SOI: Sedona Family


My parents were brought up as normal middle class children who became followers of the Blue Sun commune in the late seventies. The Blue Sun was a new age group that believed in a new era of human development and practiced very liberal beliefs, especially sex. Mom and dad met at the Utah commune and became a couple. They stayed with the commune until the IRS shut down the organization because of tax issues. As the Blue Sun was being disbanded, my father’s parents died leaving him a house in Sedona. This fortunately worked for them as they needed a home and the area was already a hot spot for new age thinking in this country.

The home was a modest 2 bedroom on 2 acres with a great view of the Cathedral red rock canyon. Over the next few years, mom and dad opened a small new age gift shop catering to the tourist trade, got married, and gave birth to myself (Mark) and my brother (Luke) a year later. They expanded on the house by adding a pyramid shaped room to the back of the house and an east facing patio. They used this room as the family bedroom. Mom and dad sleep on a futon on one side of the room facing east while my brother and I slept on futons on the opposite side facing west. It may seem strange that my brother and I would be using the same bedroom as our parents but followers of the Blue Sun believed in this family arrangement and believed in sharing family love as well.

As children, we grew up doing the normal kid stuff like going to school, playing video games, and playing with our friends. Our family was often nude around the house except when friends or company was over although there were a few of our parents’ friends who were accepted into our circle of nudity. These friends were mainly new age folks who accepted our beliefs or were tolerant of them. My brother and I never spoke of the nudity or sleeping arrangement with our friends as it would create an awkward situation for our parents. As young children, we never thought much about sleeping in the same room with our parents even when they were wrestling and groaning on their futon. As my brother and I grew older, our hormones were kicking in and our interest in mom and dad’s activities were of more interest.

Mom was a real earth mother type. She had this long brown hair and brown eyes with a lovely slim body that was kept in shape through yoga and vegetarianism. She seemed liked she was more of a big sister or friend than our mother. As it turned out, mom was a priestess of the Blue Sun and would be more of a mentor to us in the coming years. She was very observant and knew that after Luke graduated high school that we were not children anymore. We were horny young men over 18. One Saturday morning after dad had left for work, my brother and I were practicing yoga on the patio with our mother as the sun was rising over the Cathedral rock formations. It seemed that our cocks would get stiff during some of the movements not only making some of the yoga positions difficult but caused my brother to giggle. That broke all of our concentration to where mom ended the yoga session early.

“OK boys what is so funny?” asked mom playfully.

“He looks funny when his dick sticks out like that.” blurted my brother.

Mom chuckled and said, “Sometimes it looks funny. It is perfectly natural for men to have stiff dicks so don’t be embarrassed. How do you feel when your dick is hard?”

“Emm, I don’t know” mumbled my brother

Mom looked at me and I said, “Mine feels real good except when I’m trying to do the yoga.

“Have either of you got off?” asked mom and seeing our blank faces asked again, “Jacked off? Masturbated?”

“I see that it is time to have a chat about sex with you guys” smiled our mother. She pulled her yoga mat next to ours and the three of us sat together as mom proceeded to give us the basic intro about sex. My brother and I intently listened as mom explained the facts of life which at the time fascinated us and surprised us. I came to the realization of what mom and dad had been doing on the futon on the other side of the room for so many years and what they shared with friends on occasions. “You see” smiled my mother, “It is a very special and beautiful feeling. A great energy to be expressed.”

“So what is this jacking off that you talked about?” I asked.

“Curious for more?” teased my mother, “Well, it is a way of pleasing yourself and releasing sexual energy on your own. Very powerful. It is a very normal and natural thing for men to do especially before they have their first real sexual experience with another person. You will find it very pleasant and both men and women do it. For the same reasons.”

“Well, how do I do it?” asked my brother. “It sounds really cool to do.”

Mom could see the eagerness in our faces to learn more. “Let’s go into the bedroom and explore this. Ok?” We nodded in agreement as the three of us rose from our mats. We followed mom into the pyramid bedroom and instinctively sat at the end of our futons. Mom rustled through some items in her top dresser drawer and pulled out a container then sat czech taxi porno between us. Even though I had been nude around my mother most of my life, somehow today felt different and I enjoyed looking at her body more than ever before.

