Summer of Freedom Ch. 5


As I stood at the urinal in the rest stop I was equally frustrated and mad. I had thought that I would be able to play with myself all the way to Pittsburgh! I really felt a big let down. Part of me just wanted to forget the whole thing, but then the horny side took over and I again began to scheme on how I could get to stroke my hard cock while Mom watched. Or maybe even more…

After I finished peeing I just stood there giving my cock a rhythmic squeeze. I would squeeze it for a second, then wait a second, and then repeat the process over again. Followed by an occasional stroke. I saw something out of the corner of my eye and when I looked over I realized that there was a man standing a few urinals down and he was watching me! When I looked over he stepped back a half step and turned slightly to reveal his own engorged cock. “Good Morning” he said. I immediately looked away and stepped in a bit closer to my own urinal to try to hide my hard on from his gaze.

I could not however, resist looking back. He was an older guy. Probably in his early sixties. He was thin and wiry looking. Like he used to work construction or something. And his cock was huge. I do not mean that lightly. It was the biggest cock I had ever seen. Bigger than the one’s I saw in the magazines. As my gaze drifted down to what he had in his hand he stepped back even further and began to stroke it furiously. My mouth fell open.

Just then another man came in and the guy shifted back so that the urinal shielded his hard-on. I took that opportunity to step into one of the stalls and waited there a few minutes for my own hard cock to settle down a bit. I didn’t want to come out of the men’s room with my cock tenting my shorts out! When I became only semi-hard I pulled my underwear to the side so that my cock and balls were free from them (underwear was so confining) and then I put my cock up so that it was held in place by the elastic band of my shorts. This way, when I pulled down my T-shirt it was hard to tell that my cock was hard at all. I opened the stall door and as I rushed out of the bathroom I saw that the older guy had already left the men’s room.

When I got back to the car Mom was already sitting behind the drivers wheel waiting for me. I also noticed that the “guy” was sitting in his car a few parking places away from us with a woman who was probably his wife. I looked over and saw that they were both looking my way. He was pointing and saying something and she was looking right at me with a smile on her face. I cowered into the car. The way she was looking at me made me feel a funny feeling in my stomach. I wished for a second that Mom wasn’t there so that I could see where this would go. But that wasn’t in the cards.

Then I noticed something else. Mom’s skirt was no longer just above her knee. It was at least four or five inches higher. I could see her thighs. Heaven! As I got in I was looking at her legs from calf to thigh, and then I looked up into her eyes. She obviously noticed my lust filled eyes and beaming smile as I took in the beauty of her slim legs. She was smiling back at me as she reached out and cupped my chin in her hand. “You are so sweet, you know how to make a girl feel good about herself!” “Mom, you have the prettiest legs that I have ever seen.” I said with great enthusiasm. “Well I hope you enjoy the view.” She replied with a laugh as she backed the car out. Now lets get going.

As we headed down the road Mom continued with the usual travel banter. I thought about telling Mom what I had seen in the men’s room just to get the subject onto sex, and to see what her reaction would be. But I just couldn’t get myself to bring up the subject. I guess I was scared that she would ask me to describe what his cock looked like, or worse yet, how it made me feel to see it all hard like that!

I was watching her legs as much as I could without being absolutely obvious. I noticed that within minutes of being on the road, she was “scratching” her thigh and this caused the hem of her skirt to rid up her right leg another inch or two. They looked so good. I kept trying to think of any excuse that I could use for touching them. But to no avail. They looked so sexy. She always wore skirts to the knee, even on the rare gardening day she wore shorts that were that long. This was a rare treat indeed. Although she did not have much of a tan I could make out a slight tan line just above her knee. I could not get over how beautiful and sexy it looked the way her legs went from tan a few inches above the knee to pure milky white thighs just above that. It was a good thing that my cock was being held in place by the elastic band of my shorts. Once again I was as hard as a rock.

When I finally accepted that the excuse of putting my head on her lap to take a nap would sound too hokey (might work at night though) I decided to try and see if I could have some fun another way. “I’m feeling really tired” “Do you mind If I take a little nap?” I asked. “Not at all honey” she said, “You kids usually sleep all the way to Pittsburgh whenever we make bahis firmaları this trip.” “There’s a pillow in the back seat you can use.”

