Solving Tabitha’s Problem


Tabitha is a voluptuous, rather pudgy thirty year old woman with long, blonde hair, fair skin, blue eyes, and a love of sex, especially a love of cumming from having her pussy eaten. That’s not the only thing she likes, of course, but it is one of her favorites, and she always prefers to have my face between her legs early in the sex sessions we have together. Since I love having it there as much as she does, we have no disagreements about the fun things we do on her bed.

The last time I had my face between her legs was last week, when she called me and asked me to come over to solve a problem for her. The problem, Tabitha told me, was that she was horny. That is the kind of problem I am extremely happy to solve for her, so I told her I would be over shortly. She responded by saying she was really looking forward to having me work on her problem and she hoped I would take my time solving it. I didn’t bother telling her that I was also looking forward to it, because too much conversation would have delayed actually starting our progress toward the solution. Although she wanted me to take a long time solving it, and I felt the same, we both wanted to start on the problem as soon as we could.

When I rang the doorbell, she opened the door, with the chain lock still on it and looked out at me. “Are you alone?”

“Yes. Did you want me to bring somebody else with me?” I would have been willing to do so, but Tabitha has always preferred one-on-one sex, rather than being part of a group.

“No. Just a minute.” She closed the door, and I heard the chain lock being taken off and, a second later, the door opened just enough for me to step inside.

It was a sunny day outside but, when I squeezed through the door, it was into a dark room. She had been standing behind the door but, once I was inside, Tabitha closed the door behind me, locked it, and stepped forward to embrace me. I still hadn’t actually seen her, but when my arms encircled her and my hands caressed her back down to her succulent ass, I could see why she was being so cautious. Not wanting to waste any time before getting to her favorite activities, Tabitha was completely naked.

“Hi, Georgie. I’m glad you could come over. C’mon,” she told me after breaking off the kiss. My eyes were adjusting to the darkness, and I could see she was leading me to her bedroom, and I knew she didn’t want to waste any time getting there either.

I was also averse to wasting time that could be better spent making love, and I was unbuttoning my shirt along the way. Once we were in her bedroom with the door closed, she felt safer and more private, and turned on that light. I was glad, because I prefer making love in a lighted room, and I knew Tabitha feels the same way. She pulled my shirt off and tossed it onto the bed, and I sat down to remove my shoes and socks. By the time my feet were bare, Tabitha was lying on the bed, her head nestled in one pillow and another one lying beside her. We both knew the purpose of the second pillow, but it would be a while before it was put to use.

I climbed onto the bed beside her, kissed Tabitha on her forehead, and worked my way down her pretty face from there, until my tongue had found its way into her mouth. It moved away from there less than a minute later, because we both knew much greater pleasures awaited us in places that were lower on her body. Avidly, I set out for some of those places, kissing my way down her throat in the direction of the two nearest of them, which were her luscious breasts. Tabitha was no less eager than I, and she cupped them in her hands.

Leaning over her, I gently licked the first of the adorable pink nipples, feeling it start to grow erect under my ministrations. The second cute little nubbin reacted the same way, and I switched my attentions back and forth, until both nipples were erect, and my tongue could feel the many individual hard ridges. Tabitha cooed happily from the homage I was paying to her breasts, and she became even happier when I drew one into my mouth. While my lips formed a seal on the delectable flesh and my tongue continued to caress her nipple and areola, I gently sucked on the delightful globe.

She was starting to squirm under me when I changed my attentions from the first breast to its lovely twin, and her movements grew more pronounced as I switched back and forth between them. Her arousal grew, until Tabitha was writhing under my face, thrusting her breasts up to meet my mouth. This was truly a delightful way to be spending our time together, but I could detect the incredible aroma of her juices and, when I glanced in that direction, I saw her pussy also squirming on the bed. Although were both enjoying what we were canlı bahis already doing, both Tabitha and I knew there were even greater pleasures awaiting us still lower on her body.