She gently pushed me down on my back as my brother sat cross legged and watched. Mom spread my legs apart as she moved between them. I remember to this day when she brushed her long hair to one side and gave this loving yet wicked grin. I could feel her hands glide across my dick and my balls causing it to become stiff and hard. It was a good feeling that I had never felt before. Mom opened the container and removed a small amount of this pleasant smelling paste. She coated my hard dick with the paste as it felt cool then warm and the pleasant smell of cinnamon filled my head. I never felt so good and so excited as mom began to stroke my cock. My cock became slick as the paste turned into a smooth oily fluid that enhanced the stroking of mom’s hand.

Mom squeezed her hand tightly around the shaft of my cock and slowly pushed to the head of my cock. I saw and felt clear fluid ooze from the head of my cock. Mom explained that it was pre cum and continued to massage my pre cum over my cock. She grasped my right hand and guided my fingers around my cock. Mom placed both of her hands around my hand clasping my cock and guided my hand up and down. After a few minutes, mom released her hands and sat back to watch me stoke myself. It felt very pleasant although my hand did not feel as good as mom’s. I was experiencing very pleasant feelings in my balls and cock when mom whispered “rub it faster”. I start to rub faster and the good feeling became more intense. Before I knew it, my hips jerked up and hot white fluid shot out of my cock for the first time. I was breathing hard and had this most incredible feeling go through my head.

Mom smiled lovingly and said, “Feels good, doesn’t?” I slowly nodded still enjoying my first orgasm. She leaned over and lightly kissed me on my forehead. She scooped up the beads of cum from me and from the carpet. “Now you can do this when ever you want as long as company is not around and you need to shoot your cum into something special for me. OK?” My brother and I both nodded. “Pleasuring yourself is very normal to do and is a healthy release for your sexual energy.” She turned to my brother and said, “I haven’t forgotten you.”

Mom repeated the same thing to my brother. She had him rest on his back as she applied that sensual paste to his cock. I watched as she began to stroke him. My own cock grew hard again and I began to stroke myself. This felt so good. After she got him started, mom sat back and watched as her two sons jacked themselves off. While Luke and I were enjoying our new found pleasures, mom left the room and came back with a glass in her hand. It looked like a martini glass but was made from thick green Mexican glass with strange cryptic writings on the sides.

“Mark, Luke” mom instructed, “Listen closely, your semen or your cum is a very powerful fluid and is not to be wasted. You should be kneeling when you cum and shoot everything into this glass. When either of or both of you are done, please put the glass in the freezer. OK?

We nodded in agreement but never asked why as we were more interested in the pleasure coming from our well stroked cocks. Mom could see that Luke was close to cumming and told him to get on his knees. Mom replaced Luke’s hand with her own stroking hand and had the glass in her other hand. Soon my brother shot his first load and I saw the look of pleasure in his face as mom drained his first spurts of cum into the glass. I assumed he was feeling the same way I did. I felt that same good feeling in my cock as I stroked myself faster and then kneeled next to mom and shot my load with a bigger orgasm than the first time. I opened my eyes to see mom catching my cum into the glass. Mom smiled at us lovingly and told us she was very proud of us. She left us alone to ponder our experience while she took the glass into the kitchen.

The rest of the day, my brother and I talked about jacking off and what each of us felt. We jacked off more until our cocks were rubbed raw that day. From them on, it was common to see me or my brother masturbating. We dutifully deposited into the glass and stored our jizz in the freezer. Mom and dad were often around, sometimes they watched, sometimes not. Once in awhile they would offer a masturbation tip. Our sleeping situation slowly changed. We now knew mom and dad were not wrestling but making love. My brother and I would openly masturbate watching mom and dad have sex and their love making became more open and more varied.

About a year later I awoke in our bedroom very early in the morning. It was before sunrise and you could barely see in the room. Luke and my father were sleeping but mom was not there. I could not go back to sleep and quietly went into the kitchen for some juice. Before I opened the refrigerator, I looked out the window and saw the silhouette defloration porno of my mother on the patio. She was sitting in a cross legged yoga position facing Cathedral Rock. The sun was just starting to rise over the rock and rays of yellow sunshine filled the patio, illuminating my mother. I saw her stretch out her arms towards the sun and then she picked up a dark glass and held it up to the sun as well. It was the glass that Luke and I would shoot our cum into! After holding the glass to the direction of the sun, lowered the glass to her mouth and drank from it.

