Summertime Is The Best Ch. 01


Well it’s been sometime since i last submitted. I actually had about 4 or 5 pages of a totally different story already written bud i go tfed up with it and deleted it. I started on this one about a week and a half ago. Enjoy

I was so excited…summer was finally here. School was all over and all that lay ahead was two and a half months of nothing but slacking off. My first two weeks went by pretty fast…and all I had done was stayed at home playing video games and watching porn. So when I got a call from my older sister Sophie, inviting me to spend some time with her at her new place, I was overjoyed. Sophie was at the airport to pick me up…and when I saw her I was amazed. I hadn’t seen here for a couple months and yet still she looked like a totally different person. She wore a tight fitting tank top and short frilly skirt that was blowing in the wind…exposing her tanned legs. I was stunned that I became aroused at the sight of my sister and tried to avoid hugging her, but I couldn’t stop her. She lunged at me throwing her arms around my body and pulling me in for a tight embrace. I could feel the length of my cock pressing against her body and became even more turned on…I only hoped that she didn’t feel me as well…but I couldn’t tell, and she said nothing.

After getting my luggage we jumped in my sister’s blue volts wagon beetle and headed for her place. As we made small talk in the car I kept on finding myself stealing glances and Sophie’s legs and inner thigh…that were on display as her skirt had ridden up her legs a little. As we continued on our way, Sophie must have caught me in the act,

“See something you like Josh?” she quipped with a little laugh.

“Ohh…I’m sorry,” I mumbled as my face turned red.

“Oh…don’t worry…I guess I should take it as a compliment…my little brother checking me out.”

That was all that was said as we pulled up to her place. Sophie shared a somewhat small apartment with a roommate. As we lugged my bags into Sophie’s place I was treated to a nice view of Sophie’s ass as she walked up the stairs before me…luckily this time she was not in a position to catch me.

“So Stacey isn’t home right now, but she’ll be back this evening, all our stuff isn’t here yet, Stacy still doesn’t have her bed, she’s been sleeping at a friend’s place, so you’ll be bunking with me.”

“ it’s okay…I can stay out here in the living room,” I stammered.

“Don’t be silly Josh…now bring in those bags,” she said holding her apartment door open for me… “Ohh shit…I forgot to call the A/C repairman, it’s so hot in here.”

I soon realized what she was talking about when I walked inside and realized that the apartment was quite warm.

“Don’t worry…we’ll have it fixed by tomorrow,” Sophie continued.

After setting down my bags I took a seat on the couch and rested…and was soon joined by Sophie.

“So Joshy…anything special you want to do while you’re here….see the sights, visit some colleges…get laid…”

I blushed at Sophie’s teasing and remained silent.

“Well what do you say we go get some dinner?”

“Sure…that sounds good,” I replied.

When we got back from our evening out reminiscing about the ‘old days’ Sophie and I were greeted at the door by Stacy. She wore a pair of grey short shorts and white tank top. The heat was so bad that Stacy was practically drenched in sweat. Her top seemed damp and did little to disguise her stiff nipples that pressed against the tight material.

“Hey Soph….so this must be Joshua…cute!” she said with a smirk…warranting a blush from my face.

“Ohh Stac…always the teaser…so did you call the guy?”

“Ohh, yeah….they’ll be here tomorrow…so we just have to tough it out tonight…really sorry Josh.”

“…I’ll be fine,” I replied.

“I’m sure you will,” she said with that sly smirk.

“Well I think I’m going to shower and hit the sack…I’m pretty tired from the trip,” I said, excusing myself and heading for the shower.

When I was finished I made my way to Sophie’s room in a t-shirt and boxers, which is what I usually sleep in. I found Sophie bending over rummaging through some draw…but she was in her underwear. Sophie tight ass encased in her black hipster panties was staring me right in the face… and my crotch took notice as my member began to harden at the sight.

“Ohh…hey Josh…I was just looking for a t-shirt…I used Stacy’s shower…so I’m off to bed as well.”

It then dawned on me that I was going to be sharing a bed with Sophie. I didn’t know what to think as I looked on as Sophie pulled a tight fitting shirt over her body.

“I hope you don’t mind…but I can’t sleep with this thing on,” she said….removing her black bra from under her shirt…her firm tits now pressing against the smallness of her shirt.

