Summer Education – Part 1


Summer Education – Part 1This is a story of an early sexual encounter I had as a teen with the mature couple across the street. The names are fictitious.In the mid-eighties, I was home for the summer, waiting to go off for my first year in college. I was doing odd jobs here and there for spending money, but had no regular job and no girlfriend so I was home with time on my hands quite a bit. Our neighbors across the street, the Carters, were pretty well off. Mr. Carter was CEO of a pharmaceutical company. He and his wife were in their late forties. They had a swimming pool in the back yard that my friends and I had always been allowed to use, and even had an entertainment room with a pinball machine, pool table and giant projection television. Mrs. Carter was tall, about 5-9, with a matronly air about her. Her hair was frosted blonde, short and conservatively styled, and her dress was always modest and classy, very much in the conservative, preppy Southern fashion of that time. I had never really paid much attention to her figure, as whenever I had been over growing up I was always hoping to catch a glimpse of her daughter Lori, who was six years older than me and smoking hot. Little did I know that the focus of my attention was soon to change.One typically hot, humid afternoon I was riding my bike, clad in spandex bike shorts and a tank top, when Mrs. Carter drove up alongside me in her Cadillac and waved me over. We chatted a bit about what I was up to and where I was going for college, and she told me I was welcome to stop by and go for a swim if I wanted to cool off after my ride. Of course I told her I’d be over directly, and she smiled and said that Lori wasn’t around, so I might be disappointed. I stammered something in response, and she laughed and drove off. I rode back to my house and changed into my swimsuit and walked across to their house.I went out back to the pool. No one was there, so I jumped in and swam a couple laps, then just floated around a while, taking pleasure in the cool, shaded water. After about fifteen or twenty minutes, I needed to use the bathroom so I got out. They had a cabana with changing rooms outside by the pool, but no bathrooms for some reason, so you would have to go in the main house for that. I walked into the house, through the entertainment room and down the hall to the bathroom, which was across from the master bedroom. The bedroom door was halfway open, and as I was starting to go in the bathroom my eye was caught by movement. It was Mrs. Carter, coming out of her bathroom with a towel in hand, just starting to wrap it around her unclothed body. I stopped dead in my tracks, shocked. The word that best described her body was lush. She was not fat by any means, but not thin either. Her breasts were heavy and sagged just slightly, her waist was soft, and her hips were wide, with a triangle of dense but short dark hair between her rounded thighs. She had obviously just come out of the bath or shower. I could smell a feminine fragrance, some sort of floral bath salts or soap. As I first saw her, she was somewhat in profile, and then she walked to the far side of the room where there was a dressing table and mirror. I got a glimpse of her large, curvy ass just before she covered up in the towel, and then I came to my senses and darted into the hall bathroom before she could see me in the mirror. I must have made some noise hurriedly closing the door, bahis firmaları but I was in a panic not to be caught staring at her.I stayed in the bathroom for about 10 minutes, trying to let my erection subside so it wasn’t tenting my bathing suit. Had I really just seen Mrs. Carter gloriously naked? While her body wasn’t like the models in the magazines I had jerked off to countless times, it was very attractive in its own way, and my hormonally-charged body responded to those mature curves on a primal level. I finally got myself together enough to leave the bathroom. The bedroom door was still open, but I willed myself not to look as I headed down the hallway. Mrs. Carter’s voice stopped me. “Will, are you all right?” I turned and saw Mrs. Carter, now clad in a silk bathrobe, walking out of her room toward me. I mumbled that I was fine. “Sit down for a minute, won’t you?” She gestured to the sectional sofa in front of the television. “I don’t think I should… my suit is wet.” I said. She opened the hall closet and retrieved a towel. As she walked by, that floral scent hit me again and I felt my penis shift slightly. She bent over at the waist and spread the towel on the sofa. The robe, which had been hanging