(SSBBW) Big Cousin, Little Cousin II: Tight Ass Co


(SSBBW) Big Cousin, Little Cousin II: Tight Ass CoShe opened the door and let me in. And damn, what a difference a few months made. When I first met her she was already a huge woman, with wide super-size hips, and a big, round ass. When I last saw her a few months ago she still had her super-sized ass, but her tits and belly were growing, sagging, and catching up to her ass in size.But now? Just walking from her bedroom to the door was enough to make her start wheezing again. I could see her body silhouette under the thin fabric of her nightgown. Her thighs were so fat she could barely walk. Her drooping, hanging belly in front of her, drooping almost to her knees, was throwing off the body ratio of her still huge ass. I admit I would have still fucked her if she let me. But her body couldn’t take having sex like it used to. Like she said before, she felt like she could die. And I wasn’t as turned on by her like I once was anyway.After she opened the door, a big gust of wind blew in from the outside. It blew in hard enough to lift her nightgown up and wrap it around her hips. I had seen her ass before, and I liked it. But with the door wide open she was now showing off her even bigger, fatter, naked ass to the whole world. And she didn’t try to close the door. She didn’t even bother pulling her nightgown down to cover her ass back up. She just kept walking and wobbling her super-huge ass back to her bedroom.For decency’s sake I closed the door for her. But for memory’s sake, I grabbed a handful of her fat, naked ass and gave it a slap. She giggled a little and bent over, twerking her mammoth ass for me. So I slapped her ass again. And again. Her ass fat made waves, going from her cheeks to her hips, and back. She kept giggling, and I kept slapping and caressing her ass, making her fat ripple all around her ass and hips. And she kept moaning “mmmm, baby!” with every slap. But while I was caressing her ass, I guess I caressed a little too far down into her ass crack. She stood back up an pulled down her nightgown.”No, no baby. You know you can’t do that anymore!”Slowly again she waddled back to her bedroom. But as she left the room, she walked past the couch istanbul escort and shook what I thought was a pillow…”Wake up! He’s here!”Her cousin, the one I met last time, was asleep on the couch under a blanket again. She turned over and looked around.”Huh? Oh, hey baby! How are you doing? Let me get cleaned up.”She threw off the blanket and stood up, She was wearing the same wife beater and shorts that I first saw her in. We gave each other a nice little hug, and I reached down and grabbed a couple handfuls of her ass. Her ass was just as big and firm as last time. And it had a lot better shape than her cousin’s had now. When I slapped her ass it wobbled and bobbled like jello, as opposed to her cousin’s ass, which made waves like the ocean. She left to go to the bathroom for a while, brush her teeth, shower, put on a little makeup etc. I just sat on the couch and waited for her for about five minutes. When she came out, she was all fixed up, dried off, and wearing nothing at all.”Don’t you want to put something on?” I asked.”No. I figure, what do I have to get dressed for? C’mon!”She knelt right down in front of me. She didn’t fumble with my belt at all. She knew just how to undo it and unzip my pants. And right as she pulled my underwear down, she sucked my semi-hard cock right into her mouth. Looking down I saw her two fat ass cheeks wobbling back and forth as she bobbed her head, slobbering on my dick. Every once in a while she would come up for air and rub my dick between her titties. Then when she caught her breath, she would bob her head down and start sucking again.”I can feel your dick getting hard. You about to cum?””No I’m not gonna cum until we fuck.””Okay, let me suck it a little more, then.”She kept sucking, and coming up for air, and sucking some more. She kept at it until her mouth got tired. Then she reached over and got a condom, and used her lips to slide it on to my dick.”Okay baby, let’s do this. How do you want me?””Turn around and sit on my dick.”She turned around and squatted down, pointing her ass crack right at my dick. She reached around with both hands. One hand grabbed her ass cheek and pulled zonguldak escort it open. Her other hand grabbed my dick and slid the head down into her deep butt crack