Supervised Masturbation Therapy

Supervised Masturbation TherapyThere’s nothing quite like having an experienced Masturbatrix supervise ones masturbating. Giving her total control over every aspect of how you will masturbate and when (IF) you are allowed to ejaculate can be a very exciting and erotic experience. With supervised masturbation your Masturbatrix doesn’t just simply watch you masturbate, oh she will watch you, very closely watch you. She will also instruct, advise and encourage you throughout the entire process. A Masturbatrix my use elazığ escort supervised masturbation to teach a variety of things: Ejaculating on her command.How to stop and hold back ejaculation, repeatedly…Have Longer intervals before needing to stop and hold back ejaculation…New masturbation techniques.Some of the things A Masturbatrix may do when supervising:Carefully Examine and measure your penis.Tease and excite your penis using her hands or fingertips.Watch you very closely when she allows you escort elazığ to masturbate.Tell you how to hold your penis including your grip and how to pump or stroke.Tell you when to speed up or slow down your pumping.Command you to stop masturbating and when to start again.Encourage you to hold back your ejaculation and continue to masturbate…Insist that you request permission AND wait for permission to be given before ejaculating.Impose some form of discipline when instructions are not followed to her elazığ escort bayan satisfaction.Some of the things that make supervised masturbation highly exciting and enjoyable:My Masturbatrix inspecting or examing my erection before allowing me to masturbate.Knowing that my Masturbatrix is closely watching as I masturbate for her.Following the masturbation instructions and commands given by my Masturbatrix.Having to request permission to ejaculate.My Masturbatrix letting me know how much she is enjoying watching me pump for herBeing encouraged to continue masturbating and NOT to ejaculate when she see’s that I am right on the edge and trying hard to hold it back for her.What are your thoughts or experiences regarding supervised masturbation …

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