Son like father – Part 1


Son like father – Part 1Julien sighed as he stepped out of the shower. He always found it difficultjerking off in the shower, he didn’t know why. Guys always seemed to bedoing it on TV but he never managed to get to climax aside from twice whenhe had spent about twenty minutes at it both times and had sat down on thefloor of the shower wanking madly.His dick was still hard now however and he hadn’t managed to getoff. Towelling his shaggy black hair furiously he made his way into hisbedroom. His parents were out for the night so he wasn’t worried aboutbeing seen wandering around, butt naked with a throbbing stiffy jutting outbefore him.Tossing his towel on the floor of his bedroom he stood before hismirror, examining his body. Julien, whilst never being the sporty type, hadsomehow attained an amazingly thin and muscular body for a sixteen yearold. While always being quite proud of his body he hadn’t done anything toget it in such a good condition. However, he knew it was just down to goodgenes and had been begging his parents for months to buy him a gymmembership. He was worried about suddenly gaining weight once he grew outof his teenage metabolism.Running his hands over his smooth, hard belly he breathed in and outdeeply, flexing differently to see how his body looked. Sliding his righthand down his soft skin he tangled his fingers in his dark bush of pubichair and then gripped his dick. Here was another part of his body he wasquite proud of. A good seven and a half inches, his dick had a very largehead and caused a mighty bulge in his jeans whenever he got aboner. Grinning cheekily at himself he started beating off, stroking hiscock slowly all the way down then all the way up, playing with the head.Rubbing his left hand all over his body, pinching his nipples and thensliding his fingers between his ass cheeks, Julien allowed himself a softmoan. He gripped his cock harder as he began playing with his ass. He couldtell he was almost ready to blow his load already so he let go of his dickand took a deep breath to cool off. Grabbing his towel he dried offproperly, slipped on a pair of tight, black boxers and made his waydownstairs. It was eight thirty on a Friday evening, Halloween in fact, andJulien was planning to spend the night in horror movies he’d borrowed froma friend.Grabbing a bottle of Coke and a bag of chips he made his way into theliving room, splaying himself on the sofa. Massaging his semi-hard cock heflicked on the TV. His first movie to watch was Troy and he figured hecould jerk off to some lurid fantasies about Brad Pitt and Eric Bana whilehe was watching. The movie started and he soon got bored. Whipping off hisboxers he sat back, his legs wide open and his eyes closed, jerking offfuriously, listening to the grunts of fighting men.`Oh, fuck yeah,’ he groaned as he squeezed his balls and jerked hisdick.`Well well well,’ came a voice.Julien screamed and leaped up, knocking over the coke which spilledonto the floor, foaming and hissing. Standing totally naked in the middleof his living room, heart racing, Julien saw who the speaker was. Hisfather stood in the doorway, an amused smile on his face.`Jesus Dad,’ gasped Julien, grabbing his boxers and struggling to getthem on. `Look away or something…’His father walked into the room, picking up the remote and pausing thedvd. Brad Pitts torso was filling the screen. He stood there staring atJulien who was sitting on the sofa, holding a cushion over his bulgingcrotch.`Now now, there’s nothing to be ashamed of son,’ said his father,walking over and sitting down beside him. `We’re both men. I was a teenageronce you know, I know what its like to have a boner 24/7.’`Oh, god! Dad, shut the fuck up! What are you even doing home?’ Juliencried.`Oh, turns out my ticket giresun escort for the theatre was for yesterday so yourmother went alone. Its just you and me today k**,’ said his father and heruffled Julien’s long black hair.`Oh right… well… I’m gonna go put some clothes on,’ said Julienmaking to stand up.`Nah. C’mon, don’t run off. Let’s sit here. Talk.’`Dad… I’d rather…’`Julien. Sit.’Julien sat back down, shivering a little.`Now,’ said his dad, glancing at the screen, `is there something you’dlike to tell me Julien?’Julien gulped. So far he’d done his best to hide his homosexuality fromhis parents. It wasn’t that he was ashamed, he just didn’t know how they’dreact. He wanted to wait until he was older to tell them so they couldn’tplay the old `You’re too young to be deciding these things’ card. But nowhis father was confronting him and it seemed like he knew.`Dad… I… I dunno what you’re talking about,’ Julien said, cursinghis cowardliness inwardly.`Come now Julien, I’ve seen your little stash of porno on thecomputer.’Julien gasped. `Oh.. god.. um…’ He was at a loss for words.`Now there’s no need to be ashamed,’ said his father, sliding acrossthe sofa and putting an arm around his shoulders, `in fact, I’ve gotta say,some of that stuff is pretty damn hot.’