Super Shave


Let me get the family lineage out of the way so you can understand this story to its fullest. My name is Harry. I was raised in a close, loving family atmosphere over a period of nineteen years. My dad, John, has a younger brother, Raymond, who is married to my Aunt Ellen. My Aunt Ellen’s younger sister, Roxanne, brings us to the heart of this episode.

This all happened this past summer while I was at home between my sophomore and junior years at State University. It was Sunday morning, and I thought I was all alone in my parent’s large two-story colonial house. That’s why the bathroom door was open. I was preparing to shave when I noticed out of the corner of my eye a shadowy figure appear in the doorway.

Not being a person to alarm easily, I calmly turned to see what had darkened the doorway. As my eyes focused on the intruder, I saw that the shadowy figure had transformed into the image of my foxy young aunt, Roxanne. She was clad in a clinging, floor-length robe made of some shimmering fabric that added unnecessarily to her goddess-like frame.

I had completely forgotten that she was spending the weekend with us while she visited the rest of her family here in town. She did this frequently, however, this was the first time she and I were left alone in the big house. As I slowly scanned her loveliness I recalled some of the stories I had overheard while eavesdropping on hush-hush conversations at some of our family gatherings. It seems that she was alleged to have shared intimate times with both my father and with Uncle Ray.

My first instinct was to consider these stories as gossip. Why on Earth would a woman as pretty as Roxanne resort to hanky-panky with her own kin? With her looks she could pick and choose among the many hard legs chasing after her constantly.

“Good morning, Harry,” purred the sultry voice that I had come to associate with Roxanne. “What ‘cha doing?” “I was about to shave and shower,” I stammered, “but if you need the bathroom . . .”

“Harry,” she interrupted, “there are four bathrooms in this barn.”

“Oh, yeah,” I mumbled not having anything else stupid to say.

“I heard movement down in this direction, so I decided to come investigate. Okay?”

“Sure. I just thought I was alone,” I said timidly pointing to the open door.

“Disappointed?” she asked demurely.

“Not at all,” I said quickly. “Glad to have the company.”

“Mind if I watch?” She paused briefly before adding, “Or would you like for me to shave you?”

“Do what?” I blurted out the question in surprise.

“Shave you,” she answered in a calm voice. “You wouldn’t be the first man I’ve shaved, you know.”

“O . . Okay,” I stammered at a loss for anything else to say.

She placed her long, slender fingers under the hot shave cream dispenser and collected an ample amount of the warm lather. Then she began to gently smooth the white goo on my cheeks and neck. She was standing closer now, and I could feel the warmth of her body radiating through her thin shiny robe.

“Feel good?” she asked.

I didn’t know whether she was inquiring about the warm lather she was applying to my face, or about her warm body so near mine. I answered yes knowing I was honest regardless of what she meant. “I can do much better, Harry,” she teased, “if you would turn and face me while I do my job.” Her smile made me weak in the knees, but her nearness was causing another part of my anatomy to stiffen up.

When she raised the safety razor to begin her chore the motion caused her to move closer and touch my body along my right side. This contact made my erection spring to life. My cock burst through the fly of my pajama bottoms and gaze about the room.

“Oh my, Harry,” Roxanne exclaimed, “I think you’re getting excited. Very excited, indeed.”

“Anytime a sexy woman rubs up against me the same thing happens. No telling what would happen if you weren’t wearing that robe,” I continued.

“Let’s find out,” she murmured and shed her shimmering bathrobe with a very practiced move. As her garment fell to the floor, my erection rose toward the ceiling.

“Harry,” she whispered as she leaned against my excitement, “we’re going to have to do something about your situation before I can continue as a barber, don’t you think?

“Oh yes,” I sighed as I watched her drop to her canlı bahis knees in front of me. She caught the elastic band of my pajama bottoms on the way down, and tugged them to the floor.

Without further ado, she clutched my aching shaft in her hand and covered the head with her mouth. She held her mouth in place momentarily as she massaged my balls. Then she began to move her mouth up and down the barrel of my cock.

It wasn’t long until this heavenly creature brought me to a rapturous climax. My balls were jumping in their sack, and my cock was bucking in her mouth. Surprisingly to me, she remained engaged until my orgasm had subsided. I wanted to drop to my knees and take her naked body in my arms.

“Easy boy,” she said softly. “We don’t want the shaving cream to mix with yours now, do we?”

“I guess not,” I said meekly as we rose to our feet, “but you can forget the shave if you want to.”

“A deal is a deals, mister,” she said as she picked up the razor as though nothing had happened. “You play with these while I finish my job. Okay?” With that she moved my hands to her breasts, and lifted hers to my face where she began shaving as deftly as if it were I doing the chore myself.

We were standing flat-footed facing each other, which put our crotches at the same level. Roxanne was slowly grinding her pussy against my crotch as she went about shaving my face. I was caressing her lovely breasts and massaging her quickly hardening nipples. Life is good.

