Squeaky’s Midnight Rendezvous Day 2


This is a continuation from Squeaky’s Midnight Rendezvous and the two previous Squeaky stories of my relationship with my sister.


I was disoriented when the alarm went off. I never set one, depending on Mom to get me up. My eyes popped open as I felt a stirring at my side. Looking into the smiling eyes of a tousled blond haired angel, remembrance of the night before flooded through me.

I had spent the night with my sister, sleeping in her bed with her beside me. I had studied, no, I had tried to memorize by sight, by touch, by taste, the body beside me, Squeaky’s body, as she had mine. I had masturbated her, my first such experience. I had fucked her, yes, fucked, recalling a definition of fucking I had read and liked: ‘fucking is making love holding nothing back, letting it all hang out, pleasing your loved one as you please yourself’. I had eaten her pussy, again my first such experience. I wanted to do it all again, right now!

The smiling eyes told me she harbored no regrets for what happened. They reflected no guilt for what we had done, although many, maybe most, would feel our actions were taboo, forbidden. I kissed her forehead. “How do you feel, Squeaky?”

“I’m a little sore, but not too bad. I can definitely feel what we did last night!” She hugged me and squirmed until she was laying half on me. Kissing my neck, she whispered, “Can we do it again tonight?”

“There’s only one thing I’d like better.”

“What’s that?” A trace of anger was in her voice.

“Doing it now!” got me a delighted giggle. Then I asked, “What’s with the alarm?”

“I set it for 30 minutes before Mom gets up, so you could get back to bed before she does, if you were still here.”

God, this girl is thinking. I probably would have lain here until Mom came in to wake her up. Hoo, wouldn’t that have been fun! “I’d better scoot then.” I kissed her saying “Later, sister of mine, ditto.” Ditto, a secret word I set up last night meaning ‘I love you’. I could say that anywhere, anytime, but to say ‘I love you, Sis’, or ‘I love you, Squeaky’ in front of Mom and Dad would freak them out!

She said “Wait!” as I reached the door. Looking back, she was pointing at my shorts lying on the floor. I blushed, grabbed them, and left for my bedroom. Dumb? Yeah! What if I met Mom in the hallway while carrying my shorts?

I had barely hit my bed when I heard Mom head for the kitchen. She would be in to wake me in a few minutes, so there was no reason to try to go to sleep. If I did, I would just feel like hell when she woke me up. I also wanted to think about the night and Squeaky.

When I heard Dad leave the bathroom I went in. Adjusting the shower, I could still smell Squeaky on me. I took a deep breath in order to hold the aroma in me all day. Finishing my shower I headed for my bedroom to dress. Squeaky was waiting in the hall to go in. With a grin she jerked her robe open and flashed me! Before I could move she was in the bathroom with the door shut.

When I wandered into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee, Mom smiled and kissed me on the cheek. “You’re up early this morning.” I just grinned and kissed her back. Dad left to go to work as I sat down. Mom placed my breakfast on the table as Sis walked in saying “Good morning, all.”

“My, My,” Mom said. “Both of you up without me having to scream and shout!” I blushed and kept my head down hoping Mom would not see.

I wandered in a daze all day, thinking about the night before, anticipating the night to come. I walked by some friends without noticing them until one hollered at me.

I even went into a classroom where my class was the next day.

Mom wanted us all to watch a special and then a movie on TV. I do not remember much about the movie. Squeaky’s face was superimposed on the heroine, while I was the hero, but unable to do the things I wanted due to the restrictions of the plot. I pulled a cushion onto my lap to hide my erection. I think Sis knew my problem as she grinned and stretched out on the couch, putting her feet on the cushion.

I began rubbing and massaging her feet. I did not know they were so pretty. I wanted to raise them to my mouth and lick and suck on her toes. Slipping a hand up the calf of her leg to the back of her knee, I suddenly realized what I was doing. I glanced at Mom. She was watching us with a speculative look on her face. I immediately started tickling the feet.

Sis squealed, “Stop that!”

“Keep your feet off me, then!” I demanded. Mom was looking back at the TV with a small smile on her face.

As soon as the news came on Sis said she was going to take a bath. She and Mom were giggling as they left when Dad growled, “Don’t use up all of the hot water.”

