Special Collections Section


The countdown alarm went off loudly, signalling an end to the fifth round on the heavy bag. It was the late afternoon, I’d done a session of HIIT at the gym, followed by an hour of boxing practice. After showering and putting on a clean shirt and jeans, I picked my bag up from the locker room and headed to the library. I went down the steps to the basement level, which had variety of spaces – from individual workstations and four-seater booths to private niches and discussion rooms.

I had booked a discussion room in advance, as the mid-term was a busy period with tests and first batch of assignments due. I wasn’t expecting any company, however. I wanted some privacy and a couple of hours of quietude. Booking a whole room to myself at such a time seems selfish, but I know people exploit the library worse than I do.

I swiped my uni ID card at the door and let myself in. I hooked my laptop up to the large-screen LED in the room and settled down. Over the next hour-and-a-half, I worked my way down a rabbit hole of literature review. Through the striped, frosted plate glass walls I observed silhouettes of people passing by from time to time. I had just sat down after doing some stretches when the door beeped and a woman let herself in, a trolley luggage bag in tow. I wasn’t expecting an intrusion, as my ID was the only way anyone could get in the room.

“Um…” I began, addressing the lady’s back as she tried to close the door as quietly as possible.

Then my unanticipated visitor turned around and I saw that it was one of the new library staff. I’d first spotted her at the reception, sometime within the first couple of weeks of the semester. She stood out as the only brown woman amongst all of the library employees. I saw her every now and then, and figured she was probably a part-timer, hired to fill in a couple of gaps in staffing. What she was doing in my discussion room this evening was still a mystery.

“Oh hi, sorry to barge in on you like this. I needed a quiet place and I saw you were the only person using this room, so I used my staff privileges to let myself in.” she said, flashing me a bright smile and her ID. Her name was Dini. “Hope you don’t mind sharing the space.”

I couldn’t very well say no. She could get me kicked out of the discussion room, on the grounds that it wasn’t permitted for just one person to hog the space. I acquiesced, a bit grudgingly. Dini sat down on the chair across the table and pulled out a dozen books from the suitcase, along with a laptop. She started flipping through the pages of one of the books, intermittently pausing to type for a few seconds on her computer.

Over the next hour she went through three of the books this way. She was quiet, which suited me just fine. Another hour and I was done with my reading for the day. Dini was in the process of going through the fifth book, and I could tell she was getting either bored or tired. Possibly both. My curiosity got the better of me.

“So what is it that you’re doing with these books?” I asked.

She looked up from behind the laptop screen.

“These books were recently acquired by the library, for the special collections section. I’m trying to go through them and figure out the tags to associate with them on the online database, so that people researching those subjects can find them easily” she explained, rubbing her eyes.

“Tiring gig?”

“Yeah, but I need to go through all of these before tomorrow, or my newly-interning ass is on the line. The way things are going, however, I might have to stay here the whole night.”

I looked over at the spines of the books. The titles implied they were ancient treatises on a civilisation long gone.

“How about I help you out with tagging them?”

Dini raised her eyebrows. “Are you serious?”

“Sure. The books look interesting, I’m a fast reader, and together we can work through them quicker than you can by yourself.”

“What’s the catch?” she asked, narrowing her eyes.

“You get me access to book the discussion rooms all to myself, for the whole day, throughout the next week.”

Dini considered this for a couple of seconds. “I guess I can do that.”


I pulled up a chair next to Dini and we began going through the books together. Over the next two hours we went through six books together. Some were really bland, boring texts, but then we got down to the final two volumes. These were about the personal lives of upper-class and rich denizens of that civilisation, pieced together from archaeological artefacts and translated texts. There were accounts of their weird and outlandish sex lives and orgies, accompanied by illustrations. History almost morphed into erotica, and it looked like the authors really took their time describing the juicier aspects of what went on in throne rooms, private harems and dungeons, even royal kitchens, temples, and — during periods of war — inside the tents of high-ranking military officers on the battlefield.

