Soul Belongings


Soul BelongingsRoger parked the car in the driveway of the beach house as fat drops of rain came pelting down. The sun, obscured by the overcast sky and down-pouring rain, was setting and what little daylight they had was quickly being diminished. Roger noticed the other car in the driveway and was curious who it belonged to. Sitting next to him his sister Miranda was more interested in the torrent as she eyed the rain with obvious dismay. “Maybe we should wait for it to let up some?” Miranda asked, looking to her brother.“I don’t know about you, but I’m tired and hungry and my legs are cramped from the long drive. Who knows how long it will take for the rain to let up? I’m sorry, but I don’t want to wait.” He took Miranda’s hand in a comforting gesture, looked into her azure eyes, and smiled. “Anyway, a little water never hurt anyone, so let’s just get this over with, ok?” Miranda hesitated, but then gave her assent.“I’ll get the bags, all you have to do is get to the house,” Roger said as he got out of the car. He quickly grabbed the two duffel bags, the one suitcase, and the bag of groceries in the back seat. Using the shoulder straps of the luggage, he managed to carry everything in one trip. He made it to the front porch as quickly as possible. Setting everything down, he then looked in his pocket for the key to the front door. Meanwhile, Miranda was still in the car taking a couple moments to work up the nerve to brave the deluge. Finally she took a deep breath, opened the car door, quickly got out, slammed the door shut, and made a dash through the falling drops until she made it to the safety of the sheltering porch. As soon as she arrived, an intensely bright streak of lighting made a crack in the sky and not more than a second afterwards a loud boom of thunder exploded through the air so loud the vibration shook the ground and rattled their teeth.Miranda yelped in fear and grabbed a firm hold of Roger’s arm. Roger stood silent for a few seconds, a little in awe of the power of the storm. He then turned to Miranda and gave her arm reassuring pat. He studied his sister in that moment. The humidity had added some curl to her normally straight ebon hair that beset her gorgeous face. Rainwater dripped from her damp shoulder length hair onto her pink tee shirt, the wetness on her shirt made it less opaque and allowed him to clearly see the black lace bra she wore under it and the nice shape of her small firm breasts. She probably thought she looked a mess, but she was breathtaking. Miranda gave him a sheepish look and said, “Sorry, you know I’ve never liked thunderstorms.”Roger smiled at her and said, “No problem; that lightning even shook me up some!” Roger stared at his sister brimming with the love he felt for her. Someday she was going to make some man incredibly happy. Not just because of her looks but for the amazing woman he knew her to be. The thought evoked a pang of emptiness inside him as he contemplated that he would never find the right woman for him. “I’m sorry I made you get out of the car, I just wanted to get inside before it was completely dark. Also, I’m curious as to who that car belongs to.” He said as he turned his head and pointed to the car with his chin. Just then the door to the house opened and a woman stood in the doorway. She wore white shorts and a purple tank top. She was not too tall, and looked to be in her early to mid thirties. Roger thought she was a handsome woman. She had long auburn hair, hazel eyes, and full lips. She was a few pounds overweight, but the weight was distributed in good proportion, and the plumpness of her body added to an overall quality of ripeness about her. She had a voluminous bosom and clearly wasn’t wearing a bra as her nipples could easily be made out through her top. Roger, trying to be polite, managed not to stare at her breasts and focus on her face, though it was awfully difficult. Before either he or Miranda could say anything, the woman spoke, “Oh my, I thought I heard someone out here!” Her voice had a deep seductive quality and was satiny smooth. “Please, come in before you get any wetter!”Roger and Miranda shared a confused look, but the rain was coming down even harder and the wind was blowing, so they decided to quickly get inside. Roger grabbed the luggage and Miranda the groceries. Once inside, they set everything down in the foyer. The house looked pretty much the same as it did when they were here last year. The living room was spacious and stylishly decorated with white walls and carpeting, beige furniture, a big screen television, a grand fireplace, and large bay windows. Off of the living room was a set of double doors made of glass panels and brass knobs that led out to a broad deck and beyond that was the beach. The house had a very fresh and open feel. To the left there was a large kitchen, pantry, and a dining room with a big glass table set in brass. To the right was a hallway that led to a game room, two regular bedrooms, and one master bedroom. Everything looked neat and tidy, but there was some evidence that the place was being occupied.The mysterious woman handed each of them a towel. Roger and Miranda both thanked her and dried themselves off. “My name is Julie Thaliana,” she said offering a handshake to each.“I’m Roger Sowell and this is my sister Miranda.” Roger said shaking her hand, and then Miranda did the same. Then he said, “Ummm…I am also confused. This is our beach house, at least for the next couple weeks…unless I am mistaken?”“Oh dear, I was afraid that was who you were when I saw you.” Julie said looking a bit embarrassed. “I work for the company that owns this house and the past two weeks were my allotted time in the time share. A friend of mine at the company told me you would all be in Europe for the summer, and I thought since no one would be using it and I was having such a nice time here, I didn’t think it would hurt if I stayed.” Her cheeks turned a bright crimson. “Our parents are vacationing in Europe,” Miranda explained, “but they told us we could come and stay here in their place.” “I see. I am so sorry to have infringed upon your time. That was so wrong of me! I’ll pack my things and leave immediately.” She turned to go down the hallway to the master bedroom.Miranda stared after her a moment then turned to her brother. “Roger, it’s pouring outside and the road conditions are terrible. We can’t make her leave in this!”Roger nodded. “I don’t mind letting her stay a little while longer if you don’t.”Miranda shook her head indicating she didn’t. “Miss Thaliana, wait!” Miranda said, meeting up with her at the door to the room. “The weather is just awful right now, we couldn’t make you leave in it. Please stay until the rain lets up.”Julie gave her a big smile. “You two are so sweet! But I can’t impose on you, after what I’ve done.”“Don’t worry about it. It’s no big deal, really!” Miranda assured her. “It’s not like we had any plans tonight or anything. Just stay until the weather improves.” “Well, as long as you don’t mind, I would really appreciate that. That is very generous of you, Thank you.”“You’re welcome,” said Miranda.“I’ll tell you what,” Julie said, “I was just about to fix dinner before you came, why don’t I make a nice home cooked meal for all us? It would be the least I could do for the kindness you showed me.”Roger materialized out of no where. “Food?” he asked.Julie nodded. “I make great crab cakes, and I just bought some fresh crab meat, there’s enough for all of us.”Roger was practically drooling. “That would be wonderful!” He said. “I’m starved!”“I can probably have dinner ready in about half an hour, if that’s ok?” Julie asked.“That’s fine,” said Miranda while Roger looked a bit pained, he was starving and ready to eat now. Miranda elbowed her brother. “Since the weather is so bad, we probably would have stayed in and only ate junk food. This is much better, thank you Miss Thaliana!” Roger nodded his head enthusiastically, he could at least agree with that. Even if he had to wait a little while, it would be worth it to have a real meal.“It’s my pleasure. All I ask is, don’t call me ‘Miss Thaliana’, please call me Julie.” Roger and Miranda nodded their heads in acquiescence.Julie went to the kitchen and got busy making dinner while Miranda went and set the table. Roger busied himself by putting away the groceries he and Miranda brought. It was typical food they liked to have around the house if they couldn’t find something better; hot dogs, sandwich meats, cheese, bread, chips, some snack cakes, beer, and soda. After he was finished, Julie asked him if he would mind making the salad, Roger was happy to help, at least he could munch on some veggies while he made it.Soon the aroma from the oven was driving Roger crazy. The crab cakes smelled wonderful, he couldn’t wait to dig in. Finally Julie announced that everything was ready and they sat down at the dining room table to eat. Roger helped himself to two crab cakes, some salad, and some mixed vegetables. The food was terrific and he managed to tell that to Julie in between mouthfuls. Miranda also complimented her on the meal. Julie beamed at the praise, “Thanks you two, you made my day.” She said.During dinner they chatted and learned more about each other. Roger surmised that Julie was much of a free spirit. She was an artist and loved to paint, she hadn’t been able to sell any of her work as of yet, so she worked at the advertising agency where Roger’s and Miranda’s father worked. “I’m not much for the corporate scene, but they like my work and the job pays good money plus the perks!” She said indicating the beach house with a smile. Roger and Miranda told Julie some of their lives. They were attending the same college, Miranda was nineteen, majoring in business, and had just completed her freshman year, Roger was twenty-one, and about to begin his senior year majoring in pre law. They were both on break from classes during the summer and when their father offered them the two weeks at the company beach house, they thought it would be a nice getaway.“Your parents didn’t offer to take you to Europe with them?” Julie asked.“Ha!” Roger scoffed, “They prefer to vacation alone. We used to go on vacations together, for the past four summers we have come here, but now that both of us are in college and spend most of our time away from home anyway, they don’t feel any guilt going off without us.”“They’ve never been too comfortable around us,” Miranda explained, “they’ve always focused on their careers, Dad with the company and Mom as a lawyer, they never spent much time with us. We spent most of our lives being looked after by relatives and sitters, and then when Roger became old enough they just left him in charge.”“Oh, that’s such a shame, but I’m sure they still love you very much.”“Maybe,” Miranda said, “but it still hurts when you feel like you’re parents’ jobs are more important than you.” “Yet you two are following in your parents’ footsteps in regard to your studies.” Julie observed.“Well, Miranda is adept at business, and I’ve developed a predilection for the study of law.” Roger said, “I suppose it’s a legacy we inherited, but not through any concerted effort from our parents, it was part genetics, part environment. We had a penchant for these fields and we’ve been exposed to them all our lives. So, yes, we are following in their footsteps, but we are taking advantage of what we know, in order to have successful careers.”“Are you also going to follow in your parents’ footsteps by putting your careers before everything else, before your friends and family, before love?” Julie asked.“Maybe love isn’t for everyone,” Roger said somberly, “maybe focusing on my career is the best thing I can do. I don’t know if I am good at being with people socially.”“I enjoy being with you Roger,” Julie said, “and your sister must also, after all, you both go to the same college and now you two are taking your vacation together.” “Well, Dad offered the place to both of us, I guess he felt some guilt for going off to Europe without us, and both of us love coming here.” Miranda said as Julie smiled in understanding. “Roger can be a pain sometimes…” Miranda added with a quirky grin. Roger gave her a surprised and innocent “Who, me?” look then broke out in a grin. “But all in all he is okay to hang out with.” she finished.“Ditto s*s,” Roger said. Then he added, “This is a great place to go on vacation and it’s big enough that we won’t get in each other’s way. Coming here with our parents, even when we vacationed together we weren’t really together, we learned how to stay out of their way. We know the area here and we each have our own haunts we like to frequent.” Roger looked at his sister appreciatively, “But it’s also nice to hang out with my little sister sometimes too.” He admitted and Miranda smiled warmly.“Well I’ve only known you guys for a short time, but in my opinion you’re good people. I think both of you are great to hang out with.” Julie said.“Thank you, Julie. That’s nice of you to say.” Roger said, he and Miranda looking pleased. Actually, he felt the same way towards Julie. There was something about her…she had a friendly, playful quality that he found charming, yet he could also sense a feeling of melancholy emanating from her at times. It was strange, he barely knew this woman, but he periodically felt like he wanted to comfort her. He could tell that Miranda was fond of her too.After dinner, the three of them went over to the capacious sectional sofa in the living room to continue talking for a while. They each had a beer with them to drink. The thunder and lightning had let up by this time, but the rain was still continuing to steadily fall. When Julie excused herself to go to the bathroom, Roger and Miranda discussed the idea of inviting her to stay the entire night, both thought it would be a good idea.Upon returning from the bathroom Julie said, “Well k**s, this has been a really terrific evening. I want to thank you again for your kindness. I feel as if I made a couple of new friends, I hope we can stay in touch! But now I think I should be on my way.”“Julie,” Roger began, “it’s still raining and it’s very dark out. We don’t want anything to happen to our new friend. Like I said this is a big place, there is more than enough room here, we would be happy if you stayed the night.”“Really?” asked Julie.“Of course,” Miranda said.Julie hugged both of them. “You two are just the sweetest k**s I’ve ever met!”Roger and Miranda returned the hug. “We like you too.” Roger said laughingThey all got a second beer to drink, sat back on the couch, and resumed talking. Julie took her sandals off and pulled her legs up under her on the couch, Miranda mirrored her action, and Roger took his shoes off as well and put his feet up on the coffee table. Then Julie pulled her purse over, opened it, and took something out. Roger raised his eyebrows in surprise when he recognized it as a joint.“You guys won’t freak out on me if I light up would you? I’m not a pot head really. I just enjoy it occasionally, especially when I’m all ready having a good time.”“It doesn’t bother me.” Roger said, “I never saw the harm in smoking pot once in a while.” He smiled.“I know,” replied Julie. “I mean, I never touch the harder shit that can really fuck you up, but c’mon, this stuff isn’t any worse than alcohol or tobacco.” Julie pointed to their empty bottles of beer on the table.“Yeah, I agree with you,” said Miranda.Julie lit the joint and inhaled. Roger soon started to smell a strong herbal scent. Julie exhaled then said. “If something makes you feel good, and you are not harming anyone else doing it, then I don’t think it’s right to be told you’re not allowed to do it. I don’t believe in telling people how they should live their lives. Truth in advertising is what I think is important, the government’s roll should be to make sure we have all the information possible on whatever the fuck we are putting in our bodies then let us make our own decisions, stupid or wise.” Julie looked a little chagrin. “Sorry, didn’t mean to go off on a rant there. I just have strong feelings about this. When my father was diagnosed with cancer and had to go in for chemotherapy, it would make him so nauseous and the only thing that would make him feel better was smoking marijuana. I was his primary caregiver and I supplied him with the pot. At first I had to go to fucking d**g dealers on the street to get it, eventually I learned to grow my own. Here was this thing that made my dad feel better and I had to go through so much trouble because it was i*****l. “I had actually stopped smoking weed completely after I graduated high school, it wasn’t until my father started smoking it that I started again. He hated smoking it alone and I figured what the hell? Why should he get to have all the fun?” Julie gave a small chuckle then her expression turned grim. “Now my father is gone, but I still smoke a joint now and then, it helps me remember the good times we had.” Her eyes watered and a tear ran down her cheek. Miranda put a hand on her arm.“Oh, Julie, I’m so sorry about that!” Miranda said.“Yes, I’m sorry to hear about your loss Julie.” Roger didn’t know what else to say, he felt bad for Julie, but he was never good in these situations. Julie wiped the tears from her face. “No I should be the one apologizing, we were having such a fun time and I go and bring you all down. I just feel so comfortable with you two, I feel as if I’ve known you for years and can tell you anything.”“We feel the same way Julie.” Miranda said lightly squeezing her arm. “Don’t feel bad about it. You can tell us anything, we’re friends now.” Roger nodded in agreement.“Thanks, you guys are so great! I think I’m falling in love with you two.” They all laughed.“So…” Julie said. “Have either of you tried pot before?”“I’ve smoked it a few times, at parties and such.” Roger answered.“Once or twice,” Miranda said. “I never cared much for it.”“You probably had inferior product. One thing I learned taking care of my father, was how to cultivate premium stuff. You should try this.” Julie waved the smoking joint in the air. “No pressure, of course, if you don’t want to that’s great, but if you ever want to know how it feels to get the best results from weed, this is the shit you should try.”Roger’s curiosity was piqued, he reached for the joint and Julie happily surrendered it to him. He took a big hit off it and held his breath for about thirty seconds then let it out. Almost at once he began to feel a warm feeling inside himself and it spread throughout his body. He felt euphoric. He also had a strong urge to laugh. He looked at his sister who was giving him a weird look, and then he did laugh.“This is pretty great.” Roger said looking at Julie then he turned back to his sister. “Do you want to try it?” Miranda shrugged her shoulders. “I guess,” she said taking the joint from Roger as he offered it. She didn’t take as big a puff as her brother, but she held it for just about as long. Roger and Julie quietly watched Miranda as the effects of the d**g swept over her.