Spinal Meningitis is No Joke Ch. 07


Author’s Note: Hey, guys. I am still really new at this. As an eager new author, I have suffered from premature submission. As a result, the first two chapters of this story were far shorter than I thought they would be. I also completely screwed up chapter 5 and had to put in a substantially edited version. I understand that editing a story that is already published takes more time and effort than processing a new one, so I have already put an unfair burden on the diligent editors at Literotica. I will try to do a better job.

I do appreciate all the feedback. Just knowing people enjoy sharing these little fantasies of mine makes the effort worthwhile. -Lexx


“Yes, ma’am,” I said to Leanne, just as my sister opened the front door. Leanne opened her mouth, but I continued, “I promise, I won’t embarrass you.”

Leanne searched my eyes, then nodded and said, “Good. Let’s go.”

We walked down the driveway, and I realized we were walking up to Steve’s car. Steve’s badass Mustang GT Turbo convertible, that is. I was a little surprised to see it.

“Steve lets you drive his car without him?” I asked.

Beth and Leanne both looked at me before Beth said, “Oh, right. You don’t know. Steve sold the car to Leanne’s parents before he went off to college. He didn’t want it to look like he got a gift from a booster, or people thinking his parents were rich, so he basically traded cars with Leanne, and her parents paid, what?”

“Six hundred bucks,” Leanne answered.

“That’s a good deal,” I said.

“Yeah,” Leanne said flatly. She saw me looking at her as she unlocked the driver’s side door. She blew out a long breath before saying, “Now, every time I drive anywhere, I get reminded that my perfect high school boyfriend left my ass behind to go be a football star at LSU.”

I jerked when I heard that; for a few reasons: I had never heard Leanne say anything with the bitterness I had just heard in her voice. Leanne and Steve broke up? Never saw that one coming. LSU? I thought he was going to one of the Big Ten schools like Michigan or Ohio State. Leanne is single!! That had my head in a fog, so I was a little slow when Beth opened the passenger side door.

I started to get in the back seat, but Beth stepped in first. I started to get in the back seat with her, but then she pulled the passenger seat back. I think I just stood there for a good ten seconds looking at the passenger seat.

“You coming?” Leanne’s voice got me moving. Once I sat down in the passenger seat and had to scoot it back to accommodate my legs, I realized I probably wouldn’t have fit in the back seat anyway. “Sorry,” I mumbled as we got going.

The whole trip to the mall, I was lost in thought, staring out the window. Leanne had dropped a lot on me there, in front of the house.

“I love Beth to death. She is the nicest person I have ever met, and she is my best friend. But she has the worst taste in men. Every guy she has dated has been complete shit. The two girls in college, too…

“For the next week, she isn’t your sister. I’m letting you fuck my best friend…Josh, I want you so badly right now. I wanted to jump you in the pool and then in the shower after. But Beth needs you now. So we’re both going to wait. Eventually, she will offer to share you with me. And then we will get to do everything you’ve ever wanted to do with me. But if you mess this up for Beth, if you hurt her…”

Damn. My mind went back…my sister was running to her room crying uncontrollably. Leanne went running after to comfort her. Nobody would tell me anything, except, I now realized, when a week or so later she was no longer dating the guy she had been with.

I felt my muscles clenching, my jaw setting and my right hand forming a fist. That son of a bitch. Wait, it had happened twice. Those sonsabitches. I was trying to remember who they were, when I was jolted out of it.

Oh, man. Steve had settled both of those scores. The second, in particular, stuck out, because Steve basically kicked the guy off the varsity football team. If I had tried to do anything to settle up for my sister, that guy would have squashed me like a grape.

I realized I still had my fist clenched, and released it. The muscles in my forearm cramped up, then. It hurt like hell. I shook my hand and forearm in front of me rubbing it and saying, “Ow! Ow! Ow! Cramp!”

It occurred to me that I hadn’t taken any of my supplements since leaving the hospital. I hadn’t even taken vitamins with breakfast. I eventually worked the cramp out, about the time we arrived at the mall.

We went to three different stores, and the girls made me model way too many swimsuits. I would step out, make a show of turning around, and they would quietly catcall the whole time. Beth’s eyes lit up, and her gaze was all over my body every time.

I kept finding myself alone in a dressing room and pondering, “Can I actually go through with it? Can I actually fuck my sister?” Then I would recall the deadly serious expression escort buca on Leanne’s face and think, “Is there any way I can NOT do it now?”

