Some Day My Prince Will Come


Some Day My Prince Will ComeSomeday My Prince Will ComeThis happened in 2011 and is, as always, true:I had come up with a product, well sourced several products, and knitted them together, it had to do with toll payments for passage through the Suez Canal, if you’re interested. As the leader on the project it was up to me to close the deal between my then-company and a company whose interests included vast amounts of modular shipping (containers). The company was headquartered in Dubai.No trip there for me though, their man came to Birmingham. One hot and sunny Friday lunchtime I went to meet their representative at Italian Restaurant San Carlo’s.. This was my deal of a lifetime, worth 4.4 Million pounds over five years. My ten per cent commission in this was to be the sum of £440,000.00 (four hundred and forty thousand GBP) … to be paid ASAP after the signing of the contract. Their representative was minor royalty from the UAE, would you believe? He was also rather unbelievably gorgeous. I introduced myself, he warmly shook my hand, and bowed.I wasn’t sure of the protocol, so I bowed as well. Well . .. I would be on my knees soon enough.He laughed. We chatted”I thought you’d be wearing a solid gold suit!” I teasedHe smiled and waved his hand dismissively, “Marks and Spencers” he said “it’s fine, I don’t want to stand out and to say PLEASE MUG ME””Very wise” I laughed”YOU are dressed more expensively than I ” he said , humbly I had a crisp white blouse on, and a very expensive suit: a midnight Blue jacket/miniskirt combination, with black silk stockings, suspenders, a little black thong, and a very enhancing bra, if you’re interested. He looked at my hand”You’re not married?” he asked “A beautiful woman like you, you must have them .. lining up round the block”‘Hmmmm……… Not for marrying me, they’re not ‘ I thought”I.. haven’t met the right man yet. Perhaps I will one day” I replied”He will be a very lucky man” he told meHe had that calm self assurance of the rich and powerfulWe established that he was married, with just the one wife, who he made it very clear she was completely irrelevant to .. almost everything really. He then got on to business and he was shocked to find that I wasn’t just a bit of fluff sent to sweet talk him, but the architect of the whole solution he was being offered. He then had questions about the fine detail of the bid document, and there I started to struggle a little. My friend,the very gorgeous Ange had written it up, and with it’s complexities it had taken her months to complete. I mentioned her, and for some reason he wanted to know what she looked like. I had a picture on my blackberry of she and I, up close in a nightclub, arms round one another. There was a lot of flesh on display. He seemed very impressed with her , with us.He asked if the whole company were young and beautiful women. I said all the rest were fat and ugly old men. And, if any of my ex colleagues are reading this, – THIS MEANS YOU !After we had eaten, and some mild flirtation, he suggested we adjourn to his hotel suite to discuss the contract in more detail “without getting pasta – sauce on this very impressive document” he saidHe also asked for Angie to meet us there, as the author of the bid she had a little more detail about somethingshe had built into my product, regarding out of hours support.I called her, she was in Solihull, and she agreed she would be with us at the hotel within 45 minutes, traffic permitting she said.Once we got to his highness’ suite, it was quite clear that the contract would not be the only thing he wanted to go over. He reiterated how beautiful he thought I was. With the contract and bid on his table, he read and read, he’d seen it before!Surely he could have studied it or had his people look it over in advance.Talking of looking thinngs over he kept sneaking a look up my little skirt as I sat opposite, so I deliberately flashed him some stocking top. >>>>> NOW FAST FORWARD HALF AN HOUR >>>>>>”I LOOOVE stockings”, he suddenly blurted, “only the most .. Westernised women wear ..such things back at home. All..very boring. Could … I PLEASE have a … look?” he venturedI stood, and smiled, and lifted my little skirt, showing my stocking tops, CREAMY thighs and the rapidly moisteningcrotch of my g string. Within a few minutes , I was on my