Some guy’s home


Some guy’s homeSome guy’s homeHelena and me were both alone that long week end, loving hubbies flew away on business; so we decided to go to a bar for some drinks on that warm Saturday night.I dressed not so much conservative; black lacy underwear, a tight little dark blue skirt that stopped an inch higher than mid-thigh and a sleeveless strappy black top, with my favorite black high stiletto heels.After some few margaritas, I found myself a little bit fuzzy and lost sight of Helena.I was getting a bunch of young guys inviting me more margaritas: the cutest was well muscled and smiled away quite happily. He promised to lead me back to Helena, if we could find her there. He and two of his friends lead me out from the bar. “Where are we going?” I stammered trying to keep my balance.”It’s late, babe, we are taking you home” he said. I was fuzzy enough to accept that. A short drive later the taxi pulled up and the three guys urged me to get out with them. This was not my home, of course.Their house was a typical bachelor mess. I wobbled precariously in my heels as I stumbled on something that had been discarded, but the nice guy grabbed my arm to steady me. “Come this way, I’ll find something warm for you to wear.” He offered. I let him lead me off up a short corridor and into a bedroom.It was dark in the bedroom, and when he let my arm go I tripped on something, losing a shoe and stumbling in the darkness until I landed heavily on the bed. “My name is Ana” I blurted in the darkness of the bedroom.There was a loud zipping sound as he unzipped his jeans. “That’s nice, Ana” he said as he pulled out his cock and pushed it in front of my face. “Now you start sucking, bitch”.I panicked a little, but then calmed and opened my mouth to take the head of his cock inside. His cock was about nine inches, but a bit thicker than my husband’s.I sucked his cock, teasingly playing with the end of it with my tongue.He reached down and slipped the straps of my top off my shoulders and down my arms, then pulled down my top until it was just covering my stomach. He groped my breasts, and started kneading them through my black bra. “Nice little tits you got here” he said. I tried sucking him harder and faster, and he gave a sudden gasp of joy.Suddenly he pulled his cock from my mouth. I sat there for a second and then he grabbed me and easily flipped me over onto my stomach across the bed. He grabbed my legs, pushing them together. I started to try to wriggle free, but he pushed me down bursa escort into the bed, and climbed on top of me, a leg either side. Then I heard the zipping of my short skirt. I tried to squirm away, but he was too heavy and even when he got off to pull my skirt down, he made sure to push my face down.He pulled my ass towards him and pushed my legs apart. Then I felt his fingers pull my lacy underwear aside, exposing my shaved pussy. I gasped and looked back at him, begging “No, please, don’t, I’m not on the pill today”. He only smiled back and pushed his cock to the opening of my pussy and suddenly jammed his cock inside me. I was dry and it hurt a lot, I whimpered into the bed as he pushed his cock deeper and deeper into my tight pussy. It wasn’t long before he tensed and held himself still with his cock deep inside and I felt the warm impact of his semen on the inner walls of my vagina. He eased out of me, and stepped back, flipping me over onto my back. He fingered my pussy as he felt my cunt started to get wet. “Bitch, you are so wet now… I think I’m going to fuck you again.” Then he pushed my legs apart and pushed his still hard cock back into my pussy. I didn’t bother fighting this time as he pumped my pussy.He pumped me very hard just few minutes and then he tensed again. I felt more of his warm seed splashing deep inside. “Ahh… I had never fucked an old cougar as horny as you are, bitch” He said satisfied. He lay there on top of me a bit longer, gave me a couple of extra pumps, then pulled his cock out and rolled over to lay beside me on the bed. “That was good, but not as tight as earlier. I think I may have to try your ass next.” I sat up and said “Please, I need a glass of water”. He smiled and indicated me where the kitchen was.I gulped down the water and then looked a reflection in the window, showing a large dark figure behind me. I was about to cry out, but one large hand wrapped around my mouth and another grabbed me across the body, pulling me into a tight hug. “Do not say a single word, slut” Menaced a different voice in one of my ears.”Just hold still and this will be over quickly. You’ll be a good girl to me” He took his hand away from my mouth and he bent me over. I grabbed the edge of the counter for balance. He ran a finger over my pussy. Sniffing his finger he whispered: “You are warm and wet, babe. I see my old friend Johnny has already been here”.Then he plunged his rock hard cock into my pussy. The v******e of the thrust nearly sent bursa escort bayan me into the sunk, but I caught myself and by the time he had pulled back and thrust