Spa Story Part 4

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Spa Story Part 4Hekla’s joined Steve and I in our car to direct us with everyone else following. Her place turned out to be a fruit and tomato farm about 20 minutes drive from the spa. Hekla had us drive right up to the farm rather than her house. Her parents were due to go away for the weekend however they were still in the house, so we had to sneak into the greenhouses. The greenhouses in Iceland are heated from thermal springs and lit by geothermal electricity. So, on entering the doors we had to quickly strip off our outdoor coats. There was row upon row of tomatoes growing under the bright lights, I was slightly concerned what the girls planning until we emerged in the centre of the largest green house to find an open area with three large sofas and a deep rug covering the floor. Hekla explained this was where the workers took their break, but no one was there today, and we could wait there until her parents left. At Hekla’s request we all took off our shoes. I also stripped down to my t-shirt and jeans as it was hot enough to be a warm summers day although it was early spring. The girls directed us to sit and produced some beers from a small fridge. Once we were all seated, one couple per sofa, Hekla at last explained what they wanted. Hekla and Isabella were lovers, but they also had boyfriends. They both had a fantasy of seeing their boyfriends have sex with each other, but they had never agreed to it. After seeing us in the steam room they had decided that it was their best chance to fulfil their fantasy with their boyfriends by getting them involved in a group session. We had the place all weekend once their parents left so they wanted to play with us all anyway even if their boyfriends weren’t up for it. Their boyfriends wouldn’t be there for a while and they were still massively horny from the showers so to get the ball rolling they said they would give us a show while we drank the beers. With that Isabella turned on some music and the three of them began to dance.Hekla was wearing a vest top, short skirt and leggings, Isabella a tight-fitting dress with holdups, Freja wore a led zeppelin t-shirt and tight fit jeans. Although we had all seen their bodies in Bikinis and us girls had seen much more, their sexy dancing in clothes, in such an incongruous location was having the desired effect. Once more I was becoming aroused. What’s more, I now couldn’t think of anything better than spending the weekend fucking with these beautiful young nymphs. Their dancing although amateurish was hot and we were all getting into it, especially as they started to strip. They each took turns, Isabella went first. She quickly unzipped her dress, slid it to the floor and kicked it away, this revealed black lace panties and bra to match her black hold ups. Her plump breasts jiggled enticingly and her large nipples pressing against the flimsy fabric as she danced. Coming toward Steve and myself she bent over to roll down her hold ups, in doing so presenting her curvaceous buttocks to us. I couldn’t resist and impulsively reached out and stroked her arse cheek through the sheer fabric. Once in her underwear she let her girlfriend take centre stage. Hekla quickly pulled the vest over her head to reveal her wonderful perky breasts, she had no need of a bra to contain them. Next, she reached under her skirt and began to roll down her tight blue leggings. Little by little exposing her wonderful long legs. Once off she provocatively threw them at Aaliyah and Caleb. She kept her skirt on, but it was clear from the short glimpses we had seen, she was wearing no panties. Finally, it was Freja’s turn. Secretly this was the show I most wanted to see. She was the most beautiful but, there was something else about her that attracted me intensely. Despite her young age she had a sexual confidence, and when she looked at me I got lost in her green eyes. Just as Steve had connected emotionally with Caleb during their lovemaking in the steam room, I wanted more than just to fuck her, I wanted to make love slowly and passionately. That would have to wait though, as at this moment I just wanted to see her athletic nubile body naked and dancing for me. Her dancing was more aggressive than the other two, she almost ripped off her T-shirt as she pulled it over her head. Beneath she was wearing a black and white Calvin Klein sports bra. She unbuttoned her jeans then thrust her leg at me, I obliged by holding the trouser as she pulled her leg free. She presented the second for me to remove her jeans and Reveal a matching Calvin Klein sports