Stripper Starr


My eyes took a few moments to adjust to the darkness as I stepped in through the club’s front door and stopped at the cash register.

I paid the cover and took a seat upstairs. I moved the low, round chairs so that I can see the stage and so that when a stripper joins me at the table, her legs will intertwine with mine. I reclined deep into the chair with my legs pushed aggressively wide to occupy maximum space at the table. I angle to ensure maximum physical contact.

I relaxed for a few minutes with a beer. The sweet, tall blonde on stage moved through her second song, her long red dress crumpled at the edge of the stage, by the stairs. She slid to the floor, her back against the mirrored wall, her platform knee-high boots rocked back on their stiletto heels. Her hands push her knees out wide and slide down the inside of her thighs toward her g-string. She hooks her thumbs under the panties as her fingers press on the surface and highlight the folds of her pussy. She thrusts her chest out, her head back in mock masturbation. She rocks to the heavy beat of the music, hands rubbing on red nylon. She collapses forward, blonde hair spilling toward the mostly empty chairs as the song fades.

That’s when I feel the fingertips dragged across my shoulders, right to left.

“Hello, Sexy,” she purred as she rounds my chair. She let her manicured nails trickle from my shoulder yenimahalle escort down my arm. “Would you like some company?”

I looked her up and down once. Long, straight, dark hair, parted in the middle and rises up before it falls past her shoulders. Her eye makeup created a slightly cat-like effect, her lipstick thick and moist. She wore a tight, shiny silver dress held her breasts together and round. The straps wrapped around her neck to create keyhole which emphasized her cleavage. The dress tailored in to her waist and stopped just below her ass, leaving her tan, bare legs spread should-width apart, straddling my left leg. The clear plastic platform shoes added almost 5″ to her height. Without them, she was probably 5’4″. “Tight little body.” I thought to myself.

I gently, almost casually, slid my hand up the back of her calf, behind her knee. “Well, that sounds like a pretty good suggestion,” I said with a wry smile. She slid her leg around and nestled into my lap, her right arm easing around my shoulders. Her left hand pressed to the buttons of my shirt.

“I’m Starr.”

“Starr,” I said with a smile that finished my sentence, ‘That’s cute. I’ll play along.’ “I’m Rick”

“Well, Rick, are you having a good time?”

“I am now, Sista!” Now I had her smiling with me.

“You’re cute.”

“You’re pretty hot yourself eryaman escort there, Starr. That’s one sexy dress you’ve got.”

“You like it?” She leaned back and ran her hands up her sides to her breasts. “I like how it shows off my tits. Look you can see my nipples getting hard for you.” She squeezed both nipples playfully through the dress. I grinned and she leaned forward and whispered in my ear, “I also like how easily it lets me touch my pussy.” Her voice was heavy and wet. “Do you want me to touch it for you?” Her hot breath lingered at my neck.

“I’d love to see you touch yourself.”

Her hand immediately slid up her thigh. She sucked in a quick gasp of breath.

“mmmmmm. I am wet already. You’re going to have to help me relieve myself. Let’s go in the back room. It’s dark and we’ll be alone.” Her moist lips brushed my ear. I swallowed hard. “I want you to touch me.”

She retracted back a bit to look me in the eyes. Her pouty look was perfect. She gently tugged my hand and we rose. I silently followed her into a deeply dark corner into a fat leather couch.

Immediately she pushed between my legs. Her hands on my thighs. She pulled my hands to her thighs. “That’s it,” she instructed, “push it up over my hips.” Her hands reached around to her panties and pulled them aside, revealing her soft pussy lips. She slid a finger over them ankara escort and up her body to her mouth. “mmmmm” She rotated and pressed her tight little ass into my lap. My hard cock pushed through my jeans. “Oh!” she teased, “I see you’re as turned on as I am.” She ground her ass cheeks along my shaft. Her hands guided mine between her legs. “If you rub my cunt, I’ll come for you.” She pressed my fingers onto her folds. “Yeah! Rub it fast!” I obliged and ground more aggressively onto my cock.

Slowly she rotated around. Her fingers now tugged at my shirt, untucking it from my pants. Playfully, she undid my belt and unbuttoned the top of my jeans. Her mischievous look told my she wasn’t finished. “I’m going to make you come. I want to feel your sticky come on my fingers.” Her delicate nails reached my shaft. Her body was pressed tightly against mine. Her breast splayed against my chest. Her mouth at my left ear. “Unnhhh. Mmmmmmm. Let me feel your hard cock. I want it inside me. Can you feel my wet pussy? Are your going to fuck me hard? Unnnhhh” She was now stroking my full length. “Come on, baby, let me feel you come.” She stroked faster. Quickly she slid down to her knees, her face in my crotch. In one swift motion, she unzipped my zipper and engulfed my cock in her mouth. “Mmmmmffff” She bobbed her wet mouth on my dick. One, two, three deep throat motions and I was ready to burst. “mmmMMM!”

“That’s it, baby, take it!” I exploded deep into her mouth. A few more bobs and she climbed up again.

“Now that’s what I call fun.” Her mischievous grin again.

I’ll say. There was some money exchanged in there somewhere, but I can’t seem to remember the details.

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