Spill milk

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Spill milkI use the city bus to get to work and do errands. I see a lot of guys that I would just love to have them lay a whole yard of cock in me. Now the kind of guys I like are the geeky glass wearing, nerdy pencil thin stature, introvert computer dweebs. I just find them attractive because I know there is a lot of deviant sex fantasies going through their minds when they are sitting at their boring desk jobs filling up the hours of their mundane lives.One late fall afternoon, I accidently dropped my bag of groceries right after I got off the bus. I bent down to pick up the plastic pint of milk when the handle broke off crashing to the ground only to have the milk splash up to my neck. I was so embarrassed so I quickly took out a tissue from my purse and wiped off the milk that was streaming down my neck running straight down my cleavage. All of a sudden, this guy helped me pick up my groceries and I recognize him as a regular on the bus. I saw his hazel eyes beam at me through his dark rimmed glasses as I thanked him for his help.After that day I started to fantasize about him on a nightly basis and used his image as the focus of my masturbation sessions. Each time I inserted my dildo into my tight ass I would imagine him ramming me from the back.Each morning, I would pick an empty seat to sit in and place my purse next to me so no one would sit with me until the bus pulled up to the bus stop of the guy with the dark rimmed glasses. I would immediately place my purse on my lap and hoped he would sit next to me. I would stare straight ahead expressionless in order to ensure I would not look desperate at my attempt for this guy to fuck me silly. But he would never sit next to me. So after a week and a half I stopped using him as my focus for my nightly masturbation sessions.Then, one day I got off the bus and started walking straight to my apartment, I felt a slight tug at my arm. I turned around swiftly ready to stare down the person who was attempting to assault me. To my fucking surprise it was the guy in the dark rimmed glasses. I guess he saw my mad stare and he kinda backed away a bit and then he explained that I left my scarf on the bus. He recognized my scarf since I was wearing it that day he helped me pick up my groceries. Talk about a god given opportunity for me to take him home and have him screw me up against the bathroom wall. But I wanted to play it cool. So I asked him if I could buy him a drink since it would be my way of thanking him for helping bursa escort me with the grocery incident and returning my scarf to me. Of course he accepted, I could see that fuck hungry look in his eyes. He knew he was going to get some by the way I arched my back and pointed my tits right in his face.After I bought him a gin and tonic, I found out he was an accountant working “for the same god-damned company for 9yrs”. I ordered a pink zinfandel. To my surprise this pencil pusher was kinda funny and if you can make me laugh well you certainly got me sopping up my panties. I finished off my 3rd glass of pink zin and he finished his drink I bought for him. I was nicely buzzed, the kind of buzz where I would be a good lay since I would be up for anything. He said he wanted to walk me home since it was getting late. I awkwardly mumbled something about pink zin being my favorite beverage after a long day, he responded by saying “a mouth full of pink pussy was a way he liked to end any day of the week.” I immediately rubbed my tits up against him and said” I was ready and willing to end his day right.”He stared straight at me and said nothing, then he forcefully grabbed my hand and we headed straight out the door.I told him I lived right around the corner, he said “no” sternly and then he leaned up to the side of my ear and deeply whispered “I want to fuck you hard because I want to hear you moan and beg loudly for cock, I have a sound proof bedroom at my place.” I was too tipsy and too horny to disagree so I let him lead me to his place.As soon as we got there I started to paw at his crotch. He grabbed my hand forcefully and twisted it behind my back. I started to breathe hard, quickly and deeply since I liked the way he was dominating me. He then said “I thought you were a heartless bitch by the way you never would return my glances, but now I see you for what you are…. a hungry cunt, drooling for cock”. I was so turned on because he seemed like such the passive type. We headed straight for the sound proof master bedroom.He immediately pushed me up against the wall next to his bed and told me “I love your tits especially when I saw the milk all over your chest that day you dropped your groceries, I would fantasize titty fucking you everytime I rode the bus that week.”I told him he could titty fuck me if he would fuck me up the ass hard. So I quickly led him to his bed and straddled him. But before I could start grinding on his crotch, he tore a whole in crotch of bursa escort bayan my pantyhose for easy access. He started calling me an easy