The last store was a surf shop, and two girls who worked there joined Lynne and my sister in enjoying the show. A couple of the swimsuits were skin-tight and left nothing to the imagination. Lynne had picked them out. When I balked at trying them on, all four girls egged me on, not letting me get a word out.

So, of course I found myself standing in the little dressing room, looking at my reflection and my beet-red face. I looked like a guilty sausage smuggler. There was no way in hell I was stepping out dressed like this.

“Josh, have you got that swimsuit on yet?” I heard Beth asking.

“Yeah, but I’m not stepping out—”

One of the shop girls unlocked the door and yanked me out by my arm! I tried shielding my crotch from their gaze with my hands. Leanne then piped in with, “Come on, Josh. We can’t tell how it fits like that.” She raised her arms and turned, indicating what I needed to do. I did as she wished, raising both arms and turning. I could feel heat radiating from my face.

“Holy shit,” the shop girl who hadn’t yanked me out of the dressing room said, “That’s not real, is it?”

“Are we done yet?” I asked with my back to them, “There’s no way I’d ever wear this anyway. If Mom saw me in this swimsuit, we’d be taking HER to the hospital.”

I stepped into the dressing room and closed the door behind me. My head jerked up when I heard the younger store clerk say, “Wait, is that Josh Thompson?!?” I stood in the dressing room listening intently, not sure what this meant.

I pictured the girl in my mind, and didn’t recognize her at all…wait…her name tag read “Emily.” It finally registered; Emily was a girl from my high school, but she had been a year behind me. The attractive young woman standing outside that dressing room door bore almost no resemblance to the skinny, shy girl I could barely remember. She went on.

“Wow, that’s amazing. I didn’t recognize him at all! When did he get out of the coma?”

“Coma?” the other shop girl chimed in.

“Almost a month ago,” my sister spoke up, “He’s been in recovery and physical therapy ever since. We just got to bring him home yesterday morning. I’m Beth, by the way. I’m his older sister.”

“I’m Leanne. I’m his home health care provider for this summer.”

The girls both laughed at that, of course. Everybody knew who Leanne was.

“Are you both at Central High, then?” my sister asked.

The older girl said, “I graduated the year after you guys did. Emily will be a senior this fall.”

Leanne knocked on the dressing room door then. “Have you got that last suit on?”

I almost whined out “Do I have to?” but managed instead to say, “Not yet, just a second.”

I looked at the flimsy little garment in my hand, shaking my head as I shed the previous suit. This was really thin, stretchy black-and-white fabric with a zebra stripe pattern. It was not only skin-tight, but it had to stretch to accommodate my thighs and package. I looked at my bright red face, and then I got a little annoyed.

Four attractive women wanted to check me out. Why the hell am I not enjoying this? Let’s give the ladies a show, Josh! I pulled out my cock and waved it around, letting it fill and swell before tucking it down the left leg of the…man, it’s not “swim trunks,” what do they call these?

“Are you ready now?”

I stepped out, raised my arms wide, and moved my hips from side to side as I turned in front of them. All four women sucked in their breath. This time, it was their faces that turned red. None of them were looking at my face.

When I had turned all the way around and was facing them again, I dropped my hands to my hips. I could feel my cock throbbing against the thin fabric, and four sets of eyes were glued to it. I noticed other people in the store were starting to look my direction, and decided to bring the show to a close.

“I think that’s enough of a show,” I said softly, “people are starting to stare.”

As the girls all looked around, I turned back in to the dressing room. Stripping off the shorts, I looked at my reflection. My face, neck and shoulders were still bright red, even though I didn’t feel embarrassed. I pressed three fingers of my right hand into the skin of my left shoulder. White finger marks turned quickly back to red after I pulled my hand away.

Oh, boy.

I had sunburned myself in the pool. I quickly pulled on my shorts, and opened the door. I handed the five swimsuits to my sister and said, “You and Leanne pick a winner. I’m going to finish getting dressed.”

I pulled on my shirt, socks and shoes, then messed with my hair for a bit. When I walked toward the counter, Beth had already paid and held the shopping bag. The four women were talking in that hushed tone I was beginning to recognize. I stopped and looked at some snorkeling gear, trying to buca escort bayan eavesdrop.

It was no use; the background noise of the mall was just too much. Whatever conspiracy they had cooked up, I would have no warning when they put it in motion. I walked up to the counter. Looking at Emily, it really amazed me to see how much she had grown.

