Spunky Chic


Spunky ChicShe lay back on the bed, lazily, watching him as he roughly dried his hair with towel. His naked manhood swung in time with the rubbing action above it, half hard, half slack, she felt the desire rise in her body.He dropped the towel and u*********sly rubbed his hand over his cock, enjoying the feeling of anticipation for the evening ahead. He looked at her lying there on the bed, carelessly lolling back, her knees spread wide displaying her lightly furred pussy while she gently rubbed her pleasure spot. He could see the glistening moisture wetting her furrow as she opened her mouth slightly, enjoying the pleasurable sensations from her delicate fingers. With a rush she felt the orgasm swell and then burst within her as she gave a little cry of pleasure.“My, you are keen this evening”, he said approvingly as he walked the few steps across the room and knelt on the bed. She looked up at him, her eyes eager and bright. “We’d better not disappoint you then, had we”.It was a rhetorical question that she didn’t bother answering with words. Instead, she moved her hand from her fanny to his cock and enclosed his member in her whole palm, slowly pulling it out from his body, stretching it as far as she could. Then back down the shaft to the base. Next, she gently squeezed on the up stroke, then lightly stroked down to the base, setting up a rhythm that stopped his breath.“Oh, that feels good”, he sighed, kneeling there, looking down on her lovely breasts with their big, engorging nipples. He wanted to suck those nipples until they were rock hard and she was squealing with delight, but her gentle stoking motion on his manhood put that plan on hold for the time being as he hardened to full size.She rolled over and started to lick his knob, her wet tongue flicking around the rim until after two or three laps she took it all into her mouth and sucked gently. His response was immediate, a long sigh of pleasure as he rocked back on his haunches.“Lie back and spread your legs open so I can take all of your love rod in my mouth,” she said, and he wasn’t slow in complying. As he moved back she followed him, keeping her lips around his shaft and her fingers gently on the base, steadying the sideways movement. As he settled back she half closed her mouth and pushed it slowly down his erect staff, sending quivers of delight through his whole body.“Oh God, that’s marvelous, don’t stop, don’t stop, take all of me into your mouth arrgh,” he moaned as she sucked and slowly pulled her head back to the knob. His cock felt so good in her throat. She gradually quickened her stroke, down with a slow outward breath, up with a gentle suck, until she felt him tense up and tasted the sweet precum on her tongue. The last up stroke finished with her kissing the knob and gently placing her hand on his rigid manhood.“Not yet,” she whispered, “I want you to flood me with your spunk after I get randy”.She cuddled into his shoulder as his passion rose, plateaued and slowly receded. When he had regained control, she stroked his arm. “Do you like my boobs?” she asked quizzically, her free hand cupping the upper breast, squeezing it, teasing him with its erotic softness. He gave a low groan and moved down the bed so that he could enjoy her love buttons. Now it was her turn to moan in pleasure as his wet tongue circled the dark red area and rolled over her rising nipple. His tongue worked up and down the side of her button, then pushed it gently back into itself, only to pop out and be pushed in again. He pushed her onto her back and swapped to the other nipple, not as hard as the first, but catching up quickly. Her nipples popped in and out, in and out, and she moaned as her cunt went wet with juice. As she came she roughly pushed his head away, the intensity of the pleasure had become too much.But he was aksaray escort not rejected, and started to lick down her firm stomach, little laps of wetness slowly moving down to her crotch. His tongue went over her clit, she arched her back, down her love furrow now sticky with warm cum, down to the back of the slit where he gave several quick licks on the rim, before proceeding past it to the sensitive spot before her bum hole.“Aaaarrrgh,” she moaned, as the exquisite pleasure of a moist pointed tongue sent ripples of ecstasy through her whole body. “Don’t stop,” she ordered as he raised his head for a breath and wiped she juices from his mouth. He moved around, dragging a pillow under her hips as he moved into a position where he could eat her from between her legs. “Oh, no cock to play with,” she pouted.