Strange man.

Strange man.In my town we have a man who is always out walking around or riding a lawnmower and he does odd jobs for people. I have always been interested in him since I seen him, just to know what he was about but I was never allowed to. He tried talking to me once but I was in a hurry and couldn’t. I have heard stories of girls saying he tried hitting on them or getting them to go see him. But every time I ever saw him with a person he just talked and wouldn’t stop and made up stories. He was a tall man with medium length black hair that was kinda greasy and he was always kind of smelly and dirty. I guess they say he is mentally slow a little bit but I didn’t care I just wanted to know more about him all I knew was his name and age and it was Freddy and he was 52.Now one day it was about 93 degrees out and I had been in math class and I saw Freddy outside doing lawn work for the church across the street. I could tell he was sweaty and dirty and I felt bad. But I couldn’t do anything and time went on and the school day ended. I worked at a small food mart and walked there everyday after school. I was wearing a loose blouse with daisy dukes and flip flops that day and I didn’t have a bra on so my udders hung to my belly button and you could tell that there was no bra. And it just happened that We had received shipment that day so I had to stock freezers so I was nipping hard and you could see. While stocking a man came over by me but I didn’t pay any attention other then bornova escort I heard him talking to himself and he had an awful odor. Then he asked me where the cookies were and I turned around and it was the man I had always wondered about, Freddy. He was right there in front of me sweating and dirty, as soon as I turned around his eyes dropped and got big as he stared at my hanging breasts. I told him to follow me and I brought him to the cookies. He said thank you and started to talk my ear off like he does with everyone. He told me stories and what jobs he does and what he did that day. I told him I saw him and was watching him from school. He didn’t acknowledge that really and kept talking. It kind of bugged me how he didn’t pay any attention to what I said. He then asked if I would show him where the milk was. I said yes and thought to myself that I had to make him pay attention to me. So I walked in front of him like a runway model, one foot in front of the other making my fat ass jiggle with every step in my daisy duke shorts. We got to the milk and I asked him which milk he needed and he pointed to the bottom one so I bent over to get it and he watched as I did and then he slapped my ass. I looked over and a co-worker had saw and was watching to see how I reacted. I stood up turned around handed him the milk and whispered in his ear to come back in 2 hours when I get off work to bring me home. He said okay and left. The co-worker who had caught us escort bornova came up to me and asked what I was doing and what I told Freddy. And I told the boy he is going to come here when I get off work and bring me home. The boy looked at me blankly. He finally got words out and said your going to spend time with him but not me? I said I will deal with you later and went on to do my job. 2 hours went by fast. Freddy was about 15 minutes late but it was okay. He picked me up with his lawn mower. I assumed he had a car but I guess I was wrong. I rode on his lap through town and he wasn’t bringing me home he brought me to his trailer. It was rundown and dirty in a trailer park.We hopped off and a man outside who was just as dirty and had no teeth asked what he was doing with me. Freddy said we were just going to hang out inside and that the man could come over. The mans name was john he had gross bandana, a mustache which was yellow by his nose and grey by his lips, no teeth and was short and skinny. When we got inside Freddy locked the door but I didn’t think anything of it because the trailer was so dirty and disgusting. We all sat down at the table and chatted. Then John said we should have some fun. I asked what kind of fun and he just laughed. Then Freddy started talking to me and John got up and walked to another part of the room. We talked for a few minutes then out of no where John came behind me and slid his hands down to my lap and squeezed my massive bornova escort bayan boobs. He said wow these are huge and ripped my shirt off me. I covered my nipples with me hands and lifted them against my chest but it didn’t help it just made John all the more crazy. He lifted me up and threw me on the couch. He then told Freddy to take his pants off and Freddy did then John told me to suck Freddy.I said I didn’t want to. So John put me on my knees Put his dirty hands in my mouth and pulled it apart and Freddy put his cock in my mouth. His cock was so salty and dirty and soft about 2 inches long. After I sucked it he grew to about 6 inches max. Then John came over to my face with a 4 inch hard cock and I sucked him and jerked Freddy and they took turns with my mouth. Freddy was in heaven this was his first time with a girl. Once I heard that I pulled his cock out of my mouth and gave him a dance as I took my shorts and thong off. Then I sat back on the couch spread my legs and I called him over with a stroking motion with my finger. I told him to come down to my level and I guided his cock inside of me and I pushed his ass in and out till he learned what to do. Then I grabbed John’s cock and tugged him over and sucked him. Freddy was moaning so loud then he blew a big load into me and then John pulled him out and wanted a try. So Freddy came up for a sucking. I sucked the pussy juices right off his cock then I turned him around and I licked his asshole and John sucked him and fucked me. John was rough slapping my huge tits all around making them flop and hit me in the face. Then he blew a load in my pussy and pulled out and did my ass and blew another one. And we did this over and over again until I went home.

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