Spanking Hank


Spanking HankHank is a 45 yo dark complected black guy about 6 feet 220 lbs with a Short beard who works as an auto mechanic. His tools include a nice 9 inch cut rod with a dark pointed head and big set of lug nuts he sports around and he loves to service rear ends especially white ones as he says….See you is lookin to gets yo ass spanked he said while on the phone with him. Yeah been wanting a good spanking from a black man I told him….. Yeahs I seen yo ad when you wants that ass spanked ? I’am free tonight you bouts it ? He said…..Sure Mr Hank, I addressed him as……Ok’s see you tonight bouts 8 send me the address….Yes sir will do see you then I said……All excited I started getting ready some hours later for Hank’s arrival…………….Some minutes after 8 a pickup pulled in my driveway and Hank got out , Standing at the side door he rang and I opened the door….Well hi there Mr Hank I said as he came in the kitchen door……..Hey what up with you he said looking around….Oh just was laying around in my lil attire here you like it…….Yeah you all like a lil girl in dem sissy clothes huh he said……. Put them on just for you I said….Yeah I sees that looks sexy lets see that ass he said as I bent over the counter he felt my ass thru the pink panties I had on…….Yeah that a firm ass you got as his big hand went into my panties yeah gonna spank that ass good he said reaching to undo his belt and pants….Directing him to the living room he began to remove his clothes and down to his undies and shirt he sat on the sofa.Lets see that ass some more do a lil dance for me he said, So I started strutting my stuff showing him my ass and panties and bending over in front of him as I did a lil dance for him….POP he slapped my ass on one side then the other…..I was getting turned on dancing güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri in front of the new black stranger…….He stood up after some more slaps on my ass and removed his shorts…..His beautiful black cut king dong was semi hard and he sat back down…Come on over here and get across my legs he said taking me by one arm as he positioned me …..Laying across his knees he started rubbing my ass ,My cock felt his cock and I was soon getting wet with my precum…….Smack he hit my ass with his hand center of my ass cheeks…Oh ! i said bucking forward a bit…..Yeah you want to be a lil sissy in yo panties and stuff huh he said smacking me again…..How you likes that he asked, smacking my ass again !……Yes I been Bad Mr Hank you need to punish me sir i said…..My ass was feeling hot from the spanks so far and Wham he want again on my ass…..Oh yes sir I will be good from now on please……Pop he went again on that ass as I grinded into his cock with mine …..Smack he got me again and again…..he then started to remove my panties and left me in my stockings he pulled my gown higher on my back …..Yeah that white ass is mine now he said popping me a couple more times as I winced up his cock was now hard as I felt it against mine laying across his lap…..Yeah lets see what that asshole looks like as he parted my ass and began his examination…..Yeah dats a pretty pink asshole you got hope you like black dick in it he said as he continued the spanking…….You like black dick he said as he administered another smack of my ass…..Yes sir ! yes sir ! I said as he smacked away on my burning ass! ….I was so turned on by the spanking from this black man I could barely hold it……How bout some of this black dick in your mouth you want some he said slapping güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri my ass again….Yes ,yes, yes sir I said……Yeah got that ass all red now he said…..He stopped and I moved back some to get his hard prick in my mouth laying across the long sofa…..His dick was so sweet as I ran my lips around his head and pisshole and down his head slowly……Ah yeah suck it slow jus likes that he said as he was rubbing my burning ass with his right hand…..Ah yeah you a good lil white bitch he said as I worked his pole he soon had his middle finger up my butt and I started sucking his cock harder and faster…..Yeah you likes dat finger in yo ass huh he said……MMmmmmm Yes sir Mr Hank I said as I hummed on his black prick….Yeah suk that mufffkkkaaa good he said working another finger up my butt……..MMmmmmm I hummed out as he gave me another finger and continued on his sweet dick….Yeah gonna get that ass ready and see what you all about he said….His dick was swelling in my mouth as I rubbed his nuts and worked his prick with my mouth…After some time more he removed his fingers and smacked my ass as I was blowing him……Yo you bout ready for dis dick in yo butt sissy boy he asked….Yes sir Daddy I said you the man, taking his prick out of my mouth.I got up and fetched some lube and a towel and asked how he wanted me…Get over the sofa there he said so laying on the floor I got and layed over the sofa set with my ass up doggy and he got behind me….He removed his shirt and put some lube on his finger and stuck it up my ass…..Oh I said as he rammed in a lubed finger….Yeah gonna see how you can handle my 9 with yo sissy self and he wiped his finger and got his cock pointed up to my asshole…KNOCK KNOCK he said as he put his cock head to my anus güvenilir bahis şirketleri and gave it some small shoves…..OH! SHIT your dick is big I yelled out as he went up my butt slowly…..Pull those cheeks apart he said as I reached back with both hands as I buried my face in the sofa cushion seat…His cock was a lil fatter than I thought and he soon had a good grip on my rectum and felt his cock tight around my outer ring……OH SHIT DADDY ! You getting me good I said as he poked my asshole….Gonna give it to ya real good now ya lil sissy ass bitch he said……OH OH OH !! I yelled out as he administered the ass fucking harder and longer running his 9 in and out my expanded asshole… Yeah you wanna parade around like a lil sissy girl gonna show what it’s all about he said hammering away at my asshole with his black prick….My balls soon started to ache and the ass fuck he was giving me soon had me on the firing line….AH shit bout to cum I said …you making me cum daddy I said to Hank….Go ahead get your load out there he said as he got my prostate so good my load flew out onto the towel below as he continued to work on my asshole……Spanking Hank continued to enjoy my white ass grabbing my ass cheeks as he watched his black prick go in and out of my hole….Yeah like to see this black dick go in and outs yo ass as he looked down at his prick pistoning in and out my anus…..Give it to me daddy I said …….You like dis black dick sissy boy he said…. Hell Yeah fuck that white ass good I said…..Shove that black prick right up my ass…..Soon after some more stabs at my hole Hank Hollered out you ready fo dis nut in yo butt…..Give me that baby I said out loud as he shoved it deeper and held it there fast feeling his load flood my asshole and ooze out as he removed his 9 from my asshole…..How was dat dick sissy boy he said with a whew wiping his spent cock with a towel….You give a fantastic ass fuck and spanking daddy I told him…He cleaned up dressed had a beer and now wants to hire on as my personal proctologist and wants me to be his regular sissy bitch when he calls he said….

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