Summer of 86 Part 2 ‘Sarah’

Gina Valentina

Summer of 86 Part 2 ‘Sarah’Like I have previously said in the last story the summer of 86 was amazing to say the least. Not for getting off with my sisters best friend but the aftermath that followed kept me very active indeed.Now a week or so had past and I was out with some mates on our bikes and we decided to go to the local bmx track and when I said local it was about 6 miles away but that was our local track so technically it is. I had been out all day and was absolute knackered by the time I got home. It was around 5pm and me mother was out at work as was my dad and both of my older brothers were out at there respected girlfriends so again it was me and me sister alone in the house. I decided to have a shower and then laid on my bed and before long I dozed off. It must have been a light sleep as I sensed that someone was near me and when I opened my eyes, stood next to the bed was Sarah,another of my sisters friends. My sister had a number of friends that have been coming to our house for years and all have become more like family than anything else. I had a bunk bed as I shared the room with one of my brothers and I was on the bottom bunk still with the towel around me. Sarah was staring at me. “Are you okay” I asked her as I started to get up. “Oh don’t get up because of me, you can lie there for all i’m bothered, it will make things easier”. I sat bolt upright and asked her what she had just said to which she replied “nothing just lie back down”. What the hell I thought and laid back down. Sarah sat on the end of the bed looking up towards me and said that all the years that she had been coming here she had not really noticed me other than the little boy who was always in the way when ever her and the others were having a sleep over or music nights.”However since my little chat with Celia she got me thinking” and with that she put her hand on my leg and ran it up the inside towards my crotch. “We cant do nothing” I said as I grabbed her hand “our Tracey could come up any minute”. Sarah started to take her cardigan off and followed by her t-shirt ” Shes gone out to the off licence to get some cigarettes. We are all alone”. I looked at Sarah. She had long mousy coloured hair in a ponytail, Slim around 5ft tall and due to her size it made her tits look massive. She istanbul escort fumbled with her bra and out they popped. My eyes must have popped out of my head a the same time and Sarah must have noticed as she said not to just look at them, have a feel if I wanted. I did, I grabbed her tits quiet ruff at first and fondled her nipples which were instantly hard and I rubbed them both at the same time between my fingers. Sarah closed her eyes and tilted her head back and let out a long sigh of what could only be described as satisfaction. All this was having the right effect on me and the towel that was around me was now sticking up straight making the towel now very tight. I let go of her left tit to free the towel and with me stopping Sarah stopped signing and looked at me. She clocked on what I was trying to do and as quick as a flash she had whipped the towel straight off. I’m on the bed now naked, She was sitting next to me topless when she stood up, dropped her shorts and bright blue knickers and then she too was naked. She had such a great figure that any man would be proud to be banging and by the looks of it I will be soon.She leaned forward and grabbed my cock and started to wank it, not very well as she did not have a good rhythm at first and with a little guidance she was in a good flow. I asked her to open her legs which she did and I raised my hand and found her clit straight away. I flicked it gently a couple of times and she shuddered and her legs went slightly week but she must have been enjoying it as she opened her legs wider. I asked her if she wanted to suck my cock which she replied that she had never done it before. Just lick it then I said and if you feel like it then just pop it into your mouth. She got onto the bed and after getting herself comfortable she soon was licking my cock up and down and she was wanking me still albeit slowly. I could feel her tongue going up the sides and then I felt hot breathe on my bell end and then wetness and warmth together as she popped it into her mouth. No real sucking but it felt nice. “Am I doing alright” she asked. “OH yes that feels amazing” I replied while shuffling myself around so now I was on the floor. I got Sarah to lie back and avcılar escort I opened her legs and had a right good look at her love hole. I could see that she was still a virgin. Her pussy looked so sweet and neat and you could just tell nothing had invaded that yet apart from my fingers earlier. I leaned in and started to kiss the inside of her thighs and worked my way up to her belly button. Slowly with my tongue I circled her belly button sticking my tongue in every now and then and started to make my way down to her pussy. The aroma from her pussy was sweet and such a turn on. All I wanted to do was stick my cock in there and fuck the living daylights out of her.But no. This was her first time and I wanted her to enjoy it. I munched softly on her clit nibbling it ever so slightly when she all of a sudden grabbed my head and shoved it into her crotch. My tongue sticking out I thrust it into her hole, still tight but I was licking all around it. I even went down to her arsehole and dipped my tongue into that uncharted area. Sarah moaned loudly when I did this which again gave me a rush. I dived back in and really started to lick her with some gusto. I put a finger in her fanny and started to push it in and out and then soon it was joined by another and another so while I’m licking her clit I was not shoving 3 fingers into her pussy. I was getting them in deeper and deeper when I felt a little resistance and then what felt like the flood gated opening. Sarah lifted her legs higher over my back and she still had the small ankle socks on an they had little beads or something on the sides and I could feel these digging into my skin. Sara moaned loudly and still grabbing my head started to shake. Good her first orgasm by the looks of it I knew then that I was doing something right. She let go of my head which enabled me to position myself ready for entry. “Are you okay” I asked as looking at her she was red in the face and sweating. Her tits were rising and falling with each heavy breathe. ” That was great” she managed to say and with that I slowly pushed forward. My cock tip now in the entrance to her pussy. Sarah lifted her legs higher and wider and she rested the soles of her feet on the underside on the upper bunk stabilising her şirinevler escort position. I thrust forward even further still only halfway in.”fuck me” she said and then I was in upto my balls. I leaned towards her face where she then put her arms around my neck pulled me even closer and started to kiss me. While she had her tongue down my throat I started to thrust faster and faster into her now squelching fanny. Her moaning was muffled by my mouth and it was only audible when she stopped kissing me to cuddle me. ” God this feels amazing, Celia was right”.I pumped into her slowly and then fast then I would pull out and play with her clit before she would grab it and shove it back in again. “I’m gonna cum soon, where do you want it”. Hoping she would say inside but no “over my breasts” she said and after feeling the build rise I withdrew and spurted onto her tits. A little dollop landed on her face just to the side of her mouth but the majority was on her tits. A good shot id I say so myself. “Its a good job you didn’t cum in me I’m not on the pill”. Fuck I thought in the heat of all of this I didn’t really think of the consequences but she seemed okay with the conclusion. I lived in a 3 storey house and the bathroom was on the first floor so watching Sarah grab her clothes and run out and down the stairs was quiet amusing. I was still lying there on the bed naked still smelling of sex smiling to myself that I had just taken a cherry. I felt good, I felt like I could take on the world. It was about 15 minutes later that Sarah appeared back at the door. “Please don’t tell anyone about what just happened especially Tracey. She has always told us that her brothers were out of bounds. She would kill me and worse than that she won’t be my friend anymore”. I told her that I wouldn’t do such a thing but knew that what she had just said would come in handy in the future for a bribe if needed. She knelt down next to me and said “thank you! That was better than Celia had described and I was dreading my first time. You were the perfect choice”. She leaned in again and gave me a hug. I went to give her another kiss but she stopped me. ” No way, I know where your mouth has been”. I laughed as this hadn’t stopped her while I was shagging her. She went off downstairs and I could hear her putting the kettle on. I got dressed and joined her in the kitchen where our Tracey managed to get back just as we finished the cuppa’s. “Bloody hell where have you been” I asked. ” The off licence wouldn’t sell her and cigarettes so she had to go to the corner shop at the other end of town”. Both me and Sarah looked at each other and smiled

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