Thong. Her underwear complemented bursa escort her athletic figure wonderfully, I just wanted to slip them off and caress her all over. Now the three girls were stood in their underwear or less, they looked at us expectantly, “Don’t you think you are a little overdressed?” We all laughed then began to strip down. It was at this point that Steve’s gave us girls his little surprise. Although I had known for a while that Steve had bisexual tendencies and in the steam room that his sexuality was very fluid indeed, we had never messed about with gender play, as far as I knew he had never tried on my underwear. So, it came as something of a surprise to see him fully shaven and wearing silky lace panties. Aaliyah and Mary murmured their appreciation, I felt my pussy twitch, this was something we were going to have to explore further. His small cock was pushing against the sheer fabric, obviously aroused by the girls dancing. I stroked it lightly though the fabric making him groan. “Does my little sissy like that?” I inquired. His face said everything, I knew from now on he was mine to do with as I wished. The three teens, now satisfied that we were all suitably dressed in our underwear, went into a huddle. They were deciding who would dance for who. I was delighted when Freja headed towards our sofa; Isabella went to Aaliyah and Caleb, with Hekla choosing Tom and Mary. Freja began by pushing her knee between my legs and rubbing her panty clad pussy on my thigh, I could feel her heat on my bare skin. Leaning forward she thrust her breasts into my face, I couldn’t resist placing my hands on them and gently squeezing, they were firm with hard nipples poking through the black material. Steve was massaging her buttocks as she rubbed on me. Opposite on the other bench Hekla was bent over in front of Mary displaying her bare crotch under her short skirt. Mary was running her fingers up and down the teens smooth slit and puckered anus. I slipped by fingers under the chest band of Freja’s bra and pushed it up revealing her small mounds. Leaning forward I flicked my tongue over her nipples before engulfing one with my lips and sucking. She was grinding her pussy on me harder now to the rhythm of the dance music. On the sofa next to us, Isabella was completely nude and writhing on top of Caleb, his cock swelling in his pants as she squirmed on him, her wet pussy leaving damp spots on him. Aaliyah was enthusiastically kneading the youth’s plump breasts. Freja spun round and in a smooth action pulled her thong to the floor and stepped out of it. Bent over I could see the pink rosebud of her anus and beautiful shaven pussy lips, the glistening traces of moisture between them a testament to her arousal. She stood back up and provocatively threw them in Steve’s face. Pulling her bra over her head she threw this at me. Now fully naked, she stood allowing us to admire her superb physique. Her body was toned like an athlete, her small breasts, tight abdomen, light s**ttering of trimmed hair above her shaven vulva; her slender but strong legs, she was the image of perfection. Bending towards us she ran her hands along the inside my and Steve’s thighs, before stroking my pussy and his cock through the silky material of our panties. Whispering in our ears she said, “I can’t wait to play with you girls alone.” This simple statement sent shockwaves through my body; the idea of this young girl with me and Steve all “girls” together turned me on enormously. At that moment I wanted a cock to fuck them both, Freja in her beautiful tight young pussy and Steve in his shaven asshole. All the couples were now incredibly excited, the three teens had successfully snared us in their plan, there was no way any of us were going to pass up the chance of fucking them, even if that meant us coercing their boyfriends into gay sex. Just at the point when each couple was about to ravage the young sluts they pulled away giggling. Once again it was Hekla who took the lead. “You can’t taste the honey yet, we need to warm you up a little more, you just watch us for now. “. With that the three began to dance facing each other running their hands over each other’s bodies. Freja undid Hekla’s skirt and let it fall to the floor completing their striptease. Now fully naked they pressed their breasts against each other, and ground their crotches against each other’s thighs, dancing in unison to the pounding beat of the music. Hekla and Isabella kissed whilst Freja stroked their backs and buttocks, pressing them together. The two lovers dropped to their bursa escort bayan knees kissing and embracing. Freja, knelt behind Isabella