As I turned and reached over the backseat for the pillow I used the opportunity to free my hard cock from its elastic jail. It felt so good to touch it. I then positioned the pillow in the front seat so that my head was resting against the door. I pulled down my baseball cap so that my eyes were shielded from the sun and from Mother’s field of view. I kept my hands in my lap so that my condition was also hidden from view. I had a perfect view of her legs but she could no longer see me looking! I noticed as she drove that she allowed her legs to part. She was sitting there at the steering wheel basically with her legs spread. As she became more relaxed, her legs would part a little more. The sight of the hem of her skirt stretched tight between her parted thighs was almost too much for me. Just the sight of her inner thigh had me almost ready to cream!

After about a half-hour of pretending that I was asleep (and enjoying the leg show that mom didn’t know she was giving me) I was as aroused as I had ever been. I decided to “spring” my trap. It was no accident that I had decided to wear my gym shorts that morning. First of all they are very short. They are also baggy, and they have a small slit up the side of each leg. I shifted myself so that I could peek from under my ball cap at Mom’s face, without her being able to tell that I was looking at her. I also spread and stretched both of my legs, and moved my hands away from my lap to my sides. That did it. My hard-on took it from there.

Because I had already pulled my underwear to the side and my cock and balls were free from their confines under the skimpy gym shorts, I got the exact effect I was hoping for. My cock was at full erection. It was pulled to the left and it had lifted the leg of my shorts up from my thigh about five inches. As I glanced down I realized that my cock was perfectly outlined by the silk material of the shorts. Better yet, as I was sitting at an angle to her, I knew that Mom could easily see the underside of my cock, all the way up my thigh and even the patch of my pubic hair at the base of my cock.. Everything was completely exposed to her glancing view. It took a few minutes for her to notice, but eventually she did!

“Oh my” she said in an almost whisper. I watched her look. The look of surprise soon turned to a more serious, lustful look. She was trying hard to look. It seemed that she couldn’t watch the road for more than a few seconds before looking back to steal another look at her own son’s cock. I noticed that she kept glancing up to my face to see if I was still sleeping. It started to seem to me that maybe Mom has as horny as I was. “Jesus.” Was the next whispered comment. “Michael, are you awake?” she asked, but in a much lower voice than normal. “Michael?” Of course I did not answer. I was enjoying this too much. I made sleeping noises and grumbled a bit and as I did so I shifted my position so that my nakedness under the shorts was even more obvious.

As I looked down at my own cock I saw that it was now so hard it was throbbing and that caused it to bob up and down every few moments under the material of the shorts. The move had caused my shorts to ride up a bit and the tip of my cock was now exposed right at the edge of the leg of my shorts. When she made the next remark under her breath I almost shot my load of cum right then and there. “Holy Fuck” she whispered, as I watched her strain her neck to see as much of my cock as possible before reverting her eyes back to the road.

My Mom saying the word “fuck”??? Oh mama! I felt my cock twitch. I almost jumped up and stuck my hand under her skirt to get a good feel of her pussy. But I just sat there pretended to sleep. My cock was now so hard I thought that I might actually be able to cum without even touching it.

She kept up her vigil. Glancing from the road to her son’s crotch and then back to the road again. Every once in a while she would whisper my name. I was impressed with my own acting ability. I almost felt as though I was asleep. I noticed that Mom had rested her right hand on her thigh but her fingers were hidden from my view. I suspected she might be touching herself under her skirt, but I could not be sure. Every once in a while she rubbed her hand down the length of her thigh and then always brought it back to rest at the top of her thigh. I kept shifting in my seat, trying to give her the best possible view.

“Michael” “honey, you still sleeping?” She asked. Still a whisper but this time a bit louder than before. It seemed to me that her voice had also taken on a more sexy tone. “Michael?” (No response from me). Just plenty of throbbing and bobbing from my extremely strained 7-½ inch cock. She whispered “Christ,” just before I felt her hand touch my thigh! She gave me a squeeze and light shake right at the very top of my thigh. Then she immediately took her hand away. Because my hard cock was lifting my shorts into the air she kaçak iddaa actually was touching me under my shorts. An electric shock shot up my leg, re-grouped in a swirl in the pit of my stomach, and then continued up my spine to my brain where it delivered the most delicious feeling I had ever felt. I wanted so badly to cum. I felt as though I needed to cum.