knees in front of him, and he had opened his trousers, to extract his hyper-hard cock”Oh god that’s wonderful” he moaned as I took his big coffee coloured cock fully into my mouth, licking and gentlynibbling with my lips.Between gobbles I reminded him that Angie would be with us very soon. He was only in my mouth for a minute or two.There was a knock at the door, and I dropped my skirt back into normal position, and his highness hastily tucked his penis away. Well, as hastily as he could, as he could easily have broken up toffee with it. I opened the door to Angie, who was looking MAGNIFICENT in a 60’s retro dress, all swirly swirls, her hair and make up were model-perfect. She looked fucking stunning IMHO. His Highness was suitably impressed and he bowed to kiss her hand. Once we’d dispensed with the formalities, I brought her up to date, in the royal en suite. I told her the prince wanted sex in return for signing said contract, and although he had been quite charming about it all, he was used to getting what he wanted. “With me as well?” asked Angie, agape “Yes with both of us. Now how much would do you want? Fifty thousand quid?””Well..for that””Fifty quid?””What do you think I AM?” Angie was horrified “We’ve already established what you are, we’re just haggling over the price” I teased “But seriously…” she said “What I would want.. like .. is enough to buy my husband out, and a car. Let’s say £25,000” “Deal” I said. “but….there is one little thing…” “What’s that? No rough stuff!!””No, no. It will I SUSPECT, involve … “going” … with me… as well as him” “Oh CHRIST!” she said “I’ve always thought you’re very beautiful, you know, I do – but I’d never be able to look you in the eye again””Thirty large?” “Er .. well, OK. I’ll sn*g you for that” “fucking TART” I teased as we left the bathroomI stopped her for a second in the doorway “This will involve more than snogging” I told her, with my face showing I was seriousShe looked back at me and winked, shrugged slightly – and blushed”All arranged? asked the Prince “All arranged.” I confirmedI hoped it was Angie stood there still blushing a little “Why don’t you girls help each other get undressed?” he helpfully suggestedI sidled tuzla ukraynalı escort up to Ange with an impish grin. Her dress fastened by a zip with a big pull ring, and the zip ran from neck to hem.I pulledIt zipped I was delighted to find she was completely naked underneath bar a slinky pink g string that really hugged her cute littlecamel toe. Her pert but quite big titties came into view. A large B or small C cup, size 36 I think. Fantstic body, stUNNing arseThe prince was very impressedI had seen her naked many, many times, but so was I Impressed ! SLURP!!His highness came round behind me and took my jacket off, laying it down carefully, then he unzipped my skirt and took that off.He reached round and very deftly unbuttoned my blouse and took that off, too. I was standing there now only in bra, g string, stockings and suspenders. Ange leaned in, this time to kiss me. I opened my mouth, and slipped my tongue between her succulent lips. She tentatively sucked my tongue. I reached round her to cup her bottom,and hooked a thumb into the waist of her g string, and very slowly began to pull them down. She was unsteady against me, I braced her, as I took the g string off , never breaking our kiss. I sneaked a look down. I’d had many sexual fantasies about her, but none had been realised. I’d seen her pussy many timeswhile sharing rooms on holiday, I’d seen it hairy, seen it a la Brazilia, seen it all shaved. I had even secretly watched her m*sturbate when she thought I was asleep. Her perfectly shaved slot was glistening already, her pussy lips already pumped up and pouting in the most alluring way. “Now undr*sis Lyn” ordered our master She undid my br* and slid it off. My nipples were hard to the er.. point of being painful. “Kneel down” he said to Angela She knelt”Now.. the p*nties” he instructed “…slowly”She pulled down my g string very slowly and gently. The waistband was over my suspenders, so she could take them down,I could smell my own cunt, raw in my extreme arousal, musky and heady. Silky-smooth, sh*ved little trench, glistening with juices. “Give her kiss, there” he saidShe slowly licked my belly.. and tongued my n*vel, and reached round to hold my bottom. God, it was gorgeous, very