“I have to say, Emily, I honestly didn’t recognize you at all. You look amazing,” she blushed at my words and murmured, “Thanks.”

“It’s so weird,” I continued, “I was a year ahead of you. Now I’ll be a year behind you when we go back to school.”

“Oh, that’s not going to happen,” Leanne spoke up, “You’re going to knock out every one of those placement tests this summer. Even if we have to duct-tape you to a chair to force you to study.”

“Yeah,” Beth chimed in. She looked like she was about to go on, but then we all heard Leanne mutter, “I can’t be dating a high school kid for two years.”

I heard that, and for a second I thought my skull was going to explode. Fortunately, it didn’t. Both girls behind the counter looked stunned. Emily looked deflated. If Leanne was staking a claim, there was no competing with that.

Just then, though, Beth burst out with, “No way! You can’t date my little brother! That would be too weird.”

“You’re telling me who I can date, now?”

I raised both hands in front of me. “Whoa. You two need to calm the heck down. Maybe you should just auction me off to the highest bidder, since you seem to think you’re in charge of who I get to date.”

I realized that was a dumb thing to say. Particularly when they looked intrigued at the notion.

“That was a joke!” I turned to Emily, put out my hand to take hers, and said, “Emily. Great to see you again.” I looked at the other girl’s nametag, “Janine. Very nice to meet you.” I couldn’t hear their response over Beth and Leanne arguing behind me. I flashed a grin, rolled my eyes, and put an arm over my sister’s shoulder and another around Leanne’s waist as I guided them out of the store. Behind me, I heard Emily say, “Good to have you back, Josh.”

I leaned down, putting my head between my sister’s and Leanne’s and said, “Not to sound like a baby, but I realized after the little show back there, I have a really bad sunburn. I need to get some aloe on it before it gets worse.”

Beth looked at my neck, “Oh, wow that looks really bad. Sorry, I forgot to even mention it. We keep the sunscreen in that little cabinet by the back door now.”

I turned to Leanne then, “Look, I know you told Mom that we’d eat out, but this is starting to hurt. Think we could stop at the house first?” She looked thoughtful for a bit as we continued walking through the mall. When we reached the exit to the parking lot, she said, “How about if we stop off at my folks’ house instead? It’s a little closer, and then we can go grab some dinner.”

“Sounds good,” I said. Leanne stepped away with a hand over her ear as she called. Beth was looking at me. I could read her “What’s going on?” expression.

“I think Leanne promised Mom she could have some ‘quality time’ with Dad while we’re out.”

“Oh,” Beth said, then, “Ew.” We grinned at each other, waiting on Leanne.

I had only seen Leanne’s parents a handful of times. They were a few years older than my parents. Leanne’s mom had a timeless beauty to her. She would have been right at home on the silver screen back in the 1940’s—a leading lady, older, but still in her prime.

Leanne’s dad, a big bear of a man, was starting to show a bit of a gut now. I remember him towering over me, but now when I shook his hand, we were eye-to-eye. “Wow, Josh!” he said, “You look great, son! How are you feeling?”

“I feel like an idiot, right now, sir,” I said as we walked into the house. “Going swimming without sunscreen on my pale backside? Not a great move.”

He let out a deep, rumbling chuckle at that one. “Have a seat over here, Josh. The girls will take care of that for you.”

I sat in a dining room chair, pulled back from the table enough that they would have access to my torso. I pulled my shirt off when I saw Leanne approaching with a tube of aloe. Her parents both winced when they saw my now-scarlet shoulders and upper arms. “Ooh. That’s going to hurt a while,” her dad said.

The aloe was soothing, a blessed relief as soft hands spread it over my shoulders, my neck and my back. They had me lean back so they could spread it over my chest and arms.

“Wow, you’ve really been working out,” Leanne’s mom said. Her dad added, “Are you planning to play football this fall?”

“I honestly hadn’t thought about it, sir. To be fair, I never lifted weights in my life until I was rehabbing in the hospital. With this growth spurt, and all the time I was out, though, I’m still pretty uncoordinated. I can’t say I would be good enough. Besides,” I grinned at him, then. “I’d have to clear it with my home health care professional first.”

Leanne managed buca escort to stop short of slapping me on the shoulder. I probably deserved it for being a smart-ass. Instead she roughed up my hair and said, “Got to walk before you run, Josh. You’re at least a month away from being strong enough for two-a-days, and those start in two weeks.”