Bidding a fond adieu to her succulent breasts, I started sucking and licking and kissing my way down her sexily plump belly. For a few seconds, I stopped to screw my tongue into her navel. Tabitha giggled, and urged me to get to the first main event. I was just as eager to get there, especially since the delectable aroma of her juices was so enticing, so I continued until I reached her soft, blonde pubic hair, and licked all around the trimmed edge of the bush.

The hair is almost as soft as her skin, but I prefer to approach from a different direction, so I got off the bed and got back on at the foot. When Tabitha saw me approaching on my knees, she spread her legs, handed me the pillow that had been beside her, and raised her ass off the bed. I slipped the pillow under her, raising her pussy to the perfect height for eating, like a feast on a platter. With the pillow in place, she raised her legs and I ducked under them so she could rest them on my shoulders. After wrapping my hands around her soft thighs and leaning forward, my face was inches from her adorable pussy.

Among other outstanding qualities, it is truly beautiful, with sparse, blonde hair, wet with her juices, on her creamy skin, and the dusky pink lips that were blossoming through her slit. Being a bit chubby, such as Tabitha is, makes her pussy even more alluring, because its plumpness gives her an appearance of being more juicy and inviting. In her case, that is not an illusion, because her pussy is one of the juiciest ones I know of, and extremely inviting. The aroma is marvelous also and, when I licked some of the wetness off her crotch, it tasted even better than it smelled. For its beauty, fragrance and flavor, Tabitha’s pussy is truly outstanding.

However, the best parts are the way that whole area of her body feels so incredible, and how it tantalizes my sense of touch. The skin where I started licking up the juices was soft and smooth and, when my tongue began caressing one of her outer lips, it felt like a warm satin pillow. Even her fluffy blonde pubic hair, with its downy texture, brought pleasure to my tongue. I slowly licked all the way up that lip until I reached her mons, which I kissed. When I looked at the way Tabitha was already reacting, it was another treat for my vision. Her eyes were closed; a blissful smile creased her face, and her succulent body squirmed in front of me as she reclined on the mattress.

She was also reacting by producing more of her delicious juices, and I licked them from her pussy before starting on her other outer lip. This one felt just as good as the first one had, and my tongue meandered slowly upward until I kissed her mons again. By that time, her cooing had almost entirely changed to blissful moans, and the movements of her head and body were even more pronounced.

But her fresh juices were just as delicious and, after licking them off wherever on her pussy they had collected, I started between a pair of her inner and outer lips. At first, I licked the extremely soft, smooth area between the origins of the labia but, after my mouth reached the point where the two lips were close together, I tilted my head so I could slide my tongue between them. Wiggling the tip up and down, I progressed upward, covering the whole area repeatedly, and taking my time to maximize the pleasure of both of us. By the time I reached the end of the inner lip, where it merges with the other inner lip, Tabitha’s pussy was starting to fuck up into my face.

The other pair of labia received the same treatment, except that this time, when I got to the end of the inner lip, I gently stroked my tongue across Tabitha’s clit hood. The succulent little morsel it usually protects was so engorged with her lust that it had pushed its way out from under the hood, and I curled my tongue under to fondle the little darling. The result was instant. A spurt of her fragrant juices shot out onto my chin, and the movements of her pussy became even more strenuous. By the time I had brought my tongue back to Tabitha’s precious love hole and devoured all the fresh nectar again, her joyful moans had turned entirely to whimpers of delight.

They started coming more closely together as I worked my tongue up one side of the dripping pink hole, probing the edge and exploring under the inner lip. Still moving slowly, I thrust the tip into every one of her most sensitive places all around the source of her delicious juices. By the time I reached the top of her love hole, Tabitha’s thighs had rotated outward, bahis siteleri presenting her pussy to me even better, and her hips were swiveling, thrusting her legs back and forth over my shoulders.

“Uh! Uh! Uh!” she whimpered, while her sumptuous body thrashed on top of the mattress. “Suck my clit! Make me cum!”