I bahis firmaları found myself progressing slower through this tome than the previous ones, and looking over at Dini, saw that she was getting distracted too. She glanced at me and smiled, looking rather embarrassed. I raised my eyebrows in a well-what-do-you-know expression and got back to reading. After a quarter-hour I got distracted by what sounded like soft, swishing noises. I looked up and saw that Dini’s lips were parted, and she seemed absorbed in a particular paragraph. She was twisting a lock of hair between her fingers.

A slight movement under the table caught my eye — Dini had her legs pressed shut and was gently rubbing them together. The nylon of her hose was making those sounds, amplified by the quietness of the room. I quickly looked back down at my book, lest she catch me watching her.

But after a minute I realised she was totally engrossed in her book, and glanced down under the table again. Her nyloned legs were still rubbing up against each other, and the hem of her skirt had ridden slightly up her thighs. I discreetly looked over at what she was reading: it was about a noblewoman’s sexual escapade with her personal guard, in the cellar of her house. Dini suddenly cleared her throat and flipped the page. I hastily looked away.

Again, after a few minutes I heard the friction of nylons. I peeked. She was still twirling a lock of hair with one hand, but the other one was no longer on the table — it was under it. I couldn’t see what her hand was doing under there, but going by the sound of something rubbing slowly against fabric, she must be stroking her legs. Down the entire length of the thigh, slowly up to the hip and back down. The swishing nylon, thigh stroking, lock curling and her half-open mouth with its full lips started giving me ideas.

I imagined what it’d be like if I slid down in my chair, under the table and started kissing Dini’s legs, while she was still reading. I’d explore with my lips from the tip of her shoes to the hem of her skirt. Then I’d slide my hands under it and run them up and down the sides, eventually prying her legs apart slowly at the knees. I kiss and lick my way up her inner thighs till I got to her mound — no doubt all swollen with arousal. I’d tear open the seams at the crotch, just enough to slide my tongue in and start lapping away at her pussy lips.

My head would be enveloped by her legs, clamping on it like a vice. I’d eat her out under the table, while she fantasized about being the noblewoman in the story and getting fucked — bent over a wine cask in the cellar. At some point, I’d insert my fingers into her warm sex, curling them up inside and rubbing the upper wall of her vagina. I’d finger, kiss and suck away until she started spasming and soaked my beard with her juices. Then I’d come out from under the table, bend her over the chair’s arm and fuck her just like her fantasy…

Dini cleared her throat again and that brought me out of my trance. Flipping the book shut, she asked me if I was done with mine. I said I was almost done.

“I’m gonna head down to the special collections section and start racking these books up on the shelves.” she told me.

“Give me a couple of minutes. I’ll be right behind you.”

She put the books inside her trolley bag and went down. I took a few minutes to let my erection subside, gathered up my things and then followed her. It was almost closing time for the library, and in the part of the building where the special collections section was housed, there seemed to be no-one else. I peered in through the sliding glass doors that were currently shut. The lights inside were dimmed. I rang the bell at the reception outside. The doors slid open and I heard Dini from a distance.

“In here!”

I set my bag down and walked down the rows of shelves. More than half of the sealed, controlled-atmosphere section was taken up by the glass-enclosed bookshelves, with the remainder of the space given to a carpeted reading area with couches and long tables with overhanging lamps. I found Dini between the shelves near the reading area. She’d put already put a bunch of books on the shelves.

“How did you open the doors for me while you were here?” I asked, puzzled.

She showed me an app on her phone which people working in the section could use to lock and unlock the sliding doors. She said this was the only way anyone could get in and out of the space.

“I’ve put back half the books we went through, but the others need to go in the higher shelves.”

Dini then asked me to get the small ladder from the adjacent shelf. I did and was starting to climb up it when she stopped me.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to shelf these books. You don’t know the library cataloguing system and my boss will chew my ears off if the books weren’t in order. Let me climb up and you can hand the books to me.” she said.

With that, she took her shoes off kaçak iddaa and gingerly climbed up on the ladder herself. I held it steady as her feet went up the steps. On the top step, the hem of the skirt was about a foot above my face. It was all I could do not to look up her beautiful, thick legs. I started handing her the books one by one. She would puzzle over their positions, rack them and then come back down. Then we’d move to a different shelf where she’d get up the ladder again and put back another book. We repeated the process till we got to the last couple which we’d been reading. Dini went up the steps, and stared at the cover of the book she’d been rubbing her legs to earlier.