Still befuddled, I looked on as Sophie crawled her scantily clad body into bed. Hesitating a little…I soon followed her, raising the bahis firmaları sheets and climbing into bed. As I raised the sheet I saw Sophie’s perfectly curved panty clad ass and it sent a shiver through my body…which worked its way to my crotch to stiffen my penis. The hardness of my cock made me regret wearing only boxers…but there was nothing I could do about it now. I tried to stay as far away from Sophie’s body as I could…without falling over the edge of the bed.

“Holy shit!…it’s so warm…I think we can do without the covers tonight Josh,” I heard Sophie say, before she pulled the covers off of both our bodies. I could now see the full form of Sophie’s shapely body…and it only reinforced the hardness of my member. Just then Sophie looked over her shoulder back at me.

“Josh…you can get more space you know…I don’t bite.”

“Uh…no…that’s okay I’m fine.”

“Don’t be silly Josh…come on.”

“Well you see Soph…I kinda have a little problem,” I said, causing Sophie to roll over and face me. As she did so, she looked down at my crotch and saw the tent that was formed.

“Wow…I’d say that’s a big problem,” she replied with a smile, forcing me to blush with embarrassment.

“I’m really sorry Sophie; I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

“Ohh Josh don’t be…I’m actually kind of flattered, that I would warrant this kind of reaction from you. But you don’t have to discomfort yourself…you can get comfortable on the bed…I really don’t mind. Come on.” With that Sophie grabbed hold of me and pulled me closer to the center of the bed…closer to her.

With both of us lying on our sides facing each other we decided to talk about the situation, so it would not feel so awkward.

“So…all this just for me?” Sophie asked.

“Well…I guess so.”

“Hmph…I guess so….just what every girl wants to hear,” she replied.

“Well obviously it’s you…but you’re my older sister…I shouldn’t be feeling this way.”

“Ohh Josh…I think it’s perfectly normal…and I don’t want you to feel bad.”

With that Sophie rolled back over facing away from me and went to sleep…prompting me to do the same.

I awoke shortly after, it couldn’t been more than an hour. I was startled at the position I now found myself. I was practically spooning with Sophie, my body pressed against hers and my cock snugly fitted against the firmness of her round ass. I moved around a little and accidentally poked Sophie’s ass with my cock. She immediately awoke…giggling.

“Oh Josh…I hope that thing doesn’t keep me up all night.”

“I’m really sorry Soph, it was an accident, I didn’t mean to…”

“Didn’t I tell you not to worry Josh…now all we need to do is take care of your problem…you need to relieve yourself.”

“Umm…I guess so…I’ll go in the bathroom.”

“Well…you see Josh, I was thinking, seeing that I was the one to cause the attention, I thought it’d only be fair that I be the one to take care of the problem.”

“What?!?…what do you mean Sophie?”

“Let me show you.”

Sophie then rolled over and looked me deeply in the eyes as she fished her hands downwards stopping at my crotch. She slowly massaged my hard cock through my boxers all the while gazing upon me. She reached in my boxers and retrieved my cock…pulling it through the fly of my boxers. The warmth of her hand against my stiff rod was exhilarating. Sophie slowly started to slide her hands up and down the length of my shaft. Before long she was rapidly pumping my cock with the smoothness of her silky soft palms. Looking at Sophie as she was jerking me off was sending chills through my body and before long was ready to cum. Sophie could sense this in my eyes and whipped the sheets off my body so as to not stain the covers. With a couple more quick strokes my body tensed up and sent my seed spurting in the air. Most of it landed on my stomach. When we were finished Sophie reached over to the bedside table and grabbed a couple of tissues and wiped the cum off me. She tossed it across the room, straight into a bin.

“She shoots, she scores!”

“Oh my god…that was amazing,” I panted still trying to catch my breath.

“Glad you liked it…now get some rest…we have a busy day tomorrow.”

Despite what had just happened to me…I was still pretty tired from a whole day on a plane and fell asleep shortly after. The next morning when I awoke I saw that I had found myself in a familiar position. Once again Sophie was pressed up against me, this time my arms draped over her body. I noticed that she was holding my hands in place, resting comfortably just slightly against her petite breasts. My cock which had been disarmed just the night before was hard as rock and again pressed against Sophie’s welcoming ass. Although I still felt uncomfortable that this was my sister, Sophie had made it perfectly clear that it was okay…and after what she did last night I was not worried. I decided to take advantage of the situation. kaçak iddaa I slowly started to grind myself into Sophie’s body. Pushing forward, I slowly rubbed my cock along Sophie’s ass. My iron cock pressing and rubbing against her body…Sophie slowly became awake. She returned the favor…pushing her ass back and doing some grinding of her own, maneuvering her ass to meet my sliding cock.

