Steamer Party


A few years back I traveled to Germany very often. My company got a huge software development assignment from a German Software company who got this assignment from a German ship builder. I was given the charge of both supervising the development at home and implementing it at the site in Germany. So I had to visit very frequently two places in Germany, Cologne where the German Software Company was located and Hamburg where the German Ship builder was located.

At Cologne, I met a very charming young Indian couple, both of them Software Engineers, working with the German Software Company. Being north Indian, both of them were tall, fair and well built. Particularly the bride Roma was curvy and voluptuous with two beautiful eyes. I had to interact with them, as they were associated with the project. After a few visits we became friends. As there were very few Indians in Cologne, they used to invite me every Saturday during my visit to Cologne and entertained me with mouth watering north Indian foods and very expensive French wine, for which I had special fascination.

During one of my visits I couldn’t see Roma’s husband. Later I learned from her that he had gone to France to finalize a prestigious Software project with a French company, a part of which might be offloaded to our company. I was happy to know about this prospect. But I was a bit sad. Being an Indian I knew, this time Roma wouldn’t dare to invite me to their apartment and I would certainly miss the sumptuous food with exquisite French wine. Usually they used to invite a few of their friends in their Saturday gathering. We used to drink, dine, gossip past midnight. Every time they or their friends dropped me at the hotel.

This time when I left the office on Friday evening, Roma just smiled and said goodbye. I knew, I had to manage my dinner either at my hotel or at any nearby restaurant on Saturday evening. I was feeling really bad missing the usual Saturday gathering that I was used to since my intimacy with the couple.

I spent the entire Saturday morning shopping for my wife and had a long sleep in the afternoon. I got up around six when the phone buzzed a few times. I thought some one from my implementation team calling me. But when I heard a female voice at the other end, “Hey handsome, what are you doing?” I was little surprised, but unable to identify the caller.

“Who is there?” I asked anxiously.

“I’m Roma ” the lovely voice murmured.

“Oh, what a surprise” I gasped for a breath.

My surprise was not only for her unexpected call, but for her calling me handsome. I knew, people around me considered me a hunk. But she never acknowledged it openly.

“I think, this time you’re missing the Saturday gathering. Isn’t it” I could hear her giggle on the phone.

“Oh, yeah” I exhaled rapidly, “I would really miss your warm hospitality and the sumptuous food. And of course the unforgettable French wine.”

“Very sorry” her voice was full of apology, “What to do. A small hitch in the contract finalization held my hubby in the French capital over the weekend. He’ll be back by Tuesday.”

“Sad. Your hubby spoilt my lovely week end” I joked with a loud laughter.

“Don’t worry dear” she said intimately “If you’re interested, you can accompany me to a Steamer party. It’ll be a great new experience for you. Lot of lovely food, lot of lovely girls, lot of dancing and music. You’ll love it. I need a partner. Would you?”

I gasped at her unwarranted request. I didn’t know whether to say yes or no.

“Hello, hello…” she cried anxiously, “Are you listening? I’ll not take you to hell, baba”.

“No, Madam” I stuttered, “I just got up from sleep. I’m bit slow in responding”.

“So, no problem going out with me!” she exclaimed naughtily.

“Yeah” I surrendered, “No problem, Madam”.

“Then get ready. I’ll pick you up by seven” she almost ordered me, “Bye.”

The phone got disconnected. But I stood holding the phone for a few minutes. Totally puzzled and confused. What was this steamer party? Why did she need a partner? And why me? A bunch of riddles raced through my mind.

But before she arrived, I dressed up. She called me from the lobby. I went down. She was waiting outside the lift. Seeing me coming out of the lift she smiled warmly. I was stunned to see her in a beautiful sexy black single piece outfit made of georgette. The dress was hanging from her left shoulder. The right shoulder was fully open. The upper part of her right breast was attractively exposed. I couldn’t see any bra strap there. She must be wearing a strapless bra. Her dress was tied by a silk cord around her slim waist and was cut from the upper part of her right thigh diagonally down to her left knee. Most of her right thigh was visible.

A diamond necklace and a diamond bracelet in her right wrist were sparkling. She was looking more sexy with her pair of strappy, heeled sandals that went halfway up her calf. I knew, she was in her early thirties. But in this sexy outfit and strappy sandals she looked like ataşehir escort a teenager. She used some exotic perfume that I could smell even from a distant.

“Madam, you’re looking awfully gorgeous” I was quick to admire her which she acknowledged with an enticing smile. She caught my right hand warmly and guided me to her car. She drove the car out of the hotel.

