Sun, Sand, Sea, Sex, and Daddy.

Sun, Sand, Sea, Sex, and Daddy.My friends husband once said to me, “It’s easier for a woman to have casual sex, than a man”.I thought about it for a moment and retorted, “If that was the case, who are these women having sex with”?Now it was his turn to look puzzled. Truth is for every horny man looking, there are just as many horny women wanting the same.As teenagers and young women in their early twenties, we got revved up for a weekend of debauchery, as much as the guys drank alcohol for Dutch courage, we girls were putting on our “War paint” and sexy undies, and outer layers that left nothing to the imagination, we wanted sex, I know I craved a good shagging, sometimes with more than one guy at a time, and yes, it was worth the immature name calling, of ‘Slut’ and ‘Whore’, feeling all those pairs of hands groping you as you humped, made you feel alive, and used, especially if you did not know who was pumping you with cum or where it landed on your body.Experience comes with time, as does sophistication, perhaps this is why as women, we are MILF’s in the eyes of young boys, desperate for a mothers soft, but full breast, experienced mouth and tongue, and a body that’s pliable enough to pull him back inside her, when she seduces and fuck him.My daughter’s first boyfriend could not keep his eyes off me the first night she brought him home to meet me. She had discussed the prospect of sex with him, basically asking for my permission, which was the only criteria I had drilled into her, and I was proud of her for keeping her word, as I quite liked the smell this young man gave off, he made my nostrils flare, and my nipples pop, and as they fucked in her bed, her moans told me he was equipped with a nice cock.I heard him move in the morning and got up to confront him, and as I went into the kitchen, he was there drinking a glass of water, in his underpants.He did not hear me and I took the opportunity and undid my tie belt, to let my dressing gown hang loose and open, I was nude under it, and as he turned to face me, my eyes fell to his underpants, before I saw his shocked expression as he saw my breasts and pubes, and my casual demeanour, at flashing him and not showing fear or embarrassment.”Good morning Jeremy”, I said seductively, and as I moved he saw more and more of the mother of the girl he was fucking, and the outline of his big cock was showing clearer yalova escort bayan contained in his underpants, “You two were noisy last night”, I teased, still refusing to cover my nudity, by now he was really bulging, his face redder than Rudolf’s nose, and he beat a hasty retreat back to the bedroom.I followed shorty and heard the fucking he was giving my daughter, I just knew he was enjoying her young body, but in his head, he was inside me, and I stood quietly outside my daughters bedroom, listening and yearning and drawing a line in the sand, I was going to push and tease this boy, until I had him eating out of my hand, and then making him do things with his dick, that his own mother would be too embarrassed to teach him.Of course the moral here is that I was teaching my daughter, I was using her as bait for young men, young men she tired off quickly, and was willing to see them go into her mothers bedroom to satisfy my carnal lusting, so yes we shared men, singularly and when on holidays, together, as we both share that same need of voyeurism and being watched.2.) Sun, Sand, Sea, Sex, and Daddy.It was our first foreign holiday together, and it had to be naturist, I wanted to show myself to the world of men and see what effect I was having on them, standing 5′ 8″, leggy and naturally fair haired, and athletic, my first day of trepidation on the beach, I soon found out how much men enjoyed my view, and did not need to travel the the Mediterranean to see the sexual effects, they came closer to home.There was only myself and daddy for security, being a pale skinned naked teenager on a beach full of men looking for sex, a girl needed a minder, but poor daddy was ill prepared for my nude body in all it’s tantalising splendour, that was his first shock, a daughter all grown up with a nice pair of tits, and a shaved crotch to show off those virgin lips just gagging to be poked.There is something about being naked and lying under a hot sun, oiled up and being cooked to perfection.”Put some oil on my back Dad”, and I handed him the bottle, noting he had suddenly gained an erection, as I turned face down and spread eagled myself, my open crotch pointing where the men would walk by.As a girl I used to love lying face down and having my nude back stroked, up and down my spine and feeling the light touch of his fingertips teasing and tantalising, escort yalova back then as a girl you never had boobs, but my nipples showed their appreciation, and