`What!’ cried Julien. Whatever he’d been expecting his dad to say whenhe came out to him, this was not it.`Oh yeah, I think its great. That movie with the two huge black guysand three high school boys… fucking hell. I almost came in my pantswatching that.’`But… but what are you talking about? You’re.. you’re not gay!… Are you?’ Julien’s face was contorted with confusion.`I don’t like to label myself son. I’m certainly not gonna label you.’`But… are you.. into guys?’ Julien asked.His dad stared deep into his eyes. Julien looked back for as long ashis could. He felt his father’s hand grasp his shoulder tighter. Suddenlyhe pulled the cushion from his grasp and Julien’s erection was now easy tosee, straining against his boxers. Hs father rested his other hand on hisleg and Julien’s whole body tensed.`I’m into a lot of things son. Right now I’m just interested in you.’Leaning forward his lips pressed against Julien’s. Julien was soshocked he let his father push his tongue into his mouth. He closed hiseyes and let this man’s hot tongue caress his. His dad’s hang crept furtherup his leg and grasped at the bulge in his pants. Pulling the boxers downhis erection sprang free. His father pulled away and looked down at hisson’s erection.`My my, you certainly take after your old man,’ he said with a grin.He was right. Julien’s father certainly looked like an older version ofhim. His hair was dark, his eyes bright green. Julien had always known howattractive his dad was, and what good shape he was in. He was taller thanJulien though, and broader shouldered. His face was flecked with a stubblethat only made him sexier. As his father’s large, rough hand squeezed hiscock Julien let out a groan.`Oh god… are we really gonna do this Dad?’His father grinned and manoeuvred Julien in such a way that he wound upon his back on the couch, his legs spread wide.`Call me Daddy.’His father leaned over and Julien felt his dick engulfed by his father’shungry mouth. Crying out he thrust his cock forward without meaning to. Hisfather took I easily and started sucking on his boy’s beautiful, long, hardprick. Julien writhed in ecstasy as his dad sucked his hard-on. Whilestimulating his son, Julien’s father quickly unbuttoned his shirt andripped it off. His belt and pants were off next and once he was stripped tohis boxers he got up on the sofa on all fours, working on his son’s bonerlike a machine. Julien glanced down at his dad’s head bobbing gümüşhane escort up and downon his prick and sighed and gasped. Grabibng his dad by the head he moaned`Oh yeah, suck it you hot stud,’ to which his father growled in response.Suddenly he pulled off Julien’s cock, leaving it standing to attention,oozing pre-cum and dripping with his saliva. With a growl he lunged at hisson and pulled him forward into a tight embrace, kissing and gropinghim. He picked Julien up easily, Julien wrapping his long, slender legsaround his dad’s waist and carried him behind the sofa, laying his nubileform on the ground. Julien shuddered with delight as his father ran hishands over his stomach and between his legs, grabbing at his dick andballs. Standing up his father pulled off his underwear and Julien gasped.`Holy shit, your dick is so big!’ he cried.`You wanna get a mouthful of this meat, baby boy?’ grunted his father,grabbing a hold of his whopper of a nine inch monster cock. Julien’sthrobbing head was no contest to his dad’s massive mushroom headed prick.Nodding eagerly Julien motioned for his father to come to him. Kneelingover the boy’s head, his father positioned himself and slid his penis intohis son’s mouth. Julien murmured with pleasure as his lips brushed thehard, slick head. He got half into his mouth and started sucking.`Oh yeah. That’s my boy,’ sighed Julien dad. `Mmm… suck that head,yeah, make daddy feel real good. Taste my pre cum baby? Can ya taste it?’Julien groaned in response and grabbed his dad’s firm ass cheeks,pushing them to get more of that massive cock in his mouth. `Oh yeah,that’s good son. Suck it real hard. You get it real wet and slippy coz itsgoing in your tight, hot little ass next.’Julien’s eyes flew open in surprise and he started in his father’seyes as he worked that cock. Running his hands down over his ripped abs hisdad gripped Julien by the hair and started pumping his cock harder in hismouth. Julien’s full, pouty lips looked so good wrapped around his hardonhe didn’t want to stop. But he pulled out, rubbing his dick against hisson’s face as he did.Falling on all fours again he crouched above his son, staring him inthe face.`Did you like that?’`Yeah, that was amazing dad. Your dick feels so goddamn good… its sobig…’`Yeah I knew you’d like it. You ready for something a little moreintense?’Julien swallowed. `Okay daddy. But would you get some Vaselinecoz… your dick’s so fucking huge!’They both laughed and then kissed again. His dad’s stubble grazed hissoft skin but it felt good. His tongue practically filled his mouth as theykissed hard and savagely. Getting to his feet his father strode out of theroom and returned with a tub of Vaseline. Scooping some out he slapped hishands against Julien’s ass and started massaging it into his butthole.