Study Buddies Ch. 01


It had been a tough 5 hours but my group had just about finished studying. Thankfully we had chosen an out of the way corner of the library in order to study or else we would have never gotten done. Slowly the group filed away off to their homes leaving probably one of the hottest girls in our class and myself. She was the perfect height 5 feet 6 and well probably a slim 100 pounds. She always wore the most provocative clothes, most of the time I have to sit behind her in class just to see what kind of panties she was wearing that day. Needless to say I was very rarely disappointed.

While we studied that day I had spent most of the time as close to her as I possibly could. We always worked together to try and understand the material so it seemed like we meshed together really well. But as we studied I had a hard time not thinking about how I wanted to see the rest of her body, how I wanted to make her squirm with my tongue, how I wanted to fill her up completely; thoughts that basically would have gotten me in trouble had anyone else known about them.

As we packed up our books I turned towards her and asked her, “You ready for tomorrow?”

Her quick nod supplied the answer. “Yea I should do pretty well. I just gotta relax while taking the test.”

I smiled and replied happily, “I definitely need to relax now and not during the test, ya know? Sometimes I do better when I spend all my time relaxing the night before rather than studying my ass off. Too bad this test is such a beast, didn’t have the chance to relax.”

“But hey you helped out a lot of people. If only there was something I could do to help you, anything really,” she pointed out shyly. Her eyes had the innocent look about them as I looked into them. All that went through my mind was sex. I wanted her more than anything before in my life. She edged closer to me as she saw me fighting myself in my head, I bahis firmaları always get a blank look when I do that.

She looked at me innocently biting her lip. I slowly reached my hand out to touch hers. “Well I guess if you really wanted to help me relax, there is one thing I end up doing before tests.” My mind screamed at me for what I just said. I just told the most beautiful girl I’ve ever been close to that I jack off the night before every test.

Biting her lip she leaned closer to me, slowly her eyes closed shut as our lips locked together. I wrapped my arms around her petite frame pulling her close to me as we kissed. Just as quickly as the kiss had started it ended, but we stood there staring into each other’s eyes. My body reacted way before my mind could as I pulled her close to me again and passionately kissed her. To my surprise there was no resistance. Her kiss matched mine in passion as our tongues slipped over one another.

My hands ran down her back and over her ass. She was wearing a tank top with tight fitting jeans. Slowly my hands ran back up her body but this time under the top where I quickly undid her bra. Her giggle through the kiss let me know that all was well still. I pulled the bra from inside her tank top and dropped it in her bag. I turned back towards her only to find she was guiding me to an even more secluded part of the library.

Smiling I joined her in the dark corner. All that we could hear was our heavy breathing as we once again kissed one another. My hands pulled the straps from her tank down from her shoulders letting her breasts slip free. I cupped each breast with a hand and began to massage them gently; I rolled her nipples in between my forefingers and thumbs as our tongues danced within our mouths. She pulled away from the kiss but bit my lip gently as she did. Her hands traced down my body and over the bulge in my pants. kaçak iddaa Skillfully she undid my pants letting my throbbing cock slip from its confines. The look in her eyes turned me on even more; she admired the size of my cock and craved it at the same time.

I undid her pants and pulled them off of her sexy legs. Her swollen wet pussy lay before me begging to be pleased. All I could think about is how much I wanted to taste her and to fill her up. I looked her in the eyes as I got onto my knees before her. My tongue slithered from my mouth and quickly flicked across her lips. A soft moan escaped her as I teased her. I kissed her gently starting around her inner thighs and making me way up and around to the other side, I was careful not to touch her swollen mound. She ran her fingers through my hair as I got closer and closer to her love hole. Once again my tongue flicked out but this time it circled her hard clit. She began to moan louder as I primed her. Her hands grabbed my head and pulled me into her begging me to keep doing what I was doing. I carefully licked her love button and along her sweet lips, her nectar tantalized my taste buds making me crave for more. I pushed myself into her love canal probing her with my tongue, feeling and tasting everything I could. She moaned again this time louder than before. She pulled me up to kiss her once again as she whispered into my ear, “Fuck me now god damnit.”

I grabbed my hard cock and positioned it against her wetness. Slowly I pushed myself into her. The warmth was exhilarating as it and the wetness enveloped me. Another moan escaped her lips as I buried myself within her. I leaned down and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth as I ground my hips against her making sure I was as far as I could get inside her. I pulled myself slowly out of her making sure not to come all the way out. With just my head inside her I pushed back kaçak bahis in. I slid myself in and out of her increasing my pace with each stroke. As I pulled out her pussy clenched around me begging me not to leave it. As my speed increased the length of each stroke became shorter as I pounded her furiously. Her moans became louder and louder as I fucked her harder and faster. Afraid of being caught by someone I kissed her again. Our tongues once again danced with each other in our mouths as her hands ran over my body.

The feeling at that time was like nothing I had ever experienced before. My body shook from the pleasure as I closed in on my climax. She sensed I was close and her hands quickly grabbed my ass and pulled me deep within her. Our hips ground against one another causing her cum with me deep within her. Her muscles clenched my throbbing member squeezing me into my own orgasm. I filled her soaking pussy with my hot cum. Both our moans rang out throughout the area as we finally collapsed back on the table near us. We kissed again as I pulled myself from her.

We quickly got dressed and made ourselves presentable once again. Again we kissed before returning to our bags and walking from the library. We didn’t think anyone had heard us because of the lack of action from the others studying in the building. Once outside we turned towards each other. “Good luck tomorrow, I hope that relaxed you enough,” she said innocently.

I smiled, “I’m sure that helped me plenty, I hope it helped you as well. Call me again if you need to relax before another test.”

She giggled as she leaned in again to kiss me. Before pulling away she whispered into my ear, “Don’t worry I’ll be calling you more than that.”

As she began to walk off I could see a wet spot in her jeans, that picture and the moment we just shared was forever etched in my mind.

This hopefully is the first chapter of many for these 2. I don’t believe it was as well written as I’d like it to be but I do hope all of you enjoy it. Please feel free to write me with any comments. Those comments will help me become a better writer.

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