subtle. She didn’t actually do as she was told and go for my pussy, thank god, as I think I would have had the female equivalent of pr*mature ej*culation. SqUuirRRT !I know this is wildly at odds with all my mast*rbation fantasies about my having sex with her, but this was the REAL WORLD and it was really Scary!!Somewhere in the background his nibs had got all his kit off, even his (probably M&S) socksIn the buff he was magnificent, a perfectly muscled adonis. Lots of chest hair, which extended down his rippedtorso, It looked like he’d had his p*bic hair tidied but not removed, just perfectly groomed, down to hisb*llocks, just beautiful. Angie straightened up a little and took one of my nipples in her mouth, and pulled the nip, gently with her lips,then she took the whole breasts into her mouth.Small t*ttie, big mouth. She’s got a real Julia Roberts. I sighed and stroked her silky hair. I wasn’t a million miles from coming, which I CAN do, from nipple – alonestimulation, when I am suitably pre – h*rny (and I WAS suitably pre – h*rny). Our lord and master was now standing no more than a foot away from us, gently wanking his VERY big cock. It wasbigger certainly, than when it had been in my gob , earlier.A magnificently long, straight, latte coloured , c*rcumsized penis, it looked like it had daily skin treatments, and spa baths, and orogold scrubs.It probably did. It probably had it’s own personal trainer. He sure did, by the look of him. Angela stopped her t*ttie sucking, just in time actually. “Surely you don’t have to do your own wanking” she teased “you MUST have people to do that for you””Well, yes, it has been known, but as you say, it you want something doing properly, do it yourself” He chuckledAngela knelt to take the prince’s royal sceptre in her lovely, LOVELY mouth.”Oh my.. you’ve done that before” he chuckled …………………………………………………………………………………………..I had on one occasion seen Ange giving her husband a blow job. I wasn’t supposed to see, but I AM a bit of a v*yeur, I’m afraid. She was VERY good at it, so it seemed. This had been on a ski trip , where she and her husbandand I , and her brother Andy were all in a jacuzzi. Her brother Andy who looks like a male copy of Angie.Andy and I had left the Jacuzzi to give them some privacy after they had started snogging. We’d all got shorts/bikinis on, at the start. Angie’s husband was taking her top off.I hung around the corner and sneaked a peek, and watched her lovingly f*llating him,before a hand pulled me into the darkness, which turned out to be a naked and er*ct Andy, who then took me to his room and fucked me, for the first time.He’d wanted me for almost a year, and for my part I was more than happy to be effectively fucked by Angie-with-a-penis……………………………………………………………………………………………Now back to the story: Ange was holding his Majesty’s bralls*ck nice and gently His Nibs beckoned me in “You as well” he ordered I knelt next to Ange and we alternated to pleasure his sh*ft, and his balls, exchanging deep kisses in between. “YOU GIRLS are very good together” he said quietly, his voice had gone all gravelly now, you know how you menare. Naughty naughty.”Stop stop stop” he said suddenly. “On the bed, both of you ” we got on “Lie on your side , Angela, facing your friend here” She lay. she faced. Our master lay beside her, behind her. I lay facing her. I heard the unmistakable rubbery snap of a condom going on I thought ‘OOOh I am going to see Ange get fucked. How VERY exciting. I had heard her and her husband fucking, when I had slept in the next room to them. She was very vocal, describing every thrust, whilst striving to be quiet. His highness lifted Ange’s leg a little, sort of 20 degrees or so, and slipped into her. “OOh!” she moaned, sharing a wicked grin with me, “OOH , BIG!” she mouthed as he began to push “and REALLY HARD!” she gaspedHe was moving his superbly toned ar*e very sensually. Ange seemed to be genuinely enjoying every second of it. He reached round and held her full breasts. “Move in here, Lyn” he told me “and..s*ck the nipple for her” Angie’s got fantastic t*ts, as I mentioned and equally impressive nipples, which are bullet-like and when tuzla rus escort she’s cold or h*rny tend to point upwards. And she definitely wasn’t cold. I nuzzled the hard nipple with my lips and then to Angie’s soft gasps, I took the nipple in my mouth and licked around it,she has lovely wide pale aureolae they have a lovely texture, I’d spent years wanting to s*ck them. Her hand came round the back of my head and stroked my hair. She gently kissed the top of my head, also.”OoOh.. result!’ I thought ‘I’ve PULLED!’ I slipped my fingers between her legs and spanned her pussy lips. I could feel his excellency’s excellent cockpushing them apart on the instroke. She was moaning into my hairI turned my hand around to f*nger her clitoris, it was a hyper hard little bean, peeping out of the wet and stickyso hotChrist I’d wanted to touch her there for SOOO long!!I notice out of the corner of my eye his highness was skilfully pleasuring the opposite t*ttie, and I think he was doing something to her bottom with his finger or thumb.All in all, I think that level of stimulation would be enough to make ANYBODY come, and come she did, theimmensely beautiful GODDESS that is Angie, her face scarlet and shining with sweat, her breath catching, moaning and gasping into my hair as I continued to s*ck her t*t, her sweet sh*ved pussy leaking onto my caressingfingers.”Oh WOW” she said at last “GOD ! REALLY big org*sm!!” she was still getting her breath back When I looked down at her cunt, still with his Royal Highness’ hyper – hard cock embedded deep within it,there was froth all round the base of his cock, she had become SO wet!His excellency gently withdrew his rock hard penis from Angie’s trembling snatch. “Lyn, no I want you to go d*wn on your friend here, and lick up all of those lovely juices” he commanded Ange’s eyes were like wagon wheels “What?” she mouthed “Yummy” I whispered and scooted down there to get my fill, PLUS I really REALLY like being told what to do…She half heartedly pushed my head away, but she knew damn well between the Prince and I , she would be MADE to submit to my probing tongue.Her legs were hoisted in the air by the Prince’s strong arms, and her half hearted struggles soon gave way to heridly stroking my hair as I kissed and nibbled down her b*lly. I l*cked her deep navel and she shivered, I think she was wonderinghow it was going to feel when I finally got to her clitoris!! I started again down at her creamy thighs, licking my way up the insides each side, nibbling. “B*TCH!” she cried out at last and pointed to her own pussy”If you’re going to do it – DO IT !” she told me “I could not agree more” agreed our lord and master as he knelt behind me. As I finally slipped my little tongue into Angie’s well-stretched cunthole, which was SO fuckING WET, his majesty routedhis magnificent penis into my hot little pussy. He grabbed my hips and began to fuck me quite vigorously from behind. “Oh GOD yes” I moaned as I licked up and out, and on to Angie’s diamond-hard clitoris. She come on contact, I have to say,as soon as I lapped her 4/5 times, she’d come. She must have been nearly there already. Her g*sh coated all my chin,as I attempted to swallow it all. His majesty was watching as closely as he would when his prize racehorse was approaching the finishing line :”Girls, it is time!” he announced and slipped out of me, leaving ME unfulfilledHe stood and discarded his condom. Ange and I gathered at his feet for our facial We left him to wank himself off, as men seem to like to dictate the pace at such occasions, I find. It’s all over a bitquickly if we s*ck. With his spare hand he gently moved our faces in close together. I nuzzled and kissed her bonny cheek. She turned to me and kissed me on the lips, smiling. I could feel movement, and sure enough Angie was having a wank as we kissed. “You t*rt” I giggled, then I joined her.The Prince was leisurely in his strokes, hand halfway down the big sh*ft, pulling gently, evenly. As he watched us girls kiss and wank ourselves, with our heaving chests and phenomenally er*ct nipples, inspiration struck:I saw his toes squirming as his big balls were about to give up – to give US – their load. He lurched towards us and the first spurts left the bulbous knob and landed on Angie’s cheek. she broke the kiss and leant, open mouthed towards the prince. The second squirt landed squarely on her tongue. “don’t swallow” I hissed Angie moved a few inches aside to let me in, and to finish her wank, she moaned loudly as she came (#3)The prince come in my face, all across my brow, dripping off my eyebrow, and down the side