fucking cow and I started getting off on it. He kept calling me drunk cunt over and over and was just getting off on it. I finally said fuck you and grabbed his adams apple. He quickly pushed me off his crotch and onto the bed and flipped me over. I looked back at him a started laughing up at him. He was behind me and put his full weight on my back and said the following “I wanted to fuck you the first time I saw you, not because of how you looked but because you seemed like a fucking bitch!” He kept calling me filthy fucking bitch in my ear as he started rubbing my clit and eventually finger fucking me with 3 fingers. I started calling him a fucking asshole and he told me to scream it louder since no one could hear. Each time he shoved his fingers into my pussy I started to cream more and more. He then said fuck this, and he took out his beautiful throbbing cock and started fucking me. He said he needed to lubricate his cock since he was going to stick it up my ass. I started laughing at him and asked him if he knew how. Then without a moments noticed he said, “If you only knew” and he gave a hard deep thrusts of his cock right in my ass. I starting screaming and all the while kept saying with every other thrust, “I knew you were a screamer” I was begging for it, “more, harder, faster.” Then he stopped. I started going crazy because I was on the verge of cumming. I turned around and was about to slap him across the face when he grabbed my hand and pushed me on the bed. He quickly maneuvered himself on top of me and used my scarf to tie my hands to his bed post, then he pushed my tits together and started to tit fuck me. He started to call me an easy cow and I was getting off because he was calling me an easy cow and because he was tit fucking hard. I started screaming with fucking delight as he was getting ready to cum. He stopped tit fucking me and quickly started to jack off and within seconds his load was all over my face, hair and of course my neck and chest. His grunting turned me the fuck on. After he came, he knew I still needed to get off. So he went into his bathroom and I heard water running. I was drunk with alcohol and drunk with the fuck session that we just had. Moments later, I felt a towel wiping my hair and face and slowly wiping my neck and chest and he whispered, just like that day with the milk.He escort bursa then sat next to me and untied my hands from the bedpost and propped me up against him and he placed me on his crotch. I felt his limp dick pressed against my vagina and I said “I don’t think you can play, your soft” He pulled me close and whispered in my ear, “Not for long, now rub those pussy lips against my groin area you snobby bitch.” I moaned and smiled as I looked into those hazel eyes and obliged his request. I started to feel waves of wetness soaking directly into his crotch and I knew he felt it too since he commented “Its real easy to turn your faucet on”. I said to him “fuck you” as I slapped him across the face. I was eager for his reaction. And what a fucking reaction it was. He was surprised at first and then he grabbed my hair and pulled it back with my head following the direction of the pull. He had a fist full of my hair and I was on my back. I begged him sweetly for a kiss and I apologized for being such a snobby bitch.. He leaned in to kiss me and his kisses were soft. I started to kiss him and then we started to deeply kiss, all the while he is rubbing his cock up against my clit and he still has his fist full of my hair. I then bite down hard on his lip drawing blood, he fucking screams straight into my face and immediately I feel his dick harden up. I laugh at him. But then in one swift motion, he slips his huge bulging cock into my pussy and starts to bang me hard. At first I take him all in and I moan with pleasure since this is what I want, I wanted this badly. I think he will cum in a 10 minutes but he straight fucks me for 20 minutes. I know because he had digital clock by his bed and he noticed me glancing over at it and said “Take this cock bitch since this is what you wanted, I wont cum for awhile so I suggest you get comfortable and wait for me to cum” I begged him to fuck me from behind or let me ride him. He said“fuck no” and after awhile ignored me and just looked straight at me when I beggted, I was never fucked 20 minutes non-stop. I came twice in that 20 minute session and before that night I never came while I was being fucked lying on my back. I was so wet and he wouldn’t give into my pleas for other positions that he could fuck me or for him to stop, he had that smug smile that just kept me getting wetter and wetter. We fucked throughout the whole night and before I went home at 5am we did end the session with him having a mouth full of pink pussy. Needless to say I called in sick that day in order rest my stretched out pussy and asshole. I still see him on the bus and on occasion when he has had a bad day he takes me to the bar to have a drink and a whole night of hard core fucking.

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