`That feel like one hot, tight little asshole baby. Its gonna feel goodramming my duck up there,’ he said and kissed his son again, fingersslipping up inside Julien’s hole proving him right. It felt so tight hewasn’t sure if his dick would fit.Scooping out yet more Vaseline he started lubing up his dick which wasalready slick with precum and spit. Julien stroked his own dick while hewatched his dad prepare to fuck him. The night had started out sodifferently, he couldn’t believe what was about to happened. Spreading hislegs as wide as he could, he arched his back and waited for his father toenter him.Leaning low, his dad licked the tip of Julien’s dick first thenfingered him some more. Julien gasped as he did this. He hadn’t fingeredhimself in a long time and wondered why coz it felt so good. Stroking hiscock his father gripped it tightly at the base and placed the swollenknob-end against his son’s tight, pink ığdır escort butt hole.`Never been fucked before, son?’ asked his father.`No. You’ll be the first guy to penetrate me… Don’t be gentle,’Julien said and grinned.His dad grinned back and then grabbed his son by his cock. With a grunthis pushed his shiny red dickhead against his son’s virgin hole. He felt itgive a little and the cock end begin to slide in. Julien gasped and tensed.`Don’t seize up baby boy. It’ll be much easier if you relax and takeit. You know how big I am so you’d better be prepared.’Julien’s father leaned over his son, gripping him by the shoulderwhilst forcing his cock further in. Julien was groaning with the effort oftaking it in, his dad panting and kissing him. Harder they strained, thebig hard schlong inching its way inside the boy’s ass.`Oh Jesus dad, its too big. I feel like it splitting me open!’ criedJulien.`No baby, no its gonna be in. I’m gonna fuck your butt, you mark mywords!`No no no…’ gasped Julien.With a scream from his son, Julien’s dad forced his big, throbbingcock-head into his son’s ass. Julien kept screaming as he pushed harder andharder, forcing every last throbbing inch of man meat inside his beautifulvirgin boy.They both roared, in agony and in triumph as his father’s balls finallyslapped against Julien’s ass. Grabbing his son’s face he lapped his mouthwith his tongue until he opened up and started returning the tongue action.`Oh fuck yeah baby-boy, I’m right deep inside you now. Can you feelme?’`Of course I can.. oh god.. its so big dad… I can’t handle it!’ gaspedJulien.`You can baby. You can. Just relax. I’m gonna start fucking you now,okay?’`No.. please no!’But he ignored his son’s pleas. Sliding out a couple of inches hetweaked his son’s nipples and started playing with his semi-limp cock. Witha grunt he shoved his boner back up his son’s ass. Julien’ struggled for abreath as his dad pulled out again, a couple more inches this time andshoved it back in.`Oh Jesus stop.. stop,’ gasped Julien. But his dick started to harden.`See honey, you’re starting to like it,’ his dad said with a smile.He pulled out… and pulled out until just his throbbing cock headremained nestled in his son’s anus.`Get ready baby,’ he whispered. `Yeah!’ he roared as he rammed his cockback up his sons ass and started to fuck him, in and out, in and out,pounding his tight, hard ass like a jackhammer.Julien cried out again and again for him to stop but he was fully hardnow and his father started jacking him off as he fucked him.`Oh yeah, that it my son, take daddy up your ass! Fuck yeah! Tell me youlove me! Tell me you love me!’Julien groaned as his cock was jerked furiously by his father while healso pounded his ass.`I… I … love you…’ he whispered.`Louder!’ cried his dad as he fucked him hard, ramming his dick in asfar as he could every time, ploughing his son’s behind like a pro.`I… I…I fucking love you!’ cried out Julien as he began to grindback against his father, helping him to fuck him deeper. `Oh yeah… fuckinhell!’The two men, one small, thin and smooth, the other large, muscular andhairy, writhed on the floor. Hi s dad panted and gasped as he fucked hisson’s ass. `I’m close baby. Ohhh I’m so close. I’m gonna cum up your sweetlittle butt.’`Oh yeah, that’s it,’ Julien moaned. `Oh god! Fuck me daddy! Fuck medaddy!’Julien was close. His father’s cock, he could feel his father’s big cockthrobbing inside him. He could feel his father’s hand stroking his owndick. Julien felt an orgasm bubbling up inside of him. He had never feltsuch a powerful buildup before. Sweat dripped from his father’s face and helooked up into his eyes. With a final grunt his father shoved his massiveprick deep inside his son and Julien’s dick unleashed a powerful jet of cumin unison with his father.Rolling off his son the tow lay, panting, side by side. Cum drippedfrom both their dicks. Hoisting himself onto his side, Julien’s daddykissed him on the forehead, like he would when he was a little boy and he’done something good.`That’s my boy,’ he said.

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