“What is this steamer party, Madam?” I couldn’t suppress my curiosity.

“I’ll tell that. But first you stop calling me Madam. Call me Roma” she gave me an angry look pressing the accelerator.

“Sorry Madam. Oh no Roma” I rectified myself before she reacted.

“That’s fine” she exhaled deeply, “Now your question, what this steamer party is. Well, the couples who are fed up partying with their friends and spouses in house or club, I mean in known circle, sometime love to enjoy a party among unknown people. This week end steamer parties give them this chance.”

“Nice arrangement” I said with some curiosity lingering in my face.

“Yeah” she replied taking a small turn, “This is very common in these countries, particularly where there is a river. And you know, only couples are allowed in these steamer parties.”

“Couples mean what! Husband, wife!” I raised my eyebrows.

“Oh no. Here couple means a man and a woman. Needn’t be married” she said coolly, “Here nobody bothers who comes with whom. In fact, most of the couples come to these Steamer parties in the hot embrace of their secret partners to enjoy the weekend. Sounds strange? “

“Oh, yeah” I took a short breath, “But isn’t it immoral?”

“What is immoral in it?” she shot back at me angrily, “When you’re bored making routine sex with your spouse, have some fun with a secret partner. What’s wrong!”

I was taken aback by her sudden outburst. I didn’t know how to react to her outburst contrary to my belief. So I kept mum.

“I’m sorry, dear” she toned her voice down, “I get terribly irritated if someone speaks about morality in this jet age. Morality is a dead word in this age. Everywhere you’ll find corruption. Aren’t these immoral?”

“That’s true” I tried to retreat from my earlier stand, “Frankly speaking, I didn’t judge it from this angle. You’re absolutely correct.”

“Are you appeasing me?” she looked at me mischievously, “But by tomorrow, I can bet, you’ll agree with me by heart.”

Her hint was not very clear to me. But I didn’t want to continue the topic further to avoid further argument and embarrassment.

“What happens if you meet some of your friends here?” I changed the topic.

“Nothing happens” she said with a conviction, “Everybody comes here with his or her secret partner. So all love to forget whom they met in this steamer party.”

She gasped for a breath and turned her face at me keeping her hands on the steering, “At least I can assure you, nobody will report to your wife back in India.”

I felt embarrassed at her comment. Reading my mind she hurriedly added, “I was just joking, dear. Don’t mind.”

Meanwhile, we reached the Steamer jetty. She stopped the car in a parking lot. We got down and walked to the well illuminated Steamer. I could see a lot of couples roaming in the upper deck. I could also hear some loud music. We entered the Steamer. Roma took out two tickets and handed them over to the gatekeeper.

“Come, we’ll go to the other side of the deck” she caught my hand and almost started pulling me towards her preferred place.

“Hello Roma, what are you doing here” a middle aged lady of Asian origin pulled her from the back, “You’re looking stunningly beautiful.”

“Hi Sania” Roma looked back with a pinch of disgust, “Who is your victim today? That old Italian boy?”

“No Roma” the lady told with a sparkling smile, “A French guy recently joined our office. What about you?”

She pulled my hand and brought me in front of her, “He has come from India. Wanted to see a Steamer party.”

“Come on Roma. No kidding” the lady brought her mouth very close to Roma’s ear and whispered, “You’ll never change your habit. Any Indian comes here, you want to taste him. Oh Gosh, he is really hunk. Enjoy him, baby.”

I could hear her whispering. It made me nervous. My heart raced wildly. I was gasping.

“Horny bitch” Roma howled as soon as the lady left the place, “She needs a new guy everyday. Her hunger has no limit.”

“Is she Indian?” I asked to overcome my nervousness.

“She is a Bangladeshi. Lost her husband in an accident. Stayed back here. She can go to bed with any young Tom, Dick and Harry. Disgusting” she bit her lower lip, “Forget it. Let’s enjoy. How do you like the atmosphere?”

“Oh, lovely” I told it from the core of my heart. Meanwhile, the Steamer started sailing in the river Rhine. I got my favourite French wine. She took Gin and Tonic. After the first drink most of the couples got up and started dancing. The music was very loud. The Steamer went to the middle of the river. Night Cologne was sparkling like a diamond necklace under light. The kadıköy escort sight was wonderful. Roma pulled me up and brought me to the dance floor. We danced for some time and came back to our seat. We went for another round of drink. Finished quickly.

