lust, and started to thrust at her mouth, trying to match her pace.

“Oh God, Alex…Honey, I’m not going to last long..”

My little girl responded with another moan, attacking my manhood with her mouth while she fingered herself mere inches from my head. It was more than I could take, and I rolled onto my side to be able to suck on her pussy, pushing her hand out of the way roughly as I locked my mouth against her, sucking her button into my mouth and fluttering my tongue over the stiff nub.

Alex pulled her mouth off my cock and let out a squeal, then went back to work as she humped her mound against my mouth and tongue. We were locked like this for less than a minute when I felt my stomach tighten, then let loose a load against the back of her throat.

I don’t know where she learned it, but my baby was a pro at giving a man pleasure with her mouth. As I spasmed and shot a steady stream of hot, salty and sticky man-juice into her waiting mouth, I recalled the events of the night before, and realized that we had fucked once, but she had fellated me at least four times. She was good at it, and she seemed to enjoy it and prefer it. As my orgasm subsided she let out a deep, almost gutteral groan as her free hand grabbed my hair and pulled my head against her cunt. Her legs came together and clamped against my ears, holding my head in place as she bucked against my tongue, her body shaking with her own pleasure. I could sense her orgasm by the way her body bucked and writhed, and after almost another full minute her involuntary thrusts subsided, her grip on my head relaxed, and she removed her mouth from my manhood.

We both took a deep breath and let out sighs of contentment, then began to laugh softly at the timing of our reactions. Alex turned herself around and stretched out next to me, her head laying on my chest as she wrapped her limbs around me.

“G’morning Daddy…I love you” she whispered softly, barely audible as the plow came back down the street, making all sorts of racket.

“Love you too, honey” I replied, placing a kiss into her matted hair. “You hungry? I promised you breakfast, and we need to head to your place and empty it out.”

Alex tilted her head up to look at me, and she looked like she was about to start crying again. “You’re serious? You want me to move in with you?”

I nodded. “Absolutely. Why wouldn’t I be serious? I offered last night, and I meant it. I’m not just blowing smoke out my ass to try to get you into bed, you know.” I made my point by taking her chin in my fingers, urging her gently to tilt her face up towards me. She did just that, and her eyes were darting back and forth as they searched mine. I could see the hesitation in her…she was wanting to completely submit to her feelings for me, and I helped her along by bringing my lips to hers, and giving her a soft, romantic kiss. We lingered like this for a while, relaxing and sharing deep kisses, and I could feel her allowing herself to melt into me. I smiled inwardly as I broke the last kiss and looked at her again. She was such an unbelievably attractive young woman, and at that moment I realized that she was mine.

As we lay there, eyes locked in a long gaze, Alex reached down between my legs and cupped my sack, gently rolling my balls around in her hand. She then began kissing my chest, pausing to flick a tongue over a nipple, then czech first video porno moving downwards again. She moved to position herself kneeling between my legs on the bed, then looked at me again.

She didn’t say anything…she didn’t need to. Alex simply kept her eyes locked to mine as she slowly lowered her head to my soft member, guiding her mouth over it as she gazed into my eyes. It was amazing…she licked her lips briefly, then formed as small “O” with her mouth as she guided the head in, sucking softly again. She stopped with about half of me in her mouth, then began rubbing her tongue in small circles at the place where the glans and shaft met. My response was immediate, and I felt the life come back into my manhood yet again. She simply kept rubbing her tongue in circles as my erection grew in her mouth, not sucking on me but simply using her tongue to flutter at the most sensitive part.

Watching her take me into her mouth and giving me pleasure, was intoxicating. She was being a woman, making love to, and worshipping the length of meat in her mouth. I whispered to her to swing around so that I could return the favor, but she shook her head to say no as she kept at it. The room was quiet but for my breathing, which was becoming heavy and urgent yet again, and her soft whimpers as she worked her mouth on my shaft, and was fingering herself again. She finally began to push her mound into her teasing fingers, and the movement resulted in her head bobbing a little on my cock.

When she let out a deep throated moan, I could see that her hips were beginning to buck on their own. That was all I could stand, and I sat up, placing my hands on either side of her head and pulling her mouth off me. I wanted to fuck my litle girl…I needed to feel her under me, see her knees splayed wide to accept me, hear her sounds of pleasure as I pounded and pumped into her.

Alex sensed this, and fell back against the bed, keeping her feet touching at the heels and letting her knees fall to either side, opening her cunt to her man. She reached her hands out to the corners of the bed, grabbing a handfull of the quilt on each side, as she looked to her pussy and said, simply, “Be inside me, please?”

