Step mommy pt2


Step mommy pt2After a few days Carmela’s wounds and bruises were healed. I have yet to fuck her pussy, but her ass and mouth know my cock very well. Our relationship is amazing, I have the mom side who cooks and cleans and I have the sadistic whore side who likes to get beat and fuck hard. We have yet to make love, it’s always rough and hardcore. I’ve grown to love inflicting pain on her. This day I was watching tv and she came in with a bag. Chris honey I’m going to get a makeover anything you would like? Yeah longer hair !Ok I’ll get extensions baby. Anything else for my honey? No mommy your perfect. Aww such a sweetie you are. Honey do me a favor today? Sure what’s up?Go in mommies closet and pick out what you would like me to wear, throw away anything that doesn’t please you. OkYeah but why? Cause I only want to look sexy for my baby, I don’t want to wear anything that turns you off. Ok momShe left. I went into her closet and picked through her clothes. I kept all the dresses and skirts. I threw away all of her panties but 2 thongs. I threw away all of her slacks. I kept her sweatpants and lounging pants for her down time. I found garters and stockings, I kept everything sexy. On the top of her closet was a box. I pulled it down to find, dildos, butt plugs, ball gag, cuffs, shackles, whips, floggers, candles and a bunch of other kinky stuff. I pulled down box after box of kinky toys. Then I found a box of Polaroid pictures. Carmela was young and very sexy. I flipped through them one she was tied down to the bed with red wax dripping all over her body. Another photo she stood there smiling, her body covered in bruises and hand prints. Another she was stuffed with 6 dildos ass, pussy and mouth. The final picture she was hanging from the ceiling by her wrists. Her ankles tied together. From her shoulders to her thighs were deep whipping cuts. She was smiling I could see in a reflection. I searched more ripping her closet apart. I found so many more pictures of her beaten. Just her body never her face. I thought to myself I slapped her across the face….Maybe she always needed that. Maybe that’s why she is so inlove with me. I went to one of the spare bedrooms and made us a sex room.I pulled the mattress off our bed and laid the cuffs and shackles across then put the mattress back on and made the bed. I hung the whips, paddles and floggers on the walls. I took my 2 favorite photos, the one she was covered in bruises smiling, and the smiling whip photo. I ran to my computer and scanned them , did some touch up and resized them to life size. Print. I pulled out 2 huge glossy prints and hung them on each side of the bed. I pinned the rest of the pictures to the walls. Lined the shelves with, dildos and plugs. Taking paint I wrote on the walls in the bare spots. Things like, mommy whore, I love my mom, but I’m gonna beat her!, slut, anal whore, cumdumpster mother, it’s not Carmela it’s mommy!, hurt me son, beat me harder, love marks, beat bahis firmaları my cunt swollen, and shit happens! Happy with our new room I awaited her arrival. The best step mother in the world. After I was done decorating I went and sat back at my computer and started looking up weird things I could do to Carmela. I found anal whip cream enemas, fascinated I continued to watch. People stick all kinds of food in their asshole. One girl was shoveling sticks of butter in her ass, it was hot and we had butter. Mom texted me :Just got done getting a colonic 😉 you could eat cake out of my ass I’m so clean lol. Getting my hair and makeup done now, be home in a hour! Love you forever baby. Hmmm cake I search, yup eating a cupcake from a girls asshole. Banana, ramen noodles, eggs, apples all kinds of food.I knew she was k**ding but I was really turned on. I search the pantry, oh look we have all of that I laughed. I text back: I miss you and can’t wait for you to get home mommy. ( holding up a cupcake I snap a picture) I can’t wait for desert mommy. Love you forever. I really love calling her mommy, I mean she is my step mother so it is fitting. And when I say I love you mommy my cock gets rock hard, plus she loves it. She texts me back:Baby you know I was joking about the cake?Yeah I know but I’m not! I’m gonna shove it up your ass and eat it from you! With whipped cream!Well… should I stop and get cherries? LolWe have them mom, I have a surprise for you though.Did you look through my things? Find anything interesting? LolYeah I did. Very interesting. I can’t wait till your home in my arms. Or in our bed? Lol or over the kitchen table? The floor? On the toilet? In the pool? The backyard? Bathtub? The garage, the basement? I’m so excited to show you my new look. I hope you love it. God I don’t like leaving you for a long time. I just wanted to do something special for you cause you give me what I always want. You know what I want and crave! Your firm hand! God I am so in love with you my son, my baby, my lover, my dom, my master, my boyfriend, my future husband hopefully. I will do anything to please you Chris forever and ever. Wow she wants me to marry her? Yeah definitely. But we would have to move too many people know us here. I run to my room and find this diamond engagement ring I bought for a girl a long time ago. Carmela will love it! It’s way bigger than the one she got from my dad. Now to figure out a way to propose …. maybe after I beat her and she’s crying on the floor? Or just when she walks in? Dinner? Idk I’ll figure it out.Chris baby? You there? Did I scare you?No mom I’m here. Hurry home my cock is rock hard.I’m on my way baby be home in a few…I sit In my room, Chris honey I’m home! She yelled I ran down the stairs. She stood in the foyer as beautiful as ever. I ran up to her and gave her a big hug and kiss. I stood back mom you look amazing. Thanks honey. Help me unload the car, I bought enough groceries for a month! kaçak iddaa Why? Well I’m hoping I won’t be able to go out in public for a while she grinned. We