“Oh wow,” she said after a couple minutes. “I never felt like this before, this is quite nice!”Julie gave Miranda a hug. “See, I told you!” They all had a burst of uncontrollable laughter. The three of them continued to pass the joint back and forth between them and talked of frivolous things, Roger really didn’t pay attention to what they were talking about. He had become fixated on Julie’s breasts. He had noticed them at first about her, but he wanted to be polite and not stare. All evening long he had taken short glances at them and then quickly averted his eyes. But now he was feeling so good and uninhibited, he just let his gaze remain on them. Her tits looked too natural to be fake. As with most men, breasts held a fascination with him, though only as long as they were real. Fake breasts always seemed too perfect to him, unnatural, and that always turned him off. He also hated the idea of what women went through to get them; the invasive surgery and the unnecessary health risks, it just seemed so needless. He really hated the idea that women with fake breasts might not be as sensitive to his touch, he always wanted to provide as much pleasure as possible. He wanted to caress the woman, not a couple of water balloons stuck to her chest. Yes, naturally large boobs were a turn on, but he liked all sizes as long as they were real. Julie’s tits were outstanding and he couldn’t take his eyes off them. They were truly magnificent. They were very large, looked so soft, and without a bra, her nipples seemed to be proudly exhibiting themselves beneath her tank top.“Have an interesting thought, Dearie?” Julie said breaking him out of his trance.“Huh?” Roger replied.Julie pointed at his crotch, and Roger realized he had a massive hard-on. He looked down and saw his shorts were tented and it was obvious by what. Being so deep in his own world and the general feeling of pleasure he felt from the weed had caused him not to notice until now.“Oh my God!” Miranda said with her eyes bulging and breaking out into hysterical laughter. Roger’s face turned a deep shade of crimson. “I am so sorry…” he began.Julie placed her hand on Roger’s knee. “Don’t be, Honey. Believe me I’m flattered! I didn’t think it was possible for me to get a young man aroused anymore.”“What do you mean? You’re beautiful.” Roger saidNow Julie blushed. “That is nice of you to say, but I know I’m no longer the youth I was. I’m pushing forty as it is.”“You’re k**ding me.” Roger said. “I wouldn’t have believed you were much older than thirty.”Julie beamed. “Well, mister, you sure know how to make a girl feel pretty.” She glanced at his crotch again, “If you have a girlfriend she’s a lucky woman.”“Nah, no girlfriend,” Roger said a bit dejectedly. Miranda’s face turned somber as she studied her fingernails, Julie looked curious.“Why not?” Julie asked.“I’ve never had much luck with women.” Roger said. “I’m not the best looking guy, not that athletic, just sort of average you know?” Roger was an inch shy of six feet in height, he had brown hair and brown eyes, he was in good shape and his body had some muscular build, but he wasn’t exceptionally well toned.“I think you are very handsome, Roger.” Julie said. Then an inquisitive look came over her. “Don’t tell me you’re a virgin?”Roger laughed. “No nothing like that, I have had girlfriends and we’ve been intimate and all but I never felt like I had found the right person to be with. I mean I cared about the girls I’ve had sex with but I have never found someone I was totally into. It’s hard to explain, but even when I was with them, I still felt this sense of loneliness, something that I don’t think I’d feel if I was with the right person. I always felt like there was something missing…I don’t know sometimes I think that there’s something wrong with me and I am not good enough to find the person that is right for me.”“Wow, Roger,” Miranda spoke up, “I know exactly what you mean! I’ve had a couple boyfriends that I’ve…had sex with, but it was never as good as I thought it would be. I thought that I loved them, but I have never been with someone that didn’t make me feel exactly like you said: like I was still alone. Sometimes I think there is something wrong with me that I can’t truly connect with someone and it makes me feel very lonely.” Now it was her turn to blush. “I can’t believe I’m talking about this.”“Nonsense,” Julie said, “everyone in this room cares about everyone else, and there need be no embarrassment over anything, like you said we can tell each other anything! No one will judge you; we will only support you, because that’s what friends do.”“She’s right, s*s,” Roger said, all of a sudden his feelings had bubbled to the surface. He looked at his sister and felt how deep his affection ran for her. He had an uncontrollable desire to let all his emotions out. “For as long as I can remember it’s always been you and me, Mom and Dad were hardly ever there for us, not in the way it mattered, I know my life would not have been half as nice if it hadn’t been for you, it certainly would have been a great deal lonelier. You’ve been my little sister but you have also been my best friend, at times my only friend. When we were little and you had a bad dream it was me you came to for comfort, and it always made me feel proud you chose me and I could be there for you. At times I had bad dreams of my own, or problems I didn’t know how to handle, and it was always a relief that I could come to you. We have always looked out for each other and told each other everything. We never kept secrets between us before, and now I feel bad that we’ve started to. We started drifting apart when I went to college, I know, but I don’t want to lose what we had. I want to be able to talk to you about my life, about anything, and I want you to do the same with me. I love you Miranda!”Tears streamed down Miranda’s face. She got up and came toward Roger. He stood up when he saw her coming. “Oh Roger, I love you too! I’m so glad you’ve told me this. You are the best brother I could have ever asked for! Part of the reason I chose to go to the same college as you is because I have missed you so much! You’ve always kept an eye out for me and protected me, I love you so much.” Roger gave his sister a big hug and she returned it just as strong, both of them with tears in their eyes, Julie too for that matter. She got up and joined the hug. Roger felt wonderful being able to express the love he felt for his sister, and was amazed at how after only a few hours of having known her, he also felt love for Julie. They finally broke their group hug and returned to their seats.“Don’t worry about not having found right person. There is nothing wrong with either of you.” Julie said, addressing Roger and Miranda. “You will eventually find that person you connect with.” A wistful look appeared in Julie’s eyes. “I did once and it was wonderful.”“What happened?” Miranda asked. “You aren’t together anymore?”“No, he passed away a few years ago.” Julie said sadly.“Oh, no! I am sorry Julie. How did it happen?”“I told you about it. He died of cancer.”“No, you told us your father…” Miranda trailed off as it dawned on her what Julie was implying. “You don’t mean…?”“Yes, my father and I were lovers.” Julie said succinctly. Roger’s and Miranda’s jaws dropped open. “You said I could tell you anything, right?”“Yes, of course.” Roger said, “I’m sorry, it was just a bit shocking. Of course you can tell us anything. We’re your friends.”“How did it happen, did your father m***** you?” Miranda asked.Julie smiled. “No. No, definitely not, my father was the gentlest man in the world. I seduced him.” Once again Roger and Miranda were shocked, but they tried to hide it better. Julie frowned, “Most of the time when you hear about an i****tuous relationship it’s a sick and twisted thing because the motivation behind it isn’t love, but power. An older and dominant family member takes advantage of a younger and weaker one simply because they can. The fact that they can have power over that person is what really turns them on, not any actual love they had for them. If they really loved that person, they wouldn’t m***** them because they know it would be hurting them. It’s wrong and it’s abusive. “But sometimes, on rate occasions, family members who sincerely love each other and are very close feel a need, a burning hunger, to explore their love and be as intimate with each other as possible. When it happens that way, when the people involved are adults and able to make adult decisions, when it’s consensual, and mutually desired, it can be a wonderful thing,” Julie’s eyes glazed over bit, “a truly remarkable thing.” Julie stared off into space for a moment, Roger and Miranda stared at Julie still in shock by her revelation. “It’s a long story about what happened between my father and me, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to hear it.” Julie said.Roger was very intrigued and admittedly wanted to hear more about this fascinating woman’s life, but he didn’t want to sound too eager, not in front of Miranda who might consider him rude, or even worse, perverted. It floored Roger when Miranda insisted that Julie continue, “Please Julie,” she said, “if you don’t mind I would really like to hear it.” Miranda’s big blue eyes seemed to sparkle in a way Roger never saw before.Julie smiled and placed her hand on top of Miranda’s gently rubbing it. “It all started with my sister though, she was the first one in my family I had sex with.” Roger had finally managed to get the bulge in his pants to go down when Julie began her story and just like that he was instantly erect again. He felt bad for getting a hard-on from Julie’s sharing of a personal part of her life, but he couldn’t help being aroused by the idea of her and her sister, especially if she looked anything like Julie. He grabbed a pillow and placed it on his lap, pretending he was just using it to lean on.“Your sister?” Miranda asked breathlessly. “Yes.” Answered Julie, “When I was eighteen my older sister, Janine, came back home to live with us for a short time. She was twenty-two and had just finished college. She all ready had a job lined up as a legal secretary, but the position didn’t start for a couple of months and she couldn’t afford a place to live until she started work. My father said he would be happy for her to come back home until her job opened up. Our father was such a dear sweet man, entirely devoted to his c***dren. When I was six, our mother had left us, and it had given us all deep emotional scars. Since that time, my father went out of his way to let us know he would always be there for us whenever we needed him, we all depended a great deal on each other during those hard times, and became especially close.“Janine and I had to share a room like we did when we were younger. With Janine back there were four of us living in the house, my father, my brother Jack, Janine, and myself, and we only had three bedrooms.“It was nice having my older sister back home. I really admired her and always wished I could be more like her. She was smart, funny, and pretty. She had long auburn hair, deep azure eyes, and red cherry lips. She also had long beautiful legs, a full bosom and she was tall, about five feet ten inches. I am the shortest in my family, I’m five foot five. “Janine and I could talk about girl things and borrow each other’s clothes, and just have fun together. But one thing was strange. She kept remarking about how much I had developed and how beautiful I had become, I mean she said it all the time. She was always hugging me and giving me massages and she stared at my tits a lot.” Roger deliberately stared into Julie’s eyes. He would have blushed but his face was all ready red. Julie continued on with her story, and as she did, she got a far away look in her eyes as if she was going into a trance. She went into explicit detail as she retold the events of her younger days as if she was reliving them. Roger and Miranda were an attentive audience and became engrossed in the story as Julie transported them to a time in her life close to twenty years ago.* * * One day I was in my room getting dressed and Janine came in. I was topless and only in my panties. Janine just stared at me. “Is everything was all right?” I asked. She just broke down crying. “I need to tell you something.” She said through her tears. I went and sat on my bed and patted the place next to me indicating she should sit next to me. She timidly complied.“What is it?” I asked her.“While I’ve been away at college I discovered something. I’m into…women. I’m attracted to them.” I was astonished, but I wasn’t upset or anything, our father raised us to be open to new ideas and to accept others no matter how they lived or what they believed, because people had a right to live how they wished as long as they treated other people with that same right. It was just a little shocking because I had never given the thought of two women together much consideration.“Have you done anything…I mean have you had any relationships?” I asked. Janine nodded. I was surprised to find myself a little aroused when I asked that question.“I have had intimate relationships with other girls there.” She said. “The experiences I’ve had were so wonderful and I’ve finally figured out the main reason why I’ve always felt that I was different and didn’t fit in with the other girls. I know now, I’m a lesbian. I just don’t know how Dad and Jack will react when I tell them.” She started crying again.I put my hand on hers. “It might take them a while to digest this, I know I still am, but you know how understanding they are, especially dad, they will be okay with it as long as you’re happy, same with me.” “I’m happy you’re not totally freaked out about this, Julie, but just for now, I hope we can keep this between you and me.”“Sure, no problem, it’s up to you when you want to tell anyone, not me.”“Thanks,” Janine said staring down at the floor. “That’s not even my biggest problem.” “It’s not?” I asked.“No,” she said as she looked up and stared at me, her eyes red rimmed and an anguished expression on her face. “Since I’ve been home I’ve been having fantasies about…you. I can’t believe how beautiful you’ve become…I can’t get you out of my mind!” Janine collapsed on the bed crying. “Please forgive me! I know it’s was wrong but I can’t help feeling this way!” Now, I was completely dumbfounded, and a bit nervous, but I was amazed that I was also even more aroused. The idea of not only having sex with a woman but it being my sister seemed incredibly naughty to me and the more forbidden it seemed the more horny I felt.I hugged Janine as she kept making slurred apologies through her crying. “It’s all right.” I said, and then I did something to show her how all right it was. I placed her hand on my crotch so she could feel the wetness there. She looked at me with astoundment and wonder. A devious smile then spread across her face, a smile I imagine was mirrored in my own. She took me right then and showed me all the joys a woman can bring to another woman. I wasn’t a virgin at the time, but I never had a real orgasm before, with Janine I did. It was the most incredible sex I ever had up to that point.For the next month Janine and I fucked just about every day, it was wonderful. Too soon, the time came for her to start her new job. She found an apartment close to where she worked and moved out. She promised to still see me as much as possible, but she soon became very involved with her work and she found less and less time to see me. I became lonely without her, and also horny as hell! Janine had introduced me to how good sex could be and I wanted more. I thought about finding a new boyfriend or even a girlfriend, but I realized that what made sex with Janine so good was that I all ready loved and trusted her as my sister, and when we made love it only deepened that bond. The idea that we were having a lesbian and i****tuous relationship was also a turn on, the naughtiness of it was also exhilarating and that’s what got me started in it, but as the relationship progressed, we both knew our love was the main thing that made it great. I loved my sister and felt free with her.I was starving for sex, but if it couldn’t be with someone I loved and I knew loved me, I didn’t want it. That was when I started noticing Jack. He was twenty years old, two years older than me and two years younger than Janine. He was tall, the tallest one of us in the family, he had jet black hair, brown eyes, broad shoulders and a very muscular body. Jack had never gone to college but instead got a job with a landscaping company right out of high school and he still lived at home. He worked outdoors most of the time, was in very nice shape, and very handsome. One day I was feeling particularly horny when Jack came home from work dirty and sweaty. He immediately went to take a shower. I heard him turn the water on and I imagined him naked and full of soap and I couldn’t take it anymore. I got stark naked, went to the bathroom, and got right in the shower with my brother. Jack was totally bewildered but his cock got instantly hard at the sight of me.