My response was to place a hand on each knee, pushing her legs back against her torso as I positioned myself at her waiting womanhood. I tilted my hips to guide the head of my throbbing dick, and when it touched her waiting slit, she began to roll her hips to try to get me inside her. We teased like this for a few moments, her eyes locked on the sight of daddy’s cock resting in the flower that was her inner lips, and her mouth opened with my gentle push into her. I glided in effortlessly as she was soaked beyond belief, and the warmth of her snatch filled my senses. About halfway in I reversed and pulled out of her a bit, then pushed again, going just a bit deeper. This slow, teasing fuck was repeated again, and again, until finally I was buried into her up to the root.

As I ground myself against my daughters clit she took a quick breath and let out a soft ‘Ahhhh, yeeeesssss….’ then reached for my hands. She twined her fingers with mine when I let her knees go, then wrapped her legs around me, locking her feet together behind me. Finally breaking the gaze of her pussy being taken, she looked into my eyes as she relaxed her legs to let my cock slide almost all the way out, then jerked them tight and rammed herself on me. She kept her eyes on mine as she repeated this, the lust clearly showing in her face as she relaxed, then violently slammed herself home again.

After about a dozen thrusts she lifted her head up and put her mouth beside my ear, whispering, “I’m definitely NOT in the mood to be gentle. Make it hurt…”

At this point, she could have demanded anything, and I would comply. I was lost in the animal lust that she was showing, and when she next relaxed to pull her cunt off of my rod, I responded by slamming myself home good and hard. Alex let out a small protest of “Ow…ow!” before moving her head to be able to kiss me. That began a hard fuck, me thrusting at her as hard as I could, and she responding in kind, working her pussy on me with sheer animalistic lust. We banged like this for a short bit, Alex protesting with the self-inflicted discomfort as she allowed herself to be pounded as hard, and as violently as she could bear. I was no-where near coming, as her morning blowjob had drained me, but she was now writhing under me, slamming herself up against the assault, her hips now beginning to buck and jerk of their own accord. She moaned czech gangbang porno into my mouth again as she tightened her legs on me, driving me into her and keeping me locked against her. She released my hands and snaked her arms around me, digging her fingernails into my back as she clamped herself against me from underneath. The walls of her love tunnel began to spasm, and I felt the vise-like grip as her orgasm came. Her tummy flattened inward as she kept me locked with her, and the suction on my rod was intense…if I didn’t know better, I would have sworn that it was her mouth sucking on me again, not her pussy.

Alex broke the kiss now, her head lolled back with her mouth open, not being able to make a sound as her body shook, spasmed, and bucked up against me. Just when I was about to worry that she was going to pass out from not breathing, she took a sharp breath inward, then let out a soft ‘Ahhhhhhh…’. Her hips were still for a moment, then she bucked and jerked as her orgasm subsided in decreasing waves.

We layed together, her womanhood keeping my cock locked firmly inside her, and she took a deep breath and let it out slowly. She smiled now as she relaxed fully, then winked.

“Hmmm…breakfast, or stay here with your cock buried in my pussy?”

I chuckled. “After that, I need food.” I straightened myself up, slowly extracting my still-erect member from my little girls slit. I looked down and saw that she was red and raw, her lips puffy and looking a bit uncomfortable. I grimaced, then looked back to her. “Ummm…honey? You ok? You’re rather red down here.”

She nodded. “Yeah, I’m good. Sometimes a girl just likes to get used. Other times I like to take is slow and soft. I’ll be fine, trust me. Its a well kept secret that we women have very good recuperative powers.”

I shook my head as I chuckled. “If you say so.” I offered her a hand to help her sit up, and she took it with another small smile. As she sat up, she shook her head. “I have no idea why mom would want to fool around on you…you’re an amazing lover.” She leaned over and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. “I’m a very happy woman who’s just been truly fucked, and knows it. You’re a keeper.”

I laughed then, and swung my legs over the side of the bed. “Thanks, honey.” I stood up, my erection still strong, and reached for my robe. “I need a shower.”

Alex shook her head, then layed down on the bed on her tummy, her head at the edge of the bed. She licked her lips as she watched me, then said “Come here, and let me take care of that for you Dad.”

I was about to protest as I really was feeling rather drained, but the look in her eyes told me better. I walked to her, cock jutting up and out, and she lifted her head to be able to guide herself onto me once more. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling, listening to the soft slurps as my girl went back to work making her dad a very happy man…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Breakfast was uneventful, and with the roads still being rather messy after the snowstorm, the diner was empty save for two couples sitting at the counter. We made our way to a booth in the back, slipping into it and taking up a menu. The one lone waitress came around with coffee, and we both ordered Eggs Benedict with all the fixings.

We chatted about nothing in particular while we waited for breakfast to arrive, then once we were served, we fell into relative silence through the better part of our meal. As we were finishing up, Alex smiled and reached a hand across the small table, taking my hand in hers.

“Dad…when we get to the apartment, promise me that while we’re packing up, you won’t get freaked out, OK?”

