Something DIfferent Part 1


Something DIfferent Part 1So sweetwife and I, like many other people after a few years of marriage, managed to get into a bit of a routine when it came to sex. We wanted to spice things up with another person, but were very cautious about what to do. We both said that we have to be comfortable with whoever was involved and whatever was going to happen. Girl? Guy? Couple? Multiples? After much discussion, we decided that we would set it up so that she could give a blowjob to a single guy with me in the room. It took awhile, but we found a really good candidate:Ryan. He was a professional in his 30’s who had his own place. He had sent us some face pics and my wife said he was handsome (like I am going to know the difference): blond hair, blue eyes, about 6 feet 200lbs. He seemed very respectful and understanding of what we wanted, so we agreed to meet him at his place one weekend evening.We dressed for the weather (summertime), so we were both in shorts. I wore a polo and sweetwife wore a sleeveless shirt. We packed a change of clothes for her just in case and were out the door. I could tell sweetwife was equal parts nervous and excited. She asked if we could stop for a quick drink to help her relax, but I already arranged with Ryan to have a few bottles of wine on hand at this place. We talked during the drive, with several “Are you sure?” questions between her and I. I told her that I love her, I know that I can trust her, and that this was a fun thing for us to try as a couple. Most of all, I told her to just let go while we are there and enjoy it. She squeezed my thigh in thanks and brushed her hand against my already hard cock. She didn’t tuzla eve gelen escort say anything. Just smiled at me and looked back out the window. After about 20 minutes of driving we arrive at Ryan’s house. We walk up and he greets us at the door, wearing khakis and a polo. Smiling, he greets sweetwife with a peck on the cheek and gives me a good strong handshake. We are invited in to his living room, where he has a variety of wines and a few beers waiting. Ryan and I both grab a beer and sweetwife settles in with a white wine. Ryan offers us the couch, and he sits on a chair next to her. We talk about a lot of simple things for a while; the weather, local sports, the economy, etc. During the polite conversation, Ryan and I have started a second beer, but sweetwife is almost finished with her first bottle of wine. I know she is nervous, but then after some careful consideration of Ryan, I ask him what his experience with this is like. His face starts to turn red, he shifts in his seat and says, “Honestly, I haven’t done anything like this before. I thought it would be kinky to have a guy watch his girl blow me, but I wanted it to be a respectful and fun environment. You two seemed like perfect people for that…..” It got quiet for a few seconds. With all of our inexperience, I decided to take control and make sure this happened. “Honey, why don’t you go over to Ryan and help him stand up?” Sweetwife puts down her wineglass, kisses me on the cheek, and walks over to Ryan. He stands, and she is looking up at him. I tell her to take off his shirt, and she lifts it over his head. She runs her hands across his chest. tuzla otele gelen escort “Go ahead and undo his belt”. She reaches down, hands shaking slightly, to work on his belt. She manages to get it undone without too much trouble. “Before you get started, why don’t you two trade seats with me? You’ll have more room.”She leads him over to the couch by his belt. I grab our bag, which has the camera in it. (What, you didn’t think I was going to go through all this and not get pictures, did you?) I grab another beer in the process. I move so that I am facing Ryan, with my wife between us facing away from the camera. “Ok, honey, pull his pants down and help him into his seat.” She pulls down his pants, revealing a hard, thick cock, about 7 inches long. She eases him out of his pants and sits him down on the couch. I thought that I was going to have to tell her to get started, but she swallowed as much as that hard dick as she could on her first try. I started taking pictures. She started bobbing her head up and down furiously. I didn’t think anyone wanted Ryan to come to soon , so I suggested she nuzzle around and suck on his balls too. Not sure if he ever had a woman take his balls in her mouth before, but he started moaning. It looked like he wanted to reach out and touch her, but pulled his hands back. Once again, I took control. “Sweetie, stand up and take off your top.” She stood right up, took off the shirt, than looked over her shoulder and asked me, with a wicked grin on her face to take off her bra for her. I walked over, stood behind her whole we looked at Ryan, and took off her bra. Those beautiful tuzla sınırsız escort tits bounced free and Ryan’s eyes got huge. She immediately got back on her knees and now started using her tits as well as her mouth. I decided at this point, since everyone seemed agreeable, that I would just continue to give instructions. I told Ryan to pull on her nipples as she sucked him, which elicited a mild groan of satisfaction from him and a muffled yet loud moan from her. “Start licking his balls and jerking him at the same time.” She complied quickly yet again, sucking on his balls and furiously beating his cock. I could tell that he was getting close, and she started sucking on his cock again in anticipation of his load. He arched his back, practically screamed, and started shooting down her throat. She got the first couple of shots in her mouth and then directed the rest on her tits. I had not seen her smile like that in a long while, like the whole purpose of her being at that moment was to milk every drop of semen out of his cock. After Ryan finished cumming, he slumped down and said “That was FANTASTIC!” I laughed and said “It sure looked like it!”. Sweetwife excused herself to the restroom to clean up and I got Ryan another beer. He chugged about half of it and said to me, “Seriously, man, that was great. I needed that in the worst way. And to be honest, you two seem really cool about all of it. I thought it might be a little weird with you here, but when you started bossing us around, it really turned me on.” While he was talking, I thought we should give him just a little more to remember us by before we left. Just then, Sweetwife walked back into the room, still topless and shoeless. She was just glowing and seemed very comfortable in her own skin around this stranger that just came in and on her. I turned to her and said, “sweetie, can you grab the bag I brought? I’ve got a little something else to give to Ryan tonight.”More to come in part 2.

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