and slipped her fingers between her sister’s lovers legs. Freja’s fingers tracing the inside of her buttocks and thigh before slipping between the youthful lips to join her sisters in pleasuring their friend. Isabella’s own hand was between Hekla’s legs duplicating her lover’s actions. Isabella gently pushed Hekla’s shoulders forcing Hekla to lay back. Instinctively as she reclined she spread her legs to allow her friend access, but also affording us a perfect view of her smooth-shaven crotch. Her vulva had delicate little pink folds that hardly protruded from her outer lips. Isabella on all fours in front of her, ran her fingers between the glistening lips spreading them apart to reveal more of her inner womanhood. She then dropped her head and ran her tongue from Hekla’s tight pink anus through her pussy lips, spreading them further up to the nub of her small clitoris. She flicked the tip of her tongue over it a few times before applying her mouth to devour her best friend’s pussy, sucking and lapping with abandon. On all fours Isabella’s own sweet pussy and brown anus were exposed for our delectation. Freja had continued to slide her fingers between the older girl’s greasy lips, slipping a finger inside her then back to the clit, but now with the smooth puckered hole just inches from her face she slipped her tongue between the cheeks and began to run it over her sensitive spot, before rimming around it and probing inside. Clearly, she had performed analingus before. The expert oral work was eliciting soft moans from Hekla and Isabella’s own moans were muffled by her friend’s pussy as she pushed her exposed rump into Freja’s face. Freja now moved directly behind Isabella and pushed her cheeks wider so she could apply her mouth to the older girl’s asshole and pussy. In doing this she had formed a train, as she too was on her knees bent over exposing herself to us. Her arse jiggling in front of us with her hand intermittently slipping between her own legs to rub her clit. This was tempting beyond words, but we all knew we couldn’t join in yet, we just had to watch. I had slipped my fingers into my panties and was gently massaging my burning crotch, Steve too had his hand in his panties rubbing the head of his cock like it was a clit. Mary and Tom opposite had their hands in each other’s underwear, although they were watching the teens, their gaze was also switching to Aaliyah and Caleb. Whilst Caleb was reclining on the sofa Aaliyah had slipped her hand inside his boxers and released his massive cock. It lay flat against his stomach semi erect as she gently ran her fingers along the dark shaft and over the swelling mahogany head. Gripping the shaft, she began to pump. With each jerk the beautiful cock swelled in her hand until her fingers only just touched around the girth. Once again, I was amazed how such a monster could have fitted in Steve’s ass, and thought how much I wanted it to fill me. The sight of six adults jerking off to three young girls having lesbian sex triggered some deep taboo fantasy inside me, it welled up inside and erupted in an explosion of filth. “That’s it girls, you know you want to please mommy, fuck for us, show us what dirty little whores you are.” My outburst caused everyone to briefly look at me. I flushed with embarrassment at my lack of control, but I knew it was what we were all thinking as we played with ourselves looking at these nubile teen beauties.Of greater concern was that I had appeared to have shocked Freja, as she had stopped pleasuring her friend and stood up. I was about to say something to apologise when she reached behind the sofa and pulled out a bag. Reaching inside with both hands she pulled them out grasping an eight-inch pink cock in one and a harness in the other. My disappointment was replaced by unalloyed joy. This perfect young athletic princess had a cock! At that moment everyone else could have disappeared, all I wanted was to be fucked by her with that pseudo man maker. Once again that would have to wait as for now it was reserved for Isabella. Freja quickly stepped into the straps and pulled them up, securing the buckles on either side. Sliding the lifelike dildo though the O-ring, she pulled the straps tight making her cock stand up erect. Looking at me she spat on her hand and stroked the shaft, lubricating it ready for penetration. Positioning herself behind Isabella she rubbed the tip between the teen’s glistening lips then escort bursa up over her clit before pulling back and resting it on the brown puckered hole. She repeated this teasing her friend, before gently pushing her hips forward and introducing the