to a few inches above her knees, rode up as she did so, showing the backs of her thighs. “There, now sit down and chat with me!” she said brightly. We sat down and she started asking me mundane questions about neighborhood gossip, which I tried to answer but found myself stammering a couple times. I was acutely aware that neither one of us had more than thin fabric covering our bodies. Mrs. Carter seemed to enjoy my discomfiture, as she had a half-smile and kept smoothing her robe across her lap. She had tucked her legs up under her and the robe was riding up on her thighs. I was trying to force my eyes to look anywhere but her creamy thighs or her breasts, but was fighting a losing battle. To my horror, I felt my cock slowly expanding down the leg of my swimsuit, making an obvious outline.“Will, are you uncomfortable? You can’t seem to sit still! Stand up and I’ll spread that towel out more for you.” She lightly touched my arm as she said this, and it felt like an electrical jolt that went through my brain and my crotch. “Uhh, that’s ok…” I started to reply, but she cut me off, saying “Nonsense! Go ahead and stand up.” I stood and tried to rotate around so she wouldn’t see my penis trying to crawl all the way out of my trunks. It was no good. She made a little gasping noise, which looking back on it I think was totally fake. She reached up and pressed her hand to my crotch. “This is what’s making you uncomfortable, isn’t it? Let me help.”She pulled my suit down all the way to my ankles, and my cock sprang up, relishing its freedom. I couldn’t move or say anything, as she pulled me by my hips closer to her and then gently encircled my shaft with her warm, soft hand. Her left hand slid around and cupped my butt as she lightly stroked my penis from the base to halfway up. My cock was pointing right at her face and leaking pre-cum as she caressed the head. She took her fingers, sticky with my pre-cum and put them in her mouth. “Mmmm, very nice.”I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t know why she would find me attractive at all. I was a little over six feet tall, but very slender. I was active so my body was toned, but I only weighed 150 pounds, and my cock was just six and a half inches long. kaçak iddaa Mrs. Carter sure seemed to appreciate it, though.She pulled me closer and gently touched her tongue to the tip of my penis, licking up more pre-cum, and then she pulled my cock up higher and took my balls into her mouth. The sensation was indescribable, and I could feel my orgasm building. Mrs. Carter must have sensed I was close, because she pulled away and told me to follow her to the bedroom.I did as I was told, enjoying watching her hips move as she walked in front of me. My penis stood straight out as if to point the way to her ass. We got to her bedroom and she turned around and embraced me, kissing me softly. Her soft body felt incredible against me. She ran her hands over my shoulders, down my back and over my ass. I had never had a girl as interested in my butt, but Mrs. Carter really enjoyed caressing my butt cheeks and the small of my back. I think she liked feeling how slim I was.She slipped out of her robe and it fell to the floor. I gaped at her nudity, and she laughed a little. She had me sit on the edge of the bed, and then she knelt in front of me on the plush carpet and slid my cock into her mouth. Slowly, oh so slowly, she went all the way down on it, maintaining contact with her lips and tongue the whole time. She lightly cupped my balls as she kissed and licked my shaft, then ran her tongue in circles around my cockhead. My pre-cum was flowing again, and she lapped it up like cream. Then she moved up and kissed me, forcing her tongue in my mouth, and I could taste myself in her kiss. I found it incredibly erotic.I told her I was not going to last much longer, and she said that was perfectly all right, and we had lots of time. With that, she pushed me down on my back and knelt between my legs and started sucking harder on my balls and cock, while using her hands to fondle my sack and perineal area. This was something else new to me, and I was a little taken aback when I felt her fingertip right on my asshole, but her warm wet mouth moving on my cock and balls had me literally up for anything. She massaged my asshole in tiny little circles with her finger. I stiffened and groaned, and she took my cock about three quarters of the way into her mouth and sucked hard, coaxing my semen out. I felt 7 or 8 strong contractions as I shot my cum into her mouth, and she took it all, moaning as she did. Not all of it went down her throat, though, as