and into her wet pussy.”Mmmm-hmmm! Come on, baby!”She started off slow, rocking back and forth, and swiveling her thick ass all over my lap. Right away I could feel how tight her pussy was. I grabbed her hips and gave her a gentle rock back and forth. I could feel, somewhere deep in between those huge ass cheeks, that her pussy was getting warmer and wetter all around my dick. I let go of her hips and she kept rocking on her own.I leaned back as far as I could go on the couch to give her big ass more room in my lap. She kept rocking back and forth on my dick. And her pussy was already squeezing around my dick. She was panting and breathing heavy, and I also could hear her voice straining, trying to keep quiet. Her pussy was making my dick tingle all around. But right then she was cumming.”Damn baby…damn baby…DAMN BABY!!!”Then all of a sudden we hear from the bedroom “Y’all be quiet in there! I’m trying to sleep!””…Fuck that fat bitch. I got mine.” she whispered under her breath, “and I got hers too.” My hard dick was still inside her pussy after she came. Her pussy was still wet, and was still tight too. So tight around my dick that she pulled the condom off of me when she stood up.”Hold on, the condom is still in there.””Oh No! Get it out! Don’t leave it inside me!”She was bent all the way over with her ass cheeks open. It was just dangling out of her pussy. I grabbed the condom and pulled it out slowly. With her pussy still clenching on to it, it stretched out like a rubber band, and let go with a loud “SNAP!”But I still hadn’t come yet. And she knew it. She wrapped up the condom in some tissue and threw it away. Then she reached a hand back and started caressing and stroking my still-hard dick.”So what are we gonna do about this now?””We can keep going. I’ll just pull out before I come.””No, baby. I can’t do that. Not without a condom.””Well you have to give me that ass hole then.””Okay. That’s alright with me. Come on over here then.”She went into escort bayan a drawer next to the couch and handed me a bottle of scented lube. Then she went across the room to a chair and bent over. I squirted a bunch of lube on my dick and slathered it all around. Then I spread her ass cheeks open with my thumbs to get at her tight, puckered-up ass hole and dripped some lube right onto it.I did it the way you’re supposed to do it. I lined my dick up and pressed the head right up against her ass hole. Her whole body tensed up like she was having a seizure. But I was patient. After a couple of minutes, she relaxed and her ass eased open, opening up around the head of my dick. And she moaned her approval.The lube worked real well. My dick slid back and forth in her ass hole so easily. I could feel her ass muscles relaxing more too. I could pull my dick all the way out of her ass and stick it right back in again, just before she would clench her ass again. But each time, she clenched tighter, and tighter.With my dick inside her tight ass hole, she finally bent over far enough, and long enough for me to stroke deep inside her. With no condom, her big bobbling ass, and her tight, lubed-up ass hole, I came quick and easy. She felt my first hot squirt of cum go deep inside her ass. And the second one too. Then I pulled out and laid a thick splat of cum right on her ass cheek that ran down her thigh. My limp dick fell down between her thighs, right into her hand, where she was waiting with a tissue to catch the rest of my dripping cum.”There you go, baby.”Tired, but satisfied, I sat back down on the couch to let her clean me off. She got up, turned around, and massaged and squeezed the rest of my cum out of my dick, and into her tissue. Then she stood up and went back into the bathroom, with that wad of cum still dangling from her bobbling ass.A few minutes later she came back out, all cleaned up, wearing nothing at all again. She walked me to the door and cracked it open for me, hiding behind it.”Bye-bye, baby. See you again, ok?””Ok, I’ll see you later. Goodbye.”I squeezed her naked ass cheek and gave it a good smack one last time before I stepped out. Before the door closed she turned and I caught one last glimpse of her wobbly ass.When I turned to walk away though, I saw, across in the next building, a couple of guys looking through the shades of their apartment window at me. They were high-fiveing each other and giving me the thumbs up,

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