So Close Ch. 02


Joe burst out laughing. “How rude would that be?” I slapped his ass sharply in frustration.

“Haven’t you done enough?!” I cried. He grabbed my throat and pinned me underneath him, glaring at me.

“Did I say you could move?”

“N…no?” His hand came down roughly on my ass.

“Call me sir.”

“What?” I spat out in a half chuckle. His hand came down again, only firmer and I gasped from the impact.

“I said you will call me sir.” I smirked.

“Why don’t you make me?” Anger sparked on his face and he flipped me onto my back, pulled on my hips until my ass was sticking in the air, and pulled on my ponytail while he began spanking me.

“You like this, don’t you slut?” he whispered in my ear.

“Mmmm yes” His hand hit my pussy and I jumped. “Yes, sir! I love it when you spank me.”

“You’re a filthy slut,” he stated. Joe released my hair and gave me the harshest slap of all, canlı bahis making me fall onto my face with its force. He shimmied around until his cock was in my face. “You want this?” he asked. I looked into his gorgeous green eyes and admitted,

“Yes,” wondering how he would punish me next. He grabbed my face and squeezed my cheeks together, demanding I open my mouth. I complied and he teased my tongue with his cock, obviously enjoying it, from the concentrated look on his face.

“Suck my cock,” was all the warning I had before he grabbed my ponytail once more and began shoving his member up and down my throat. He fucked my face thoroughly, occasionally grunting as he did so. And I fucking liked it. Tears were dripping off my face and I was gagging, but God help me I liked it. When he was finished with me Joe threw my onto my back, told me to hold my tits together and God damn it, keep my mouth open. He pushed bahis siteleri his rock-hard dick between my breasts and began fucking them, only his tip meeting my tongue. I managed to free one hand so I could fondle his balls and he moaned, fucking me harder. “You’re a dirty whore, making me this hard.” I gently squeezed his sack in response. He growled and threw my legs over his shoulder, popping himself into me before I realized what he was up to. I cried out before he held onto my throat and pounded me mercilessly. He fucked me until tears began falling out of my eyes and I wanted to rip my hair out, so intense was my pleasure. I held my breasts and moaned unabashedly, until his hand swung across my face and I understood to be quiet. “Joeee,” I moaned softly.

“Yes, love?” he replied breathlessly. I pulled him towards me and practically growled in his ear,

“Fuck. Me.” He kissed me deeply and removed bahis şirketleri himself from my pussy, flipping me around onto my back. His hands held mine behind my back and I arched it in anticipation, my face buried in the blankets. I could feel the heat from his cock positioned at my entrance, and I squirmed, waiting to be annihilated.

Bam! His whole length thrusted into me with incredible velocity, before making a slow retreat. Again! He fucked me hard and slow until my juice began dripping onto the blankets. Steadily he built up speed until he was fucking me the way a woman deserves to be fucked. In and out, his entire eight inches would bang into my wet cunt. I thought I would lose my mind before my walls started clenching furiously around his already throbbing cock, and I screamed and tumbled into the abysses of orgasm. Joe grinded his cock into me as I came, until he collapsed onto me, shaking and grunting into my ear.

We both lied there for a few moments, kissing affectionately. He lay on his back and wrapped me into his strong arms, allowing me to fall asleep with my head on his chest and a satisfied smile on my lips.

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