“Jack, I need you, I mean I really need you.” I said, “But if you think this is wrong I will understand and leave you alone.” Jack just smiled at me and took me in his arms. We fucked for over an hour in the shower and for the rest of that night in my bedroom. I had found with my brother what I had with my sister, an exciting, intensely thrilling, sexual relationship. It excited both of us that we were doing something considered so forbidden. Jack told me he had been attracted to me for a long time, but he would have never done anything out of fear that even the suggestion of the idea would harm our relationship and harm me. He also told me that he had suspected something was going on between Janine and me, but he didn’t want to intrude in our private business. I was just thrilled that I could now experience the love of my brother the same way I had with my sister.For a little more than a year my brother and I continued having a sexual relationship. I still occasionally had sex with Janine, but she was so busy with work I seldom saw her. Janine knew what Jack and I were doing, just as Jack knew what Janine and I did and we were all okay with it. The idea of a threesome never came up because Janine was only interested in women, but I on the other hand loved having it both ways. The only one who didn’t know what was going on was our dear father. He let us lead our own lives, only stepping in when he felt we needed him. What he cared most about was just having our company when he could and seeing we were happy. Jack and I continued to live at home, I enrolled at the junior college majoring in graphic design and Jack continued to work for the landscaping company. Jack’s company was becoming more and more renowned for the good work it did, much of that thanks to Jack, and more successful. Jack was making more money and he finally decided to get a place of his own, on top of that Jack told me he had met a woman and fallen in love. He wanted to be faithful to her so he had to put an end to our sexual relationship. I was heartbroken. What’s more, the last time Janine had come home to visit, she had told me that she too had been seeing a woman, and wanted to be seclusive.I was totally devastated. With Jack and Janine I felt I had all I needed in my life in regard to romantic love, but I guess they needed more and now I had no one. Once again I considered finding just anyone and having a fuck, but it still all came down to love. The thought of sex without love was worse buca escort than not having it at all. I thought that I might find someone, and after a time fall in love with them, but I had known my brother and sister all my life and felt as if they had hurt me, if I couldn’t trust my siblings, how could I trust someone who I had only known for a relatively short time? When Jack left I was an emotional mess. I was prone to random bouts of crying and loneliness seemed to haunt me. I couldn’t concentrate with school and I felt too wounded to have any social life. I didn’t want to begrudge Jack and Janine their happiness, but I felt betrayed by them as well. They must have felt guilty or at least uncomfortable with the way they left things because they each pretty much stuck to their own lives. They rarely visited us and I never went to see them. My father and I were pretty much on our own, when I think back on it, I can tell that he was hurting too because of Jack and Janine’s absence, but I was so absorbed in my own misery, I didn’t notice it then. My father knew something was wrong. He would often find me in my room crying into my pillow. He tried his best to console me, but it was hard for him considering I wouldn’t even tell him why I was upset. I thought about telling him everything, but even though he was the most understanding person I knew, I was afraid of him finding out what his c***dren had been up to. So I just cried and sulked, and every time I did my father was there to put his arm around me. I think he might have hurt just as bad as I did not being able to ease my pain. I remember one time when I was a k** and Janine accidentally slammed the car door on my fingers, nothing was broken but it hurt like crazy! My father quickly got ice to put on my hand and he lavished me with sympathetic love, but what I remember most was the tears he shed and the look of sheer agony on his face at the sight of me in pain. From the way he looked, you would have thought he was the one who had his fingers slammed in the car, and funny enough, seeing him like that, so worried and so caring, it took my mind completely off my own pain as I tried to console him, assuring him I wasn’t hurt that bad. He had always been there for me whenever I was hurting and he always made me feel better, but this wasn’t like the times when I was a k** and he could put ice on an injury, kiss it, tear up or make a funny face, and it would feel better, he didn’t know how to heal this pain I had. However, that didn’t stop him from trying. In attempts to stop my moping he would take me out to dinner, a movie, or we would go shopping and he would buy me a little gift, and for a while it would help. I enjoyed his company a great deal and while I was with him I didn’t feel so sad and forlorn, but eventually I would be by myself again and the oppressive feeling of loneliness would return.A couple months after Jack moved out, I was feeling so dejected I couldn’t stand it. Sometimes all I wanted to do was sleep, other times I couldn’t fall asleep if my life depended on it. The time I spent with my father was the only bright spots in my days. It was on one of those nights I couldn’t fall asleep and all I could do was toss and turn, my mind in turmoil over my desolation, that I knew I needed human companionship at that instant. There was only one person I could turn to; the one person who was always there for me. I got out of bed and went to my father’s room. I asked him if I could sleep in his bed that night, something I hadn’t done since I was eleven. He looked quite befuddled, but he could see that I had been crying again, so he agreed. I climbed into his bed with my back against his chest and his strong arms around me. He held me all night, stroking my hair and telling me how much he loved me. He made me feel like a little girl again safe in his arms, it had been a long time since I had felt that good. Throughout the night I thought about how my father was the one person who never let me down. I knew that he missed my mother a great deal. I remembered as a k** seeing him in the morning with dark rims around his reddish eyes, I knew he had spent a sleepless night downhearted and thinking about my mother. There were still mornings he showed up like that. After my mother left, he never seriously dated, spending almost all of his spare time with my siblings and me. Our happiness was the only happiness he ever seemed to need or want if he couldn’t have my mother. I hadn’t realized completely until that night how terribly lonely he must have been all these years since my mother had left. She left him to run off with someone else, I now knew how it hurt to be rejected like that. I don’t know why my mother left him. I suppose she felt she found something better with the guy she ran off with. She said she was deeply in love with him. He was rich, and my father wasn’t, but he always made enough to provide for us and give us a decent life. Mother tried to keep in touch with us after she left, sending cards and gifts, calling us on the phone, but every year she would always miss at least one of our birthdays and sometimes Christmas. She said that she wanted me, Jack, and Janine to come live with her, but she and her new husband wanted some time to themselves at first, as if any of us would rather live with her than our father by that time, which none of us did.Last I heard from her she was pregnant but I don’t know if I have another brother or sister out there because eventually all contact lapsed between us. I’ve been curious to know what happened to her, but I never looked into reestablishing contact with her, I figured if she had wanted us in our life we would have been. She turned her back on all of us and if there ever was going to be a reconciliation she would have to make the first move, but she never has. In any case, father tried desperately to be all the parents we needed, and for the most part he succeeded. Whatever problems I had growing up, whenever I felt angry, depressed, or confused, he was there for me and always made me feel better. He was always supportive in anything I was interested in, like art, and he encouraged me to pursue my interests. Because of him, I majored in graphic design and made a career out of it. Sometimes I felt as if my heart was filled to the bursting point with the love I had for that man. I never felt more so after that time he held me all night comforting me and whispering words of love.I thought my father was a handsome man. He was tall, though not as tall as Jack, he used to have jet black hair but at that time it had started to go gray, he worked as a mail carrier and that helped keep him in nice shape, he had a powerful build much like Jack’s. However, my father’s best feature was his dark brown eyes. They were the kindest eyes I have ever seen. When he looked at me, or any of his c***dren for that matter, it pervaded to us his love. I loved looking into his eyes, it was like looking into a window and seeing a place so warm and welcoming you yearned to be inside. After that night I spent cuddled with him in bed, I knew I wanted to be even closer too him, I wanted to feel his love in the deepest way possible, I hungered for it.With the tender love I felt in father’s arms I was finally able to get some sleep that night, but by the next morning I knew I wanted more. My father had to get up early that morning for work, he tried to be careful not to disturb me, but I knew he was getting up. Just before he left, he ran his finger gently and lovingly across my cheek and I heard him whisper “I love you”, and then he was gone. That gesture of affection was so sweet and after all I had gone through and realized the night before, I wept with the love I had for him.I decided that night would be the night my relationship with my father would become something more. I planned the entire night out in my mind while I lounged in my father’s bed, basking in his scent that lingered in the sheets and pillows. The smell of his musky yet sweet aroma combined with what I was planning for that night was enough to get me very aroused. My panties had become very wet and so had I. I put my hand to my crotch to feel how wet I was and I couldn’t stop myself from rubbing, at first on top of my panties, but then I slowly slid my hand underneath them and rubbed my excited sex directly. My sexual desire was aflame and I needed relief. I laid in my father’s bed thinking of him while I masturbated, I smelled him, I could remember the feel of him, I came strong and I came hard. I had never had such an intense orgasm from masturbation alone. Afterwards, with my erotic urges abated, if not sated, I got out of bed. I noticed that there was a damp spot from my sexual juices where I was lying on the bed. I made the bed without changing the sheets, letting my essence intermingle with my father’s. It would be entirely dry by the time he came home and in my mind it was a way of christening the bed in anticipation for that night. I got dressed and went to the store to buy food so I could make my father’s favorite meal for dinner that night: porterhouse steak, batter dipped onion rings, baked potatoes, and a fresh garden salad. When I came home I showered and spent a good amount of time making myself look as attractive as possible. I did my hair up nice, I strived to apply the perfect amount of make-up to make me look ravishing, and I wore my black strapless dress that showcased my cleavage to good effect (an outfit which always drew attention), and high heels. By the time my father came home that evening I had the meal and myself ready, I also had the radio on in the background tuned to the soft rock station, the lights turned down low, and candles lit on the table, all providing a romantic atmosphere. My father was stunned by the way I looked when he first arrived home, but when I gave him a huge hug and kiss on the cheek, beaming up at him, he became delighted that I appeared to have risen from my depression. He was also pleasantly surprised with the meal, if still a little bewildered by my appearance and the décor. “What did I do to deserve this?” He asked when we sat down to dinner. “I just felt it was high time you had a reward for being such a good father.” I said smiling demurely. My father blushed which made me giggle. My father was a shy and unassuming man and when he received praise he never really knew how to handle it and felt embarrassed. In the awkward silence, I poured him a glass of the red wine I had picked out to go with dinner. He raised his eyebrows in bemusement that I had even gone and added wine to the night’s menu. My father was never a big alcohol drinker, but he did enjoy a nice wine to go with a meal on special occasions. He tasted the wine.“Mmm…excellent selection.” He said pleasing me no end when he voiced his approval. The dinner had started out wonderfully. When I served him the food, he responded as if the taste of it sent him to nirvana. His eyes rolled to the back of his head and he let out a very gratifying moan.“This is really exquisite!” He said as he chewed a bite of the juicy steak. It always pleased me when he enjoyed something I made for him, but watching him so thoroughly enjoy this special meal that I lovingly created for him was one of the greatest pleasures I had ever felt. We had pleasant conversation throughout dinner, he told me stories about him in his youth that I always loved hearing, I told him about some of the more devilish stunts I pulled as a c***d of which I had never been caught. It was exhilarating being able to talk like this, one adult to another, instead of like a parent to a c***d. At one point during dinner we started holding hands and stayed that way until we finished. We gazed into each other’s eyes and I could tell my father was looking at me for the woman I was, not like his daughter. It was an incredible feeling to be looked at that way by him.A nice song was playing on the radio, ’Can’t Fight This Feeling’ by REO Speedwagon, and I mentioned that this would be a wonderful song to dance to. He didn’t catch on to what I was implying at first so I had to be more direct. I told him it would make my evening if we could finish the meal with a dance. Finally he got the message and very gentlemanly asked me to dance, I happily accepted.In the middle of the living room we swayed to the music, my father held me close and I joyfully reveled in the feeling. Our chests were pressed together, my head rested on his shoulder. I could feel his heart beating, in time it felt like mine and his were beating as one in tune with the music. I could feel the warmth he generated as we moved radiating off him and covering me like a cozy blanket, protecting me from any chill in the air. Thanks to the high heels I was wearing, my head could reach up to dance cheek to cheek with him. Then I moved my mouth closer to his, closer and closer and right when the song said: “And I’m getting closer than I ever thought I might”I pressed my lips up against his. I did so gently at first, as if by accident, and then I pushed in harder, exploring his mouth with my tongue. At first, he responded in kind and we kissed intensely as the song went on:“Cause I can’t fight this feeling anymoreI’ve forgotten what I started fighting forAnd if I have to crawl upon the floorCome crushing through your doorBaby, I can’t fight this feeling anymore”But then as if waking up from a spell, the music forgotten, his clarity of thought returned and he pushed away. “Oh God, Julie, I’m sorry!” he said looking mortified. I laughed.“What are you sorry about? I was the one who kissed you.” I placed my hand around his neck and tried to bring him closer so I could kiss him again, but he instantly pulled back. “We can’t do this Julie.”“But I want to, I love you.”“Honey, you’re just confused. There is a great deal of love in our relationship, but you are seeing it as a different kind of love.” He said with concern.“But daddy, I want our relationship to be this way. I know how lonely you are, I know what you had to sacrifice in being a full time single parent to three k**s. Isn’t it time for you to find some happiness? We could both find happiness.” I decided to take a risk and said, “I know you are attracted to me.” It wasn’t too big of a risk as since the time I had started to look more grown up, I had seen my father steal quick admiring glances at me that were anything but paternal, but I also saw how quickly those glances changed back to a father’s look and could almost see him reprimanding himself in his mind for what his physical nature reacted to. He didn’t deny it but it was still disheartening to hear what he said next. “Julie, nothing can ever happen between us. Even if I wanted it too, it wouldn’t matter because what I want most is what’s best for you. Allowing myself to indulge in a romantic relationship with you, even out of pure love, would be wrong.” He reached out and took my hand. “All the happiness I need is to see you happy and with the person who is right for you.”“But can’t you see what I’m saying? You are the right person for me, I want no one else.” It wasn’t until that moment that it hit me how certain I was that my father was the perfect man for me. I told him what I felt in my heart. “You are the only man, the only person, in my life who I could always depend on and who I knew would always be there for me. You are the only one I trust explicitly, the only one I know who loves me with all your heart, you are the one person that can fill this void inside me. I love you more and more every day. There is no one else and there could be no one else. I have no doubt about that.” “Sweetie, you’re young, you will find someone else who you will feel that way about. It would be wrong if it was me.” He said and I was getting upset that he wouldn’t listen to me.“Why should I go looking for someone else when I can all ready have what I want with you? Why is it wrong?” I asked.“It’s wrong because it is genetically and culturally unacceptable and viewed as deviant in this society.”“You were the one who brought me up to make up my own mind, not let my beliefs be determined by what society says.” I reminded him, “Now you’re letting society do that to you?” “I may have brought my k**s up to be free thinkers, but I also taught you that you shouldn’t be contrary just for contrary’s sake, that it is ignorant and foolish to make decisions and form beliefs without knowing as much as possible, that there are times that knowledge will confirm society has the right way of things, and in this case it does.” He countered. This wasn’t going the way I had planned. “How can society be right in this case? How can it hold sway over two people being in love? How can you adhere to what other people think when it keeps people who love each other apart?” I asked breaking into sobs.“There are genetic dangers of i****tuous relationships.” He stated.Before he could add more I immediately responded and asked, “Is genetic compatibility the main basis of two people being together, genetics and not love?”“Of course not,” he answered, “but the danger needs to be taken into account, also the law.”“The law? You never put stock in any law that tried to say Janine and her lover shouldn’t be together.” Janine had come out to dad during that visit when she told me she was seeing someone else. My father had understood about that, especially when Janine said she had found someone who she really loved, of course my father didn’t know that I had been one of her previous lovers. “You said you were happy if she was and damn anyone who said she couldn’t love who she chose!