head into her friend’s vagina. Isabella’s lips stretched around the shaft as it slipped deeper into her tight hole. Freja withdrew the shaft slightly allowing the inner lubrication to coat Isabella’s outer folds before thrusting forward and burying six of the eight inches deep into her lover. As she pressed home, Isabella’s mouth ground harder against Hekla’s mound drawing more gasps. Freja began to pump in and out now, forcing her cock deeper with each thrust until it was buried to the balls, all eight inches consumed by Isabella’s hungry pussy. Hekla was thrashing about now obviously approaching her climax. Freja was relentless, her hands on Isabella’s hips riding her like a dog, with each thrust Isabella’s tits swung forward and back. Sweat was glistening on all three teens pert bodies now with their exertions. Hekla needing a break pulled away then spun round on her back before sliding Head first under Isabella. Positioning her head between her legs she pulled Isabella lower, so she could suck on her clit as Freja pounded her from behind. Now lying on top of Hekla her breasts pressed into Hekla’s belly, Isabella pulled Hekla’s knees up then pushed them apart fully exposing the teen before she resumed her licking. My fingers were delving deeper into my pussy as the girls show pushed me closers to climax. Due to Isabella’s lower position Freja was having to lean forward supporting her weight with one hand as she worked the Strapon cock. The two girls beneath her were clearly approaching orgasm as their actions were becoming more frantic. Sensing this Freja slipped the pussy coated cock completely out of Isabella’s now swollen vagina, she rubbed the teens juices all over her own tight brown starfish. Shocks spread from my clit as I realised she was about to take Isabella’s tight anus. Freja leaned back and slipped one then two fingers inside, pushing in the vaginal lubricants then gripping the shaft she pressed the head against the sphincter. The teens tight muscles resisted at first, but as Freja pressed harder the head began to move then popped inside, Isabella’s ass surrendering to the violation. Briefly she lifted her head from Hekla’s pussy to gasp at the intrusion, before the pleasure overcame her. Freja gently pushed forward, the thick shaft slowly opening Isabella up. Freja withdrew slightly then pushed forward again, Isabella was arching her back wiggling her hips to accommodate the cock in her rectum. When her belly pressed against Isabella’s buttocks Freja was satisfied she had fully impaled her young lover. Now she slowly began to fuck her ass, Isabella clearly unused to anal sex looked uncomfortable despite the oral pleasure she was receiving. She continued to arch her back and shift positions to accommodate the cock in her butt. Freja although gentle was relentless, pressing the cock deep into Isabella’s distended hole, then pulling out before stretching her open again. After a minute or so Isabella although still uncomfortable had got used to it and combined with Freja’s sisters licking was about to climax. Freja sensed this and increased her pace now fucking the teens reddened hole remorselessly. With one final deep thrust Isabella screamed into Hekla’s crotch, this was enough to send Hekla over the edge too and she shuddered to a climax beneath her friend, who had collapsed onto her, the dildo slid out of her gaping red hole, the glistening pink shaft standing to attention. I suspect it was Isabella’s first anal sex and Freja knew it as she smiled with a devious grin admiring the results of her work. Grasping the shaft, she slid her hand along its length collecting the accumulated juices, before offering her hand to a Steve and me. I hesitated but Steve greedily took her three fingers in his mouth sucking then clean. Freja laughed, and ran her remaining fingers over my lips, then pushed them into my mouth. The musky scent of Isabella’s anus mixed with her sweet pussy juices pushed me to a small climax.With that the show was over, although Aaliyah, Mary and myself had experienced small climaxes, the three guys had managed to edge to the superb show without coming. All three were now rock hard though and clearly desperate for release. Whilst Hekla and Isabella were lying wrapped in each other’s arms in post orgasmic bliss, Freja still wearing her cock retrieved more beers from the fridge and handed them out before slumping on the sofa between Steve and I, her smooth sweaty thighs pressing against mine. I was just about to reach over and start fondling her tits when we heard Icelandic voices approaching.

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