“Yeah those two books were… interesting.” I offered.

“Umm… yeah.” she said, coming out of her reverie.

“I think I might have had some trouble not getting stuck reading a couple of passages.”

She looked down at me, with a curious look on her face.

“Yeah? Which ones?”

“The ones where they explain how some royals and noblewomen would sometimes exploit their positions to enter into sexual relationships with the people who’d sworn to serve them. I liked reading about the power play and learning that it wasn’t purely a male domain of actions.”

“Yeah… I think I got lost reading a couple of such passages myself.” she giggled.

Encouraged, I pushed on. “I like reading such accounts where the woman initiates sex. I uh… read and write erotica myself, and reading the female perspective gives me valuable insight. Even inspiration.”

Dini put the last book away, but she didn’t step down.

“Erotica huh? What kind do you write about?”

“Well, mostly about friends and strangers coming together unexpectedly, but organically. If I’m being honest… the situation we’re in right now would be a great set-up to a story.”

She considered this for a moment.

“So tell me – if we’re characters in such a story, what would happen next?”

“Let’s see… Maybe you catch me staring up your legs when you’re on top of the ladder and decide to punish me by sitting on my face and ordering me to make you cum using my mouth. Or maybe you trip and fall when coming down the steps, pulling me down with you. I end up on top and you realise I have an erection from staring at your legs and I realise you’re wet from reading all the naughty stuff earlier.”

Dini smirked slightly. “An erection from staring at my legs?”

“And also from listening to you rubbing them together earlier, the swishing of the nylon making me fantasise all sorts of things. I’m sure I’m not the first person to tell you that you have great legs.”

The smirk grew wider. “Go on.”

“The woollen pullover you’re wearing is stretched across your chest, and anyone with even an ounce of imagination can figure out what lies underneath. And I’ve got tonnes of imagination.”

She laughed. “Okay. What happens next?”

“You see the hungry look in my eyes and pull my head in for a deep, passionate kiss.”

“You mean the look that’s been on your face ever since I walked into the discussion room this evening?”

“Guilty.” I smiled.

“Finish the story.”

“Well, soon our clothes are off. You push me down to tend to your engorged pussy, and after I’ve given you a couple of orgasms, you turn around and guide my cock inside you. I end up fucking you against the bookshelves, your tits squished against the glass. After I’m done, we put our clothes back on and walk out of the library, never to see each other again.”

Still smiling, Dini slowly started coming down the steps.

“Well, I think the story has a couple of major flaws. First, it’s so cliché, a student fucking the librarian.”

She climbed down the ladder until her face was just above mine.

“Secondly, against the bookshelves? I thought you said you had an imagination.”

She knelt down and put her arms on my shoulders. Leaning her face in, she kissed me — gently at first, brushing her lips against mine a couple of times, then locking them together for a long, open-mouthed kiss. As she pulled away, she stroked my bottom lip with the tip of her tongue. I felt my balls tighten. My cock starting lengthening again.

“Thirdly, I know you visit this library often, and I’m not going anywhere, so we’re definitely gonna be doing more of this.”

With that, she jumped down from the ladder on my torso and locked her legs over my back. The impulse of her weight made me take a couple of steps backwards. I slide my hands under Dini’s ass to support her. We locked lips again, more hungrily this time. Our tongues played with each other, coyly at first, then like long-lost lovers. I tightened my abs and pressed her hips into my body till I could feel the warmth of her mons on my belly. She moaned and ground her sex on me. I turned her around and pressed her up against the glass shelf. Dini suddenly broke the kiss.

“Not here. The reading area.”

I nodded, panting. Planting kaçak bahis my mouth just above her clavicle, I navigated to one of the long desks as I looked over her shoulder. She peppered the side of my head with smooches all the way. I got the the desk and laid her down on it, on her back. Then I got up on it myself. She scooted her ass up as I straddled her and leaned over. I kissed down her jawline, the side and the crook of her neck before moving past the clavicle as far as my fingers could stretch the collar of her pullover.