“As for the genetics issue, there are ways that we could have a relationship and not have any biological c***dren, I’m on birth control and I can stay on it, that would drastically reduce the risk. If we both love each other, precautions were taken against having a c***d, and we all ready established the precedent that law shouldn’t factor into two people being in love, what’s stopping us?” I wanted him so badly to see my point of view and admit that he wanted what I wanted. But for the first time in my memory, my father acted stubborn and unreasonable. He lifted his finger to me and said, “I am stopping us because I am still your father and sometimes I still know what is best. I love you Julie, more than you could possibly know, and because of that love I can not allow myself to do something that would hurt you like this. That’s the end of it!” He was in anguish, I could see it in his eyes, maybe partly because he was denying himself something he wanted, but I knew it was mostly because he was denying me and couldn’t stand to see how that pained me. He hated to do it, but he thought he was still doing the right thing. By hurting me now he thought he was preventing me from a worse hurt, but what he couldn’t comprehend was that turning me away was going to hurt me infinitely more.Tears were streaming down my face as he cupped my chin in his hand and wiped one of my tear streaked cheeks with his thumb. “I’m so sorry, Baby, I love you and I would do anything for you, but I can’t do that.” He said choked up. Through my tears I began to make one last effort to state my case but he stopped me and told me that he was tired and was going to bed. He gave me a hug and told me he loved me one last time then turned his back on me and headed up the stairs.It took me a few minutes to gather myself after he left. The dining room and kitchen needed to be cleaned up, but I only did a cursory job, leaving what I could for the morning. I felt completely drained and if I let my thoughts wander to the events that had just transpired, I would break down crying all over again. In about ten minutes I had things in good enough order for the night. I barely remember going up to my room, I felt completely numb by that point. What I do remember is when I got to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror I almost shouted in alarm at the creature that greeted me. I was a fright, my make-up had run and smeared all over my face, my eyes and nose were red, my hair was a mess. I looked horrendous. Once I got over the initial shock the depression quickly returned and I felt ready to burst into tears again. I took off all my clothes except my panties and then scrubbed my face clean in the bathroom sink, washing off all the make-up and dried tears. I took my hair down and brushed it out some and then I put on my long white and pink night shirt that I normally wore to bed. I went to my room, turned out the light, and crashed into bed curling up in a fetal position. I just wanted to forget this night ever happened. From down the hall I could hear the television on in my father’s room so I knew he wasn’t asleep yet. No matter how hard I tried not to think about it, the events of the night kept replaying in my mind. The more I thought about it the more foolish, ashamed, and miserable I felt. I tried so hard to shut out my thoughts, but they kept barraging me, over and over. I had ruined everything, I had alienated the only person I could ever rely on, and I was doomed to be utterly alone. For at least an hour I lay there being tortured by my own mind, it kept getting worse and I couldn’t stop it. I had long since started crying again, my face felt like it was burning, my stomach felt twisted in knots, and I thought I might lose my entire dinner. I felt like I was being smothered by my own thoughts, and the one message that clearly kept coming across was loneliness. I finally couldn’t take it anymore. I got out of bed and warily made my way to my father’s room. I opened the door, he was in bed staring at the television but I could tell by the preoccupied look on his face his attention wasn’t on what was on the screen. He looked at me and was about to say something but before he could I put my hand out. “Please,” I begged blubbering through my tears, “please don’t turn me away daddy. I don’t care anymore if I can’t have you as a lover, I just want you as my daddy. I need you to hold me again tonight, please, I need that like I never have before. Just for tonight I need to be in your arms. That’s all I want now, I promise, I just don’t want to be alone, not tonight, please Daddy!” I was nearly hysterical as I made my plea.My father threw back the covers on the bed and held out his arms to me. I ran into them crying like a baby. I got into bed and under the covers with him. He turned off the television leaving the room in total darkness. He then held me in his arms just like he did the night before. “Shhhhh…shhhh…Baby. Of course I wouldn’t turn you away…of course not.” He whispered softly into my ear as he stroked my hair. “You are my precious angel and I will always be here for you. I love you.” Over and over he repeated these words of solace, quieting my sobs, like a steady stream washing my woes away. Eventually I drifted off into a fitful sleep.Sometime in the middle of the night I woke up. My father’s arms were still around me but he had stopped his gentle whispers. I cold tell by the sound of his even breathing he was asleep. The memory of the entire night’s ordeal seemed to crash in upon me once more, hitting me like a fist to my gut. Tears started to come to my eyes once again at the unfairness of it all. It wasn’t fair that I couldn’t be with the man I loved just because of a notion that it was wrong in general. It may be wrong in general, but specifically it was right for me and I knew it was right for him. Who gives a fuck about a general notion when it doesn’t apply to them? I turned around in my father’s arms so we were face to face. I stared at his beautiful face. It was dark, but there was light enough to vaguely make it out. I felt so much love for him; he was such a wonderful man. He only was trying to protect me. I could be upset for a lot of reasons, but not with him because of why he did what he did. I stared at his face for what seemed an eternity until I could no longer resist the urge to kiss him. Just one kiss, I thought, and I came over and kissed his sweet lips. Then I kissed him again, and again. I kissed him hard and passionately. I rubbed my cheek up against his feeling the light and slightly rough hair stubble that had grown since he shaved that morning. I smelled his manly cologne on him and I felt on fire as I returned to kissing him, the more I kissed him the more I burned for him. He began to respond to my kisses in his sleep. I slipped my tongue inside his mouth and he slipped his in mine. I ran my hands over his body, his feel, smell, and taste drove me wild with desire. I ran my hand down his bare and robust chest, over small patches of silky chest hair. I ran my hand down further, over his flat stomach then down to his crotch. I could feel his cock through his boxer shorts and it was hard as a rock. I slipped my hand inside his shorts and grasped his firm member. His cock was larger than I expected and it titillated me to imagine what he could do with it. I rubbed my hand up and down on his cock luxuriating in the feel of the engorged muscle. I was lost to reason; all I had was an emotional need to be connected with this man in the most intimate way possible. I needed him inside me and I needed him now. I raised my nightshirt up over my heaving breasts, my nipples were erect and stone-hard, then the nightshirt went up over my head and I tossed it to the floor as it came off. I reached down to my panties, they were soaking wet. I slowly slid them down and off. I freed my father’s cock from his boxers and perched myself on top of him. I felt his cock up against my pussy and it sent chills through me. I maneuvered my hips and felt his cock slide in, filling me. I wanted to scream in ecstasy but he was still asleep, so I bit my lip and let out a soft whimper. He must have thought he was having a dream the way he moaned and mumbled nonsensical words. I bent down, my tits falling forward rubbing up against his chest, my hair falling forward to frame his face, and started kissing him again, hard and intense. It felt so good having his prodigious cock inside me. I started to move my body and I felt his cock sliding within the walls of my pussy as I rode it up and down. I rode his cock slowly at first, and then I began to go faster, building up momentum as the urgency in me grew. I felt like a fever was burning in my body as I was transfixed by his cock.The words my father was mumbling began to make more sense and I knew he was waking up. His eyes opened and he saw me on top of him. “No, we can’t!” He said as he tried to push me off, but I held fast and muffled any other protests by kissing him. Then, with tears dripping down on him from my cheeks, I said, “Please, I need this! I need you! I love you so much, you are the only one I want, I love you so much!” Once again I mashed my lips up against his and I could feel his resolve weaken and his cock harden even more inside me. “I love you…I love you!” I kept repeating over and over.Then I heard him say “I love you too…” softly at first then more loudly, “Oh Baby, I love you so much!” He grasped me in his powerful arms rolling us over. Now he was on top. He pulled out of me, positioning the head of his cock at the entrance of my pussy. He brought his face within inches of mine, staring directly into my eyes, his gaze was intense and wide awake. He was still as a statue. “Are you sure?” he asked in a soft but firm voice. “Are you absolutely sure this is what you want?” I craved the return of his cock to my cunt like a person drowning craved the return of air to their lungs, but I held his gaze and matched his intensity.“Oh God yes!” I answered breathily. “I’m surer of this than I’ve ever been of anything before. I love you and need you inside me! I’m in agony without you!” His brilliant brown eyes glistened and, like always, I could see his love for me in them, but this time I saw something else in them as well; burning desire. He plunged back inside me, his cock skewering my pussy as he totally surrendered to the moment. I arched my back and let out the scream I had muffled before, reveling in the sublime pleasure of it. “I love you so much!” he declared kissing me with unbridled passion. “You are everything to me! I need you too, Baby, I love you more than anything!” “I love you, Daddy!” I responded.“I love you, Baby!” he replied. Back and forth we vocalized confirmation of our love and devotion to each other as we continued the melding of our bodies and souls. I felt wetness drip on my face and I looked up and saw that he had tears of his own. We kissed and held our faces close together; our tears mixed joining together just like the fluids that were mixing from my pussy and his cock, just like our spirits were mixing. We were united as one in that moment. Two people who had been desperately alone were now whole and at last relief came from the torturous ache of loneliness. With my arms around his back, I clung to him as he steadily immersed himself in me deeper and deeper. He began to fondle my breasts, everywhere he touched me brought forth delectable sensations and when he touched me in places that were all ready highly sensitive the feeling was tenfold. When he placed my stiff nipple in his mouth and gently sucked and nibbled, the pleasure I felt was so intense I thought I would burst out of my skin.The joy I felt was insurmountable, I thought, until the orgasm started to build up in me. He was still rhythmically drawing deeper and deeper inside me and I could feel myself coming to a climax. I told him I was going to cum, he said he was too. He pushed his generous manhood yet deeper in me and I could feel the tension inside him getting ready to release. We clasped hands. He pushed me past the boiling point and just as I felt his first shudder of orgasmic release I felt myself begin to spasm in culmination. I was in a state of paradisiacal delirium as my pussy clenched on his ejaculating cock. We both screamed at the top of our lungs. It was rapture! His cock continued to spew forth its luscious elixir and my pussy continued to hungrily educe it. Wave after wave of bliss rippled through me, as my pussy overflowed with cum. My cunt gripped and massaged his cock as we simultaneously rode our savage orgasms to exhaustion. It was singularly the capsheaf of all my sexual experience. Spent, my father gently laid on top of me as I folded my arms around him in a tight embrace. I ardently retained his softening member within me. It felt so glorious to be joined with him, I didn’t want to separate. We laid there as one, breathing heavily, basted in our sweat, tears, and sensual juices. We basked in the afterglow of our love making. I wanted to stay in that moment for all eternity.After a time, my father started to delicately kiss my neck, his lips moved slowly up. When I felt his warm breath in my ear, he whispered, “I love you so much, Honey, I just hope that you will never come to regret this.”“I promise you I never will.” I assured him. Then with those radiant eyes of his he looked into mine, “I know it’s wrong for a father to play favorites with his c***dren, but I want you to know, you’re definitely my favorite.” He said trying to keep a deadpan expression as a smile tugged at the corners of his mouth. I couldn’t help breaking out laughing and so did he. After a long moment of shared laughter his expression sobered up. “In all seriousness though,” he said as he ran a hand through my hair, “you’re more than my daughter now, you are my truelove. I am madly, deeply, incontrovertibly in love with you. And not just since tonight, but for a while now. I’ve watched you grow up into the wonderful person you are, and somewhere along the line I fell in love with that person as a woman, differently than I did with you as my daughter. I kept my feelings hidden, refusing to believe I even had them, because I couldn’t take the slightest chance of ever hurting you. I thought you needed me in the roll of your father and I would have been content to play out the rest of my life like that, denying my true feelings to you and to myself, because that was what I thought was best for you. I owed that to you if I truly loved you as much as I thought I did.“But somehow you knew, even when I didn’t allow myself to even contemplate those feelings, you saw them, and you actually felt the same way. Tonight, you showed me how much you needed me, and I could no longer contain how much I needed you.” He paused a moment before continuing, “What I’m trying to say is…Julie, my life belongs to you. I don’t know how long you will want me, but however long you will need me I will be yours completely and devotedly. I only pray you will never come to resent me for allowing this to happen.”“I will never resent you,” I said fervently, “and I will want you forever. If I could marry you this instant, I would, to show you how much I mean that. I told you there was no one else for me, and I meant it. I…I just hope you won’t ever turn me away again.”“I could never do that, not now, not ever.” He brought my hand up to his mouth and kissed the back of it. “I pledge my soul to you forever. I pledge it as a husband pledges to his wife. I submit that the love we have, the bond we share, is just as strong, if not stronger, than any couple who are declared married because of a piece of paper. Whatever may happen in the future, to me this night I will always regard as the night we were married in our hearts, the night two isolated souls merged in harmony. I thought I would never find the mate I’ve searched for all my life, this night I have. You are my wife, my soul belongs to you.”I was so choked up at that moment; my emotions were so intense I couldn’t speak. I loved this man for who he was, not what he was. That biologically he was my father made no difference, except that being with him all these years allowed me time to discover who he was, he was my soul mate. I finally managed to find my voice, “I have loved you all my life and will love you for the rest of my life. In you I’ve found strength, friendship, shelter from the harshness of the world, and most importantly love. I pledge to you my heart and soul. You are my husband, my soul belongs to you.” “You’ve made me so unbelievably happy, I love you so much.” My father said smiling down at me, his face lit up in jubilance. I imagined my own expression must have mirrored his.“I love you.” I replied. We kissed passionately in celebration of our union. As we kissed, I could feel his cock still buried deep in my pussy begin to harden again. I gasped in pure delight. “Oh my…you sure regain your vigor quickly.” I said. “Your love restores me.” He replied with a smile. Once again we felicitously melted into each other. The only difference this time was that before our love making had a critical urgency, now we took our time, savoring the moment. We joyfully explored each other’s body as we celebrated our union. It was our wedding night. We both felt that way and from that night onward, no matter what anyone else would say; in our hearts we knew we were husband and wife.* * *Lightning flashed brightly out the window immediately followed by a booming clap of thunder as the lights flickered briefly. Roger, Miranda, and Julie all jumped in unison at the interruption which jarringly brought them back to the present. Julie’s story had seemed to have cast a spell on all three of them, Roger and Miranda had become just as entranced in listening to it as Julie had been in telling it. The lightning and thunder had broken them all out of that spell. Miranda seemed especially unnerved by the intrusion, she and Roger had moved closer together while Julie had told her story and now Miranda grasped onto Roger as if for dear life. Roger hugged her tight in reassurance and he could feel her relax in his arms.“I…ahem…” Julie said, her voice cracking, she took a long drink from her beer to wet her throat, “I can’t believe how I just went on like that.” She said. “I’ve never told that story to anyone before, I hope I didn’t offend you, it just seemed so right telling you guys.”Miranda went over and hugged Julie tight, both their eyes watering up. Roger felt compelled to add his support so he joined the hug. “I feel honored it was us you chose to tell.” He said.“Yes, me too.” Miranda said. “It was a lovely story.”“Thank you,” Julie said wiping her eyes.“It sounds like your father was such a wonderful man, I can see why you loved him the way you did. Your relationship was something beautiful, it didn’t matter that he was your father.” Miranda stated then asked, “What happened between you, your father, and your brother and sister after that?”“Well,” Julie said, “Not long after my father and I got together I told him about what happened between me, Janine, and Jack. He was pretty upset at first thinking they had taken advantage of me, but I told him it was all consensual, and considering our relationship, he could accept that somewhat. He still wasn’t happy with how they left me though. Now he fully understood why I had been so depressed before and why Janine and Jack had been keeping their distance. It was different for us though. It was like we fit together perfectly. We were so happy together and that was all we needed. “Once I graduated college, we moved to a different town, I started working as a freelance artist and then later I got jobs at various companies. In my spare time I worked on my painting. I steadily got better jobs as my work, as a graphic design artist at least, became more popular. My father went back to work at the local post office. We lived as man and wife in the new town, and were accepted as such. We heard from Janine and Jack every now and then, but not that much. They were pretty involved in their own lives. We were invited to their weddings when each of them got married, but even then they acted distant toward us. I suppose they figured out what was going on between me and our father, but they never mentioned it. I guess they decided to leave well enough alone seeing as we looked so happy together.