Step Dad and Ex wife Continued!


Step Dad and Ex wife Continued!Step Dad Continued same night. After finishing with my wife in the bathroom I let her cleanup and slip outside. She let me know the coast was clear and I made my way out the front door. Know, my step dad has no idea I was even there. To this day, he has no idea I know or saw them. I waited for about 20 minutes and walked into the house. Now I had been prepared earlier with some no perishables stashed in my car. That way I was coming into the house with groceries. I helped my wife with dinner and we all sat around the table talking. I think it was wild that he had no clue I knew what they had done but they thought about it and Her and I thought about it. It was just nuts. We cleaned up the dishes watched some tv and we all decided to call it a night. bahis firmaları When my wife and I laid in bed I was so horny once again I rolled over playing with her talking about the day and having her share what she had thought about it. We had crazy sex and went to sleep. I was not sure what time it was when I woke up dehydrated. We had installed a box cover over our d****s like we saw and loved in Vegas and blackout curtains. Our rook was pitch black. I made my way to the door went into the kitchen noticed it was 3 am. Was drinking a class of water and could hear a faint noise of skin clapping around the corner in my dad’s room. I walked around and then I heard moaning but muffled. She must have had her face berried in the pillows. He was really tarring her up in there. kaçak iddaa I pulled out my hard cock and began to stroke listing to them until I heard them stop and could hear them talking in a whisper and little laugh like. I hurried back to bed and pulled off my boxers laid on my side and pretended to be asleep. I saw her sneak into the room and went directly into the bathroom. I could hear her cleaning up some and came back to bed. I waited just a couple of minutes and as fast as I could I rolled on top straddling her holding her down on the bed. I began ripping her panties down enough to slid my cock in listening to her saying,” WTF are you doing!” I began to pump her and could feel like my dad’s cum was still present in her pussy. I leaned down and whispered in her ear,” kaçak bahis I just listened to you both fucking and while I am fucking you I want you to tell me every detail.” Next morning, he took off to his sisters and I travel for work and guess it had been about a month after that crazy knight. I received a text from my wife to call her when I have a minute no rush. I was not too worried but she never texts me unless it is important. So, I was off work heading to the hotel and I called her. We talked about the usual things and she said,” I need to ask you a favor?” I said, “Sure baby what is it?” She began to tell me my step dad was coming back over again but I wouldn’t be home in time to see him. She asked,” Would it be ok if she fucks him without me there?” I said,” Sure under one condition! When I get back home she had to tell me every detail while I am fucking her.” She did this a few more times and it was extremely hot to come back home and have her tell me about it while I was on her.

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