unloaded the groceries. Want me to suck you off honey? No ummm…kneel down for me. Ok baby she kneels and I pull her hair back off her face. Do you like the hair? I really do. Close your eyes mommy She closes them mmmm I like surprises honey. In my left hand I hold the ring. My right hand winds back and whack I slapped her face. Omg Christopher. Why? She cried. I kneeled down in front of her kissing her lips softly. I love you. I love you too baby she cried. Why did you slap me? That’s a sex thing I wasn’t ready she bawled. I’m sorry mom but I had to mark you. To make you my property. Open your eyes. She opened her eyes to see the big diamond ring. Will you marry me mom?Omg Chris. She lunges at me. Making out with me. We get up and sit at the table.You really wanna marriage with me? Yes Carmela I do. Yeah your going to have to call me by my name…Not in our home though. I understand the slap now. I walk her to the spare bedroom and she walks in. Omg baby. This is beautiful. She grabbed a whip. Wanna whip me? Not now. Ok Well what then. I take her hand and lead her to our room. Slowly I undress her and make love to her. We laid in bed talking about the future and where we should move to. Carmela jumped up and went to the kitchen, I followed. Mom get on the table on all fours. Ok honey she giggled. I grabbed the whipped cream , bananas, cupcake and vanilla ice cream. I walked over and sat down, her beautiful asshole in my face. I licked it getting it all sloppy wet. I jumped up and grabbed a large cucumber. Too big mom? She looks at it with huge eyes. I don’t think so just try baby. I pushed and pushed, nothing. I reached over grabbing a spoon full of butter coated the cucumber and her ass. Slowly I pushed it in. Omg baby it’s so big! She cried. Yeah well I need your asshole big mommy! I pushed further. Oh fuck mommy with that big thing! She cried. I thrust it in and out, gape it mom as I pulled it out, I could see right in her empty ass, it was amazing. Quickly I dropped a peeled banana inside followed by the cupcake then some whipped cream. Her asshole shut. Are you gonna eat it baby? Yeah push it into my mouth! Ok she giggled. The whipped cream sprayed my face and I licked as much as I could then the cupcake came I ate it directly from her ass, holding it in my mouth I went to her mouth and we shared it. I was so horny I pulled her down and slammed my cock In her ass. Mmmmmyes baby fuck momma! She moaned. My cock plunged away at her food hole. Baby? Baby? Chris!I stopped. what?Take me up to the room and hurt me?Really? Now?Yes baby I need you to inflict as much pain on me as I can take! You proposed you need to seal the deal! I need to cry at your hands. I need to be punished!For what?For not giving you myself at a younger age baby! Beat me please!Ok I grabbed the ice cream and kaçak bahis headed to the room. Lay down on the bed on your stomach! I tied her wrists and ankles to the corners. I reached up grabbed a huge dildo and slammed it in her asshole. Omg she cried it’s too big! I fucked Her with it over and over and slammed another in her pussy.Gape that asshole mom! She held it open. I took a big scoop of ice cream and dropped it in her hole, then 2 more. Fuck that’s cold she screamed, her ass clenched tight. I pushed a butt plug in. So on a scale of 1-10 how hurt do you want to be mom? 10 baby! Hurt mommy! I grabbed a whip. Whack she cried out as it snapped against her shoulder blades. My whip worked it’s way down her backside in 3” increments. She cried each time. All the way down to her thighs. Her wounds a dark red almost piercing the skin. She laid there unable to move sobbing and crying. Mom ?Yes baby what scale are you at now? like a four baby!Are you crazy? Yes crazy in love, hurt me more please. She sobbed. I whipped her asshole and pussy over and over till she begged me to stop. Her asshole was a deep red, her pussy purpled it took the most punishment, it was swollen so bad it looked like it was about to break open. I untied her she laid in the fetal position crying. After returning from getting a drink she was on her back. Chris baby I need you to bruise my front! Haven’t you had enough? No I need your love marks baby. No whip please just your hands. I wanna be black and blue. Fine!I kneeled between her legs and started slapping her tits and stomach, she was in so much agony, but it’s what she wanted. Over and over I slapped. Hurt me bad baby.!I picked her legs up and rammed my cock into her ass, her body convulsed, she flailing around as I destroyed her swollen ass . Continued to slap her body. And the first time ever I spanked her purple swollen clit she squirted all over me . That made me bang even harder. Leaning down I choked her and plowed away. When she started turning blue I let go and bit her shoulder so hard a broke the skin, then I bit her tit, then the other shoulder. My cock plowed over and over I never heard her cry so bad. She looked at me like I was a monster. Like I went too far! But I continued to beat, bite and fuck. I was in the verge of cumming when I knew what had to be done so I pulled my cock out and slammed it in her pussy and smacked her across the face as I came in her pussy which I wasn’t allowed to do. Her body trembling like she had a seizure. Her eyes In the back of her head she convulsed for a good 3 minutes. I stood there looking down. Are you ok?Omg baby that was the longest orgasm I ever had. You scared me!God I love you , she smiled I untied her she slowly sat up lay down baby your desert is ready. She sat on my face as the vanilla ice cream squirt in my mouth followed by the banana. I had to carry her to bed that night. But in the morning she was cooking breakfast. She looked like she got hit by a train. Baby come eat. She smiled. Would you like me to serve you hash browns from my ass she giggled. I laughed How is your ass?Sore but open for business. My pussy not so much she giggled. Let’s plan our move…

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