of my nose.I opened my mouth to catch it. At this point the prince stuck his cock in my mouth where I sucked him off, until there was nothing left and he withdrew. Ange came in , her tongue still carrying his initial load ( the thick stuff ) and stuck her tongue in my mouth to give it to me. Our h*rny tongues battled and I stole and swallowed his cream. The prince continued to stroke himselfas he watched us. “FANTASTIC, girls” he enthused “….simply WONDERFUL! Now I am out of action for a little while, but you beautiful ladies can entertain each other for a few minutes, I am QUITE sure””What did you have in mind?” asked Ange, feigning (quite charmingly) shyness”I want you Angela, to lie on the bed, and Lyn, the other way, sitting on Angela’s face, and I want you do eateach other while I watch, and …. get in the mood”Angela , good as gold, got on the bed and assumed the position, her legs spread and compliant. I gingerly climbed aboard.My pussy hovered over her mouth until it landed , rather unsteadily , on her lips. “MMmf” she said. MMmf indeed. I looked his majesty in the eye, and then dived in to eat fillet of Angie. She was dripping wet and freshly fucked, opened, and smelling rather of latex. I went for her clit among all the little folds where she hides it away. “OHHHH” she groaned “Did you SAY something? Don’t speak with your mouth full!” I giggled Taking that as a hint, she slipped her (prehensile) tongue under my hoodie and started taking my clitoris to task. Ange’s hips were squirming about, but she was pushing her m*und against my mouth, so I figured quite rightly she wasn’t trying to get away. I was about half way to coming, when his Majesty announced he was READY! Ready for what?”Now, then beautiful ladies – how do you feel about AN*L sex” he asked. He was probably doing a survey. “I’ve only ever done it with my husband” admitted Angela, “I do like it, but he’s .. not escort bayan as big as you””I do it” I told him, “again I have some reservations about your size. It’s a VERY tight little hole” “PREPARATION is everything” he told us and produced from somewhere a pristine tube of K Y gel. “Angela, my dear” he invited “on all fours on the bed please, bottom in the air” Ange did as she was asked. His highness stooped behind her and parted her buttocks. Her beautiful little r*ngpiece hiding in there, and twitching expectantly. His Majesty was first in there, lubricating her with the point of his very wet tongue.Her little moans of “MMMf” and “OH!” were some of the sexiest I’ve ever heard. I LIKE moans.She had reached between her thighs and she was gently, subtly, m*sturbating, just a gentle stroke. “Now you” he motioned that I should take over the bum licking”This is ME now” I chuckled from between my best friend’s buttocks, and I popped my little tongue in there”Oh GOD” she said, even more throatily, and began to wank harder. I was not sure whether this meant she needed more stimulus with me r*mming her rather than the prince, or if she found it MORE er*tic, and had to soothe the ache. I was to ask her later on in the day, in bed!!! But that, as they say, is another story! The prince appeared with his tube of gel, and handed it to me. “Prepare her” he told meI spread gel onto two fingertips and gently dipped them into my best friend’s bottom. A new experience for me!It was hot and tight in there as I thoroughly lubricated her bottom, and she NEEDED to be well l*bed as it was a very BIGcock which was on it’s way. His Imperial Highness was carefully fitting a new condom onto his impressive penis. He came up behind her, I very gently pulled her buttocks apart for him”Oh!” she moaned, and he hadn’t even touched her yet. “Relax” I cooed in her ear “relax your bottom” “I KNOW how to do it” she hissed, but she was trembling His excellency brought his rubbery cock right up to the heavenly, puckered little h*le between my best friend’s peachy buttocks, he was absolutely granite hard as I helped him put into her. I am sure they could have managedbut hey, I just like to help people. I pushed his big wide knob through her tight little r*ng. “Oh CHRIST!” she groaned “BIG!! Go gently for fucks sake!!” “I’ll keep him under control” I giggled in her ear “Gently” I told him, as I held his balls “It’s a very tight little bottom, and only her husband has ever been up there,….and you have a much bigger