I do not remember any of the news. I was thinking of the water cascading from the showerhead, flowing over and caressing Squeaky’s body as I wished my hands were, wetting bahis firmaları her pubic hair as I wished my tongue was.

After following Dad in the bathroom, I lay on my bed watching the stopped clock as I had last night. My impatience and desire finally drove me off the bed and down the hall to my sister’s door. As I slipped inside candles were burning, flickering, casting a soft golden light as they had last night.

Squeaky was sitting at her dresser brushing her hair. She had on a sheer nightgown, almost a negligee, but it was open in the front. Her perky breasts were pointing at me in the mirror. As my gaze lifted to her face and her mirrored eyes she said softly, “You’re early.”

“I couldn’t wait.”

She rose from her bench and walked across the room to me with the negligee floating behind her. Her body, swaying with her movements, played a symphony in my brain. “I’m glad.” she breathed as she pressed against me. It felt like every square inch of her body was touching mine, and touching it with fire. She moved, rotating her hips and rubbing my hard trapped dick between us. Our tongues were dueling, dancing and tasting as we kissed.

The negligee dropped to the floor as I picked her up and carried her to the bed. I sat at the bottom, lifted a foot and removed her slipper. I brought her toes to my mouth, kissing, nibbling and licking each, then sucking it into my mouth. “I wanted to do this on the couch.”

“I thought you were going to.” Squeaky sighed. “That’s sending tingles to my cunny.” One hand was idly feeling it as the other rubbed and squeezed a breast and pulled on a nipple.

I started up the inside of her leg, licking, nibbling with my lips, scraping her skin with my teeth, passing her ankle, calf, knee and then her thigh. I could feel little quivers racking her body as my mouth moved upward. I could hear soft guttural moans. I bathed the crease between her thigh and body with saliva and traced the faint bikini tan line with my tongue.

While inhaling the perfumery, musky scent of her sex, my fingers played with the little puffy swollen mounds separated by her slit. The skin was so soft, so malleable, moving under my gently probing fingers.

The slit gaped open as I spread it. The colors were muted in the dim flickering candle light but glistened with her wetness. Droplets on her skin and in the fine silky hair shone like diamonds. “I love your pussy!” got me a smile.

I picked up the other foot and restarted my journey upward. When I reached the junction the second time, I wormed my tongue into the bottom of the slit searching for the hole that was the ultimate target for my dick. Squeaky brought her knees up, spreading them and opening herself to me. I slipped my hands under her, cupped her cheeks and lifted. She was completely exposed to me.

I french kissed all of the area I could cover with my mouth, tonguing her hole and licking all of the exposed flesh. I alternated broad long licks and little light butterfly touches, as I slowly worked my way up. Her breathing rate increased and developed a hoarse quality. Her moans were not quite words but they urged me on.

When my tongue touched her clit her body jerked with a hiss of sucked in breath. I liked that reaction so I did it again, then a third time. I thought, she is on the verge but I do not want to send her over yet. I am not through playing with her pussy. I love her taste, her aroma, the feel and the slickness of her flesh, and told her so.

I spread her pussy with my fingers, still amazed at how the soft skin moves and stretches. Wallowing in her opening, I wet my face from my chin to my eyes, coating myself in her juices. I started in again with little light licks and sucking on her lips.

I replaced her hands on her breasts with mine. I began squeezing, massaging, pinching and pulling the hard little nipples. I drove my tongue as far in her hole as I could go, and began fucking her with it. As I pulled on her nipples I could feel contractions on my tongue. Her pussy was trying to capture it!

I do not know how long I played with her pussy when I realized that was what I was doing, just playing and enjoying myself. I became aware she was quietly chanting a mantra, please, please, please. I knew I had played too long, for my pleasure only, and was almost torturing her in her need for release.

I hit her clit, sucking and rubbing with my tongue. She almost threw me off the bed. Her back arched, her hips jerked off the bed at least a foot, then she jack-knifed and almost doubled up. Her knee came up to hit my chin and I bit my tongue, damn, it was painful. Later we found a big blue bruise on her knee.