All too soon my shave was over. Roxanne reached around my body and rinsed the razor clean. She moved away from my body, took my arms by the wrist and tugged them away from her breasts.

“It’s your turn, Lover,” she said in a coquettish manner as she spread her legs enough to show her recently shaved crotch. “Crank up the lather machine and do me tenderly.” With that she hiked her butt up on the vanity top and leaned her shoulders snugly into the corner of the wall. She spread her legs revealing her entire crotch, pussy and all, and smiled. “Please.”

I couldn’t turn down an invitation like that. I fumbled with the lather machine until I finally managed to fill my hand with the warm foam. This was a first for me, so I was venturing forth into virgin territory, so to speak.

“I’m sure you have never shaved a pussy before, Harry,” she said tenderly, “but tell me honestly if you have ever had oral sex with a woman before.”

“Well, I’ve tried a couple of times, but I don’t think I was very good at it.”

“Fair enough,” Roxanne said. “I’ll show you what to do. Before you spread that lather all over my crotch I would like for you to bend down and kiss my pussy. Here, I’ll spread my lips.”

I leaned forward cautiously in total awe. This was the first time I had ever had the opportunity, or nerve, to look directly at a woman’s vagina let alone kiss it. On a dare back on campus I had rubbed my face in a couple of hairy co-ed crotches, but I had never been involved with anything like this.

“Kiss it, Harry,” she cooed, “I know you will like it.”

She was right. I leaned forward and pressed my lips against her parted vulva. Roxanne flinched at my touch, but immediately she placed her hands on my head and pressed gently. “Lick it, Harry. Lick it several times.”

I did as she asked, and soon found she was right as usual. I did like it. I was lapping her vaginal hole like a puppy drinking water. She was wiggling and giggling. I licked faster and harder. She responded in kind.

“Easy, baby,” she said between labored breaths, “let’s not forget the shave. Where’s the goo?”

I had forgotten all about the lather. When I looked at my hand I discovered that more than half of the cream was gone. Then I saw big streaks of the white stuff on Roxanne’s buttocks and thigh. I must have grabbed her there during my excitement while kissing her pussy. Oh well. There’s plenty more where that came from.

With a fresh supply of lather, I returned to this new valley that I had discovered. Roxanne helped me spread the foam generously between her legs from her navel to her asshole. Then my trembling hands brought forth the safety razor.

“Relax, Harry,” she coaxed, “from my navel to my pussy is just like shaving your cheeks. You have to be more careful when you get down around my pussy.”

I went after my task bahis siteleri with more assurance now. In fact, it wasn’t long until I was really enjoying my work. While I was very gingerly shaving around her pussy, she pointed out her clitoris, and explained that that little nub was the most sensitive external part of her genitalia. She also told me that the clitoris was the most important part of female oral sex.

When I completed shaving her crotch she suggested I make sure I didn’t leave any rough spots. It was her idea to do this examination with my tongue, and I did.

“Think you can eat a pussy properly now, young man?” she asked in a motherly tone.

“Yeah,” I said panting, “I think so.” I was still standing between her legs looking down at her freshly shaven womanhood.

“Show me,” she commanded in a feisty tone. “Make me squeal.”

There was still shaving cream smeared all over her crotch when I knelt between her legs. Once again she spread her lips, and this time I did not hesitate. I pressed my face against her pussy and buried my tongue as deep as it would go. She moaned passionately and draped her legs over my shoulders.

It wasn’t long until she reminded me about her clitoris.

“Suck on my clit, Harry.” She panted heavily as she spoke. “And use your first two fingers to massage my hole. Oooh, yeah, that’s the way.”

When I sucked her clitoris into my mouth I realized she was telling me the truth about this little nub. She went wild with pleasure at my first touch, and continued to pump and grind against my face until eventually she let out the squeal I was looking for. She had both hands full of my hair, and she was tugging me deeper into her valley.

It was then that I noticed how wet her pussy had become. I felt juices oozing out of her hole, over my chin, and down to the vanity top. Her action was ebbing, and her moans and sighs were taking charge. “I don’t care what anybody tells you, Harry. You are one good pussy-eater.” She untangled her legs from over my shoulders, and gently push me away from her crotch. “Just as I suspected,” she declared. “Look at that cock, will you?”

I was at full mast once again, and I honestly believe that Roxanne was more thrilled about the situation than I was. She was sitting upright now, and she reached out and fondled my proud pecker.

“You know how to operate this machine now, don’t you?” She was smiling at me again, but behind the twinkle in her eyes was a very serious message. She wanted my cock. Her last orgasm was probably still quaking through her body, but there was little doubt in my mind that she was ready to go again.

As I was frantically trying to decide what to do next, Roxanne took charge once again. She lowered the ring on the toilet.

“Sit,” she ordered, and I obeyed. She straddled my legs and moved closer. “Play with my titties some, and you will have a smoother trip in when you start.” She wiggled her boobs in front of my face, and braced herself by placing her hands on my shoulders.