cock””MmmmmMMM” moaned his excellency in extasy “the most BEAUTIFUL, tight, hot little h*le” he enthusedI slipped under Ange, where her stauesque breastss were hanging , and took the nearest one into my mouth, lickingthe wide aureola and taking the superbly er*ct nipple gently between my teeth. I pulled, subtly. I reached down to her pussy, which was being stroked by it’s owner, as our Royal visitor was up her bum,I slipped a finger inside her pussy to counter balance what she was doing to her clit. “OOh you D*RTY B*TCH” She moaned throatily “Oh, fuck I’m going to come!! And she did “Harder” I whispered to his highness and he royally obligedHer trembling body collapsed, largely onto me, with me getting a facefull of her sweaty t*ts, I wasn’t complaining.I retreived my fingers from her spasming pussy”Oh god, that was fantastic” she beamed “so fucking R*DE!! I LOVE it!”His highness chuckled in a very self satisfied way, as he gently pulled his big unspent cock out of my friend’s gapingbottom.He went and lay on the bed, and changed condom.”Now you, Lyn. Your pussy. Come and sit on me . Now” Angie moved aside as I got onto the bed with the Prince.He turned me round so I had my back to him He said he wanted to admire my bottom and my stockings as I fucked him. I got astride him and grabbed his cock, and slipped the big head into my cunt. I grunted loudly as I sat down onto it. Then I was right up and down on it, letting it nearly slip out, then slide right down to his balls again, quite quickly and quite hard. His excellency summoned Angie onto the bed with us, he told her something which I didn’t catch, but I was soon to find out. Ange knelt next to me and soon cold fingers were up my bum, cold gelled fingers, two fingers. And Ange was whispering in my earwhat a tight little bottom I had, and how it was going to be a struggle to get such a big cock up there, but she said she was completelysure it WAs going to go up there, somehow or other. I was up and down on him, and Ange’s fingers were on my clit and up my arse – I had only had him in me for five minutes or so, and I was going to come.”Off now” commanded his Majesty “But I’m going to come” I whined “just LEMME” I gasped “OFF!” he said more firmly and he grabbed my h*ps and LIFTED me bodily off of him. I was still astride “Now grab my cock and stick it up your own arse” he demanded I gasped “GO ON, NOW” I think he’d somehow realised my um… Achilles Heel. I DO like to be told what to do. “OwwwW! ” I grizzled as I attempted to push the big knob through my snug little r*ngpiece. With a little thrust from his hips, he was halfway in me, all of a sudden. “Christ!” I moaned , more to Ange than him, “BIG!” “I TOLD you” giggled Ange, not at all sympathetic !!He grabbed me by the suspenders and pulled be right down onto his cock, so he was up to his balls in my bottom.JESUS I’ve never had it so deep up there before, I usually do this doggy, and I often exert control myself. Ange was returning my earlier favour by fingerng my clit, and doing so quite beautifully, I have to say, her fingers slippingin my slipperiness, a mouth appeared on mine, she leading the kiss, her other hand stroking my buttocks, I had hold ofmy right nipple, which seems to be more sensitive than the left, I don’t know why.With a final shove from our lord and master, I come, hugely explosively, multiply, my face on fire and coated in sweat.I slumped into Ange, who helped lift me off his cock. He got me to get on all fours and he whipped the condom off, and he w*anked himself off all over my bum,he come hugely, hot splatters everywhere, peppering my stockings and skin. After he’d emptied, he motioned Ange in, who, unsurprisingly was made to lick it all up off my bottom. This was the end of our adventure with the Prince, though there was more to come. We took the papers, kissed him goodbye and said we’d see him again (we did) but as Ange and I shared a cab across the city,the awkward silence was broken by Ange asking if she could come to my house and spend the night.In itself, nothing unusual, but after what had … passed between us, the atmosphere was CHARGED to say the least.”Did you want to … sl*ep with me?” I asked, almost shyly “Please” she nodded and we did.The afternoon was nothing compared to the nightA Sequel will follow Lyn xxxxx

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