I shifted again, I was trying to cause my cock to free itself from under the material of my shorts, but I managed only to free the head. I looked down and there in plain view of my mother was the engorged head of my cock. There was a lot of pre-cum built up. The head was purple like it gets just before I cum. Her hand returned to the same place as before but this time lingered a moment longer than the last time before she removed it. “Sweetheart?” She asked. I sat there motionless. I was breathing heavy and I pretended to snore just slightly enough for her to think I was in deep sleep.

Mom’s hand returned to my upper thigh. This time she left it there, motionless. Because my cock was hard and sticking up in the air, held down only be my shorts, her hand was actually directly under my cock. She left it there for a moment, and then she slowly stroked the inside of my upper thigh. Her hand would move a bit and then stop before moving on. I had never had anyone tough me so lightly. I was in heaven. She seemed to like the area where my thigh meets my pubic mound. She kept her hand there for a few minutes before removing it completely.

I was so hot. I pretended to “dry hump” in my sleep. I was rhythmically and very slightly humping into the air. My humping kept pace with my breathing, and with Mom’s ever-frequent glances at her son’s crotch. This was working out better than I had hoped. When Mom’s hand returned, she did something different. Instead of putting it on my thigh as before, she gently touched the top of my shorts and gave my cock an ever so slight squeeze. She immediately took her hand away. I let out a slight moan and humped the air, as if to catch whatever it was that just touched my cock.

She waited a few moments and then reached back and squeezed my cock twice more. Each was a very slight but firm squeeze. She seemed to be gauging how firm it actually was, and trying not to wake me. I am certain she was not disappointed. The last squeeze caused a gob of pre-cum to shoot from my cock. It was actually like a first shot of cum. There was quite a bit and it landed on my thigh. She sort of sighed and I heard her whisper under her breath “fuck.”

Several minutes passed before her hand returned. As I peaked out from under the visor of my ball cap I could see that she was not focused just on the road. She frequently was looking at my cock. I was sitting so that not only could she look at the exposed head, but she had a good look at the base of my cock and my pubic mound. I could tell by the look on her face that it was getting to her. Her hand returned to my upper thigh but almost immediately moved up and over to rest on my pubic hairs. She very slightly moved her fingers through my hair and then gave the base of my cock a slight but firm squeeze. She removed her hand and place it on my thigh … right on the gob of my cum that had dropped there!

I though I would die. I felt her lightly rubbing the cum into my thigh as she moved her hand up, once again taking the opportunity to give the base of my cock a slight squeeze. As she removed her hand I saw her take a look at the cum that remained on her fingertips, and then as I watched she rubbed it off into her own thigh!!! Oh, that was so HOT!

I toyed with the idea of pretending to wake up and see what would happen, but as I was planning how to do it just right, I felt the car pull off the highway and eventually come to a stop. Mom shut the car off and turned towards me. As I peeked out at her beautiful face and body I couldn’t help but realize that she would probably kill me if she knew that I was awake the whole time. We sat there for a few minutes. Her thighs were now completely exposed. I noticed also that her nipples were nice and hard, and poked out obviously through her tiny bra and the material of her dress. For her part, Mom just sat there looking my body over. She rolled down her window and lit a cigarette. As she looked over at me I felt the back of her hand brush over the entire length of my cock, then she took the leg of my shorts and pulled them down to cover up the exposed head of my cock.

When she finished her smoke she turned to me and placing one hand on my right thigh and the other on my side she began to gently shake me and call my name to wake me up. I made her do that for a few minutes before I stirred. Besides, even though it was only my side and my thigh, her touch still felt really good. The smell of her perfume as she drew near added to my excitement.

“Honey …honey …wake up” She said as I began to stir. “Are we there?” I asked as I began to look around. I noticed that we were in a highway rest area and that Mom had parked in a secluded area all the way at the end, away kaçak bahis from all of the other cars. I also noticed that once I opened my eyes, Mom had become a bit more modest, as she “fixed” herself, pulling her skirt down a bit and pressing her knees together in her usual ladylike demeanor. Other than that, the only other real obvious thing was that my cock had created a very large tent in the front of my shorts and that the tent was bobbing up and down as my cock throbbed!