I blinked, then looked at her. “Uh…freaked out…why?”

Alex shrugged then, and sighed. “Well…lets just say that I like my sex. I mean, I REALLY like my sex. I like to…role play. Sometimes really rough, and sometimes really gentle.” She let go my hand then, and smiled. “Just promise you won’t be judgemental, OK?”

I nodded, then smiled to the waitress who came by with the check. “No problem, honey.”

We made our way to the counter and paid up, then stepped out to head to her apartment.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Packing up my daughters apartment wasn’t going to take long at all…she and her ex rented a fully furnished unit, which meant that the only stuff which needed moving was clothing, some chatski’s, and her DVD collection. Her ex took his stuff, which included a TV, stereo, and a slew of music CD’s. So, really, there was maybe about brazzers porno an hours worth of work in packing her up, and we would be out of there.

They were only in the apartment for about 3 months, and were on a month-to-month agreement, so there wasn’t a lease to worry about, just a one-month rent that was paid in advance when they got the place. There were still their old moving boxes in the basement storage from when they moved in, so I went down to retrieve a few. When I got back upstairs, Alex had stacked her DVD collection on the table, along with a few knick-knacks. I pointed to some stuff on a shelf. “What about those?”

She shook her head. “Nah…those were a gift from Pauls mom. Screw the shit. I don’t want it.” She smiled at me then. “This is a new start…for me, and for you. Starting today, the past is the past. I’ve wanted you and me to be together ever since I found out, and I’m not going to let anything ruin it.”

I nodded, then went back to packing the small pile she had on the table. That took all of two minutes, and the box was enough to fit everything. “I’m going to run this to the truck…be right back up.”

Alex nodded and looked around, then shrugged. “Nothing else I want from this room. Bring a few more boxes on your way back up?”

“OK” I said, and went to the truck. I swept a bit of snow out of the truck bed, and tossed the box in back. Thankfully, the trip to my apartment wouldn’t take more than twenty minutes or so, so this whole episode would be done rather quick. I detoured into the basement again, grabbed three more boxes, and went back upstairs.

I went in, taking the boxes into the bedroom. As I walked to the bedroom door and alked in, I saw Alex standing in front of a full length mirror, holding a rather enticing red satin one piece, with black lace around the neck, down the front, and around the crotch. As she turned she asked “What do you think?” I looked at the outfit, noticing that it was a crotchless style, and I immediately imagined her in it, the swollen lips of her pussy peeking out from the lace-lined slit.

“Wow” was all I could manage, which got a chuckle out of her. She folded it up and put it in a box, then looked at me. “This is where you just smile and nod, and don’t freak out…OK?”

I nodded. “OK, lets just get you packed up.”

Alex smiled, and went to her closet, coming out with a handful of unbelievably sexy outifits. I wondered where on earth she could have gotten this stuff…it looked expensive, but more than that it was a turn on like nothing else. She quickly folded as I put the items in the box, and after a few minutes and about two dozen outfits, one box was full. She went back into her closet and came out with more, but these were all various styles of leather outfits…some patent leather, some suede, and some a combination or leather and spandex. We made short work of these also, neither of us saying a word, but I could feel the sexual tension between us growing again. She ducked backinto the closet one more time, ccoming out with hangars that were adorned with costumes like a farmgirl, French Maid, and the like…and a hanging rack on which were soft cuffs, chain ankle and wrist cuffs, spiked belts and collars, and other assorted adornments. I simply quirked a brow as she deposited these into a box, and she looked at me and smiled as she walked over, standing tip-toe to plant a kiss on my lips. “Like I said…I like sex. And I like to please my man. We’re gonna have alot of fun together.”

I chuckled now. “You’re going to wear me out, thats what you’re going to do.”

Alex let out a giggle, then went into her closet one more time, bringing out a box and setting it on the bed. “All this goes down, then I need three more boxes for regular clothes, and we’re done.”

I nodded, made the trip down and back with more boxes, we finished up and made one sweep through the place for anything else that she might want to take, then left. We dropped the key off at the supers office, pulled out, and left her old life behind.

As we pulled out, I looked over at Alex, and she asked “You mind if I sit in the middle?

I really want to be next to you right now.”

I shook my head at that. “Don’t mind at all honey. Scoot on over and snuggle up.”

She smiled brightly at that, and slid over to the center of the bench seat, laying her head on my shoulder as I drove. We turned onto the freeway to cut across town, and as I got up to speed and put the cruise control on, she tilted her head up to place a kiss on my neck, then begin nibbling my ear as her hand slid down between my legs and rubbed my crotch. She tilted her head up to whisper in my ear.

“When we get home, there’s a farmgirl that has been neglecting her chores lately. I think she’s going to need a good spanking…”

All I could do was clear my throat as Alex laid herself on the bench seat and started nibbling at my now straining cock through my jeans…

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