It was something for me to think about, though. Before I got sick, I wouldn’t even have thought about trying out for the football team. Now, they all seemed to think I should. Beth was the only one not on board with it. She spoke up after a thoughtful pause.

“I don’t think that’s a great idea, Josh. We won’t have that much time this summer, and you really do need to work placing out of those junior classes. I don’t want to be the party pooper; I’m sure you’d be a great football player now.”

We wound up having dinner with Leanne’s folks instead of going out. Leanne evidently had her own apartment across town now. She did still visit home frequently, but there was some catching up for them to do as a family. It was a nice, quiet family dinner with friends. I sat thinking about that, and then started in my seat.

Friends! I hadn’t seen Mark or Seth since I came out of the coma a month ago. I could almost hear Seth’s sardonic voice in my head, “Look at Josh. So wrapped up in the poontang, he doesn’t have time for his best friends anymore.” That voice was right, of course.

I leaned over to Beth and whispered, “I just realized. I really need to go visit Mark and Seth tomorrow.”

She looked at me for a moment, and then nodded. She continued chewing, and didn’t say anything. She seemed fine with it.

After dinner, the women kicked Leanne’s father and me out to the living room while they chatted and cleaned up after dinner. He turned on Sports Center then, and we talked sports for the next half hour. I had missed a lot while I was out.

After a really nice evening, we said our goodbyes. It was dark outside when we got back into the car.

Leanne called my parents, as promised. We drove home with the stereo playing softly.

“How does your neck feel, Josh?” Beth asked from the back seat.

“It doesn’t hurt, but it feels warm,” I replied.

“We’ll need to get some more aloe on you when we get home.” I looked back at her and smiled. “Thanks,” I said. I looked at her, and then at Leanne before facing forward in my seat again.

“So, have you two worked it out yet?” I asked, “Who I’m allowed to date?” I wasn’t trying to instigate a fight, so when they started up I concluded with, “That would be a no. Alright, just figured I would check.”

They managed to keep from arguing for the three minutes it took to get from Leanne’s parents’ house to ours. After we pulled up, I got out and held the door for my sister. Leanne came around the car. She and Beth hugged, and then Leanne gently hugged me and leaned up for a quick peck on the lips.

“You guys have a good night. Beth, I’ll call you when I get home.” She got back in the car and drove away.

I made sure to take my supplements while my mom found the aloe lotion. Instead of being the clear green of aloe, this was a pale mint-colored cream. Once again I found myself topless in a dining room chair as my mom and sister applied the lotion to my body. My dad walked by while this was going on and whistled, “Whew! You got torched.”

“Yes sir. It’s probably not a great idea for me to use the pool again tomorrow, either. Heck, I’ll be lucky if I can even move without hurting.” My dad nodded and continued down the hall.

I was grateful the cargo shorts were as concealing as they were when my mom and Beth dropped to their knees and started applying the lotion to my sunburned legs. I looked down at the backs of their heads, both right in my lap. That would have been embarrassing.

I tried and failed to not get aroused at the sight. I couldn’t keep from imagining these two beauties sharing my cock with their mouths.

I took a cool shower and applied another coat of aloe cream before heading to bed. I was only wearing boxer briefs under light workout shorts.

I folded up the comforter on my bed. I didn’t want to get it all messed up with the cream coating my body. Actually, I thought, since it’s pretty much summer, I may as well put the thing away. I was turning to figure out where I should put it when I practically ran into Beth. I hadn’t even heard her come in.

My god, she was a vision! She had a filmy nightgown on, so thin that I could clearly see her magnificent breasts, her thick, hard nipples, her sexy little belly button and the thin landing strip of pubic hair below it. “Wow, Beth you look…” I managed to croak out before she stepped into my arms for an amazing kiss.

Unfortunately, her fingernails raked the back of my neck and shoulders. I flinched hard at the pain that shot through me, breaking off the kiss with, “Owww!” I felt like I had been cut with a hot knife, and that pain wasn’t going away.

Beth looked horrified, “Oh! Oh, god, I’m so sorry!” I waved her apology off, “It’s okay, Beth. I mean, it hurts like hell, but it’s not your fault.” We spoke in an almost-whisper, not wanting to wake our parents. A tear formed and rolled down my right cheek, but I managed to smile through it.

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