“For a little more than ten years life with my father, my husband, was bliss. I even decided that I wanted to take the chance and have c***dren with him. Maybe I was being foolish, but I wanted his c***d and I felt a c***d born from our love would have so much going for it in life it was worth the risk. However, when I went off birth control I found out I still couldn’t get pregnant. I went through some medical examinations and soon learned that I never would be able to have c***dren.” Julie’s voice had become strained, Roger could see this was another painful memory for her, and she stopped briefly taking another sip of beer before continuing. “That was a woeful setback but buca escort bayan I recovered from it with the help of my father. I still had him and I was deliriously happy with our relationship. It was enough that we had each other.” Julie’s face took on a haunted expression, “Then he started getting sick. When he came home after a doctor’s appointment that dreary day and told me he had cancer, my world shattered. For five years he fought the disease, through surgeries, chemotherapy, and different medications. He had his good times and bad. There were times when I thought he had beaten it and times where it was beating him, but almost up until the very end I was still positive we were going to get through this thing. “Finally, though, it got to a point where we both knew the disease would claim him, those were the hardest days of my life, but I knew I had to be strong for him. In the end he told me that however much he wished he could have more time to be with me, he was eternally grateful for the time we did have, and that if he had to choose between living to a hundred without being with me, or living the life he had with me, he would choose being with me every time. He died a little over three years ago.” Tears flowed freely from Julie’s deep brown eyes and down her cheeks. Miranda, with sympathetic tears of her own, hugged Julie.“I saw Jack and Janine at the funeral, along with their families.” Julie said. “They didn’t say much to me, nothing relevant at least, it was as if we had become strangers. I assume they never told their significant others about what happened between us all. I cherished the love we expressed during those times we were intimate, but I suppose the taboo of it got to them over time and they wanted to just put that part of their lives behind them. I never felt so alone in my life, and that was exactly what my father didn’t want. He told me just before he died that he didn’t fear death half as much as he feared leaving me to be alone. He made me promise that I would get on with my life after he was gone. He told that if I ever found someone that loved me and I found I could love in return, not to let his memory get in the way, he said he released my soul from his possession. I’ve tried to keep my promise to him, but it’s been so hard, he was the love of my life, how could I ever find someone to replace him?” Roger held her hand in his, “Maybe it’s not a matter of replacing him, you should always keep him in your heart, it’s just a matter of letting yourself love someone else too. You’ll never love anyone the same way as you did your father, but you can find love, happiness, and fulfillment with someone else. It’s just a matter of connecting with the right person.”Julie smiled as she wiped her eyes with a tissue. “Thanks for the sentiment Roger. I’ve thought the same thing at times. But I haven’t found anyone I’ve connected with, I was beginning to think I never would…then I met you two.” Julie blushed and Roger thought it made her look innocent and erotic at the same time. She was ravishing.“Forgive me for saying this,” Julie said, “but the moment I met you, both of you, I felt this sort of spark between us. I’ve only just met you tonight, but I feel like I’ve known you for years, like we’re old souls. It even feels to my heart that I love you.”Roger felt his own heart go out to this woman and it was Miranda that put his very thoughts to words. “I think, no…I know, I love you too.” She said, “It may have been only a few hours since we’ve met, but in that time I feel I’ve come to know you better than anyone else in my life, except Roger. You’ve shared an intimate part of yourself with us, and I’ve fallen in love with you for it.” Julie and Miranda stared intensely into each other’s eyes for a moment and then to Roger’s complete and utter surprise they began to passionately kiss.Roger felt his heart thumping in his chest so fast he thought it was going to leap up his throat. It felt like an electric current was running through his body, his stomach was all aflutter, and once again his cock was rock hard. He didn’t know exactly what he should do, there he was sitting on a couch next to two women, one he had known practically all his life, the other only a few hours, yet at this moment he honestly believed they were the two people he loved most in the world…and they were making out right in front of him.Roger sat frozen in unbelievable shock, stymied as to what he should do when things got considerably more interesting. Miranda turned around, her eyes half closed as she was lost in lust, and looked Roger up and down. “Are you hard again?” she asked.Roger could only nod dumbly.“Show me.” Miranda said.It was as if the electric current running through Roger’s body just had a power surge and all he could think to say was “Huh?”Julie was kissing Miranda’s neck now as Miranda ran her hand over his crotch. “I want to see it.” Miranda said, “I want to see my brother’s hard-on.”“Miranda…?” Roger couldn’t believe what his sister was saying.“Roger, I’ve loved you all my life,” Miranda said as her cerulean eyes cleared and focused on him, “and Julie’s story has made me realize that I not only love you as a brother, but I’m also in love with you.” Julie diverted her attention away from Miranda’s neck to listen to what she had to say. ”I love you’re smile, I love you’re sense of humor, I love the way you look at me when you think I need protecting, I love everything about you. I don’t know if it was the beer, the pot, or the intensity of Julie’s story, but I’m also horny as hell, and I want to be with someone I love tonight,” Miranda put her other hand on Julie’s, “I want to be with both of you.”Roger felt the desire emanating from Miranda and he realized it matched his own. He turned and looked at Julie trying to assess what she thought of this. As if she understood his silent query to know how she felt, Julie gave him his answer, “I want this too, Roger. It’s been so long since I felt anything for someone, I thought I never would again, and then tonight I meet you two and I end up falling for you both, feeling a sexual hunger ignite inside me that I haven’t felt in a long time. But it’s up to you Roger; I don’t want to force you into this.”“Julie, we may have only met, but I feel like I’ve loved you forever,” Roger said, “and Miranda, I am so in love with you, and I’ve been so for the longest time, but it took tonight to make me see that.” Julie took Roger’s head in her hands and kissed him just as passionately as she had kissed Miranda before. “Let’s go in the bedroom,” she said huskily. Miranda nodded in eager agreement. Roger was agog as he let both women take him by the hand and lead him towards the master bedroom as rain pounded on the roof of the house. The master bedroom was an impressive room, spacious with nice furniture, and finely decorated in the tranquil colors of purple, blue, and turquoise. In the center of the room stood a very inviting king size bed.“I can’t believe how fucking horny I am.” Miranda said as they crashed onto the bed.“I know me too,” Julie said as she pulled off her tank top freeing her fabulous breasts. Roger was immobilized in fascination at the site of them, like a deer caught in the headlights of a car. They were large and pillowy and like luscious fruit, with rose red nipples distinctly raised from large areolas. They were somewhat buoyant, but they also hung down to some extent in a natural way that was infinitely pleasing to Roger. Mobility returned to him and he reached out to touch her. He felt Julie shiver in excitement as he caressed her breasts. They were soft and warm and filled his hands to overflowing. Her nipples were stimulated and hard and felt incredibly nice as he gently pinched and ran his hands over them. The feel of her was all he dreamed it would be and more. He kissed her tenderly as he felt her tits.As he separated from the kiss with Julie, Miranda then came and kissed him. She slid her tongue into his mouth; he couldn’t believe he was kissing her, but it felt so right and so good. He returned the kiss just as strongly. Julie was tugging at his shorts; “I want to see your cock, your beautiful cock!” Julie said. Roger unfastened his belt and unzipped his fly. Julie pulled his pants and underwear off, Roger’s large cock sprang up hard and erect. Julie, with a sharp intake of breath, said in a throaty voice, “Oh my! That’s certainly a grand instrument you have!” Julie grabbed his boner and started to rub it enthusiastically, Roger’s eyes rolled to the back of head in extreme pleasure at the sensation. “Oh I love how it feels in my hand!” Julie remarked.With hunger in her lapis lazuli eyes, Miranda stared at Julie pumping Roger’s rigid cock. Julie looked up at her and smiled. “You’re brother’s cock is so beautiful, isn’t it?” Julie said. “Do you want to touch your brother’s cock?” She asked Miranda. Miranda nodded intently. Julie momentarily took her hand away from Roger’s cock and tenderly reached for Miranda’s hand and placed it on Roger’s iron hard love muscle. Miranda grasped his cock and for a moment stayed motionless as she registered the feel of it. She closed her eyes and with a look of titillation began to rub his member, slowly and tentatively at first, but moment by moment she became more intent and rubbed her hand faster up and down his shaft. Miranda’s other hand shot to her crotch and she began rubbing there too, over her clothes. She now seemed almost obsessed with Roger’s cock. He groaned, relishing the feel of her touch. Julie placed her hand on top of Miranda’s and proceeded to devotedly stroke both Miranda’s hand and Roger’s cock.Miranda looked at Julie, their hands intimately dancing with Roger’s cock, “I’ve never been with another woman before,” she said.“But you’ve thought about it?” Julie guessed.Miranda nodded in confirmation, “I’ve fantasized about what it would be like, but I’ve never done anything about it. I just thought you should know…I don’t want to disappoint you.”“You never could, my darling,” Julie whispered, “neither of you could.” Julie then took Miranda’s hand that was at her crotch and placed it on her naked bosom. “Feel my titties,” Julie said. Miranda coddled Julie’s tits with her one hand, probing them, playing with the nipples; she looked erotically thrilled to be touching another woman’s breasts. All the while she continued to heartily stroke her brother’s cock. Julie tilted her head back, her long auburn hair flowing down her back, and moaned in satisfaction.“I am so wet…” Miranda said avidly. Julie embraced Miranda in an amorous kiss. Julie’s hands were all over her as they kissed, and she began to lightly tug at Miranda’s tee shirt, urging it up. “Do you like my titties, Baby?” Julie asked as Miranda continued to knead them.“Yes!” Miranda said emphatically.“Can I see yours, Sweetie?” Julie asked. “I want to see them so bad!” Miranda freed her hands so she could take off her shirt. Miranda pulled the pink tee shirt off, and then she undid the clasp in the front of her black lace bra. Ever so slowly, she let the bra slide off, revealing her breasts. They were smaller than Julie’s but no less spectacular. Miranda’s tits were firm and perky, with dainty pink nipples and areolas. They were round and smooth and looked as if they had been sculpted by an artist, only they were natural. Roger ached to touch them as much as he had Julie’s.“Ohhhhh, yours are so lovely!” Julie said. She reached out and touched Miranda’s breasts lightly. Miranda let out an electrified gasp. Julie expertly ran her hands all over Miranda’s tits, stroking them, lightly pinching her tiny erect nipples. She cupped them and they fit perfectly in her delicate feminine hands. Julie’s attentions were driving Miranda into a frenzied state. She kept rubbing at her crotch, and finally, as if she cold no longer tolerate the barrier of her clothes, she stood up from the bed so she could get completely naked. She unzipped the cut-off jeans and slid them off to reveal black panties that matched the bra she had on before. Roger licked his lips, her ass looked so tight and round in those panties, but then she placed her fingers under the elastic waistband and tantalizingly slipped her panties down off her curvaceous form. Taking a cue from Miranda, Julie stood up and removed her white shorts. Underneath she wore white cotton panties over her curvy hips and plump ass and they too came off. Roger loved watching Julie’s tits dangle in front of her each time she bent over while removing her clothes. With both girls off the bed Roger had to take to rubbing his own cock as he drank in the sight of them. Both women stood before Roger completely naked. He stared in awe at the magnificent creatures before him as he stroked his cock and thought he might cum just by looking at them. Miranda stood tall with her straight raven black hair almost to her shoulders, striking blue eyes, and delicate features. Her tan winsome body was lithe and taut, with well developed curves, teardrop shape breasts, well contoured hips, sublimely rounded ass, a shaved pussy with a short strip of dark black hair, and long sinuous legs. Roger had always thought she was gorgeous, but now he saw what a fantastic spectacle she was.Julie’s body was just as fantastic, if different. Roger recalled that his first impression of her had been that she was a handsome woman, he saw now that she was so much more. She was a classic beauty, a couple inches shorter than Miranda and more compact, her long wavy chestnut colored hair fell to the small of her back, her absorbing brown eyes seemed all knowing, yet playful at the same time, and her rosebud lips were exceedingly enticing. There was a softness all about her, but her creamy body also hinted at a fine muscle tone. She was so temptingly voluptuous with her massive mammaries, her marginally round tummy, her wide hips, her sizable ass, and her slightly fleshy arms and legs. The brown hair of Julie’s pussy wasn’t shaved quite so close as Miranda’s, but it was neatly trimmed. She was so ripe it made Roger’s mouth water just thinking of plucking her. He gave his cock a squeeze.They were both pulchritudinous paradigms of women. For the extremely good looking women they were, they both looked as they should for the particular stage of life they were in. Their beauty was real, nothing artificial about it, and that was an incredible turn on to Roger. He felt profoundly gifted to be with these remarkable women, the contrasts between them complemented each other, and he reveled in their diversity. Miranda was a vision of youth, only a few years gained since she crossed the threshold into womanhood, and her body suggested a flourishing resilience. Julie was more mature, Roger was loathe to think of her as old because she wasn’t, she was older than Miranda but her mind and body were in the prime of life. Where Miranda still projected a charming youthful timidity at times, Julie exuded an appealing inner strength. Miranda was a budding beauty, Julie was in full bloom. “My God,” Roger said, his cock throbbing in his hand, “you two are so beautiful!”Both Miranda and Julie beamed in delight. They advanced toward Roger who was sitting on the edge of the bed. Julie halted in front of him crouching down and Miranda climbed onto the bed getting behind Roger.“You have some catching up to do, brother,” Miranda said teasingly, “you’re still half dressed!” From behind, she started pulling up his tee shirt.“I was awestruck by the show you put on.” Roger said with a grin as he raised his arms so his sister could help him out of his shirt.Perched in front of him, Julie removed his shorts and underwear that had fallen down to his ankles, then she removed his socks, and now he too was completely naked. “It’s time you were part of the show, Baby,” she said. “I’ll take care of this now.” Roger moved his hand away from his cock as Julie once again took his raging hard-on into her hand. This time, however, she only pumped it a few times, and then she placed his cock in front of her lavish red lips. Her tongue lingeringly emerged from her mouth. Ever so lightly the tip of her tongue touched the head of his cock sending a chill of excitement through Roger’s body. She delicately slid her tongue around his cock head; it felt deliriously good to Roger, soft, wet, and warm. “Mmmmmmmm… you taste good, Honey.” Julie purred as she continued to lick his cock. She slid her tongue all the way down the underside of his shaft to the base and then back up again sending more tingles of delight through his body. She then took the head of his pulsating member into her mouth. He took great pleasure in the feel of his cock being in such a soft, warm, humid place. More and more of his cock she took in her mouth, sucking and twirling her tongue around it as she did so. Roger felt the tip of his cock touch the back of her throat, then his eyes widened as he felt his boner start to slide down her throat. He was amazed at how much of his extensive tool she could take in, he felt like he was halfway down her throat. Roger let out an exalted moan as he felt her throat muscles constrict around his cock. Then Julie pulled back and his cock began to slowly slide back out between her juicy lips, once all but the head of his cock was out of her mouth, she again began to draw it back in.Roger fell back on the bed as Julie proceeded to give him the best fellatio he ever had in his life. Looking up as he lay back on the bed, Roger could now see Miranda who was sitting behind him on the bed with her legs folded under her in a very excited state as she watched Julie sucking his cock. With one hand Miranda was feeling her tits, pinching and rubbing her nipples, her other hand was buried in her pussy. Roger’s face was now only inches away from her neatly trimmed pussy. He could see moisture glistening off her genitals and short black pubic hair. Roger reached his hands up and placed them around his sister’s waist. He began to move his hands up and down her smooth body. Miranda quivered at his touch. Roger ran his hands up to her breasts, cupping them, fondling them. Miranda brought one of his hands up to her mouth and kissed his finger tips. Roger then brought his hands back around her waist. He gently pulled her, urging her to come forward. She complied and moved up. Her legs apart, she moved over his face. His hands now on Miranda’s tight ass, Roger stared straight up into her cunt. She eased down settling herself over his mouth. He could feel the moist heat radiating from her; he could smell her intoxicating scent. Roger extended his tongue and began to probe her vertical smile. Miranda squealed in fermented excitement. He licked her pussy, stroking it with his tongue. The taste of her love juice drove him even wilder. He ran his tongue along her outer lips, then her inner lips, all over her labia, and then he lunged into her vaginal opening. He stretched his tongue, plunging it in as deep as it would go, gyrating inside her.Magnificent wasn’t strong enough a word to describe what Julie was doing to his cock, and it was all Roger could do to keep from cumming right then, he concentrated on Miranda’s pussy to keep himself focused, trying to give her as much pleasure as he was receiving from Julie.With his tongue, Roger found Miranda’s clitoris. He ran his tongue over the protruding nub. Miranda gasped and clenched her pussy. Roger delicately circled his tongue around her erect clit, making the tip of his tongue into a point, he gently circled the node. He then relaxed his tongue and continued to softly and slowly flick her clit. Miranda bent forward rubbing her hands over his chest and moaned in intense pleasure as her cunt spasmed. She barely perceptibly moved her hips back and forth rubbing her pussy on his face in cadence with his tongue’s motion. “Oh God, OH GOD!” Miranda said. Roger squeezed and kneaded her ass, she felt so good! Her pussy became wetter and wetter and Roger slurped up the juices.Roger felt intense pressure building inside him as his cock throbbed intensively and he knew he was ready to cum. Julie lifted her head from his cock for just a moment to say, “It’s okay, Baby, give me what you got, I want it!” She then went back and took his cock deeper in her throat than anytime previously. The feel of her throat muscles enveloping his cock and her voice sounding so athirst for his cum was enough to put him over the edge. Roger convulsed and his cock spewed forth a steady cascade of cum. Julie swallowed all she could, but still some of the milky fluid came dribbling out her mouth and down her chin.Roger’s tongue shot up deep in Miranda’s cunt as he warbled and shook in orgasmic paroxysm. Watching his cock pumping forth his cream into Julie’s eager mouth and feeling Roger’s tremors running through him, through his tongue and straight into her pussy, it triggered an intense orgasm in Miranda as well. Letting out a loud moan of ravishment, Miranda came hard on top of Roger’s face; spritzing him with her cum. Roger lapped it up.As Roger’s and Miranda’s orgasms subsided, Miranda moved off Roger and he scooted up so he was all the way on the bed. Julie crawled up on top of him and started affectionately kissing his chest working her way up to his neck.