I cupped her left breast with both hands. Her pretty pink nipple was directly in front of my mouth so I indulged. She moaned and my prick got harder. When I switched to her right breasts she acknowledge the move with another soft moan.

“Put it in me, Harry,” she whispered as she began to lower her crotch to my lap. “I want to go all the way on the first try.” Her heavy breathing gave away her arousal. She was still coming down.

I tried desperately to guide my rod into her hole, and at the same time maintain constant contact with the tit I had in my mouth. I felt the head of my dick touch the mouth of her vagina. It was wet, warm and slick. Entry was almost effortless. I felt like a seasoned professional. Every inch of my cock was buried in her pussy, and I could swear she was massaging it with her obviously well trained muscles. Her breast were hanging elegantly just above my nose so I had no choice but to reach out and draw her nipple into my mouth. I began to nurse on it like an infant child perhaps with a little more vigor. She cradled my head in both hands, and began to rise and fall on my throbbing shaft. Much to my surprise my cock grew and my nursing became more intense.

I was losing control. Roxanne had to switch my mouth from one tit to the other, but I did participate by rising to meet bahis şirketleri her lovely ass each time she lowered her body on my cock. I was gripping her hips in order to rise to the occasion, but not enough to hinder her motion in the least.

Never had a woman of this caliber paid such rousing attention to me. I just knew that anytime now I would wake up from this dream finding myself sitting on the toilet and feeling foolish.

I was brought back to reality by her panting voice speaking softly yet with undeniable urgency.

“Harry,” she huffed, “I’m going to come any minute now. Please try to have your orgasm at the same time. It’s so much better when we climax simultaneously, don’t you think?”

“You bet,” I grunted in reply. “I’m on the verge – just say when and I’ll put more cream in you pussy than I did on it earlier.”

She laughed a hearty laugh. “I dare you,” she taunted. “Oh – oh – oh Harry, here I come,” she cried. Her crotch pounded against mine, and I would have sworn my cock head was reaching her navel with each plunge.

Needless to say I kept my word. When I felt her body bucking against mine, and her vagina sucking my throbbing cock, I had neither choice nor desire to hold back my orgasm. I gushed three or four times and continued to spurt smaller deposits until my weapon emptied its chambers.

Roxanne had completed her orgasm with animated splendor. She had nearly knocked my not so little ass off the toilet seat with her antics, and was now smothering my mouth with passionate kisses the likes of which I had never before experienced. I never realized a woman’s tongue could have such an effect on another person. For a moment I thought I might have another orgasm, but then it occurred to me that it was biologically impossible for me to accomplish such a deed. My balls must look like raisins about now.

She broke away from my mouth gasping for air.

“Harry, Harry, Harry,” she managed after a few seconds. “You certainly rang my chimes, Lover. I’ll bet my pussy is smiling from thigh to thigh.” She sat straddling my legs for a while until she had mustered up enough energy to rise. At the same time, my cock was gradually with reluctance withdrawing from her valley of finery.

She stood erect before me, and we both had to laugh out loud. The shaving cream that was left from my shave and from hers was now smeared from her mouth to her crotch, as it was to mine. She cut a rather provocative figure but-assed naked even with the camouflage. She bent forward and playfully flipped my very limp pecker. “I hope I didn’t break it.”

“Not a chance,” I boasted. “I’ll be as good as new . . . no better than new . . . before you know it.”

“I certainly hope so,” she said winking at me. “Now give me a shower, Big Guy,” and she leaned over and turned on the water in the tub.

Before I realized what I was doing, I leaned over and kissed her on the buttock.

“Thank you,” she smiled engagingly as she stepped under the steaming spray from the shower. Naturally, I followed.

Roxanne immediately lathered the bath sponge, and began soaping my body. I didn’t have a sponge, but I did the same to her body.

“Roxanne,” I asked cautiously, “were you serious when you said how much you enjoyed what we did?”

“Harry, my love,” she sighed lovingly, “you’re a natural. You learned to eat pussy on the first try, and you definitely rang my dinner bell with your love muscle. Why do you ask?”

“Well,” I hesitated, and then, “I figure you’ve been with several grown men, and I’m just a kid in comparison. I was just wondering if I measured up.”

We had finished our shower so I turned off the water, and we stepped out on the mat. I patted her down with an oversized bath towel, and, naturally, I spent more time on some places than I did others. Then she took the towel.

“Sweetheart,” she said seriously, “it doesn’t make sense to gauge or compare sex. If the match up is good then the sex is good.”


“I wouldn’t lie about something like that, Harry.” She watched me as I pulled on my pajama bottoms again. “For what it’s worth, Big Guy,” she said as she jiggled my limp dick, “you’ve got both your dad and your uncle Raymond beat by a long shot.”

I was still standing in the bathroom with my jaw on my chest as I heard the door to her bedroom close.

Copyright ã TTP 2001
Twisted Tales Pressâ

Incidentally, Roxanne lives in the same town where I attend classes. We see each other on occasion, and she teaches me a lot. I still shave twice when it is necessary.

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