Starting the Day Off Right


Even though my wife and I are currently separated we still manage to have a nice friendly relationship and occasionally we do have sex. Seems the sex now is better than when I was still with her at home. One night we decided to engage in some chat involving some of the nice sexual encounters we had when we were living together and this is one of them.

One morning my wife got up earlier than I did and got into the shower. I finally came around and heard the shower running and then stop…so much for some fun in the shower. I slipped off my shorts and sat down at the bottom edge of the bed. She came out of the bathroom naked. Susan stands 5’9”, weighs somewhere around 125 and being Italian descent and going to the fake-and-bake (tanning salon) maintains a nice year round tan with no tan lines. I like going to the fake-and-bake as well and am nice and tan too with no tan lines. As I watched her brush her long hair I couldn’t help but notice her nice ass. Since she was on her period I could see the string hanging out of her nicely trimmed pussy. The more I watched her the harder I was getting. She knows that I masturbate on a daily basis, most of the times in the morning when she and her daughter are out the door leaving me alone to bring myself to a morning climax.

This morning I thought would be a little different since I wont be able to pleasure myself but could later when I stop home for lunch and take care of business then. All of a sudden she turned around and looked at me with a gleam in her eye. She knows that I wont be able to do anything until I relieve myself of the hardness between my legs. She grabs the bottle of lotion to rub it on her legs and starts a slow sensual applying of the lotion on her legs. She puts a foot up on a chair and spreads her legs while applying the lotion to the inside of her thighs. Her pussy is trimmed with a small landing strip that starts at the top of her clit to where her hair line ends about ½” wide. I was getting more and more turned on and just kept on watching her. I was about ready to stand up and go to the shower when she said “Hold on, I don’t want you bahis firmaları to go into the bathroom until you are relieved.”

She stepped in front of me, took some lotion and reached down and grabbed my cock. I could not believe this. I felt the tingle in my balls and for some odd reason I felt the tip of my cock being super-sensitive today. I laid back and let her stroke my cock, slowly moving her hands in a circling up and down motion. She says that my daily masturbation sessions add more to intercourse because I have been known to keep my erection hard for 30-45 minutes inside her and she really enjoys it. Her other hand was free and she knows that the more excited I become the more my prostate becomes sensitive as well. She took a finger, rubbed some lotion on it and with it played with my anus and then wham! Her finger went inside my asshole and hit my prostate.

With her stroking my cock and the finger massaging my prostate it wasn’t much longer before I came shooting cum all over myself. My cock started to subside and as she went back to applying the lotion on the rest of her legs she said “If everything goes right today, I should have my period and when you come home tonight, hopefully you will be able to finish me like I finished you.” I gave her a nice long kiss and whispered to her “If this morning is anything like tonight will be, I wont be leaving my desk today because my cock is going to be hard all day thinking of tonight.” As I jumped into the shower and went about my routine when I got out she had finished dressing and gave me a kiss good-bye, a nice tug on my limp cock and walked out of the room and the front door.

Working that day was almost a struggle. I kept on thinking about what had happened in the morning and it was sad but true, the more I thought about it the more my dick would get hard, go limp, get hard again and when I concentrated on my work, my cock would subside.

Finally, the day is over and I am out the door and driving down the interstate thinking of what is going to happen when I get home. “Did she have her period today?”, “If she didn’t have her kaçak iddaa period do I still get to have some fun with her and eat her out and earn my red-wings?” Thoughts like this were going through my mind the whole time, my cock is straining to get out of my pants and even though the traffic is getting to me, my cock is still hard. I pull up to the driveway and when I walked through the front door I noticed to my left that she is sitting on the couch with a towel under her butt. I am thinking that she didn’t have her period and she still wants me to make love to her anyways.

I eagerly started to get undressed and as I was doing that she mentioned she had her period. “So what is the towel for?” I asked. She said “I have been thinking about this morning and I have been getting so horny today that when I got home, my panties were completely soaked and since I have been sitting here on the couch the wetness of my pussy would not stop and I had to put a towel underneath me to keep from ruining the couch.”

I walked over to her stood in front of her as she leaned in and took my cock into my mouth. I stopped her very quickly and said that before she does anything to me I would love to lick her and make her cum. She laid back on the couch, I knelt down on the floor and stared at the lovely pussy in front of me. She was very very wet and her clit was so engorged that as soon as my tongue lightly touched her pussy she let out a very loud moan.

Tonight was going to be different. I started my ABC’s on her clit and before I got to the letter M, she had wrapped her legs around my head, her hands were on top of my head pushing my head further into her sex and the moans and groans of her going over the edge were rocking her so much that she stated later she almost passed out. As she released her legs from my head she looked down at me and saw that her cum was all over my face. As I knelt up she gave me a very nice kiss and then licked some her juices from my face.

As I stood up her hand reached down to my cock and with it so hard I knew that a couple of strokes and I would be cumming on her and the kaçak bahis couch. She whispered in my ear “Please, please Mickey, I want you inside me now!”

I moved a little closer to her as she spread her legs to await my cock. She didn’t need any additional lubrication and my cock slid inside her very easily. Her hands were running over my back and every now and then her hands would reach down to my ass spreading my ass cheeks with her trying to get a finger near my asshole. As I was moving inside her I would stop every now and then before I climax so that we would enjoy more intercourse time. As she and I talked what we would like to do next I kept on getting more excited because she was telling me things that I have never heard her say before like “Fuck me” or “Your cock feels so good right now” or “My pussy is still not satisfied yet”.

I could not long hold back and I felt the charge build from the bottom of my balls until I felt the tip of my cock explode with my cum entering her pussy. Unbelievable to me was at the same time I was cumming, she was cumming as well. After I cum, I like to stay inside a woman until my erection calms down and slips out of them. Finally my cock had become a little flaccid and she asked me to stand up, where upon she took my flaccid cock into her mouth licking both of our juices off of it and one hand was cupping my drained balls.

I felt the finger move from under my balls to my asshole and then she did it again, her finger rested on my prostate. She started to massage my prostate and as she did so my cock started to become hard once again. She looked up at me and said “I want you to fuck me again, this time I want to do it doggie-style.” This is one position I like as well, especially when I am standing. She turned around, pointed her nice ass at me and as I guided my cock to her still hungry pussy, I felt her fingers massaging my balls. I reached down between her legs and started to rub her clit. We both were getting quite worked up and when she came I felt her pussy grab my dick with force. I could not hold back and I came again. We both felt like we were in a super workout session and were both wet with sweat, the towel was soaked and at that point didn’t feel like getting up, so we cuddled up and without supper that evening took a nice long nap with smiles on our faces.

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