“You were so good, Baby.” Julie said, “Did you like it?”“Oh fuck, yes!” Roger exclaimed.“I only suck the cocks of the men I really care about, so when I do it, it’s extra special.”“Oh Julie, I love you! You gave me the best cocksucking I ever had!”“Maybe you can teach me to do it that well. I’d love to pay my brother back for eating me out so fucking awesome.” Miranda purred. “It will be my pleasure, Honey.” Julie giggled.Julie and Miranda were now kissing. Their hands were all over each other. Julie touched Miranda with expertise and ardor, Miranda responded in kind with just as much excitement taking delight in the newness of her first time with a woman. At times Miranda seemed hesitant, as if she wasn’t sure where she should touch Julie. Julie took Miranda’s hands and guided them over her skin; down her arms, thighs, legs, up her stomach, and on her breasts. Julie gave Miranda a warm smile that seemed to say there was no place on her body that she shouldn’t feel free to explore. As Miranda fondled Julie’s breasts, Julie caressed Miranda’s as well. They were seriously into each other, each of them sighing and making little grunts of pleasure. Miranda laid down flat on her back, Julie, on her hands and knees, poised her self over her, her tits hanging down into Miranda’s face. As Julie slowly lowered herself on top of Miranda, Miranda took one of Julie’s tits and placed the decidedly protruding nipple to her mouth and sucked on it like an infant. Julie, with a look of immense satisfaction and love, ran her hand through Miranda’s silky black hair while Miranda continued to devotedly suck at her breast.“Oh, Sweetie, that feels wonderful, I love that!” Julie said. Miranda released Julie’s tit from he mouth and smiled up at her. “Now let me show you something.” Julie said as she positioned her chest directly over Miranda’s. Julie lowered herself slowly, her nipples, the size of g****s, became increasingly closer to Miranda’s pea sized nipples, until they touched lightly. Miranda gasped at the sensation. Julie very deliberately and very gingerly maneuvered back and forth causing her nipples to continually rub against Miranda’s.“Ohhhhhhhh, God!” Miranda intoned. “That feels so good! I can feel the sensation all the way down to my pussy!” Julie straddled Miranda’s right leg placing her hand over Miranda’s trimmed vagina. “You feel it all the way to this pussy, Sweetie?” Julie asked.“Yes!” Miranda gasped.“You have such a beautiful pussy, and it’s so wet!” Julie said as she began fondling Miranda’s cunt. Julie rubbed her hand all over Miranda’s pussy. She stuck a finger in, then two, when she got three fingers in Miranda moaned loudly.Watching Miranda and Julie go at it like this, was incredibly stimulating and had a reinvigorating effect on Roger. All ready he felt himself getting hard again. Julie was quick to notice this.“Miranda, we’ve made your brother hard again.” Julie said delightfully. Miranda looked over at Roger’s building erection. “Look how dazzling your brother’s dick is when it’s growing hard.” Julie said as she continued to finger Miranda’s cunt.“Mmmm-hmmm,” Miranda said voicing her agreement while still engrossed in Julie’s ministrations.“Do you want to feel his cock inside you, Honey?” Julie asked breathily.Miranda looked Roger directly in the eyes; he could see the love she had for him in those eyes and also the need. “Yes,” Miranda whispered in answer to Julie’s question, but Roger knew she was talking to him.Roger’s cock was once again rock solid and his heart was beating considerably fast. He felt a desire to be with his sister stronger than any desire he had ever felt before.“She wants you Roger, she needs you.” Julie said encouraging him with a desire of her own glowing in her eyes. She appeared to be hankering to see them together as much as he and Miranda hankered to be together. Julie slid off to Miranda’s side as Roger approached her from the other side. Miranda grasped Roger’s sturdy arm and pulled him toward her.Roger yearningly moved on top of Miranda, his rigid cock pressed against her pubic bones. The feel of her naked body under his was heart-achingly good. Her skin felt so smooth and so soft, her face was so gorgeous, her eyes so intense. She was so beautiful, but more than that, he knew the person she was inside, the kind and gentle soul with just a touch of fiery attitude she was. He had loved her for who she was so much all his life. Tonight he had come to understand why he always felt forlorn when he thought of Miranda eventually finding someone to share her life with. He had come to realize that he was desperately in love with her, that he had always wanted to be the one she chose. He had never let himself admit that because even subconsciously he knew it was an impossible dream. But now looking into her incredible sky blue eyes he could see the love and desire he had for her requited. “I love you, Miranda.” Roger said.“I love you so much big brother!” Miranda replied.Roger lowered his head until his lips met hers. He kissed her more passionately than he had before and she returned the kiss just the same. As Roger kissed Miranda he took hold of Julie’s hand squeezing it gently, it was all because of her, she was the one who by opening up to them freed their inhibitions and was making this possible, she was a part of this and for that Roger loved her as much as he loved Miranda. Roger shifted his body smoothly and felt his cock positioned at the entrance of Miranda’s pussy. Roger pushed his cock into her. Slowly his wood-stiff member squeezed through the wonderfully tight, warm, and moist passage. Roger closed his eyes basking in the euphoric feeling as he penetrated deeper, he felt intrinsically connected to his beloved sister. Miranda sighed in extreme contentment. Roger plunged very deep into Miranda’s cunt until finally their pelvises met. Roger and Miranda stayed motionless for a moment, luxuriating in it. Then just as slowly as he pushed in, Roger pulled out. When the tip of his cock returned to the entrance of her pussy, Miranda scooted her pelvis upward as though she could not stand the thought of being totally separated from her brother. Roger once again descended into the glory that was his sister’s cunt. He plunged his cock in faster this time and harder, then pulled out quicker only to once again immerse his cock deep into her. He and Miranda built a steady rhythm together, with his cock moving in and out of her pussy and Miranda’s hips moving with Roger’s to keep the momentum in a steady groove. Harder and faster Roger thrust into his sister, deeper and longer as Miranda whimpered lustfully. Roger began to grunt as his cock permeated her, he kissed Miranda; lovingly and intensely, he kissed her on her lips and down her neck. He licked and fondled her marvelous small firm breasts with his tongue and sucked on her sweet nipples, he brought his free hand down under her and squeezed her awe-inspiring ass. “Yes!” Miranda said as he did all this, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” she said zealously.“Oh s*s, I love you!” Roger said sincerely as he meshed more and more deep into her.“I love you so much, b*o!” Miranda replied through sharp gasps.Roger glanced over at Julie; he still had her hand in his. She seemed as much into their love-making as he and Miranda were, Julie’s other hand was agilely rubbing her pussy as she intently watched them, and she was making small grunts of pleasure. She seemed enraptured by their coupling, as if she was deriving as much pleasure from watching their enchanted intercourse as they were from the act itself. As Roger made love to his sister and basked in the bond they were affirming, he felt as much connected to Julie as he did with Miranda. Even if at this moment it was he and Miranda that were physically adjoined, it was all three that were merging emotionally. He squeezed Julie’s hand tighter as he continued to have coition with Miranda. Then Miranda’s hand joined his and Julie’s, all their fingers intertwining, and it really felt like all three of them were sharing this experience equally. Roger buried his head in the crook of Miranda’s neck kissing and licking it. He steadily kept pumping his cock in and out of her for a good amount of time, while all three of them breathed heavily and moaned in pleasureThe familiar feeling of pressure began to build up in Roger’s cock. He knew he was once again nearing orgasm. He concentrated on maintaining his erection, holding off ejaculation as long as possible. He knew Miranda was close to cumming and he wanted to cum with her. Miranda had a far off look in her eye as Roger was still delivering his cock in and out of her. Looking at her Roger got the impression of a rapidly heating pot on a stove getting ready to boil over.It looked like Julie was also coming close to bringing herself to climax as she continued to finger-fuck herself. The closer that he and Miranda were getting to orgasm, the more intense Julie’s ogling.Finally, Miranda did reach her boiling point and her body spasmed as her cunt clenched hard on Roger’s cock. That was enough to send him over the brink, his whole body felt like a volcano ready for a massive burst and he could not delay eruption any longer. His body stiffened and he rammed his throbbing cock so far up his sister’s cunt he felt he was in her womb, then his cock gushed forth a prolific amount of hot cream deep into his sister’s vaginal cavity and up her birth canal.“Oh God yes! OH MY FUCKING GOD YES!!! THAT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD!!!” Miranda screamed as she came, as her pussy vigorously siphoned Roger’s cock. Roger twitched and convulsed as he experienced an orgasm of such sheer intensity like none he had before.“Oh Miranda, I love you!” Roger shouted. Julie was entering an orgasm as well it seemed. She kept repeating, “OH! OH! OH!!!” as her body thrashed on the bed her hand moving frantically in her cunt. Roger was still holding her other hand along with Miranda and the three of them drew their hands together in a closer clench as they rode out their orgasms as one until they finally subsided.“You two are so amazing and so hot, that was incredible!” Julie said as she rubbed her body up against both Roger and Miranda kissing them both with utter love. “Thank you so much for letting me be with you in this moment, to share in your love, it’s been so long since I held this kind of love for anyone in my heart. I thought I never would again.”“You’re part of us now Julie, you helped make this happen, you belong with us. We’re all family now.” Miranda said between taking deep breaths. Roger showed he was in complete agreement with Miranda’s words by kissing and hugging Julie fervently. Then Roger did the same with Miranda. He could never remember ever being as full of joy as he was in this moment, so overwhelmed with the love he held for these two women. Roger turned on his back and Julie snuggled into the crook of his arm. Miranda nestled into him on the other side and laid her hand on his stomach, Julie laid her hand on top of Miranda’s. With an arm around each woman, Roger gave them both an affectionate squeeze. .“You are both my babies, I love you so much!” Julie said. Her custodial words touched Roger’s heart and all of a sudden he realized why he had become so easily attached to her. Of course there was an immediate attraction, but also, she represented something he never had in his life; she was like an older sibling, mentor, and confidante. In a life with absentee parents, he had to assume the role of guardian with Miranda, and he loved that role and how his sister revered him in it, but he had never had someone in his life older than him that he could completely trust and he wished he had. It struck him that it could also be why Miranda had become so fond of Julie so fast. She had an older brother, but she never had an older sister figure, now it seemed she did. Roger wondered; did he and Miranda fill a similar vacancy in Julie’s life? She mentioned how she could never have c***dren, which must have been devastating to her, so maybe they were fulfilling some need in Julie to dote on someone younger. If so, that was fine with Roger, he felt safe and fostered with Julie. With her and Miranda, he had never felt happier in his life.Roger was broken from his reverie by the feel of a hand on his cock. He looked down and saw that Julie’s hand was now affectionately playing with his flaccid member. “You really do have a beautiful cock.” Julie said dreamily as she continued to move her hand deftly on his organ, moving it from side to side, holding it up, and running her hand down the shaft. “I always adored the feel of a cock. I never actually explored all you could do with one until I got with my father. Our relationship was so secure and so sensual we felt we could indulge in our deepest desires with each other. I remember how he would touch me everywhere with his. Oh how I loved that! The feel of it running up my legs, my arms, my back, up my ass, between my tits…”“He used to tit-fuck you?” Roger asked as he felt a twinge in his own cock.“Oh yes!” Julie exclaimed, “Just like every time we tried something new, he was timid about it at first, but I always assured him that there was nothing I didn’t want to do with him. I think that became one of his favorite things to do, he loved my tits so much. It was wonderful! I loved how it felt smooshing his stiff dick between my boobs…Oh my, again?!!!” Between her fondling of his cock and the detailed account of tit-fucking she was describing, Roger’s cock was once again growing hard. “Oh Sweetie, did I make you hard again?” Julie asked him with a note of excitement in her voice.“How could you not?” Roger asked in return as he smiled at her.“Do you want to tit-fuck me, Baby?” Julie asked as she eagerly stroked his cock to full attention.“I…I, uh…” Roger desperately wanted to, so much in fact that his tongue was tripping over itself as he tried to get the words out.“It’s okay, Sweetie, I want to as well.” Julie said “I want to take care of you.” Julie rolled on top of Roger and kissed him deeply. Then she started to slowly slide her body down. Roger reveled in how it felt, her tits sliding down him and her pelvis, stomach, and chest sliding over his cock. She came to a stop when his cock got into position between her ample bosom. Then she moved sideways slightly and back making her tits sway against his cock. She took her tits in her hands and squeezed them together with his cock in between. The sensation to Roger was fantastic. Roger pumped his hips up and down making his cock slide back and forth between her tits. Julie squeezed her tits even tighter together as he moved his rigid cock between that soft but compressed flesh and it felt immeasurably good.Miranda kissed him tenderly and rubbed her hands over his chest as he continued to tit-fuck Julie. Julie released his cock from between her luscious breasts, then, taking one tit in her hand, she brought her large and erect nipple to the tip of his cock. She rubbed her supple nipple all around his cock head. His cock slick with various fluids from his previous lovemaking, and exuding even more pre-cum at that moment, made her nipple glide nearly frictionless around the head. The sensation was driving him wild, it felt so extraordinarily good. Julie switched to her other nipple rubbing it all over the head of his cock just like she had with the other one. His cock swelled even more and a pleasant tingling sensation originating at the tip of his cock, where Julie’s nipple was touching it, was running all through his body.“How’s it feel, baby?” Julie asked as once again his cock fell in between her tits and she squeezed them together.“Like heaven!” Roger declared as he and Miranda separated from their kiss. Julie scooted herself back up Roger’s body and as she came forward he took hold of her wondrous tits. He squeezed and caressed them then brought a nipple to his mouth. Julie’s chest heaved in and out as he sucked on her tit. He tasted his own pre-cum and that only added to the erotic moment. He switched to her other nipple licking and sucking the clear fluid off of that one as well.Julie sat astride Roger moving her hips to brush her pussy back and forth over his stomach. He felt the warm wetness of her cunt coating his skin; he could see that Julie was highly aroused.“Oh Roger, I need you in me now!” Julie said in a feverish sounding voice. “I want to ride your cock!”“Ride it, Baby, please ride it!” Roger exclaimed, her words causing his cock to throb for attention. Miranda fondled her own breasts, tweaking her nipples as she watched Julie shift her pelvis over Roger’s upstanding cock.Roger felt the tip of his cock meet the entrance of Julie’s pussy. Julie eased herself down and her pussy engulfed his cock. He reveled in the sheer rightness of the feeling as he slid deep into her. Julie shut her eyes, tilted her head back and gave an audible sigh. For a moment or two she stayed perfectly still like she was engraving the feel of this moment in her mind. Roger ran his hands up and down her soft, voluptuous body, savoring the feel of her and of his fully erect boner speared through her cunt. Roger looked into Julie’s pampering hazel eyes, still amazed at how quickly he had come to endear this woman, but he couldn’t deny it and he didn’t want to. “I love you.” he told her.