“Ooo…what a wake up Josh…” she giggled, “…glad to see you getting so comfortable but we should really be getting out of bed before you get me too worked up.”

Sophie got up and headed for the bathroom…leaving me on the bed staring at her ass as she left, with a tent in my shorts. After returning from the shower Sophie approached me on the bed. She wore a pink pair of tight fitting short shorts and an equally tight fitting top. Without warning she just lay down right on my body.

“So Josh…did you have fun last night…judging from this morning I’d say you did.”

“Umm…yeah…” I replied before she cut me off.

“Oooo….judging from right now…I’d say you definitely had a good time,” she said, pressing her body into mine…forcing my hard cock against her abdomen. “Do me a favor Josh…don’t jerk off when you go into the bathroom…try your hardest…I assure you…it will be worth your while.”

“Um…okay Soph…whatever you say,” I said somewhat confused.

“Exactly…whatever I say!”

I went into the bathroom and had a cold shower…an attempt to shake my thoughts…and despite they unbearable need to jerk off…I heeded Sophie’s request and did not.

When I got out, Sophie was in the car waiting for me. She had the whole day planned out…trip to the park, we stopped by a couple colleges to check out their programs, and we had lunch at the beach. When we got back we felt like we walked into a frosted ice cube. It was absolutely freezing.

“Damn Stac…why is it so cold in here?” Sophie asked Stacy who was sitting at the table having dinner.

“Well the AC guy showed up…fixed the AC and left….when I found that it was getting too cold I went to turn up the temperature…but no go…it doesn’t seem to work…I called the guy and he said he’ll be back tomorrow.

“Wow…too hot…now too cold…what the hell is going on?”

“I know!….Oh…also…I’ll be sleeping here tonight…my friend wanted some privacy tonight…seeing that her boyfriend is in town…know what I mean?” replied Stacy.

“Ohh good…you can bunk with us…my bed is big enough for the three of us…it’ll be like a sleepover!” Sophie said with excitement, causing a discomforting feel in my stomach.

“Oooo goodie!” squealed Stacy… “Well I’m gonna hop in the shower,” she continued.

“Umm…me too…I guess,” I replied…leaving the two girls giggling amongst themselves.

When I got out of the shower I realized I had no conservative sleep clothes so I reluctantly had to dress once again in my boxers and a t-shirt. When I got to Sophie’s room, Stacy was already there…under the covers due to the extreme coldness, facing away from me. I was too nervous to say a word so I just lay down on the other end of the bed…trying not to disturb her.

After a couple minutes Sophie joined us, pushing me to the center and trapping me in between them both. I tried to keep my eyes focused on anything except these two girls in an attempt to keep my cock from becoming erect. I was thankful that it was so cold since it was in my favor as it seemed to keep my member deflated…however that was about to change…and all because of the cold.

“Damn…it’s so freaking cold!” complained Sophie.

“Yeah…you’re right…and all our thick blankets are still in storage,” added Stacy.

I kept quiet…hoping the girls would soon give in and go to sleep.

“I have an idea…it’s a little weird but it’s guaranteed to work…if you guys are up for it,” said Sophie. Sophie saying “You guys” meant this would be involving me somehow.

“Sheesh…it’s so freezing cold…I’ll try anything,” replied Stacy as I felt her body shiver next to mine.

“Well I read in this magazine that there were some campers stuck on a mountain and to keep warm they had to huddle their umm…..naked bodies together…the collective body warmth was enough to keep them all warm,” explained Sophie.

“What?!…naked?” I exclaimed.

“Ohh Josh….you’re such an alarmist…besides it wouldn’t work unless our skin was in contact….I’ll tell you what….how about…we do it in just our underwear….that should work all the same,” replied Sophie.

“Well…I’m game if you guys are,” Stacy chimed in.

“OK….then….strip,” said Sophie who was all too eager….lifting her shirt over her body and slipping her pajama bottoms off revealing the black hipster panties and matching cotton sports bra. I tried my best to look away because I definitely did not want to get an erection now…seeing that Stacy was here….and there would be no way to get rid of it. kaçak bahis Upon seeing Sophie strip, Stacy did the same…removing the oversized shirt that she was wearing. It was the first time I got a view of her body. She had one similar to Sophie’s, petite frame…smooth tan skin, and framed by her brunette hair….it was amazing. Stacy wore plain white cotton panties….even in the dark I could see that it hugged her body beautifully, and a similar sports bra.