“No darlin.” “We are not there yet.” “But we are only about fifteen minutes away.” “I noticed you are having a little problem down there.” She said as she gestured towards my throbbing cock. “I thought I had better give you a chance to take care of yourself before we arrive. I wouldn’t want you to be embarrassed in front of all of your relatives.” She matter-of-factly stated. I looked at her and then I followed her gaze down to my hard-on. I must say it looked impressive. My upper thighs were completely exposed by the shorts, and my entire cock was clearly outlined through the material. There was a wet spot about the size of a dime right at the head, where she had pulled the material down to cover my cock.

Still pretending to be half-asleep. I lazily reached down and in plain sight of my Mother I gave my cock a squeeze, as she said. “There is a men’s room right over there if you want to use it.” “Mom.” I replied. “It’s so nice right here, and there are no other cars around or anything, do you mind if I just do it right here? As I spoke I lazily stroked up and down my cock through the shorts while she watched. I noticed that she had that same look of her face She had a few weeks ago down in the laundry room. A sort of glazed-over look. And her eyes looked darker that usual.

“Of course you can sweetie.” “That was part of our “arrangement” right?” “I need to have a cigarette anyway. You go ahead. I am going to stretch my legs a bit and have a smoke.” With that she opened the door, got out, and walked a few feet behind the car to a picnic table that was there. I watched in the side view mirror as she leaned back against the table. The breeze pressed the material of her dress against her body and the complete outline of her flat tummy and wide hips became quite obvious. I pulled my shorts aside and began to stroke my cock in earnest. I had to take it slow because I was already close to cumming. I wanted to make sure that I did not cum before she returned to watch.

As I watched her, in the side view mirror, I imagined her standing there naked and I stroked my cock. I was so sexually charged from all that just transpired it seemed as though I could taste sex in my throat. Mom stood up and began to wonder around a bit as she smoked her cigarette. After it was done, she immediately lit another and I thought of that time in the laundry room. She walked down the passenger side of the car and leaned against it right by the back passenger door. I knew from this vantagepoint she could easily look over her shoulder and see what I was up to. I pushed my legs out and lifted my ass off the seat a bit to give her a very good look at my cock and balls.

A moment later she walked around the car and got back in at the drivers side. “My.” She began as she leaned against the door and positioned herself to watch me. “That looks like it must feel awfully good.” He words seemed to add fire to my balls and crotch. I could have cum right then and there but I really wanted to make this last. “You certainly do have a nice one.” She matter-of-factly said. “Is it as big as Dad’s.” I shyly asked. “Well, actually his is just a bit bigger, but he certainly does not keep it hard as well or as often as you do.” I had to grit my teeth for a moment to keep from cumming upon hearing this.

She was leaning back against the door of the car. Her left leg was on the floor and she rested her right leg so that her knee was on the edge of the seat. Her skirt has now back down to just a few inches above her knee, but because her legs were parted like that I had a good view up her skirt to about mid-thigh. “I’m sorry, I should have listened to you this morning and let you take care of that before we left. You poor thing. It was hard for the last hundred miles.” She said. As she spoke, she was swaying her left knee back and forth and that was causing her skirt to rise up a bit with each sway. She saw I was looking and then she reached down and “scratched” her leg just under the hem, and in so doing raised it a couple of more inches.

“Why don’t you get those nasty shorts right out of the way”? She asked. Not needing a second invitation I immediately pulled them down and off. I turned to face her, sitting in the same position as she, only my left leg was resting against the back of the front seat, not on the seat itself.. With my left hand I stroked my cock, very slowly, from the base all the way to the head, and then back down again. With my right hand I gently fingered my balls. I was completely naked, with my legs spread so my mother could see everything. I wasn’t more than two feet from her. She sat there with her leg swaying back and forth, just staring at my cock and balls. Every so often she would let out a sigh. “Oh God.” “I am so close to cumming” I blurted, and I began to stroke myself faster and faster..

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