I thought to myself, no wonder the glass was always empty the next day. I don’t think Luke ever thought about it but I always wondered what happened to our cum. During the day, we would be filling it up but it was always empty at the start of the next day. Wow, that seemed weird that mom drinks our jizz. I continued to watch as mom finished her morning devotion and hurried back into the bedroom. I was puzzled by what I had seen but decided not to tell Luke about it. He was too much of a blabber mouth. For awhile I continued to get up early and sneak into the kitchen and watch mom in the morning. I found watching her very pleasing and would often stroke myself while watching. One Saturday, I slept in later than the rest of the family. When I went into the kitchen, mom was by herself cooking up some oatmeal.

I yawned and asked, “Where is everyone?”

“Hey sleepy head!” smiled my mother, “Luke and your father went in to the shop early. We have a big order coming in before the tourist season begins and the truck is supposed to arrive early this morning.”

“They should have woke me up.” I said, “I would have helped.”

“That’s OK” she said, “Your father only needed one extra hand this morning and Luke was already up. Sit down and have some breakfast. Later we can both go to the shop and see if they need some help. I know they will need some help later putting the inventory away. Oatmeal is almost ready and yogurt is on the table.”

I sat down and began to admire my mother’s nude butt as she worked the oatmeal into some bowls on the counter. She looked so youthful and tan. She picked up the two bowls and with a big smile, set them on the kitchen table. I slowly moved my spoon in my bowl of oatmeal while mom was adding honey, yogurt, and some spices to hers. We chatted for awhile as there was not many times when mom and I were alone at breakfast. Usually Luke and or my father were there.

I thought now was a time to ask mom a question about the glass. “Mom” I asked.

“Yes Mark” she smiled.

“I have wanted to ask you this for a while” I said, “But didn’t want to ask with the others around. Our family is very open about stuff but wanted to ask you in private.”

“Go on” she said.

“I have seen you early in the morning” I said quietly, “I was just up. I wasn’t being sneaky or anything.”

“I know. I felt your presence.” She grinned, “I guess you want to know about my morning devotion with the glass of cum?”

“Well, yeah” I said, “You read my mind.”

“Maybe” mom smiled, “You know I told you about the energy you release when you cum.” I nodded in agreement. “As a Blue Sun priestess, I use that energy for many things including keeping myself young. I drink the cum of my sons for its’ energy to continue my youth and keep my mind… sharp so to speak. You think I could pass for 25?”

“Mom” I said, “I think you could pass for my age.”

“You are the kind son” smiled my mom, “I don’t know about your age but I do look younger than 36. That morning devotion is certainly key to being youthful. The more I drink and the fresher it is, the more energy I receive from it.”

“Like from Dad?” I joked.

“You are the curious one” mom grinned mischievously, “Yes, we exchange and share a lot of sexual energy from each other. And we get great pleasure from it. You and Luke get great pleasure from pleasing yourselves. Don’t you?”

“Sure.” I said, “The cool part is that you and dad are OK with it and so open about it. Once in awhile Luke or I hear our friends take about jacking off and they have to be so secretive about it in their homes and sometimes that can’t get any privacy for weeks. We just listen and don’t say anything but think how lucky we are.”

“Our family thinks differently about many things including our sexuality.” said mom, “Even compared to some of the new agers in this town, we are more open than most. I hope you understand my morning practice a bit better and you don’t have to sneak around. Just don’t interrupt me until I’m done.”

“Oh sure mom” I said, “I was just wondering about it. Does it taste good?”

Mom laughed, “What do you think?”

I said, “Well, Luke and I put some in our mouths and we didn’t like the taste. It was salty and really earthy like bean sprouts.”

Mom laughed again, “It is an acquired taste. I guess you won’t be hoarding any energy from your mom.” Mom walked over to me and gave me a big hug. Her hug felt warm and secure as always doktor ofisi porno but there seemed to be something different, something extra, something that made my cock get hard. As mom released me from her embrace, she looked down and noticed my growing cock. She stood behind me and placed her left arm over my chest and bent down to whisper in my ear. Her right hand reached down to my stiff cock and she quietly said, “You know it is so much better from the tap.”

