Stud Seduces Beautiful Virgin


I first saw her at a fundraiser for her father, the Senator. I made a healthy contribution and was invited to an exclusive gathering two weeks later. Black tie. Sharon was hostess for her father, a widower. She looked exceedingly sheik in a simple black dress. Nineteen years old, slender, beautiful. She carried herself with a confident grace. Later I had the opportunity to make small talk. She seemed interested and we made a dinner date for next Saturday.

A bit about myself. I’m twenty-five, single. 6ft-3, 200 lbs of good muscle. Women consider me very good looking with a good personality. I have a really big cock. I know how to satisfy a woman. And I’m rich. I made a bundle on Amazon stock, getting in real early. Not surprisingly (I’m trying to be modest), I’m in demand by women and like it.

Anyway our dinner date goes off splendidly. Sharon was a delightful conversationalist. She dressed very simply which looked perfect on her young body. I was surprisingly nervous in her presence. She told stories about her father’s canlı bahis campaign. We laughed about the event screw-ups, the women who made a play for her dad. That sort of thing.

As the evening went on I was trying to decide if or how I would make a play for her. To my surprise Sharon leaned over and whispered, “Let’s go back to my place. I want you.”

A short cab ride and we were at her tony NY walk-up. Standing before me she dropped her little black dress around her feet. Next were the bra and panties. This girl was absolutely stunning.

“What are you waiting for? Take your clothes off.”

I scrambled to strip. She reached over and pulled down my shorts. My quickly hardening cock sprang up at a 45 degree angle. “Very nice. Very, very nice,” she exclaimed as she placed both hands on it. It’s so big. I wonder if it will fit in me. Come on,” she took me by the hand and led me to her bed.

I tried not to rush things. Kisses. Then kisses behind her ears. Down her throat. Nibbling and licking her nipples. Gradually bahis siteleri working my way down her flat tummy. She spread her legs to give me access and I nudged her pussy lips apart with the tip of my tongue. Her pussy was bare and beautiful. And leaking copious fluid. I lapped away and she moaned and thrust her hips to meet my mouth. Just a few minutes later she came with a shudder, pulling my head into her crotch.

“That was fabulous! I’ve never felt anything so intense before. You are so experienced. Thank you!”

I moved and positioned my cock at her opening.

“Go easy, John. Real easy. It’s my first time.”

I was stunned. No guy had ever been there before? This beautiful, sexy creature? And she wanted me to take her virginity! And then she had another surprise.

“I want you to make me pregnant. Be my first in every way. You are handsome, smart. Nice body, big cock. The whole package. My baby boy will be perfect. I have waited my entire life for someone like you. Now make me your woman. This bahis şirketleri is my fertile time. Squirt your seed deep into me.”

I lined up my cock, rubbing the head up and down her dripping slit. I pressed the head in and gently pushed. Three inches in and I felt resistance. She was indeed a virgin.

“This might hurt,” I warned her. “Do it. Do it quickly. I’m ready. Make me yours.”

I pushed but didn’t penetrate further. I needed to push harder. She winced as I went through. “Damn, that hurts. More than I expected. Don’t move. Let me settle down, it still hurts.

“OK, try to go deeper, but easy. That’s ok. You can keep going. But slowly.”

Soon I was balls-deep in this gorgeous creature. I started long, slow strokes with my hard cock. I looked down, her pussy was red and engorged. My cock was covered with milky foam as I pumped away. I didn’t know how long I could last, her pussy was virgin tight. She squirmed and whimpered. When she started humping me back I figured she was close. I was too. It felt so good.

“God damn it, not now,” I yelled. I stopped stoking my cock. “Damn, damn!”

A voice in my VR headset announced “Your one hour of virtual fantasy has expired. Please approve addition payment if you want to proceed.”

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