I rose up to let her pull her top off, revealing a satiny black bra. I ran the index finger of my either hand down the inside of the straps, over the edges of the cups, down her cleavage, then back up. I kept this tease up until she got impatient and pulled the bra down, freeing her breasts. They lay invitingly on her heaving chest, the chocolate-brown areolae covered in goosebumps, the nipples puffed up. The reading lamp lit all her curves in titillating contrast.

Dini didn’t need to tell me what to do. My lips kissed, licked and sucked their way to the stiff nubs. My hands cupped, squeezed and kneaded the smooth flesh. She moaned deeply and gripped the edge of the desk behind her head, while her other hand grabbed the base of my skull, pushing down on it insistently. I flicked the tip of my tongue across the nipple before nibbling naughtily around it. Dini gasped and threw her head back as my teeth ever-so-gently brushed up against the nub. I kept up my oral ministrations on her tits as one of my hands snaked its way up her side and under her neck. Grabbing a fistful of hair, I slowly but deliberately tugged on it. With a final flick, I trailed the tip of my tongue up her chest, neck and jaw, pulling my mouth right next to her ear, and whispered,

“Show me what that mouth can do.”

I dismounted her and climbed off the table. My hand was still gripping her hair so she slid down the table with me, and landed on her knees in front of my crotch. Dini wasted no time unzipping my pants and sliding them down along with my boxers. My throbbing cock sprang free and she engulfed it with her mouth. Her lips slid down all the way to the base before coming up to the tip. She pulled the foreskin back and licked the sensitive ridge under the glans, making my hips buck. I groaned. Then, with one hand at the base of my shaft and the other one on top of my thigh, Dini started jacking me off with her lips. My hand gripping her hair guided her head into a rhythm I felt comfortable with. Her mouth would suck on the way down my cock and her tongue would slide along the base on the way up.

Here I was, getting blown by a beautiful brown librarian, in this hallowed store of rare academic literature, under the same reading lamps by the light of which a doctoral candidate or a tenured professor must’ve been poring over invaluable tomes not even an hour ago. The wet slurping noises coming of Dini’s mouth reverberated in this large, isolated space. A trickle of saliva flowed out of the corner of her mouth, dripping slowly down from her chin. My dark cock glistened under the diffuse yellow lighting.

My grip at the base of her skull loosened, and my hand moved to the front of her face to brush away stray locks of hair as she looked up at me. Her hand moved from the front to the back of my thigh, the tips of her fingers massaging my taint. Her other hand gently squeezed and fondled my balls. I realised I wouldn’t last very long if she kept this up. I grabbed the side of her neck and gently pulled her bobbing head away from my cock.

I stood Dini up and turned her around before pushing her down on the desk. I spread her nyloned legs open with my knee. I dropped down, bringing my face at level with her engorged mound. Even with the crotch of her hose covering it, I could sense the emanating warmth, smell her musk. I rubbed her pussy through the silken nylon. As she groaned, I moved my mouth up to the waistband of her hose and bit on it. Slowly, I pulled it down with my teeth. Inch by inch, the coffee-coloured skin of her ass came into view. Sliding it down to just under the curve of her butt, I pulled the gusset of her panties to the side. I leaned in and inhaled her arousal.

I stuck the tip of my tongue out and circled it around her labia, eliciting a long, deep moan from her. This switched to a high-pitched squeal as I latched my mouth on to her pussy lips. Placing my hands on her ass cheeks and prying them apart, I felt her body shudder as I licked up from her clit to her taint. On the way back down, the tip of my tongue slipped between the folds, sampling her juices. I kept administering long and deliberate lick until she reached back and pushed my face into her vulva while she ground her sex on my mouth.

I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out flat. Her sensitive nipples rubbed against the hard, wooden desk. A mix of my saliva and her juices crept slowly down the inside of her either leg. Soon, her grinding became jerky and her breathing became rapid, spasmodic. Dini’s moans reached a crescendo as she came on my face. My tongue pressed into her swollen mound, I massaged and caressed her smooth skin till she came back down from the peak.

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