“I love you too, Baby, and now I’m really going to take good care of you.” Julie said softly with a lustful smile. She slowly began to maneuver her groin, raising escort buca herself up slightly and lowering herself back down, causing her pussy to slide up and down on his slick cement-hard cock. She rode his cock with skill and dedication, bringing him to his pleasure threshold countless times but not over it. Roger happily deferred control to Julie, letting her take them where she wanted to go, having already had two previous orgasms it helped his endurance as she guided them on a strenuously slow yet enthrallingly delicious journey towards climax. Miranda was becoming more and more aroused as she watched Roger and Julie in blissful copulation. She was touching herself all over, from playing with her tits to stroking her dripping pussy. Julie offered her hand to Miranda and when she took it, Julie gently drew Miranda towards her. Miranda was pulled to a kneeling position on the bed and then slipping one leg over Roger, she sat on him in front of Julie. Miranda and Julie were face to face and they came together in a tight embrace, kissing each other fiercely. Roger had an admirable view of Miranda’s backside, her raven black hair falling to her shoulders, her appealing tan back leading to her perfect ass with her butt cheeks slightly spread as she straddled his torso. Roger put out his hands to touch Miranda’s warm smooth skin, he ran one hand down the small of her back and she squirmed at the sensation wriggling her adorable ass on his abdomen. Roger loved it! He massaged his sister’s back and shoulders while she and Julie continued to hug and kiss, and Julie rode his cock. Miranda rubbed her body purposefully against Julie’s and the women groped and fondled each other in heated love and excitement. Julie continued to yearningly ride Roger’s cock and all three of them let out moans and groans of ecstasy as all of them lost themselves in each other.Roger felt like he was in a place where space and time didn’t exist, all that existed was this feeling of perfect love, harmony, and erotic bliss. He realized now why he had never felt totally satisfied with any relationship he had before, why he always felt he was still alone. He had always held something back, a part of himself that he was afraid to let go of and share with anyone. Even at the most intimate of moments, it had just never felt right. Now in this place, with these women it felt so incredibly right and he completely let go of himself. It was rapture! He felt safe with these incredible women and he held nothing back. Out of all the people in the world, he could trust Julie and Miranda explicitly, it was more than their bodies they were exposing to each other; it was their souls. They were in a place they created together, a womb of warmth, peace, and love, where they would always find shelter from the coldness of the outside world. Roger didn’t know how long his mind had been adrift in that perfect place as they all indulged in their lovemaking, but as his thoughts began to become more focused he felt as if it had been a fair amount of time. One more time Roger felt that familiar pressure building up inside him as he neared orgasm, and he supposed that had been what brought him back to his senses. Julie appeared close to cumming as well. She had redoubled her efforts slamming up and down on his cock, her juicy pussy giving his dick a little squeeze every time she came down on it. She was also kissing Miranda with a frantic passion now, and Miranda was returning those kisses just as frantically. Miranda had scooted herself down and was rubbing her groin against both Roger’s and Julie’s as Julie’s groin kept moving up and down on Roger’s cock. Roger didn’t think he could last for much longer, just when he was about to say this out loud, Julie slammed down on his cock one final time. “OHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” Julie screamed. His cock penetrated very deep inside her and her pussy contracted tightly around it. Roger lost all control and a river of warm cum burst forth from his manhood and flowed deep up Julie’s cunt. Julie squealed in delight, Roger screamed in release as his cock pumped more and more ejaculate up into Julie’s thirsty pussy. Roger convulsed repeatedly in orgasmic glory. Miranda in such close proximity, still perched on top of Roger, could feel the vibrations of his and Julie’s climatic spasms and she came as well spurting an impressive amount of pussy juice. Miranda let out an ecstatic scream of her own and hugged Julie kissing her fervently.Julie’s cunt quaffed the cum from Roger’s cock, her pussy muscles stroking his member until their last throes of culmination. Roger lay on the bed breathing heavily, spent and exhausted but never more content in his life. Miranda and Julie collapsed on top of him each having a fit of giggles. He took them in his arms hugging them both tightly in a meaningful embrace.“I love you both so much!” Roger said giving each woman a kiss on the top of the head. “I love you, b*o, I love you, Julie!” Miranda said“I love you both, my sweet babies,” Julie said.They lavished sensual kisses on each other for the next few minutes. Rain continued to softly patter on the beach house’s roof, it was close to dawn, and before long Roger, Miranda, and Julie, tangled up in one other’s arms, all fell into a very sound and satisfied sleep.* * * Roger awoke cuddled up to Julie with his head on her bosom, as he opened his eyes he saw Miranda in the exact same position on the other side of Julie. Miranda and Julie still had their eyes closed and were breathing evenly so Roger assumed they were still asleep. His head was pounding and he figured he had a mild hangover from the beer he drank the night before. As his thoughts became more clear the full ramifications of what occurred the previous night hit him. He didn’t regret what happened for an instant, the love he held for Julie and Miranda was just as strong, if not stronger, than it was at the height of their passion last night, his heart swelled just for thinking of them, but he felt some guilt that due to the influence of the alcohol and pot, Miranda or Julie might awaken with some doubt as to whether they did the right thing. As if he was broadcasting his thoughts out loud and they had awoken her, Miranda’s eyes popped open; her beautiful sky blue eyes. Roger gazed into them and could see the love she regarded him with, the happiness they held, and knew Miranda didn’t think last night was a mistake.“Good morning,” Roger whispered.“Good morning.” Miranda replied with a sleepy smile. “Or should we say good afternoon?” She said focusing on something behind Roger. He twisted his head around and saw by the clock on the night stand that it was indeed well past noon. He turned back to Miranda and shrugged sheepishly. “Well, we are on vacation…” Roger said. Both he and Miranda had a fit of soft giggles.“How are you? Is everything…okay?” Roger asked after he sobered his expression. He was seeking reassurance that the impression he got of her feelings was the correct one.“I’m wonderful,” Miranda said dreamily, “and everything is…wonderful.” She said confirming that she did not think last night was a mistake. Miranda reached her hand over Julie’s stomach and grasped his. Roger brought her hand up to his mouth and kissed it tenderly.“I love you.” Roger said.“I love you,” Miranda replied.Another thought occurred to Roger, and while it wasn’t exactly a troubling one at the moment, it could render complications. “Miranda,” he began, “I…we didn’t use protection last night…I mean we all were carried away in the moment, is there any chance…I mean are you…?” Roger stumbled to find a way to delicately ask the question.“Am I on the pill?” Miranda supplied for him mercifully. Roger nodded implying that was what he was trying to ask. “Yes, I’m on the pill.” Miranda informed him. Roger sighed in relief. Miranda’s look turned questionable, almost hurt. Roger hastened to explain himself, the last thing he ever wanted to do was hurt her.“It’s not that I wouldn’t be thrilled to have a c***d with you,” he said sincerely, “but there are just so many things to consider, where we are in our life, are we ready to become parents, and most of all the risk factor because we are related.” Miranda nodded in understanding, but now there was some lingering doubt in her expression, like maybe she thought Roger was having doubts about their being together. Roger tried to clarify his position in no uncertain terms.“In the past I’ve always used a condom whenever I’ve been with someone,” he said, “but last night it didn’t even occur to me and I think it was because I was pervaded by the thought that…that…” Roger paused, knowing he was about to lay bare his feelings and took a second for composure.“That what?” Julie asked. Both Roger and Miranda looked up and saw that Julie was awake and intently listening to what Roger was saying. Roger smiled at both her and Miranda. To lend force and credence to the words he was about to say, he summoned up the love he held for these two women from that bottomless well inside him and finished what he was saying, “That I had found what I had been searching for, that I was totally in love, that I would never want anyone else, that I was with the only women I would ever want to be with for the rest of my life.” Miranda and Julie were silent for a moment and then Miranda let out an emotional “Ohhhhhhhh!” and reached over to kiss him. After kissing his sister Roger looked at Julie and saw moisture glistening in the corners of her engaging eyes. He and Miranda put their heads together with Julie’s and showered each other with kisses and reiterated their love for each other.After a few minutes Roger reluctantly had to break from the embrace, since he had awakened he had felt pressure in his bladder and it had only been building up and now it really needed to be alleviated. He threw the covers aside and climbed out of the large bed, not bothering to put any clothes on. He rushed over to the master bathroom and once in position over the toilet he released a strong steady stream of urine from his cock into the receptacle, the sound water splashing water resonated in his ears. The feeling of relief was immediate; Roger closed his eyes and tilted his head back to enjoy the feeling. Roger opened his eyes and stared out the bathroom window that overlooked the beach, and in the distance, the blue-green ocean. The rain had stopped, but the sky was still overcast and it looked like it could start up again at any time. He turned his attention back to the task at hand, his bladder had finally completely emptied itself and after shaking the last few drops of urine off his cock he flushed the toilet. Enjoying the unencumbered and relaxed feeling of being free from the pressure in his bladder, Roger turned towards the sink to wash his hands, as he did so he noticed that he hadn’t even cared to close the bathroom door and Miranda and Julie were sitting on the edge of the bed watching him. He froze looking back at them. They both had broad smiles on their faces. Roger realized they had been watching him as he had relieved himself, but instead of being embarrassed he felt rather turned on. He knew there was nothing to be embarrassed about with these women, nothing he couldn’t share with them, and the idea that with them, he could share the most private parts of himself was quite exciting.“There’s nothing more arousing than watching a man’s cock grow hard.” Julie said. Miranda nodded in agreement and licked her lips. Roger looked down and sure enough his manhood was standing at attention. Desire ignited in him once again, he was ready for another round of lovemaking. Looking around the bathroom, he noticed the large and elaborate shower stall.“I feel like taking a nice, long, hot shower,” Roger said. “Anyone like to join me?”“You’re an idea man, Roger, I like that!” Julie said as she slid off the bed, Miranda followed her and they both joined him in the bathroom. Roger opened the glass door to the shower allowing the women to go in ahead of him. He took in the mouth watering visions of their rear ends, and his cock gave a twinge of anticipation. Roger went into the shower after them and shut the door. Julie had all ready turned on the water and the air was getting warm and steamy. Roger had a feeling this was going to be a pretty fun day.* * *For most of the next two weeks the weather stayed cloudy and wet due to the remnants of a hurricane that had parked itself several hundred miles off shore and was stubbornly refusing to completely dissipate. Roger, Miranda, and Julie could have cared less, even if the weather had been idyllic, they would have spent most of their time inside.They couldn’t keep their hands off one another. They stayed naked at all times in the house and they made love constantly and in every room of the house, including the closets and bathrooms. They only slept when they were completely exhausted. Sometimes Roger would fall asleep and wake up to see Miranda eating Julie’s pussy or vice versa which would automatically get him hard and ready to join the action. Sometimes Miranda or Julie would fall asleep and he would have one on one intercourse with whoever was awake. Quite a few times Roger woke up to find Miranda or Julie riding his cock. They said they couldn’t resist taking his boner and sliding it into their pining cunts when they watched him get a hard-on in his sleep. Roger didn’t have a problem with this; in fact, he saw waking up with a pussy wrapped snuggly around his cock as the best possible way to wake up.A couple of nights when it got rather windy outside, they lost power for a few hours. That’s when they would cuddle in bed together under the blankets and just explore one another’s body in complete darkness. Hours of just touching and feeling one another, learning all the special places which could send them to pure paradise, Roger came to be as familiar with Julie’s and Miranda’s bodies as he was with his own.On the last night before they had to leave the beach house, Roger, Miranda, and Julie were all lying in bed holding one another and trading soft kisses. After two weeks of almost nonstop lovemaking, after fucking in every position the three of them could possible conceive of, a peaceful fulfillment had befallen over them all. All they craved at the moment was to feel one another’s naked bodies in gentle contact with each other, to bask in one another’s presence.“So, where do we go from here?” Miranda asked in a contemplative voice. Roger had been thinking the very same question, and by the look of consideration on Julie’s face she was too.“All I know is, I love you both unequivocally, and I don’t want this to end. I want it to last forever.” Roger said.“Me too,” said Miranda.“Me too,” said Julie.Roger chuckled to himself. Before this vacation, he had always envisioned that there could be only one woman for him. Love was always his ultimate goal. He wanted to love the woman he was with, and he wanted her to love him, he didn’t feel the relationship was worthwhile otherwise. He didn’t often contemplate being in a three-way relationship, but when he did, it had never sounded like something he would want; he always felt that love would make things awkward. He wanted to let his lover know she was the most important person in his life and he wanted to feel he was the most important person in hers. How could he feel that if there were three or more people in the relationship? The intimacy would be lost, the feeling of specialness diluted. He had felt there had to be an equality of love and trust in a relationship, and he had always imagined that with three people, that equality could never be balanced right, and that would cause friction and insecurity. Someone could wonder if they weren’t loved as much as the other person, maybe they weren’t loved at all by one of the persons in the group, only tolerated because the other person in the relationship loved them. They may wonder why another person was needed, were they not good enough, or maybe they would wonder if they were seen as an interloper in the relationship. He could see how easily resentment and jealousy could develop. There would always be the thought in the back of someone’s mind of who loved whom the most. Roger knew there were a lot of men out there who dreamed of having a ménage a trois with two women, and that was fine if that’s what they wanted, but he had always held the position that it wasn’t for him.But now Roger’s attitude had changed. By a quirk of fate, they had all fallen in love together on the same night. Sure, Roger had loved Miranda all his life, but it took Julie to make it possible for him to accept his feelings for her and comprehend that Miranda felt the same about him. He had been attracted to Julie from the moment he saw her, and by the time she had shared the story of the relationship between her and her father, both he and Miranda had fallen in love with her. Miranda’s and Roger’s feelings for each other reminded Julie of the love she shared with her father which enabled her to open up to them and after being received so warmly, she couldn’t help falling deeply in love with both of them. A bond was forged between the three of them that first night, and Roger had no doubt whatsoever that he loved each woman just as much as the other, and that they loved him and each other the same. He had found not one woman but two women that he loved equally, yet distinctly, and there was no dilution of love or sacrifice of intimacy. The circumstances had just fallen perfectly, like lightning striking in two places at once, each area struck burned just as fiercely. They were a unit complete; they had each other and knew they would never need anyone else. Between them they had enough love to last for lifetimes. Roger knew how fortunate he was, he knew that many people never found that one person to spend their life with, let alone two, and he vowed to never take for granted how remarkable his life was. “Why are you laughing?” Julie asked.“I was just thinking how amazing this all is, that never in my wildest dreams would I envision this happening, and never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I could be so happy. It’s made me giddy.” Roger said. Julie smiled and kissed Roger.“Listen,” Julie said, “Just because we have to leave the beach house tomorrow doesn’t mean we have to split up. I live all alone in my house and I would love it if you two came and spent the rest of the summer with me there. At the end of the season, we can then decide where to go from there.”“As far as I’m concerned, there is only one place I want to go,” Miranda said, “and that’s where ever you two are. You are the only ones I ever want to be with for the rest of my life. I love you so much; I know I could never love anyone like I love either of you.”“I feel the same way. I only want to be with the two of you for the rest of my life.” Roger said intently.“I love you both, my darlings, I feel the same.” Julie said.Thinking back on their first night together, and the story Julie had shared with them, Roger knew just what he had to do. He took Julie’s hand and Miranda’s hand and brought them together covering them with his own hands.