I crawled up the bed. My intention was to cover her body with mine. I only wanted to feel the shudders racking her body but my dick popped into her. She convulsed, driving me in to the hilt as her arms and legs wrapped tightly around kaçak iddaa me. I did not move, staying motionless as her body shuddered and jerked and her pubic area ground against me. Her pussy was milking my dick, grabbing and squeezing as if there was a hand in it. It almost pushed me over the edge. If I moved I knew I would lose it.

Squeaky finally relaxed. Her legs straightened out to lay outside and alongside mine with her ankles resting on the back of my knees. Her arms flopped out to the side. “God, Brother mine, I should be upset with you, but that was just too wonderful.” Her eyes were closed and she had a faint smile as she inhaled deeply.

I raised up on my elbows but did not pull out of her. I had to ask. “Why should you be upset?”

“I should be mad at you and whoever you learned how to do that with.”

“Eating you?”


“Last night was my first time. This is the second.”

“What?” Her eyes popped open and I nodded. “Really?” came out with a big smile as I nodded again.

“God, Bro! Are you going to get better at it?”

“I hope so. I intend to keep on doing it to you.”

“You better!” Her arms and legs slowly encircled me. She rotated her hips, rubbing her pubic area against mine. “When you stuck that in me I thought I would never quit cumming. It just went on and on! But you didn’t?”

“No. I didn’t intend to go in. I just wanted to hold you, to feel you, but it just popped in!”

“I’m glad it did, but what are you going to do with it now?” She had a grin as she continued rotating her hips.

“This.” I eased out. “And this.” I eased back in. I continued my slow pace, loving the friction of sliding in and out of the tight slick channel. I could feel it spread, opening and accepting me as I went in, then clasping, clinging, trying to hold me as I pulled out. It was wonderful.

I pushed up and extended my arms so I could watch as I slowly withdrew and entered her. This took some of the urgency off me and I felt I was not so close to cumming.

Each time I fully seated she rubbed her clit against me with a little grunt, “ugh.” I began a circling motion with my hips, rubbing against her as she was doing. Every third stroke I started driving hard into her and watched her breasts shake and jiggle. I loved it. With each hard stroke a small spasm rack her body.

I had to fight myself to keep my pace slow. I wanted to pound into her and speed my release, but I also wanted the sensations of slowly sliding in and out to continue. Suddenly, almost without warning, I jetted into her. I jerked and buried my self, and jerked with each shot into her.

I collapsed on her, still joined, belly to stomach, chest to breasts, my head beside hers. I inhaled the odor of her shampoo on her hair, the perfume she had applied. She smelled as good as she felt. Her stomach and hips continued to spasm as I jerked like aftershocks from an earthquake. Her hands were gliding, dancing, up and down my back.

Squeaky breathed rather than spoke. “God, Bro. You make me feel so good. You feel so good. I don’t know how, but I knew it would be this way. But it’s even better than I thought it would be.”

“I know, Squeaky. You… this is wonderful!” I moved to get off of her.

“NO. Stay! Don’t move.”

“I’m not to heavy? If you’re comfortable I could lay here all night. Tell me when you want me to get off.”

“I’m ok. It feels as though you’re part of me.”

I had softened and shrunk some, but was still partially engorged. I was not as hard or large as I had been. I felt something on my dick, then it happened again. I raised up on my elbows so I could look at Squeaky. She was grinning. “I could feel muscles working awhile ago. I’m trying to find them.”

“You did!”

“I can’t make them work like I want, though. Sometimes I can, but not all of the time.” I felt another squeeze.

“You have to keep practicing then. Tell you what. You can practice all you want, as long as I get to stay like this.”

“Good deal.” As she continued to work I started swelling. “I can feel you getting bigger.” I could feel her relax as she quit concentrating on her muscles. She sort of shivered. “I’m leaking. I can feel it run down my bottom. You’re forcing your cum out of me.”

“You want to clean up?”

“NO! Stay in me. It feels good to have you in me. I like you getting bigger.” She moved her hips, rubbing against me.

I began moving my hips in a circle, grinding and pressing against her. Not really pulling out or stroking, but going in a little deeper as I pressed down and out a little as I continued the circle. She grunted each time I pressed in with my hips. I realized I was riding her clit, but she seemed to like it. I could feel her stomach spasming. Each time there was a grip on my dick as she squeezed it.