into me again I was braced for the assault. He kept up with that for what felt like ages, long deep strokes into my stretching pussy. It felt like his cock was longer than Johnny’s too as it seemed to reach deeper places inside me. Suddenly his pumping intensified and I felt new thick wads of semen invading me. He pulled out almost straight away, and wiped his cock clean on my buttocks.”Good fuck, bitch” He whispered as he kissed my neck.Then he faded away in silence from the kitchen.I felt the cum left by both guys running down my legs. I went up the hall, looking for the room of the first guy Johnny. I saw light coming out from under a door, so I opened it and stepped in.The third guy was there, at his computer with his cock lubed up, wanking off to some porn. He saw me looking at him from the door and quick as a flash jumped up and grabbed my wrist pulling me down. In my shock I found myself on my knees in front of him as he sat on a chair, his eight inch cock out bobbing in front of my face. I tried to get up, but he grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into his crotch, trying to bury his cock in my nose. I pulled back, but his other hand was now guiding his cock towards my mouth. “Open up, bitch” He ordered me smiling happily. I opened my mouth and soon he had his cock half way down my throat. He grabbed my neck and began thrusting in and out of my face. Suddenly I heard Johnny’s voice from the doorway behind me.”I want to try this slut ass” Declared Johnny. “Throw me the lube.” Then I heard Johnny rubbing himself, before placing his hands around my waist and pulling my ass up. I was now standing bent over, with one guy still holding my head on his cock and my ass up in the air for Johnny’s pleasure. I felt his finger pushing on my asshole. I jumped forward and both guys laughed. Then Johnny whispered to me “Just relax and this will not hurt as much”. He did not wait for a response. Suddenly I felt the pressure of his cock sliding into my ass, slowly, until he had worked it in as much as it would go.Then the guy started pumping, and that seemed to be a signal to the other guy to start pumping too. I was suddenly being fucked in both the mouth and ass. They kept that up for a bit. Then the guy in my throat began to spasm and his cock jerked jets of cum.Johnny went still too and pulled me escort bursa tightly towards him, pushing his cock deeper into my ass as he ejected his warm seed inside my anus.He grabbed my hips and still impaled on his cock, he pushed me onto the bed.Then he took his hard cock off from my sore asshole and left the room.It was then I saw the big guy that had me in the kitchen, standing in the doorway.He walked over to me, looked down at my naked body: “Now it’s my turn again.””Hey, Thomas, I have not fucked that pussy yet” Complained the third guy now sitting back in his computer chair…Thomas barely looked at him: “She will be yours once I am done.” Then he let his pants fall to the floor again and I could see now his cock was longer than the others. I shuddered naked, but spread my legs apart as Thomas climbed on top of me, sliding his cock once again into my pussy. I watched his face, but he never looked at me, just pumped into me deeply and regularly. My pussy was responding to him and eventually his pumping intensified. My legs curled up, clenching around him, pulling him deeper into me as his cock unleashed another wave of warm semen to splash heavily inside my abused womb.He pushed my legs away and stood up, wiping his cock on the calf of my leg. He looked at me and said “Good fuck, bitch” and left the room. The third guy moved over, rolling me back onto my stomach and examining my pussy. “Babe, you are so sloppy now” he said smiling.He climbed behind me between my open legs and soon he eased his cock inside me. I was so loose I barely felt it in there. The happy guy positioned himself and started pumping with enthusiasm, but soon tensed his back and I felt the warmth of yet more fresh semen shooting off deep inside me. I was so tired and still feeling fuzzy; so I lost conscious soon after that guy was done.I awoke the next morning with a raging headache and I saw I was at my own bed.But then I realized that Johnny was again on top of me between my spread legs and pumping away with a delighted smile on his face. He saw I was awake, and he tried to plant a kiss on my lips. I let him, too sick to fight, and lay there as his cock pumped in and out of my pussy. He then filled my sore cunt with a new load of warm semen. He finally dressed up and told me now he knew my address and he would come to fuck me every time I would be alone at home.After he left, I went to the bathroom. The mirror reflection was a disaster. I had bruises all over my body and fresh semen on my tits and my hair. My pussy was stretched and sore, as was also my irritated asshole. Both orifices were still dripping cum.Helena called me at midday, asking happily:“Did you enjoy my good friend Johnny’s company???”

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