“Now we should take our dinner” Roma said putting her glass in table and rushed me to the other side of the deck. The dinner was fabulous as Roma indicated earlier. I heard about French cuisine, but never tasted so many French preparations at a time. But among all sumptuous preparations Oyster preparation was the best.

“Lovely food” I expressed my unmitigated pleasure while coming back to the dance floor. We took our third drink. I never saw Roma smoking. But today she smoked a few cigarettes. Offered me. I refused. In between we danced. Slowly the entire environment turned sexually charged. Most of the couples were now dancing hugging their partners. Their lips engaged in abandoned kissing. Some time short, some time deep. Suddenly I realized why Roma was saying that the couples loved to come here to enjoy their weekend in the hot embrace of their secret partners. Was Roma expecting the same from me?

After consuming three glasses of wine, fairly strong, I could feel. my all moral inhibitions were fast vanishing. My passion was flying high in this sexual charged environment. I needed Roma in my embrace. I pulled her up, hugged her passionately and brought her to the dance floor. Started dancing hugging each other. I knew, she was expecting this manly act from me. I could feel, her body temperature was rising. I kissed her deeply. She reciprocated it with abandoned passion. It was hot. Her face was burning. I knew, our intimacy was now complete. Now I started enjoying her warmth, her perfume, her touch. As if we were lovers for a long time. I was amazed to see a great transformation in me, a newfound freedom from my age old inhibitions.

“I’m now yours. You ravish me as you like” she whispered sucking my earlobe. Her warm whispering inflamed my passion. I started rubbing her tits in my chest sucking her lower lip. She pushed her tongue into my mouth. I sucked and shoved my tongue into hers. She sucked it with smacking noise. Our tongues danced in each others mouths for several minutes. My cock inside my underclothes hardened. I could feel, some pre-cum seepage already made my underclothes wet. My heart was racing to ravish her body more and more. I reached around her back to unsnap her bra, searched for the hooks, but couldn’t find.

“The hook is in the front” she giggled. I immediately pushed my left hand inside her dress, found the hook between the cups and unsnapped her bra to allow her boobs to swing free. I grabbed her right tit. Fondled it wildly. Her nipples were already hardened. I nibbled it for some time with my nails. Suddenly she pushed my hand and took out her right tit from her dress. I lowered my eyes. Excited to see her lovely tight tit with hardened nipple with big brown aureole. A wave of quivers whirled through my spine.

“Darling, suck my nipple” she cried holding me tight. I lowered my head and took her nipple in my mouth. Started sucking it hard. She groaned in ecstasy. She scratched my back violently with her nails as I licked her nipple circling my tongue around it. I was drowning in extreme excitement. Felt, my cock would explode inside my underclothes any time. I didn’t want me spent so quickly. So before excitement got to my nerve, I stopped licking her nipple and raised my head.

“Hey Roma, tell me” I whimpered recovering quickly from my excitement, “Does your hubby know it? Doesn’t he mind?”

“I don’t care” she fumed, “He is a damn workaholic. Fond of his few German girl friends. I know, he takes some one of them in each tour. He must be enjoying these girls.”

“That means, both of you have secret sex life?” I asked curiously.

“Yes darling” dancing in my hands she replied smilingly, “But we have no problem in our married life. We’re a very happy couple.”

“That’s great” I felt not to drag this discussion further. So I suddenly changed the topic, “But tell me, why are some couples going to the lower deck?”

“For fucking” she giggled. Her use of the word “Fuck” caught me off guard. I felt terribly embarrassed. She looked at me and sensed my embarrassment.

“Come on dear, everyone comes here to fuck, to enjoy” she tried to cheer me up, “Aren’t you enjoying? Don’t feel shy.”

“Oh no, … ” I stammered.

“You know” she gushed again, “There are small Fucking Chambers in the lower deck. Whenever a couple feels hot, they go downstairs. Enter one of the chambers and fuck each other in little privacy. But the chambers are not fully covered. The upper part of each chamber is open. Thus groaning, moaning from all chambers can be heard from any part of the lower deck. Isn’t it exciting, when you’re fucking you can hear Aah, Uuh, Fuck me, Fuck my ass, Cum on my mouth from other chambers?”

Though I was embarrassed a little while ago hearing “Fuck”, but now her abandoned lewd bostancı escort bayan conversations incensed my passions like wild fire. I lowered my hands, cupped her ass and started grinding my cock against her pussy. She made some little grunting noises in pleasure.