“Don’t worry,” he said, “you can have another turn at that after I have tasted your love lips”. He didn’t wait for answer, and dived onto her engorged flaps, his educated tongue tickling up one side, looping around her clit then down the other side to twirl on the back rim.All she said was “aaarrrgh”, as her hands found their way to his head, caressing his hair and firmly pushing his mouth over her clit as he licked her to a frenzy. Up, around, down, around. Up the other side, around, down, up and on the button, then down to the back rim, his firm tongue thrusting urgently into her pussy.She came with a rush her whole body arching with pleasure, her hips pushing up onto his sensuous mouth, her hands pushing his head down onto her. She bucked like a rodeo bronco as the waves of ecstasy rolled through her body, emptying every corner of tension as she came again, and again and then again. ‘Oh, don’t let this stop’, flitted across her mind as the backwash of exhaustion drained her energy and left her lying limp on the bed.He gave her a gentle kiss on the clit and moved back next to her, putting one arm under her neck so that she lay in the crook of his elbow.She lay there cradled, relishing the nothingness as her racing heart pounded a tattoo and her breathing gradually slowed to normal. After a few minutes, her fingernail ran up his part stiffness, then a finger with a feather touch stroked down.“That’s sticky, yuk, put it away,” she said, still stroking. “What’s wrong? Has it lost interest?” she asked with mock concern. “I don’t know, what a girl has to do to get fucked these days,” and rolled over to lick and suck his rod to hardness.Her wet tongue licked up through the slit then down to the base and she lapped up the sensitive underside and over the knob to the rim, tongue flicking halfway around the rim before coming back and around to the slit. Here she spread the knob open, pointed her tongue and pushed it in, tasting the dregs of his cum. Turning his cock sideways she gently nipped her way down to the base feeling his hardness return as she got to the bottom.Then she moved around, straddled his hips and lowered herself down onto his rigid staff. He steadied the base between two fingers and rubbed the knob around in the front of her love hole, ensuring the juices were flowing, wet and ready for her to ride.She slipped slowly down onto him with a pleasured sigh, “Oh, that’s good” and sat there feeling his hardness inside her. Slowly, she rocked forwards, then backwards, his shaft moving inside her, thrilling her to the marrow. A couple of sideways rolls, then some faster forward thrusts and her body rocked as she gushed juice and came and came and came, each time shrieking in lusty gratification. He trailed a finger lightly over her rounded buttocks and the ecstasy returned as a series of orgasms punctuated by gasps. Finally, quick forward thrusts accompanied by short loud grunts culminated in the mother of all orgasms as her whole body and amasya escort mind exploded in ecstasy. She collapsed exhausted on top of him, panting heavily and immobile.“I think I’d like a little rest now,” she said in a fake little girl voice.They lay there, her in the crook of his elbow, dozing in that lovely state between sleep and wakefulness. She wriggled, and then rolled over on to her other shoulder. He moved towards her, maintaining bodily contact with her sensuality.He woke with a little jolt, and looked down at her lying curled up against him. God, her buttocks were attractive, soft, sensual and truly deserving a good fucking. But as she slept, her steady breathing somehow exciting him even more.Gently, he began to stroke her top buttock, his whole palm starting at her waist and sweeping slowly around to her thigh, then trailing back up to her waist and stroking down, a little lower, feeling the soft, firmness of her muscles, then up the crease at her thigh. Down again, her whole muscle being massaged as his finger tips brushed past her still sticky slit. Down her crease, between the buttocks, over her ring and perineum, his finger tips dragging through her furrow, the juice gooey on his skin.She whimpered and pulled her leg up towards her breast, exposing her cunt to his inquisitive fingers. He stroked her soft lips and the juices oozed as she whimpered again.He felt himself get hard as he continued to stroke her slit. Finally he pulled himself up so that he could slip his shaft into her as she lay on her side. She whimpered as he slowly pushed in, and then slowly pulled out, enjoying his control of pleasure. Gradually, very gradually, he increased the speed of his thrusts, then the strength of his thrusts until she was moaning and shrieking and came with a gush, her free leg thrashing up and down like a locomotive piston.From lying on her side, he reached through between her legs and twisted her around onto her back. She was very much awake now, and her eyes glistened sexily.“Go on, fuck me, you great stud. Ram your hard tool inside me and make me cum again. Fuck me hard, you stallion. I want to feel you spurt your spunk inside me. Oh, fuck meeeee.” Her voice trailed off into an ecstatic sigh as he rammed home and hit the bottom. A few lateral hip rolls then back to the top, to plunge in hard again, causing her to buck. He was enjoying this control, this ability to make her cum almost at will. He pumped faster, feeling the tingle of pleasure as his knob slid down to the bottom of her box.She started to rock her hips in time with his thrusting, then grabbed his biceps and lost herself in her own world of pleasure. “Arh, aarrhh, aaarrrhhh” as she came with a v******e that racked her body in spasms of ecstasy. She was out of control; she only wanted this glorious gratification to continue forever. “Aaaaarrrrhhhh” and she passed out in pleasure as the juices splashed out of her cunt with his cock.