Sub & dom car wash

Sub & dom car washI stood out in the front washing his car, his pride and joy. It’s a hot day so I’m wearing a white vest top and small denim shorts and to be fair… I’m still too hot to be wearing them but needs must. The streets are dead but with the car being in the open garage no one is noticeable until the last moment anyway. It’s so sticky and horrible and my dom has got me washing his car. It’s my fault though for misbehaving. I shouldn’t have burnt his tea because I was too busy pleasuring myself. Now I’m not allowed to orgasm without his permission for the next week and I have to do lots of tasks around the house and today it’s washing the car. The problem is this happened 5 days ago and master hasn’t let me have the slightest bit of pleasure. He’s harsh but fair I guess. He comes out behind me and spanks my bum making me jump and soak myself with the hose. Great now I’m drenched and probably going to be punished again. “My, my you’re a messy girl!” he says with a purr, he wraps his arms around me and bites me ear. “I edirne escort might have to punish you for that!” “Yes Sir” I say wondering what it’ll be. Surely he won’t ban me from pleasure for longer? I’m still awaiting his say so. He flips me around so I’m facing him and he pins me against the bonnet, his eyes locking on my wet and very see through top. He kisses me roughly and I moan. The slightest thing will turn me on I haven’t had it in what feels like forever and for the girl who was having it 3 times a day sometimes more this is proving a nightmare. He rips my vest top clean open so that my heaving, wet breasts are out. I pant a little. This is so fucking hot! He pulls down my shorts and pulls my thong sideways and he rubs his thumb along my clit. My body reacts to this and I’m left grinding against him. He has a smirk on his face and I know I’m in for a long ride. Master is going to tease this out for punishment. He pulls my bra down revealing my nipples and he starts caressing the, tweeking my nipples as he escort edirne goes. Bastard! He knows that nipple play goes straight to my clit. I’m moaning already and he hasn’t even entered me yet. Oh god… he WILL enter me…won’t he? What if he just builds me up and walks off? He’s done that before and it was absolute torture. After a solid 20 minutes of nipple play and the occasional clit stroke master gets on his knees and licks my pussy. My eyes flutter as he works his magic. “Tell me if you’re going to cum my dirty little slut” he says with slight aggression and I know this is nothing to hide from him. If I fail to tell him my punishment will be far greater than what I’ve been undergoing lately. Eventually he enters me, he rams me hard with his hands wondering all over my body. “Master! I’m so close” I say gasping. He stops and bites my lip and neck. “you’re not to cum until I say remember?” After I’ve calmed down enough he starts up again, working two fingers into my pussy just before he enters again. “my dirty edirne escort bayan wet girl!” I gasp again. This feels amazing, incredible but I’m still not allowed to orgasm and I don’t know what Master is expecting to do with me. Master edges me for a full hour more before saying the words I’ve been so desperate to hear. “Cum for me baby” he says whilst thrusting harder and deeper into me. A massive orgasm rips through my body and I’m left screaming, or at least I would be if Master wasn’t gagging me with my wet top. This somehow only intensifies my orgasm and I’m a wreck, my pussy starts pouring my juices all over his cock and I cant stay still I just lie on the bonnet of his car thrashing around. Master smiles as he feels me gush over his massive erection that he moans so deeply as he cums hard so that both our juices are flowing out of me. Master fingers me the whole time I’m gushing and offers me his fingers and slowly, one by one I suck on them tasting us together off of his fingers. That was worth the 5 day no sex or pleasure ban. “My good girl” Master says to me as he helps me up and into the house “now get changed, my cars needs washing again” he says smacking my bum. “Yes sir!” I say with a smile. That was incredible. Might have to get punished more often.

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