Social Isolation – Stuck at Home Ch. 03


Of all the positions in the sexual world, there is nothing so loving or comforting as lowering myself onto a woman who is holding out her arms for me. We all have our favorites, and missionary is only one of mine, but that moment felt just right.

Just to review the situation, I was kneeling between the legs of my young neighbor Amanda. Her mother had basically driven her out of the house by bringing random men over during the COVID-19 crisis, breaking all the rules of social distancing. Amanda ended up on a bench in front of my condo sitting in the rain. When I went out to see who it was, I ended up inviting her in to weather the storm. My late wife Grace had always welcomed her into our home, and I felt I could do no less. A few hours later though, I was caught admiring her body and instead of being mad, Amanda admitted she liked it. One thing led to another–an amazing blowjob by the sliding glass doors, and then a powerfully erotic striptease (by her!) that led to me feasting on her pussy through two hard orgasms.

Now that Amanda had recovered a little bit, she was ready for more. Even as I lowered myself onto her, though, the back of my mind was churning up conflicting thoughts. What kind of dirty old man takes in a young woman who needs help and then fucks her? God, she looked amazing with her thighs relaxed and her pussy open and slick with desire! Was she going to regret this when the moment passed? Should I be worried about protection?

None of those thoughts was strong enough to penetrate the surge of lust that was driving me forward. Amanda’s body’s beckoned me. The bedside lamp gilded the prominent curves on one side–the sharp line of her jaw, the light fuzz on her arm, the side of her breast, her slim hip, and the firm muscle of her thigh as it relaxed outward. The glimmer in her shadowed eyes and the expectant smile on her parted lips were the crown jewels of her beauty, and I could barely breathe. How was this happening?

My hands ran down Amanda’s thighs from her knees to the juncture of her hips. Then I eased them forward along her sides, coming to rest next to her shoulders. My weight rested on my elbows and my cock lay snugly along the line of her pussy as I kissed her soft lips and felt her arms wrap around my shoulders. With a lift of my hips, my cock fell into position and I slid into her just enough to feel the volcanic heat and tight clasp of her pussy for the first time. I pulled back to make sure she was comfortable and then eased myself fully inside her in one long stroke. Our lips, still locked together, vibrated as we groaned simultaneously.

Amanda’s head fell back onto the pillow with a muffled thump, breaking our kiss.

“Oh my fucking God that feels so good!” she said, her eyes closing in pleasure.

I couldn’t think of anything to say, so I let my lips fall onto her collarbone and nibbled there as my hips began to move of their own accord. With slow, full strokes I pulled back until I was just inside her and then buried myself once again. Amanda’s hands came up to hold my shoulders and she lay there blissfully content, letting me set the pace. Each time I bottomed out against her cervix, her hips pushed up a little in response, urging bahis firmaları me just a tiny bit deeper before falling back and letting me go. The toned muscles of her thighs gripped my hips, and I could feel her belly rise against me only to fall when she exhaled at the very deepest point of our connection.

For a measureless time, we moved like that together. Almost in slow motion, my cock filled her and then retreated, filled her and then retreated in a cycle as endless as the tides. At some point, though, the thought flashed across my mind that I wanted to see her body. After all, I was a grown man wrapped in the arms of a woman barely in her twenties!

To change things up, I kissed Amanda’s chin and then levered myself a little more upright. Her eyes opened and she watched me trustingly as I rearranged myself. Rising to my knees again, I kept my cock buried in her silky slick pussy and pulled her up onto me. Her legs went easily around my back and I felt her ankles cross to hold herself there. Her firm ass was pinned between my thighs, leaving my hands free to roam.

As I began to rock into her again, I caressed her stomach, her waist, and all of the achingly beautiful young skin that I could reach. With just a slight lean, I was able to reach her breasts and my fingertips lingered there, stroking circles around them before coming together to tweak her already tight nipples. The first time I did that, a gasp broke from Amanda’s lips. When I stopped and moved my hands lower, her own came up to take their place and she toyed with her own breasts, squeezing and pinching herself languidly. I’ve always loved that, and I watched happily as she pleasured herself.

Meanwhile, my own hands went back to work on parts that were closer to me. I let one skim up and down her supple thigh in time to my thrusts. The other slid itself palm-down around her belly for a while and then crossed the invisible border to approach her mound. I left it there and kept firm pressure on her as my thumb strayed lower toward the top of her pussy. Her eyes widened when I nudged the hood of her clit, and her head fell back again.

Each time I buried myself inside her, I stroked her thigh and bumped firmly against her most sensitive spot. After a few repetitions, she began to gasp a little bit each time I touched her there and I knew she was climbing a peak of pleasure. I started to move a little faster then, pumping my cock into her more firmly and rubbing a little more quickly to help her get off. My eyes flicked from her rapturous expression to her hands still working on her breasts. Once again, I saw a deep flush begin at her cleavage and begin to climb so I moved my hand a little lower and left my thumb next to her clit, making tiny circles now to rock it back and forth. My other hand stopped stroking her thigh and stayed at the bottom. My fingertips traced the firm curve of her labia as they parted fully to let my cock inside her.

Tiny sounds began to emerge from Amanda’s mouth when I set that final rhythm. Somewhere between a moan and a whimper, it emerged every time I bumped her clit and surged inside her.

Eventually, the sound became a word as she got closer and closer to exploding.

“Yes…” kaçak iddaa she moaned softly. “Yes…oh, yes…oh, yes!” she cried out with shuddering breaths between.