“Come back, come back,” he said, kissing her gently on the cheek and nose and lips. She leisurely returned to consciousness and slowly brought his rugged face back into focus.“Goodness,” she smiled, “I don’t normally do that when I make love. Ohhhh, you haven’t blown yet. Don’t you find me attractive?”He returned her smile and said, “Of course I find you attractive, gorgeously sensuous, in fact. But I get the best thrills doing it doggy. I like the power of the thrusting when you roll your hips and I plunge into your pussy. I like the erotic feeling as you grip my knob with your cunt muscles and hold me in place”.“I suppose you like a bit of bummy too?” she replied knowingly.“I just like being inside you, turning you on, feeling you cum as I pleasure your entire body. Feeling you lose control and hearing you squeal and grunt and moan as I push my escort bayan ramrod inside to thrill your pleasure points.”“Well we’d better see what you can do from behind,” she said lustily, and rolled over onto her knees, her face buried in a pillow, knees wide spread, and cunt tastily offered up for a good screwing.He didn’t need any further encouragement and knelt behind her, guiding his cock into her fanny with one hand. With the knob inserted, he pushed slowly and gently, feeling himself slide down into her hole. She gasped as he went fully in, rocked it around, then slowly withdrew to plunge in a little faster and a little harder before pulling back to the knob. His third thrust was full blooded, driving hard and she gave a cry of delight.“That’s the way. Fuck me hard, I love it hard,” and she started to roll her hips.He pumped hard, in and out, in and out, in and out as she rolled her hips and panted then grunted then shrieked, grabbing his cock, rolling her hips and coming all together. She went limp but he went on, in, out, in, out, keeping the rhythm that had brought her to orgasm. Almost casually, she tensed her muscles, slid one hand back and tickled her dripping clit. It took only a few seconds of stimulation before she came, bucking her hips, squeezing his cock deep inside her, and screaming for more.Still he pumped as she played with her clit. With a free hand he began feather stroking her perineum from the rim to the bum. She quivered and moaned, “Oh do that some more”, then again, the hip rolling and loud grunting of orgasm.He extended the length of his feather stoke to pass over her bum hole. “Oh, that’s fantastic,” she sighed, “I love you stroking inside my thighs.”He stroked around her ring slowly, first one way, then the other until she gave a deep sigh and her ring relaxed. He played some more, teasing her by rubbing his thumb through her ring, pushing it open but not penetrating her. All the time he kept up the rhythmic pumping action in her box. She came loudly, and her ring sweated lightly. She was ready to be bum fucked.Sliding his hand down to her cunt, he dipped his thumb into her sopping box, getting it covered with wet, sticky goo. This he transferred to her ring, rubbing it around the rim, making it very slippery. With a final sharp thrust he pulled out of her furrow and guided his knob into her waiting bum. He pushed in slowly, letting her take it easily, feeling the sensual heat of her tight ring squeeze his shaft along its length. Then slowly, he withdrew his meat, pulling back until only the knob was inside. Oh, this was heaven.His shaft was rock hard as he pushed in and she sobbed in pleasure. Out again then in. Out, then in, circling it around at depth, then out again, then in. She started to growl, very softly at first, but in a crescendo, growling in time with his pumping cock.This turned him on, and he felt the sexual tension building up within his balls. His shaft was getting raw from fucking and he could feel his stomach muscles tightening in anticipation. This was going to be some orgasm.They went on, her nipples were softly stroking the sheet as her hand slipped between her legs to caress his balls ever so lightly. This was too much. He started to pump harder, pushing forward with a grunt as she pushed back against him, eagerly taking every millimeter of his pleasure rod. The tension was mounting between them, somehow they had an unspoken connection of mind and each knew what the other was thinking, and the thought was orgasm.“Arh, aarrhh, aaaaaarrrrrrhhhhhh,” as he thrust in deeply, savagely, urgently, blowing his load of white gooey spunk deep into her rectum with full bodied pelvic thrusts. She came simultaneously, a grunt turning into a moan and then a shhrrriiieeeekkkkk as her hips bucked up and down with pleasure, her ring pulsating around his shaft and lightly squeezing out the last little drop of spunk. Two bodies entwined together in orgasmic bliss, collapsed in a tangled heap on the bed, and lay still, panting and sweating in exhaustion.I acknowledge the contribution of Rich S to this story.

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