daddy knew it too because he saw them standing to attention and my reluctance to cover them up, I got a thrill, knowing he was looking at me.He spent time on my back, I was sure he remembered my girlish love of being stroked, “Do my bum daddy”, I groaned, and his hand just slide down between my arse cheeks and I gasped, as he slide over the crinkled protuberance of my anus, and parted my labia to my swollen clitoris, making me clench and raise my hips, then it became more clinical as he slipped in and out of my pussy.I looked p to see if we were being observed, we were not, and I looked at daddy, “You trying to make me cum in public”, I asked him, turning over for the first time and lying back in the same pose of open legs, “You can do my front now”, I said coyly, and I felt the warm splash of oil in my breasts, as if he were ejaculating onto me, followed by a deep and pleasurable rubbing it into my skin,”Your dick is hard, is that because of me”, I queried him?In case some of you are wondering, this really is a true story, it actually happened.3.) My pubic masturbation led to incredible sex with a strangerA full more than twenty years later I was a married women, doing well for herself, with a husband who had made his fortune and we lived well. I was still a sexy bitch at thirty eight, I was at my sexual peak, though it felt I had always been like this since my early experimental day with my poor exhausted daddy.We still holidayed in the sun, though we did it on a boat most of the time, away from the hectic and sometimes suffocation of packed beaches, we had our motorised yacht, with beds and fridge and cooking facilities and an ability to sail the archipelago and drop anchor, and panties in that order, on board I had my sex toys as I liked to masturbate daily at leisure, and mostly on deck in full view of any casual lookers on, or voyeurs.I would get naked and lie on the forecastle on a blanket, and just leisurely play with my pussy, wearing just a pair of sunglasses, to be able to see any friendly voyeurs.This day we were in a cove with high surrounding cliffs and a path down, some 20 m high, and the beach, though white sand, there was very little of it, about 15 m all the rest were rocks yalova escort from the cliff face. We had anchored about 4 m from the shoreline and it was deserted. It was in the afternoon and my husband went for a lie down after drinking and I lay naked and wished for a man or two to satisfy my primal urge for sex.That afternoon God must have heard my pleas, a man appeared at the far end and started to walk along the cliffs edge to get closer to the oat and me.After fifteen minutes or so, he stood directly overhead looking down on my nakedness, and my wanton display of female masturbation, by then I was way past any sense of mortification or embarrassment, he was my fly caught in my web of neediness, as I turned my body to align with his eyesight, he was looking right between my thighs, and my hand bobbing up and down between them, there were no doubts as to what I was doing, and when he waved down to me, I stopped masturbating, and waved back at him, and then continued with my need to cum.Then I heard my husbands voice, “I see you have an admirer”, and I simply suggested he call for him to come down and join us, and watch the fireworks.My husband did so, and his voice echoed around like a perfect sound hall, so I stopped and hollered up at him, “Come down and I will meet you on the sand”, and I pointed to the pathway that led from the cliff top down into the cove.He started walked down, and I got up, “I’m going for a swim”, I said to him, my voice was tight as my mouth and throat were dry, “I’m going for a good fucking, and you my husband are more than welcome to listen to the wonderful acoustics of this cove”.I dove over the side and swam the meters to the shore as he walked up to me, we smiled warmly, and I cast a look along the upper cliff edge, which now seemed enormous, it was empty, I was naked and my nipple stuck out nearly an inch, “I guess it’s just us two”, I whispered and we embraced and I felt his appreciative hand grab enough of my naked body, “Let’s fuck”, I said and together we walked to the cliff and found a nice spot to drop down to and started a lot of men from the Mediterranean region, they love lots of delicious foreplay, kissing and licking a woman’s body, whilst all the time dangling their monster cocks in our faces. I was in the mood when I first spotted him looking down at me, so after a short caressing, I had to ask him to fuck me, or I would go crazy, and later that night my husband told me he was jacking off just listening to my moaning, it was perfect, but for the lack of wandering men, I would have preferred for a few more to happen by and just join in.

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