“But chambers are not many!” my curiosity grew.

“Many couples enter the same chamber. Fuck together” she replied bluntly.

“Don’t they feel shy?” I raised my eyebrows.

“Pooh, when pussies are juicing, cocks are throbbing to fuck, nobody bothers about it. All shyness evaporates like camphor” she almost philosophized, “Sometime they also engage in Group Sex.”

“I’ve heard about it” I gasped, “Have you any experience?”

“Not yet, dear” I could hear a little lament in her voice, “But if I get a partner like you, I’ll surely go for it.”

She took a deep breath. We were still dancing. Music was not so loud now. Most of the lights in the deck were off. The couples around us were swinging with soft music grinding their bodies with each other.

“Some of my German friends are members of some swingers’ group” she continued her elaboration, “They say, ultimate of sexual pleasure is Swinging. They often ask me to come along with them. But what happens in those parties as I heard from them, I get scared. All girls are routinely fucked by all male members in all their orifices, from mouth to fuck hole to asshole. In these parties at least twenty couples come. All girls are mouth fucked by most of the guys. Oh God, can you imagine, how much cum they have to swallow in a night? Beside that, some cocks, as they say, are monstrously large. One of my friends once was almost gagged by such a big cock. Oh Gosh, that’s scaring.”

“But then why are you thinking going to such Swingers’ party?” I couldn’t stop expressing my surprise.

“No, I’ll never go to such big party” she kissed me again, “Rather, two of my German colleagues Hein and Franz have a better idea of forming a small swingers’ group of three couples. That should be fine, I guess. They are married. But they will include only their secret girl friends, one French, one Brazilian in this group. Their girl friends are also married. The other day they asked me whether I could join them with my secret partner. Their idea of not including spouses in the group is to avoid emotional backlash, which I agree. But I’m yet to confirm it. If you agree to be my partner, I’ll confirm them. Then next time when you come to Germany, I’ll ask them to organize their first party.”

She gasped and then bubbled with glee, “It’ll be a real fun. Uh, three guys plundering my pussy in a night! I can’t imagine. It’ll be really thrilling. And for you darling! Drilling three pussies in the same night will be equally exciting, isn’t it?”

The way she was talking, I knew, she was extremely horny. Any moment she might ask me to take her to the fucking chamber. With the rush going downstairs as I could see now, we had to share a chamber with another couple. We needn’t wait for the Swingers’ party that she was talking about, for getting thrilling experience of group sex. Now itself we would get our thrills realized.

My heart started racing in anticipation. Suddenly I felt, she had unzipped my trousers and was trying to grab my rock hard cock inside my underclothes. I helped her to take my cock out. She grabbed it, squeezed it and stroked its head mildly. Then suddenly pulled it to push it inside her panties.

My cock throbbed touching her wet and hot pussy. Some of her pussy juices soaked my cock head. She started swinging her waist in rhythm of the music. My cock got some rough rubbing inside her panties. Oh God, dancing with my cock inside a hot and wet panties! My arousal grew to its peak. Still I looked all sides whether any couple was watching our obscenity. But all couples around us were engrossed in their sexual pleasure. Once again I held Roma’s ass tightly and pressed it against my cock inside her panties.

“Oh God, that feels so good” she moaned.

“Oh Yessss” I crooned, “Baby, you’re so hot!”.

“Honey, move your cock up and down. Fuck me, Fuck me” she urged hysterically. I started ramming my cock inside her panties more vigorously as if I was fucking her cunt to its bottom. I could feel, her pussy was juicing madly soaking my throbbing dick. Soon I felt, my cock was in a pool of oil.

“Fuck my pussy with your finger darling” she panted rapidly. I pushed my two fingers to her wet pussy from the side of her panties. Started moving the fingers faster and faster.

“Oh honey, you’re fucking me so nicely” her entire body was shuddering, “Push your all fingers. Oh Gosh, what a pleasure. I gonna cum. I’m coming, I’m coming…. Ah… Aah… Aaah”. She reached her thrilling orgasm in front of the entire dancing public. She scratched my back with her nails like a wild animal.

I was still moving my all fingers in and out of her pussy holding her in my right hand. I could feel, she spurted huge cum on my fingers. My cock was totally drowned in her cum. I was at the verge of explosion. I took out my fingers from her pussy and cupped her ass once again to facilitate my cock bob up and down rapidly inside her panties. In no time my cock spewed a huge hot load in her panties. She shrieked having another wrenching orgasm.

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