I smiled to myself and did everything I was doing just a little bit harder and faster. Finally, I saw her back arch up, the taut lines of her abdominal muscles quivering as she approached her climax. Her fingers clamped down on her nipples and she froze in place wordlessly, biting her lower lip and lost in the waves that were vibrating through her body. Her pussy fluttered wildly around my cock and I held still to savor the feeling, my efforts rewarded by a rush of lubrication and a dance of internal pressure along my shaft.

When her body relaxed at last, I was holding Amanda’s hips and smiling down at her. Her eyes opened and a dreamy smile–the one my first girlfriend called a “just-got-laid grin”–lit up her face.

“Oh, my God, Steve…I didn’t think I could cum again so fast!” she murmured.

“Ya never know!” I said, very pleased with myself, as I began to rock inside her just a bit.

“Well, it’s your turn, now mister!” she said in a more normal voice. With a lithe motion, she reached up and pulled herself up by holding my shoulders until she was sitting on my lap. Our torsos came together fully upright and she kissed me savagely for a moment before pulling back.

“Lay back!” she demanded. “I am going to fuck you senseless!”

“Yes, ma’am!” I answered promptly.

With a pivot and some alignment of limbs, I laid myself back on the pillow Amanda had vacated. My hands rested on her thighs and she leaned forward over me. Her breasts dangled tantalizingly out of my lips’ reach, and her hair fell forward to frame her smiling face. For a quick moment, she leaned down and kissed my lips lightly, her breasts pressing against me before she planted her hands on my shoulders and lifted herself upright again. Her hands crept up to her own nipples and she bit her lower lip as she looked into my eyes. Then she began to move, and I lost my awareness of everything except the sensations she was creating.

Amanda’s first act was to rock her hips sensuously on top of me, her ass gliding along my thighs. My cock had stayed buried deep inside her during our movements, and her movement kept it there, wrapped in her slick core while the change of angles caressed every millimeter. My head fell back into the pillow and my eyes closed in bliss just as hers had done before.

So slowly that I barely noticed at first, Amanda began to rise up a little bit at the end of her motion. My cock slipped out of her an inch at first, and then another inch. By the time I realized, the tight ring of her entrance was squeezing my cock in a relentless in-and-out that was driving me crazy already. Soon enough, she was lifting her ass almost all the way off me, letting only the head of my cock stay inside her, and then sinking down fully before she ground forward again. I felt the straining muscles of her thighs beneath my palms as she worked her magic.

For her third act, I felt a change of angle and Amanda’s hands thumped down next to my pillow. Her nipples grazed my chest as she leaned forward, her lips hovering kaçak bahis an inch above mine.

“I’m ready for you to cum now, Steve…are you ready for that?” she asked in a salacious whisper.

“Oh, God Amanda–I’m so fucking ready!” I whispered back.

Her hair fell around my face as her lips came down on mine. At the same time, her lithe young body began to pump me in earnest, her belly against mine and her ass lifting just enough to release half my cock before slamming forward again. I don’t know if she was clamping down or if this angle made her seem tighter, but her pussy was like a sucking, squeezing volcano as she engulfed me over and over. My hands went involuntarily to her ass and I began to thrust upward as she came down, slamming my length into her all the way on every stroke.

“Fucking cum inside me, Steve!” she gasped, breaking our kiss for a moment before her tongue sought mine again.

With one especially savage downstroke, she finished me off. My hips shot upward, my thighs quivering as I lifted her weight up in one final, explosive movement and stayed there while spasms raced through my body. Again and again, I felt that wild pulsation deep inside me that signaled a rush of sperm jetting out to fill Amanda’s tight channel. I don’t think I’ve ever cum that hard in my life, and she groaned against my lips as she felt my heat joining hers.

Completely spent, I sank back slowly to the mattress and Amanda stayed glued to me fully. My arms went around her back and her head nestled onto my shoulder as my heartbeat began to slow at last. I took one deep, shuddering breath and then relaxed to her embrace, feeling my cock begin to soften inside her. When it finally slipped out, she giggled.

“Are you senseless?” she asked with an impish smile.

“Completely,” I admitted, slumping sideways on the pillow with my eyes closed. “I surrender. You win. Do whatever you want to me…” I said, letting my voice trail off.

“Oh, I will” she said archly. “But first I think we both need a little nap.”

We shuffled ourselves around on the bed, pulling the comforter aside and then back over us. I ended up on my back with Amanda’s warm, supple body curled against my side, her head resting on my shoulder. I kept my breathing slow and steady and she was quickly asleep. For a long time, though, I lay awake.

What the hell was I doing? I asked myself. You just had (amazing) sex with your neighbors daughter. Dude, it doesn’t matter if she came along willingly. You’re a dirty old man, and everyone in the complex is going to be looking at me differently if they find out. You’re not that poor man whose wife passed away. You’re that creepy guy who seduced a 20-year old who was having family problems. Did I seduce her? Did it just happen?

Back when I was cooking dinner, I had patted myself on the back for my altruism. After all, I had helped a stranger in need. The fact that I ended up scoping out her body like an old lech was immaterial…wasn’t it? Add to that a couple of hours worth of (amazing) sex, and where did that leave me? My internal touchstone has always been “What would Grace think?” For once, the answer did not come easily. I know she would want me to move on and be happy. I also know what she thought of older guys hitting on younger women. How would I explain THIS?

With those unprofitable and unanswerable questions echoing in my mind, I drifted off to sleep.

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