Summer transformation Part 1


Summer transformation Part 1My jaw hit the floor as I read the first email I ever received from John. My mind twisted, heart raised, and my pussy pulsed repeatedly.A week earlier I had posted an ad on craigslist… One of those late night drunken fantasy ads where you spill your darkest desires, wake up the next morning and think “wow… I really am a pervert!” My ad was placed M4M, M4MM, M4MW, and T4M. I wrote:” 18 year old looking to experiment. 5’5″, 170, naturally smooth. School is out so I have lots of free time, super horny all the time, looking to learn. Discretion is a must, can`t host, love mature men that like to take control of this 100% submissive bottom. Role play is the best, kinkier the better. Also… I don`t really know what to make of this, but more and more I start picturing myself as the girl when I watch porn… What does this mean?”Over the next couple of days I was inundated with replies. Most of them were bots, one liners, flakes, or replies from those not my type. Until Johns email came through my account. The subject said “Not for the faint of heart”, and his reply stated:”Here is the deal. I’m looking for something extremely specific. I’m 55, and I run a fishing resort in the interior and I am looking for a new employee. Unfortunately my existing employee has been transferred to start his ‘real career’, and I’m looking for a replacement. If you fit the bill, are interested in working for me for the summer, and are truly interested in expanding your horizons, testing your limits, get back to me.” What should I do? My head spun as I answered this intriguing ad. I was looking for work, but not ‘that’ type of work! John seemed direct and professional, I really did need a job, so I went for it. It was just an interview, right?We arranged for me to go to his place that Friday night at 8PM. It was on the outskirts of town, almost farm land like so the properties were very big. I drove up to his home, parked, and started to get really nervous. What was I doing? I thought about chickening out and driving home to the safety of my apartment, my laptop, and my normal, vanilla life, but something deep down inside made me open the door, get out and walk up the stairs and knock on the door.Within moments John opened the door. Wow. He was a man. All man. Dressed in jeans and a white collared shirt, he greeted me with the deepest voice I had ever heard and ushered me through the izmir escort door. He was 6’4″, with salt and pepper hair, and a great beard to match. But most of all, he had these piercing blue eyes that were intoxicating. Looked to be at least 250lbs of MAN. We exchanged niceties and he offered me a glass of wine. I accepted, and then John motioned me towards the couch. I sat down expecting him to initiate something physical, but he didn’t. He sat on the other side of the couch, and started an actual interview.John, with his deep voice and almost hypnotizing eyes had me telling him my life story in moments. I told him about my previous work experience, and schooling, my interests, and that I was very available. “So far so good” he said. “Now for the real questions.” “Ok…” I replied.”I am looking for help at the resort. You’ll be answering the phone, cleaning the rooms, and cooking meals here and there when the cook isn’t available. You would be employed from next week to the end of August, and we can reassess future employment at the end of that term.” I nodded in agreement.He continued “Now, I saw that your ad on craigslist in the M4M section, as well as a few others… How serious was this posting?” I blushed replied “I’m not all that experienced – I’ve only ever given oral a couple times to men, but I do find myself thinking about sex with an older man ALL the time.”His eyes widened at that admission and he blurted out “Wait a minute… You’re a virgin!?” I stuttered “I’ve been with a couple of girls, but never have I gone the whole way with a man. But I’m definitely open to the idea.” With that response he smiled and said “and while you watch porn by yourself, you’re finding yourself fantasizing about being the girl?” With that question my face went completely red and I just nodded again.”OK. This oral part of the interview is done. Are you ready for part two?” I responded by blushing, and chugging down the rest of my glass of wine. He poured me another glass, and said “Here is the deal – if you really do want to go to part two, you need to understand and agree to every single one of my stipulations.” Again… I silently nodded. “If you accept employment, you need to understand that FULL submission is required. You will do WHATEVER I say, WHEN EVER I say, WHERE EVER I say. Absolutely no exceptions. You will refer to me as Sir, or Daddy – which ever I deem appropriate at the time. escort izmir Do you agree?”I thought to myself how crazy this was, opened my mouth to say “no” so that I could return to my normal, boring life, but heard myself say “Yes.” He glared at me with those eyes and said “Yes – what?” “Yes Sir,” I replied. “No – if we are ever alone, you will be referring to me as Daddy.” “Yes… Daddy” I said to him.”Time for part three… Your real test. Ready?” Again, I gulped down my wine and blurted out “Yes Daddy!” John pointed at the floor and said with that voice that made me tremble “On the floor, on all fours. Crawl to me. Now.” Instantly I found myself doing exactly that. I dropped to my knees, and began to crawl over to him. My eyes travelled down his body, and at that moment I noticed quite a sizeable bulge in his jeans. My mouth gaped and my eyes bulged. He saw my reaction and started to laugh and said “I’ll tell you one thing… This is going to be trial by fire for you! Take off my boots, bitch.” Being referred to as a bitch by my new Daddy sent waves of excitement through me. “Yes Daddy” I responded timidly, and pulled each huge shoe off of his feet. “Hey slut… Notice that my boots are size 16?” He then started to laugh and stood up. “Now take off my pants you little bitch. Daddy has something that needs attention that only true sluts can take care of.” I unzipped his pants and grabbed and pulled them and his underwear off in one fluid motion. I blurted out “Holy shit!” I was face to crotch with 8″ of thick, veiny meat, and he wasn’t even fully hard! “That’s right slut. Serving this piece of real man meat is now your #1 job.” “OK” I replied.I didn’t even see it coming … *SMACK*. He slapped me across the face. I felt my cheek stinging, instantly reddening. “OK WHAT?” He snarled. “OK Daddy” I whispered.With that, Daddy grabbed me by my hair and pulled me towards his monster. This thing was easily double the size of my cock. I instinctively opened my mouth to accept Daddy’s gift, but Daddy didn’t give it to me. Instead he began to slap me in the face with his cock, smearing precum across my cheek. Over and over he slapped me with his cock, laughing to himself. He then stopped and said “The moment my cock touches your tongue, you’re mine. MINE. I’m your Master, your Boss, your owner, your Daddy. The moment my cock touches your tongue you’re my Bitch. My slut. My puppet for whatever izmir escort bayan filthy fantasy I have. And I have plenty!”Too scared to say anything, I looked him directly in the those cold eyes, opened my mouth as wide as I could and stuck my tongue out. “Say it. Tell me what I am. Tell me what you are.” I mustered up whatever courage I had left and said as sexily as I could “I am yours Daddy. Whatever you want. Wherever you want. Whenever you want. I want to be owned, to be taught, to be used and objectified just like the porn I watch on my computer. Please Daddy. May I please have this job. I’ll do anything and everything. Father knows best.”As I said this, his cock started to pulse. Started to grow. 8 inches turned to 9. 9 inches to 10. “OK slut. Time to get to work. You have no idea what is in store for you!” Daddy grabbed the back of my head, and slowly put his cock in my mouth. The monster was almost as thick as a beer can!! I licked, sucked, and slurped at this piece of meat, but being so inexperienced, I was quite sure it wasn’t very good. He snarled “By the end of the summer, you are going to be a pro at handling your Daddies dick. But for now, open wide. I’m going to give you a present. And good sluts swallow. Are you a good slut?” I couldn’t believe it as I opened my mouth and moaned “I’m your good slut Daddy!”With that he started to furiously rub that huge piece of flesh, muttering “You have no idea bitch. No idea. I’m going to change you forever! Fucking CUNT. Take this cum down your throat!” With that he shoved the head of his cock into my mouth and started to grunt. Stream after stream flowed into my mouth. I was very careful to not let any fall out of my mouth. When he finished and slumped back onto the couch, he looked at me with a smile. I was in heat. I looked at him, opened my mouth to show him his thick creamy gift, and swallowed it all in one go.He stood up, walked out of the room, and came back with a bag. “Change of plans, he said. You don’t start in 2 weeks. You start on Monday. Be here on Monday at 6:30AM.” He handed me the bag and said “There are 4 different dildos in here, from thin to thick. I suggest that you start fucking yourself as much as possible over the weekend. The less you get used to these, the harder the training will be come Monday!”With that, he grabbed me by the shirt and walked me to the door. “Oh. And I expect you to shave every hair on your body below your nose. I like my girls nice and smooth.”As I walked to my car, my mind was racing over what just happened. What was about to happen. And then I realized… Did he just call me his GIRL??Part 2… Coming soon!

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