I looked down to see mom’s short tan fingers fondle the shaft of my cock and then I slowly stood up. Mom’s arms and hands glided with my movements and almost as if we were dancing, I turned to face mom. She had this very sexual wicked grin on her lips and our eyes locked. Somehow as if we were still dancing, mom moved me back and guided me onto the kitchen table. Before I was aware of what had occurred, I was flat on my back, lying on the kitchen table with my legs from the knees down, dangling off the edge of the table. Mom had my cock in her mouth. I had seen her do this to Dad but never realized how good it felt. She lowered her mouth and engulfed my entire cock and couldn’t believe that it would all fit. Mom raised her head and let it pop from her mouth. She looked up at me, smiled, and began to run her tongue over the head and down the sides. Her tongue continued to play on my cock while her hands explored my balls.

It felt so good, so warm, so wet. I became excited very quickly with this new sensation and was going to cum soon. Mom returned to placing my cock in her mouth and her lips grasped around my shaft firmly as my cock moved in and out of her mouth. Mom dipped her fingers in the nearby jar of yogurt and then rubbed her fingers across my lips. The smell of vanilla from the yogurt filled my nostrils. She dipped again into the yogurt and used her fingers to smooth the yogurt into the crack of my butt. She continued to pump my cock with her mouth as her fingers worked the cool smooth yogurt around my ass. It felt very nice and then unexpectedly, her finger went into my asshole. It went in so smoothly. It hurt slightly with more irritation than pain but then it felt good. Mom went down on me deeply, moved her finger a certain way, and I shot large spurts of white cum into her mouth. I could not stop and it felt so good to release spurt after spurt of jizz. It felt like mom had the head of my cock in her throat as she swallowed each drop. She made a slight gagging sound then softly moaned as she released my limp cock from her lips.

Mom looked at me and smiled, “That was powerful. There is so much energy in you.”

I grinned and said, “I’m not sure about that but it felt great. The best feeling I have ever had.”

“I think there are some things coming your way that will feel even better.” She said, “For right now, I think that I want that high energy level everyday. What I want to do is get cum from the tap in the evenings and from the cup in the morning. You and your brother will have to take turns. One will be sucked in the evening while the other will jack off into the glass. That Ok with you?”

“Me first” I smiled.

Mom seemed to radiate a healthy glow from her body for several minutes. I was still floating and everything seemed to move in slow motion for a few minutes. We finished breakfast, then dressed, and drove to our shop. From then on, either my brother or I would get a blow job in the evening while the other watched and jacked off into the glass. Mom did her devotion each morning and seemed more alive than ever. Mom had Luke and I start taking these mega doses of vitamin E daily. The supplements made some subtle and very pleasurable changes for us. Our orgasms lasted slightly longer and the amount of cum ejaculated each time was amazing. On weekends, Luke and I were invited into mom and dad’s futon in the evening. Mom would suck one of us while Dad had sex with her. After drinking our cum from the source, she would get wilder and sometimes, I didn’t know if Dad could keep in the saddle. Luke and I enjoyed those evenings and felt closer to mom and dad than ever.

About a year later, an accident happened at the shop which changed our lives. Dad, Luke, and I were working at the shop and taking care of the customers. One of tourists accidentally knocked a box of round vortex stones off the shelf and they scattered across the floor. While we were gathering them up, dad slipped on one of them and felt to the floor. His head hit the display case and left him unconscious. We rushed him to the local hospital but he died on the way. It was really solemn around the house for the next few weeks and we never did get a good answer from the hospital what the actual cause of death was. Mom took it as an omen that it was time for a change in the family. Luke and I ran the business now and became more than the sons of the family.

It was several months after dad’s death when I was the first to sleep with mom. Luke had run the store by himself one Saturday and after closing at eight, he came home exhausted and immediately went to bed. I had several repairs to make at the house that day and felt sorry that Luke had to work the shop by himself. I knew how tiring those 12 hours could be. Luke was already snoring away when I switched off the TV in the living room and went into the pyramid bedroom. I was about to pull the sheets over me when I heard mom whisper my name.

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