Summer Fun Ch. 3


Sex with her uncle was better than anything Vanessa had ever enjoyed. One day while doing my her laundry, my Aunt Becky came up behind her and asked me if she needed any help, she replied sure and she helped Vanessa fold. She asked me, “Do you have a boyfriend?”

She replied no and she said, “So that means you are a virgin, correct?”

Vanessa said, “Well no, I’m not a virgin”.

“I lost my virginity young too, it’s kind of funny how”

“How?” she asked

She began telling her a story about how her brother and her were swimming together and ended up having sex most of the day. He had banged her every way possible, in her ass, pussy, and mouth. She said that they continued to have sex even after she was married to her Uncle Bill. And sometimes when her brother and her are alone they fool around.

She replied, “Kind of like me and Mark?”

“You and Mark have sex? Well I could have figured that out with all the huffing and puffing from your room at night. But what about Chris, do you ever do anything with Chris?”

“Yes, he joins me and Mark. If bahis firmaları I tell you a secret will you not tell anyone?”

“Sure honey, what is it?”

“Well Mark and Chris, they have no experience what so ever. They don’t know how to please me, how to make me happy. Would you please me Aunt Becky?”

“Sweety, I’d be happy too. Me and your mother often had sex together. She had the sweetest pussy I have ever tasted. She had a big butt plug she’s shove up my ass while she ate my pussy, she was great at it. You want me to fuck you Vanessa?”

“Yes Becky, can I see your pussy, can I taste it and finger it?”

“Oh Vanessa, come with me to my bedroom and I’ll let you do more than that”.

She followed her to her bedroom and she locked the door behind them. She came up behind her and began rubbing her large breasts, tugging at the tight nipples. She kissed Vanessa’s throat and neck, rubbing her tits all the more. They both began undressing each other and laid back on the bed. Becky kissed her deeply, teasing her tongue with her own. Vanessa moaned kaçak iddaa as her aunt kissed her way down her neck, stopping at her right breast. She kissed it gently, bathing the hard nipple with her tongue. She sucked it gently, teasing Vanessa until she was near the point of orgasm.

She kissed her way down her belly, reaching her trimmed bush with her tongue. She slid her tongue into her slit, lapping up her sweet juices. Vanessa was at the point of screaming, but her aunt just kept on licking and sucking. She found her hard clit and teased it relentlessly. She sucked it into her mouth and ran her tongue over it, which caused Vanessa to grind her pussy against her aunt’s mouth and face.

Vanessa went crazy as Becky dove her tongue in and out of her pussy, it had never been eaten so well in her entire life. Becky slipped a finger into Vanessa’s pussy, fucking it gently, then harder. She slid another finger in and screwed her cunt wildly. Vanessa began to orgasm around her aunt’s fingers, her lapped up her snatch honey.

Becky lay down beside Vanessa, it was kaçak bahis her turn on the receiving end. She instructed her aunt to get onto her hands and knees. Vanessa moved around in back of her and spread Becky’s firm ass cheeks. She then began to lick from the top of her ass, down to her aunt’s slit, which she flicked her tongue against teasingly. She licked back up to her aunt’s ass hole, rubbing the little hole gently. she spread the hole with her fingers and pushed her tongue into it and far as it would go, causing her aunt to cry out. She gently pushed her finger up her ass, fingering it gently. She pushed another finger up her butt, then another. She had 4 fingers up her aunt’s ass, and was going for more. She pushed her thumb into her ass, as she did this her aunt cried out, “More Vanessa, push your whole hand up my ass”!

Vanessa pushed and finally got her whole hand deep inside her aunts ass. It was so tight, it felt like it was sucking her entire arm up into it. But her aunt loved it and began orgasming as she ran her hand in and out of her ass, moaning and writhing under her niece’s control.

Finally from exhaustion, Vanessa pulled out of her ass and lay down beside her. Vanessa knew that they weren’t finished yet. She had so much more to learn from her Aunt Becky.

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