Tabitha was as ready as she would ever be, so I moved my mouth slightly and enveloped her clit. Once again, my lips formed a seal on her flesh, and I sucked the delectable morsel while my tongue caressed the swollen sides and top. She was ramming her pussy so hard against my face that it seemed as though she was trying to wrap it around my face. I continued sucking and licking while her movements grew even more frenetic.

“Oh! Oh!” Tabitha cried out joyfully. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming. Her hands went to the back of my head to press my face even harder into her pussy, and her legs squeezed my temples. While I clung tightly to her thighs and kept my mouth firmly around her clit, Tabitha rocked from side to side and back and forth on her ass, uttering incoherent cries of joy. Abruptly, her back arched and she rammed her pussy into my face for an ultimate time, before completely relaxing on the bed.

After her orgasm, her arms flopped to her sides and Tabitha’s legs remained draped loosely over my shoulders. I was in no hurry to leave, because I knew there was a plethora of delicious fresh juices that were all mine. My tongue sluiced them into my mouth from her thighs, belly, crotch and pussy lips, but I left those that were still inside the adorable pink hole that had been their source. I knew she would want to fuck, and I knew I wanted the same thing, and the juices there would be needed for lubrication.

Sliding out from under Tabitha’s legs, I backed down to the foot of the bed and dismounted. After removing a condom from the pocket, I pulled off my pants and tossed them onto the floor, to be joined there by my underwear. Just as naked as my lady friend, I removed the prophylactic from its plastic wrapper and rolled it onto my cock, which was hard and ready. Tabitha’s thighs were still spread and, when she felt me approaching between them, she opened her eyes. The smile on her face became wider and more lascivious when she saw my stiff cock pointing at the wet and lovely place where we both wanted it. She reached down and spread the lips of her pussy in preparation for me, and I moved up to lean forward over her sexy body.

While one hand was splayed out at her side to support my weight, I used the other to guide my cock. When the tip pressed against Tabitha’s pussy lips, I moved it around in the wetness, spreading her natural lubrication, before centering it in the small hole she was holding open. With a firm push, the head of my cock wedged its way inside, and I heard Tabitha draw her breath in sharply between her teeth. I also murmured happily, because it already felt so good.

It felt even better, and we both repeated our sounds of joy when I thrust forward again and almost two inches of my shaft was inside Tabitha’s pussy. I no longer needed to guide my cock, so I placed my other hand beside her and looked down, with a big grin on my face. She smiled encouragement back at me.

“I love that, George. I love what your cock is doing to me. Let’s take our time and make it last.”

I was 100% in favor of that idea, and I started slowly plunging my cock deeper into her. When she felt it surging into her pussy, Tabitha hooked her legs around mine so she could pull herself forward to meet me. She was so wet and ready for me that my cock slid the rest of the way into her pussy, allowing my dark pubic hair to mingle with her soft, blonde bush. Tabitha was resting her weight on her elbows, which were beside her body, and she looked up at me with a happy smile on her face.

“Just stay where you are, George, and let me fuck myself on your cock,” she suggested.

Having absolutely no objection to that plan, I smiled back at her and nodded my head. Using her elbows to move away from me, Tabitha slid toward the head of the bead, pulling her pussy most of the way off my cock. She paused for no more than a second before flexing her thigh muscles, pulling herself toward me to imbed it again. After waiting until my cock was most of the way back inside the delightful pink place it found so inviting, I thrust forward. Once again, our bodies came wetly together.

“Oooo, yeah,” Tabitha murmured, and started another stroke just like the first one.

For a long while, we fucked like that, slowly, with Tabitha doing most of the work. With every stroke, as she pulled herself away from my cock, I stayed in place, thrusting forward to meet her pussy bahis şirketleri when she impaled it again. Both of us very much wanted our session in bed to last so, as she slid back and forth and enveloped my cock, Tabitha avoided much contact between it and her already swollen clit.