We both began panting in time with our movements, though we were not moving kaçak bahis that much. I swear I could feel my cum gathering in the bottom of my ball sack and starting the journey up and out and into her. It was more of a pulsing flow, a wave, than a series of shots or jets. I had a little heave as each wave passed through me, which was matched by Squeaky. We finally quite moving and just lay still.

I moved so I could kiss Squeaky, gently, again and again. “Each time is different. It’s all so good. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of this.”

“You better not! But if you think you like it more than I do, you are very greatly mistaken!”

“Let me clean you up.” I got off of her, but there was nothing by the nightstand.

“You were early. I didn’t have time to get the bucket from the laundry room.”

Returning with a bucket of warm water, wash cloths and a couple of towels, I realized I was naked as I walked down the hall. If I continue doing such dumb stunts, it is only a matter of time before Mom catches us. I wonder how upset she will be? And Dad, if she tells him?

As I sat between Squeaky’s legs cleaning her and playing with that pretty blonde haired pussy, I asked about the candles. I thought the atmosphere they created was great and they were very romantic.

“That first time? When you fucked Crissy? After I cried myself to sleep, I started crying again when I woke up, wishing it had been me with you. I started to rub myself, thinking about you, wanting you to do it! I did myself four times before I quit and went to the bathroom to clean up. When I came back I could smell myself in my bedroom. That’s when I started burning the candles. It hides the odor. I didn’t want Mom, or anyone, to know what I was doing.”

“I’m so sorry, Squeaky. I just didn’t know.”

“It’s ok. Now! But it is hard. You can’t just come out and say I wanta make love to you. Especially to your BROTHER!”

“You know that some people would say what we’re doing is wrong? I don’t care, it’s not wrong for us. But what do you think Mom and Dad would think? I hate having to sneak around them. That’s the only regret I have.”

“I don’t know, Bro. I don’t think Mom would be too upset, but Dad? I just don’t know.

“Mom does know about you and Crissy, though. I don’t know about Jennifer.”

“Mom knows? How? How do you know?”

“Mom saw your expression just like I did. I saw her stare at you.”

“Oh, God.” Mom doesn’t miss much.

Suddenly Squeaky giggled. “Are you cleaning me or playing with me?”

I giggled back. “Both, I guess!” I leaned down and kissed all around the soft still swollen little mounds; then licked her from the bottom to the top of her split.

“No fair! It’s my turn!” She scooted around so her head was next to my dick as I lay back. As she nudged it with a finger it started growing. “That is so beautiful.”


“Watching it get bigger!” It was nodding in time with the pulsing of my heart beat as it grew. Squeaky giggled. “It’s like it’s saying Hi!” She leaned forward and kissed the side of the head, then licked it. Griping it lightly, “I wish you hadn’t washed it.” I had when I went after the bucket.


“So I could taste us. I played with my cunny while you were gone. You said you liked the taste. I think I do too.” She took just the head into her mouth saying, “Tell me what you like.” As she licked and sucked all I could do was groan. She sucked the foreskin into her mouth and ran her tongue under it and around the sensitive crown of the head. I bucked and grabbed handfuls of the bed cover.
I could see her smile in her eyes. “I’ve been reading about what to do. Let’s see if it was right.” She quickly had me squirming all over the bed.

As I warned Squeaky I was fixing to shoot, she pulled off and started jacking me rapidly. “I want to see it.” I only shot a couple of times and those not very strong. It was my third ejaculation in a short time span. She was grinning as she continued to slowly jack me until I quit flowing, started softening, and she could coax no more from me. “Neat! Tomorrow night I’m going to do this first!” I grinned in anticipation.

Looking at the mess on her hand and fingers she started licking them clean while watching me. “You like to watch this, don’t you?” I had started engorging, but it did not get anywhere near as hard as it had been. I nodded as she licked up the trails on my stomach. “I like doing it!”

She took me in her mouth again, with a gentle sucking and licking, but I was almost too sensitive. “I don’t think I can do it again for a while.”

She crawled up on me covering my face with little pecking kisses. “There’s always tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it already.”

We lay holding each other until we dozed off. When I awoke and stirred, she looked at me with a smile. I kissed her and told her I was going to my bed. We had cut it a little too close with Mom that morning. “Tomorrow, no, tonight, then.”, Squeaky said.

“I’ll be here, and ready, Squeaky.”


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