“Come on Josh…we’re waiting on you…” said Sophie. The two girls were now looking down at me expectantly. I simply pulled my white t-shirt over me and threw it over the side of the bed. Everyone laid back down into bed….with me still in the middle. The two girls huddled in close to me. I figured the safest thing to do would be to face Sophie…at least she wouldn’t be startled by anything that arose….although up till now I had done a pretty good job at keeping an erection down.

“OK…everyone get as close as possible,” said Sophie…who was looking at me dead in the eyes. She smiled when she saw Stacy drape her hands over me and pull me back a little.

“Good Stac…now just throw a leg over here,” she continued. Stacy without a word…complied….placing her leg over mine. Sophie now shuffled in close to my body…draping her leg over mine as well and snuggling up close. So there I was…lying in the middle of two barely dressed girls…who were practically spooning me from both sides. I was nervous but at the same time…very exhilarated. We fell asleep like that…but not for long. I woke up some time later….it was still night out. I peeked over my shoulder to see Stacy had given up on Sophie’s idea and was curled up asleep facing away from me. When I turned back to face Sophie I was shocked to see Sophie staring right back at me. She was smiling…and I had no idea why…but then I felt it. Sophie started to slowly rub my abdomen, and slowly worked her way down to my pelvis. Before long she was fondling my cock over my boxers. It did not take too long for me to become rock hard…much to Sophie’s delight who was stifling back laughter. As silently as I could….I pleaded with Sophie to stop but she did not let up. Figuring that there was only one way to get her to stop…I rolled over….so that I was now facing Stacy’s curled up body…which was still relatively close to mine. I could not see the expression on Sophie’s face but she could not get to me so I was satisfied….until she started pushing me. Sophie was frequently pushing into my back….at first I did not know what she hope to gain by doing this but then I felt it for the first time and knew exactly what she had in mind. With one shove from Sophie…my hip went thrusting forward…my hardened cock jabbing Stacy right on her ass. I looked back at Sophie…shocked that she was enjoying this. Thankfully Stacy had not woken up. When Sophie realized this she pushed me again. This time I went in hard…my cock lodged itself right into the cleft of Stacy’s soft but firm ass. Then….Stacy began to wiggle around….she moved her ass around…confirming the presence of my cock as she pushed back a little.

“Ohh…..and what have we here?” Stacy cooed.

“What is it Stacy?” Sophie questioned….as if she hadn’t a clue.

“Well…seems that our boy Josh has a little problem getting to sleep,” she said, rolling over to face me. I looked at her as she looked down below the sheets trying to catch a glimpse of me. A smile came over her face when she saw what she was looking for.

“Why don’t you take Josh into the bathroom…see if you can take of that problem…I really need my sleep,” said Sophie.

Without a reply…Stacy got up out of bed…grabbed on to my hand pulling me with her. I followed her into the bathroom where she switched on the lights. For the first time I had the opportunity to get a good view of Stacy’s scantily clad body. Her snug panties gripped her body…I could clearly see the lips of her pussy pressed against the material. The sports bra she wore did a good job of presenting her breasts, and allowed me to view her perfectly tanned smooth stomach. After staring longingly at her body, I looked up to see Stacy staring right at me…well not exactly at me. Her gaze was focused strictly on my crotch…I looked down to see the tent my rigid cock had formed in my boxers.

“Well Josh….let’s have a look,” she said. I sat motionless…unable to think straight…unable to move.

“Okay….how about…I take off something….then you,” she continued, before lifting her sports bra over he body, her marvelous breasts springing free. They were petite…firm fleshy globes…with pink erect nipples. I was just about to blow in my pants from the view when Stacy came walking over to me.

“I guess I’m going to have to do this myself,” she said, kneeling down in front me. Stacy reached her hands up to my waist. She fished her palms into the fly of my boxers retrieving my cock…and pulling it out. My member hung there almost purple, throbbing in Stacy’s warm hands.

“Wow…Sophie told me you were big…but I didn’t expect this.”

Finally feeling up to it…I spoke.

“What?….she told you?!?” I questioned embarrassingly.

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