Even so, I could tell her level of pleasure was mounting. Tabitha’s movements in front of me were steadily becoming more erratic, and she rocked from side to side as she glided on the bed under me. Besides the motions of her body, her eyes were closed and her head flopped from side to side on her pillow. As when I ate her pussy, Tabitha’s happy cooing had turned to blissful moans. My own pleasure had been slowly building for the entire time also, from the way the talented muscles in Tabitha’s pussy were squeezing and releasing the entire length of my shaft. I knew that once we started fucking with more contact between her clit and my cock, we would both climax within a few minutes.

Tabitha knew it too, but she was right at the peak of her pleasure, and ready to cum. With her pussy crammed full of my cock, she stopped moving, opened her eyes and reached her arms up to me. It was an invitation I had no wish to refuse, and I slid the rest of the way forward into the missionary position, with my hands under arms. The weight of my upper body was supported on my elbows, so Tabitha would be able to move freely under me, and I knew she would want to do a lot of that.

“Fuck my clit, Georgie,” she whispered to me. “Give it to me good and hard.”

That was what I wanted too so, with my cock still stuffing her pussy, I moved up higher on her body. When I slowly pulled out most of my shaft, I could feel it and Tabitha’s clit massaging each other. With just the head still inside, I drove it slowly back into her, scraping the top of my cock against her love button again. Her legs were still hooked around mine, and she pulled herself up against me, spattering her juices on both of us.

“Yeah! Yeah! Like that! Fuck me good!”

I fucked her good and I fucked her hard, driving my cock in and out of her at a faster pace. As my speed increased Tabitha thrust her pussy back to meet me at the same tempo. Her hands were active too, stroking the entire length of my sides and my back in the same rhythm as my cock plunging in and out of her very hospitable pink hole. As we fucked, her movements became even wilder and more uninhibited.

“AH! AH!” she cried joyously. “I’m cumming!”

Tabitha’s arms squeezed my neck and her fingernails dug into my back, but I was too blissed out to even notice. Her legs were clamped around mine just as tightly, as my lovely blonde lady friend practically attached herself to me. She clung so tightly with her arms and hands and legs that, when I drew back for another stroke into her pussy, she rode with me. I thrust forward, crushing Tabitha into the mattress and evoking loud exclamations of delight from both of us. Over and over, our combined bodies rose and fell, as we repeated the same noisy, incoherent cries of joy.

When she climaxed, Tabitha howled ecstatically, squeezing my back and legs and ramming her pussy against me for an ultimate time. After her great orgasm, she practically melted into a creamy blonde and white puddle in the mattress. I didn’t stop, but continued plowing my cock in and out of her pussy until my own climax welled up the rest of the way inside me. It exploded, like a geyser, and I ejaculated into my condom. I still didn’t stop, but continued plunging my cock into Tabitha until a second spurt of semen gushed. I was through then, and I collapsed on top of her, with most of my weight still supported by my elbows and knees.

We lay like that in a tired and very contented pile, kissing and whispering to one another how great it had been. Tabitha felt the blood running from the cuts her fingernails had inflicted on my back, and apologized. I told her, with complete honesty, that the tiny amount of pain was nothing when compared to the enormous pleasure she had given me. That elicited another kiss from her. Eventually, my cock softened and slipped out of the place where it had given and received so much pleasure.

Tabitha got up and went to the bathroom to get some iodine and Band-Aids for the cuts on my back. “I’m taking good care of you,” she told me. “I expect you to come back to see me a lot more times for more of the same.”


Thank you for reading this story. I hope you had as much fun as Tabitha and I did. I like writing stories on Literotica, but I like it a lot more when I know that people are reading and enjoying them, and I appreciate it when readers take the time to express their opinions by voting. Like most authors on Literotica, I practically live for feedback from readers, either public comments or email to me. Such feedback, whether praise or criticism, helps me to write more and better stories, and I respond to it whenever I can.

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