“I pledge to both of you my soul forever.” Roger began and it was as if he had called up the soul of Julie’s father and he was whispering to him an echo of the words he had said to his daughter nearly twenty years ago. Roger felt in a spiritual way he was honoring the man who had first claimed Julie’s soul and in a way was getting his blessing for this union. Roger continued as the words came unbidden, “I submit that the love we have, the bond we share, is just as strong, if not stronger, than any union of marriage could possibly be. Whatever may happen in the future, to me this night I will always regard as the night we were married in our hearts, the night three souls that had been isolated recognized they had merged together in harmony. I will love you both for the rest of my life. You are my soul mates. My soul belongs to both of you.”Tears streamed down Julie’s and Miranda’s faces, Roger wasn’t surprised to feel that he had tears of his own. Julie, her body trembling, stared emotively at Roger and Miranda. “I pledge to both of you my soul forever and that I will love you for the rest of my life.” She began, “In you I’ve found strength, friendship, shelter from the harshness of the world, and most importantly love. I pledge to you my heart and soul. You are my soul mates. My soul belongs to both of you.” Miranda was completely choked up and crying copiously. She steadied herself and after swallowing a couple times she found her voice, “I pledge to both of you my soul forever.” She said, “To the people who I love most in the world now and for always. There are no two people I would ever want at my sides more than you. This is our wedding night and you are my soul mates. My soul belongs to both of you.”There was a lot of hugging, a lot of kissing, and a lot of crying. Roger now knew that his life up until this point had only been in an embryonic state; tonight was the night his life truly began. Roger, Julie, and Miranda celebrated the union that was just formed as the triumvirate made passionate yet tender love to one another all night long.EPILOGUERoger opened his eyes and sighed contentedly as he stretched his arms. Reposed in the lounge chair on the back deck of the beach house, he had just woken up from a restful nap. He ran his hand through his short gray hair as he gazed to the horizon at the azure sky and the large orange globe of the sun that was gently beginning to set into the teal waters of the vast ocean. Music played softly in the background. The beauty and serenity of the view was mesmerizing. The weather had been picturesque today, not like it had been back on that fateful day, but when he thought back on it, that day was still the one he claimed as the best day of his life. He couldn’t believe it had been forty years to the date that he, Miranda, and Julie pledged their souls to each other at this very beach house. So much had happened over the years that they seemed to have traveled by as briskly as an autumn breeze. He was the image of reflection as he looked back on those years.Roger and Miranda returned to college and Julie to her work as a graphic designer at the end of their first summer together. It was difficult during those times they had to be separated. At least during Roger’s senior year, he and Miranda were on the same campus, they didn’t get to spend that much time together at school because they had to concentrate on their studies, but it was comforting to know each was nearby. It was hardest on Julie because she didn’t get to see either of them every day, but her absence was sorely missed by Roger and Miranda as well. At least Julie didn’t live that far away from campus, she was roughly a four hour drive from school and every weekend they would spend together as Miranda and Roger would drive up to her house. When Roger went off to law school it was torture for all three of them. Sometimes he couldn’t even make their weekend get-togethers he was so bogged down in studies and Miranda and Julie had to abide without him. However, no matter where any of them were, they always felt their bond to each other, and that helped them bear the hardship of the times they had to be apart. Summers and vacations the three of them would always spend together. Roger and Miranda grew even more distant from their parents. Even with Julie’s urging to try and keep in touch with them, the relationship with their parents just became more and more constrained. When Julie quit working at the same company as their father, that pretty much reduced Roger’s and Miranda’s contact with their parents to a phone call once in a while and occasional visits that became less and less frequent. It was like their parents had become strangers to them. Roger felt his parents didn’t try hard enough and was angry that they had always projected an attitude that they saw bringing them up more as a duty than a joy, but Julie helped him and Miranda get through their feelings of resentment and abandonment and come to an acceptance that some people just weren’t meant to get along together even, and sometimes especially, when they are family. Roger knew it was actually rarer for people to get along really well, which was one of the reasons he valued so dearly his relationship with Miranda and Julie. As much as they would have enjoyed proudly presenting their relationship to the world, they knew they had to be practical and keep it secret until the time, if it ever came, that the world in general became a more tolerant place. Roger, Miranda, and Julie each had their own circle of friends, and some of their friends may have been curious as to why they never seemed to be in a relationship or talked about being in one, but the topic was rarely pursued. They were close to some of their friends, but their best friends were one another. They were each approached many times by people who asked them out, or hinted that they wanted to go out, but the commitment Roger, Miranda, and Julie had made to one another was enduring; all they wanted were each other. Roger got his law degree and Miranda her M.B.A. Once they were both out of school, they permanently set up residence in Julie’s house. Roger quickly established a name for himself as a formidable litigator and defense attorney, specializing in Ninth Amendment cases, infringement of people’s rights not expressly stated in the Constitution but inherent nonetheless, and most specifically people’s right to privacy. Roger owed a lot of his success as a lawyer to Miranda and Julie. They would often have deep discussions late into the night and it was great having them as a sounding board when he was preparing arguments for court. Miranda was excellent at catching holes in his logic, her analytical mind could always break down his arguments showing him the weaker points he needed to build up and the stronger points he could stress. Julie was so open to new ideas, it shown through in her artwork, her conversation, and just the way she carried herself, being exposed to her opened Roger’s mind to new horizons and allowed him to come up with brilliant and inventive interpretations that helped him win cases. Miranda and Julie started their own graphic design company, Beach House Designs, and with Julie’s talent and Miranda’s adeptness at business, not only was the company a big success but Julie’s paintings became widely popular as well. Even though Roger was a defense attorney, he had enough familiarity with business law to be a great help in protecting the legal interests of their company and what he didn’t know personally, he knew other lawyers that specialized in business and were excellent sources for advice and counsel when they needed it. One of the first things they bought with their profits was the beach house. It was the symbol for their company but it also held such sentimental value to them, they had to own it.After they became financially secure, Roger’s father actually asked to be paid back for sending him and Miranda to college, with interest. He stated that their mother and he had invested in them, and now that they were prosperous, they expected a return on their investment. Roger and Miranda acquiesced and paid their parents back, after that they pretty much had nothing to do with their parents again.Once Beach House started making a real profit, and Roger’s career was taking off, they all started talking about raising a family. After serious discussions on the risks to a c***d conceived by parents who were closely related, they came to the decision that the safest way to have a c***d would be if the biological parents could be Roger and Julie.Roger had done a lot of research into genetic engineering, specifically in regard to In Vitro fertilization. After consultations with the top doctors in the field, they had decided to try to have a c***d by implanting Miranda with genetic material from Roger and Julie. The first attempt was unsuccessful, but after the second try, Miranda did indeed become pregnant. It was an incredibly exciting time for all of them. Julie was overwhelmed with joy that she was actually going to be a mother, something she thought would never happen. Throughout the pregnancy she coddled Miranda, who was also in a state of supreme elation over the expected arrival. Roger was quite engulfed by happiness himself at the prospect of being a father and that they had found a way to accomplish this.When they found out the c***d was going to be a boy, the three of them unanimously decided he should be named Joseph, after Julie’s father. Joseph came into the world healthy and lively. He was a treasure to behold, Roger broke down in tears the instant he saw him. He couldn’t believe how much he could love someone who had only just been born. Julie was speechless and in tears, she hugged Miranda fiercely after birth, and when her voice returned she kept saying “Thank you,” over and over. Miranda, herself in tears and hugging Julie back, told her they had done it together.After Joseph was a few years old, they decided to try to have another c***d in the same fashion. It was an expensive procedure, but they could afford it, and producing a brother or sister for Joseph would be the best money they ever spent.This time they were successful after the first try, and it looked like Joseph would be getting a brother and a sister, Miranda was pregnant with twins. Darwin and Emma were born a month premature but strong and healthy nonetheless. Unfortunately this birth didn’t go as smoothly as Joseph’s; Miranda had internal hemorrhaging and lost a lot of blood. She almost died. Roger shuddered when he thought back on that moment, he had never been so scared in his life; it had felt as if his heart was ripping apart. Julie stayed strong for the sake of him and Joseph, but Roger knew that she must have been going through torture, first to lose her father, and then Miranda’s life hanging in the balance.Miranda did make it through and affected a staunch recovery. Unfortunately though, she would never be able to have anymore c***dren. However, they had been favored with three beautiful, strong, and healthy c***dren and they felt extremely happy and privileged to have Joseph, Emma, and Darwin. They were truly the greatest accomplishments of their lives.The c***dren were a handful at times, and Roger considered himself fortunate that they were evenly matched three to three, if the k**s had outnumbered the parents, he was sure his hair would have been a lot grayer by now, or not there altogether. Julie and Miranda seemed to be naturally gifted at being mothers. There was no ranking between them, they were both “Mommy” to the c***dren, although sometimes it had been “Mommy Julie” or “Mommy Manda” to clear up any confusion, but they were both equally the mothers to the c***dren. Julie seemed to have been preparing all her life for the role, and she was excellent at it, but what pleasantly surprised Roger was how quickly and ably Miranda took to it. Roger got a lump in his throat every time he saw one or both of the women teaching a c***d something, or playing with them, or just expressing love and tenderness in anyway to these people that they had all created together, it simply and profoundly touched him. Parenthood agreed with Roger in a way he never would have imagined. Roger loved their c***dren more than he ever thought he would before they were born. He learned from Julie and Miranda how to be a clement parent. Julie talked about her own father often, about the way he raised her as a c***d, and after a time, Roger felt as if he had known the man. He developed an everlasting respect, adoration, and admiration for Joseph Thaliana; he had produced Julie and brought her up to be the insightful, free thinking, and caring person he loved so abundantly. The man had become a role model to him in regard to parenting; after all, he had done such a good job with Julie, she was such a wonderful parent, and she readily admitted that much of her methods were remembered from how her father treated her when she was a c***d. Roger did retain one parenting attribute from his own parents. They had instilled in him and Miranda a strong work ethic, because of that they both were successful, and due to their success they were able to afford the procedures that produced Joseph, Emma, and Darwin. If for nothing else, he was thankful to his parents for that. So he had tried to instill in his c***dren the same work ethic, but while he stressed the importance of being responsible and working hard, he also made time to play with them, do things together, and most importantly, make sure that they knew that no matter what he loved them, and he always would. The sun had almost completely sunk into the ocean, the sky had taken on a deep purplish hue, and the stars had started to come out when Roger broke out of his reverie and caught sight of two figures on the beach walking toward him. He recognized the heavenly visions of Julie and Miranda as they walked hand in hand up towards the beach house, smiling and giving each other intimate looks. Roger’s heart thumped faster as it always did when he saw them. He loved them more and more every day and he would continue to do so until the day he died.The years had been kind to him, more than kind, downright munificent. Miranda and Julie’s company had become so successful that they branched into other businesses. Beach House Designs became Beach House Incorporated. Roger retired from the law and took a position on the board of directors of the corporation along with Miranda and Julie. Miranda’s business talent coupled with Julie’s empathy made Beach House not only one of the most successful corporations, but it was also recognized as the most benevolent. They provided many jobs, they were active in the local communities, and they focused much of their energy at improving the environment. One of their biggest projects had been this very beach. Over the years the water had become more and more polluted and the beach more eroded. It broke their hearts to see this land become so run down, so they sponsored a huge restoration project, and now this was one of the most pristine and ameliorated beaches in the world. Of course there had been hardships in his life, moments of despair, tragedies, and devastations, some that only affected him and the ones he was close to, some that affected the whole world. But through it all he had his family to lean on, and that was what he was most grateful for, he was lucky enough that through all the changes he had gone through personally or the world had gone through in general, he still had the ones he held dearest in his life. There had been some close calls; Miranda’s difficult birth with the twins, Julie’s own bout with cancer, Joseph’s being wounded in the war, Darwin’s plane crash, and his heart attack. But they had come through it all and all made full recoveries. Roger found that remarkable. He didn’t know what he had done to deserve the life he had led, but he was forever grateful for it and he never let a day go by that he didn’t tell Miranda, Julie, and his c***dren that he loved them, whether they were there to hear him or not. Roger looked up at the sky as one star after another kept popping into sight as it got darker. Looking at the stars always reminded him of his c***dren. He missed Joseph, Emma, and Darwin, they were all grown up now and living away from home finding their own ways through life, but he also felt a surge of pride when he thought about them. He had done all he could to prepare them for life and while they didn’t always make the decisions he thought they should, they always took responsibility for the choices they made. They still kept in touch and he saw them pretty much on a regular basis, Joseph was married and had c***dren of his own, and Roger, Julie, and Miranda were always overjoyed to see the grandk**s, and they all knew that whenever they needed it, they could always come home and be greeted with warmth and love.Miranda and Julie had now made it up on the deck and were standing in front of him still holding hands. He drank in the sight of them that still took his breath away after all these years.“Where have you two been?” He inquired.“We decided to go for a walk on the beach.” Miranda answered gazing into Julie’s eyes.“Why didn’t you ask me to come?” Roger asked.“You were asleep, you looked so sweet and cute we didn’t want to bother you.” Julie said.“Aw, I would have liked to have gone.”“Don’t worry, my love, there will be many more chances for walks on the beach.” Julie said, and then she asked, “Did you enjoy your nap, Sweetheart?” “I dreamed of you two, so of course I did.” Roger answered. “Yeah, I’ll bet you did. You’re insatiable, you know that?” Julie said with a wry grin. Then she turned to Miranda and asked. “What are we going to do with him?”“I guess the only thing we can do, love him with all our hearts.” Miranda said smiling.Julie sighed dramatically. “I suppose you’re right.” She said, “Come on inside, Baby, we have a whole night of celebrating ahead of us. I’m glad you got some rest because you’re going to need it.” Now he was receiving those looks of intimacy from Miranda and Julie. “I’m right behind you,” Roger said grinning in anticipation. Miranda and Julie headed inside and as he got up form the lounge chair, Roger’s cock gave that familiar twitch as he watched them from behind. Miranda was close to sixty and Julie was close to eighty, yet each of them looked at least twenty years younger than they actually were. Roger was sixty-one and he still felt in the prime of his life. He supposed some of it had to do with the great leaps in medical advancement over the last four decades, people were living longer than ever now and with a good quality of life, but for Roger he knew that the main thing that kept him young was Miranda and Julie. Their love kept him invigorated.As Roger made his way into the house, he took note of the song that was playing on the net. It was a song that was considered an oldie even when he was a k**, but in the wake of the latest and most ambitious wave of space exploration, modern classical music was becoming quite popular on the net waves. These old dreamy crooner songs from a century ago struck a cord with the spacefarers who have left behind their old lives to go on long journeys through the cold blackness of space, to settle on new worlds, and make new lives for themselves. These songs were reminders of home, and they are wistful yet optimistic which reflects many a star voyager’s state of mind. For Roger, however, the song only reminded him of Miranda and Julie. Tonight they were celebrating forty years of being together, forty years of their souls belonging to one another. He was ready to celebrate all night, and he was ready for another forty years with the loves of his life. Roger hummed along sentimentally with the song as it played.

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