I found out when she lay on top of me and kissed me, returning some of my own fluid. It was amazing to feel her breasts on my chest, and just her weight on my body, as she kissed me passionately.Mrs. Carter pulled herself up onto her knees, and moved forward to straddle my head. As she looked down at me I could see her heavy breasts hanging down. She smiled at me and lowered herself down onto my face. Her thighs held my head in place as she ground her pussy onto my mouth. I began to lick and suck her lips while she rotated her hips, putting quite a bit of her weight on my face. The smell of her cunt was making my cock start to swell again. I closed my eyes and lost myself in the taste and scent of her.I felt her hand cupping and massaging my balls, and thrust my pelvis up in appreciation. Firm pressure was applied to my shaft and balls, and I felt a finger probing my asshole again, more insistently than before. I opened my eyes and saw Mrs. Carter leaning forward over kaçak bahis my head with her hands on the headboard of the bed. She looked down at me and must have seen my eyes widen with shock. “Shh, that’s just Bob. He felt like joining us. You don’t mind, do you?”She raised up enough to where I could look around her and saw Mr. Carter standing by the bed, rolling his hand around my balls. He chuckled a bit and said “I didn’t want to interrupt you two, but you should know that we’ve been married a long time and we share everything. “ They kissed as I just lay there, shocked. The pleasure of everything I was feeling overcame my reluctance, though, and I moaned and thrust my cock upwards while Mr. Carter stroked me.Mr. Carter was shorter than me, about 5-8 and much more stocky and muscular. His shirt was already off, revealing his hairy chest and powerful shoulders and arms. He and his wife kissed some more as she tugged the waist of his pants down. There was a massive bulge in his underwear, which she rubbed her hand over.Mrs. Carter eased her way off my face and down my body to straddle my hips. Her husband guided my cock into her as she slid down onto me. She felt amazing, so hot and wet. She moved on me very slowly as he pulled his underwear down to reveal his erect cock. It was probably about a half inch or so longer than mine, but seemed like it was at least twice as thick. As his wife leaned forward, rotating herself on my penis, he stepped up and put his own penis to her mouth. She began sucking him right over my face, and I could look up and see his thick cock and big, hairy balls. I was fascinated, watching her lips and tongue working on his cockhead and shaft. She looked down and smiled as she ran her tongue up and down his shaft, staring directly into my eyes. “Mmm, he tastes good. Why don’t you try?”I felt conflicted and paralyzed. I had never been that close to another man’s cock before, but something about its size and power, and the scent, and her wanton appreciation of it had aroused me so much I was willing to give anything a try. I nodded slightly, and she pulled him slightly closer and pointed his cock at my face. She pushed his cockhead into my cheek and dragged it over my face before telling me to open my mouth. I parted my lips and accepted his huge cock into my mouth. All three of us groaned as I tentatively started to nurse on his slick knob. “That’s it, honey. It’s ok, it’s so sexy. Suck it for him!” Mrs. Carter encouraged me as she began pumping her hips faster, and my cock felt like a piece of rebar. I had never been so turned on as I was at that moment, with this mature woman sliding her wet pussy around me while I tasted my first cock, feeling its heat and velvety smoothness on my tongue.Mrs. Carter began stroking his cock and flicking her tongue over the shaft as I continued to suck the head. She warned me that he was getting close, then almost immediately I felt his penis swell even larger and my mouth was flooded with hot, salty semen, which I swallowed as best as I could. As she continued to jerk him off, he slipped out of my mouth so that my chin and cheeks were glazed with cum as well. She bent down and began licking my face, lapping up the sticky mess and then sticking her tongue in my mouth, feeding me more of her husband’s load. This was all too much for me and I thrust my pelvis upward, driving my cock into her and shooting my own orgasm into her.Mr. Carter sat down on the bed beside me and they kissed while I lay there, spent and overwhelmed. After a few moments, I thanked them for letting me come over. They both laughed and said I was more than welcome, any time.

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