SummLawns Chapter 3


SummLawns Chapter 3Chapter 3One morning, when it was getting too hot to work, he stopped and wandered round the garden. Suddenly to his horror he saw the young girl. Charles had no idea who she was or what she was doing here. But one horrible truth was sure.Charles usually laid his jacket near the large oak tree. There stood the girl taking his wallet from the pocket.“Hey, what the hell’s going on there!” Charles shouted.The girl saw him straight away, and clutching the wallet ran off into the garden. The boy quickly chased after her, and trapped her in the heart of the Maze of Yew trees. There was no way out, as the Maze simply came to a dead end.He raced up to the girl and faced her.“What do you think you’re doing stealing my wallet? Who the hell are you?” Charles stood there waiting for an answer, then held out his hand for the stolen wallet.“Please don’t tell Mrs D****r I took it, she’ll punish me terribly! Please?” The girl was clearly frightened, and handed back the wallet.“So what’s your story?” asked Charles taking the wallet.“Don’t tell her and I’ll let you do what you want.” The girl looked at him coldly, waiting for a reply.“That’s not for me to decide……..” The boy’s words were cut short as he watched the girl perform her next act. She simply lifted up her grubby skirt to show her even filthier knickers. She turned her head, not being able to look him in the eye, and pulled her knickers to one side. bursa escort There was her pussy. If that was the state of her clothes, what would she be like inside that red hole?Charles suddenly found himself overcome with excitement at the site of the girl’s dirty sex. The pubic hairs congealed together, as if she had not washed in days. The next thing he knew, Charles had dropped his jeans and pants to ram his rock hard cock into her.He could not even remember getting an erection, but it was ready and willing now and seemed to have a life of it’s own. The more he thought about the filthy state of the girl, the more it turned him on, driving him to thrust like an a****l into her. He grabbed her round the waist and clutched her buttocks hard in his hands. His cock going like a steam hammer, with an almost frightening force of it’s own. What was happening to him?He had no thoughts for safe sex or who might see them, even less thought for the poor girl herself. After all was this not short of ****? Whatever the truth of the moment, he just had to screw her hard, and grunting like an a****l Charles shot long and hot into the girl. Now he could not stop coming, and with the sound of their wet sloppy sex trickling down their legs, he kept shooting spunk. Even when he pulled out of the girl, they both watched the end of his cock dripping on the grass. What had happened?A sense of guilt and shame washed over him now, as bursa escort bayan the girl simply let her knickers snap back and walked off. Not even wiping the stream that ran down her leg. Charles felt his head spinning in confusion. Would the girl report him? Was it ****? Would she become pregnant? All these questions ran through his mind now. So with a sense of guilt hanging over him, the boy followed her through the garden. Quickly he ducked behind a bush as he saw Mrs D****r walking across the lawn to meet her. “How was he Gremalgin?” she asked the girl.“Hard as a rod and hungry for it. He shafted me raw. You want to try him,” replied the girl with a cruel sneer.“I shall now you are back. He must have past your test?” Mrs D****r let the girl wander off and came over to the bushes where the boy hid.“You past my test. Now I have something on you. She never had much tacked when it came to men.” Mrs D****r just looked at the boy crouched behind the bush. “Stand up and put your cock back in. It might get sun burnt.” With that she laughed and walked back into the house.Charles just stood there, not knowing what to think. What was he to do now? Had he done anything wrong, or had the two women simply tricked him into some kinky game? After all Mrs D****r did not seem worried that he had just had sex with the girl, so was it a trap? They clearly knew each other, and the incident with the wallet was a trick to get him escort bursa excited. But what possible pleasure could Mrs D****r gain from knowing he had demanded quick sex from the girl? And who was this girl: named Gremalgin?Things were never quite the same after that. All the time Charles was expecting a trap or a trick. Would the girl come back? Where did she come from in the first place? It certainly was not the village, as Charles had lived there all his life, and had never laid eyes on her before.When he had first come to the house, the boy had simply wanted to find out about money. He wanted to know what people with money found to fill their day. He needed the knowledge of money and the lifestyle of money. How else was he ever going to adopt that life for himself if he knew nothing about it? What did they wear; eat; drink and drive?Now; armed with some of that knowledge, Charles wondered if he truly wanted the lifestyle after all. If the incident with the girl was anything to go by, the lives of the rich were very strange. All around him was the feeling that darkness was drawing him in. Clearly Charles was worried.One thing did change though. Since the incident in the garden Mrs D****r had become friendlier to Charles. She was warmer to him now, even if she did laugh slightly when they talked about the event. At first Charles thought she was laughing at him, but he soon learnt that she was laughing at the idea of him being caught with the girl. This did not mean she was any more humane when it came to people. On the contrary, she was a cruel and heartless woman, Charles could see that.But she was a little kinder to him.

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