Surprise Honey Ch. 07


We had spent the night anchored up just inside Excursion Inlet. In the afternoon we pulled anchor and cruised up to Sawmill Bay looking around at a cannery that seemed to be running full force. We turned and cruised out and headed towards Glacier Bay late in the afternoon. Anchoring up just west of Pleasant Island for the night, we saw an Alaska Marine Highway Ferry go by headed for Hoonah.

May told me that Hoonah was a native village, on Chichagof Island. It had been a base of sorts for logging operations through out the forties up until present day. The logging was pretty much gone now though. Gone with it were the jobs and industry that it had spawned.

We were just outside the park boundaries and the lights of Gustavus could be seen across the water. Gustavus was just inside the boundaries of Glacier Bay National Park. Carl set some crab pots out and later that evening we had fresh caught king crab for dinner.

After eating a meal fit for royalty, we adjourned to the lounge area for a drink and quiet conversation. Julie and May sat on either side of me on the big couch. Carl, Jan and Anne took up the other couch.

Our talk was about things we had seen that day. I could detect an undercurrent of sexual tension that could have been cut with a knife. We were each trying to maintain a decorum that was quickly breaking down under the strain.

I turned to ask Julie a question and her head was just inches from mine. I opened my mouth to start to ask her about college when she just leaned in and kissed me full on the lips. Her hands went behind my head as her tongue shot between my lips to explore my mouth.

I felt May stir on the couch behind me and her hands were undoing my clothes. My shirt was undone in a matter of seconds, my pants following soon after. Julie was still holding my head and kissing me thoroughly. May stood up, pulled of her clothes and then went to her knees between my legs. She tugged and yanked on my jeans until I rose up enough for her to pull them off.

My underwear went with my jeans and naked I sat there with my daughter French kissing my and May licking my hard shaft. Julie pulled back just a bit and began to undress. Her motions became feverishly fast and she cried out when her jeans became difficult to undo.

I slid my hands down to her buttons and began to unbutton them, slowly, teasingly. Julie was having none of that. She tore at her buttons and before I could stop her she ripped those jeans wide open and stood to kick them off.. She had no underwear on at all. Her breasts were jiggling as she jumped around kicking off her jeans.

As soon as her jeans went flying across the room she threw herself into my arms. May had pulled away in Julies excited dance. She sat next to me and together they both began to lick my body. I had two tongues traveling down towards my cock.

Hands were on my hard cock and fingers pushing in and around my ass. May moved around a bit and I saw Anne slip up and begin to kiss her way up May’s legs to her delightful pussy. Soon Anne had her head buried in May’s pussy as Julie moved to straddle me.

May kissed her way up to my head and was kissing me and licking around my ears as Julie lowered her very wet and tight pussy down on my cock. As her pussy lips swallowed my cock she moaned loudly. Leaning in to me she put her head alongside of mine.

Looking up I saw Carl approaching. His cock was bobbing around with each step he took. It was wet with Jan’s saliva since he had just broke away from the blowjob she had been giving him. He stepped up behind Julie and began to massage her bottom with his strong hands.

I felt his fingers around my cock and with a sudden thrill of shock I realized he was gathering up Julies juices to lube her asshole. After a bit of him fingering her ass he moved up closer still. His cock head went between her ass cheeks. I felt her stiffen up a bit and then I felt Carl’s cock moving into her ass.

I had never felt something like this before. It was incredible. I had my cock in Julie’s pussy and I could feel Carl’s cock as it moved in her ass. We started to both fuck her and after a bit our rhythm became smooth and steady. Julie was crying out in desire and moaning constantly as our cocks worked in and out of her holes.

As we stroked in and out of Julie, May and Anne lay on the floor and began to sixty-nine each other. Soon Jan joined them and they moved into a daisy chain. I was watching them as they felt and licked each other. Julie, with her head right next to mine, was moaning so sexily that I quickly began to lose control.

I had my hands on Julie’s breasts, squeezing them as I also rolled her nipples between my fingers. Her pussy was so tight and hot. Carl’s cock was stroking through her ass with ease and all the sensation just overloaded my brain.

I began to shake and stiffened up a bit as my cum boiled up out of my cock. Carl began to shake at the same time and Julie was close behind us. Her lips went over my ear lobe as she came, her hot breath in my bahis firmaları ear. I felt like I had gallons of cum shooting out of me as I sat there. With Carl pumping into her, it caused her to move on my shaft. It was like he was fucking both of us through her ass.

I moved my head and took Julie’s head in my hands and began to kiss her. Carl leaned in and was licking her ear, his hands now on her breasts cupping them gently. Julie just collapsed on my chest and tongued me back.

Carl got off of us and sat down. We watched Anne, Jan and May as they still licked and sucked on each other. It was a pretty awesome sight to behold. Three women enjoying themselves with hands, fingers, lips, and tongues. Anne looked up at Julie, who was still sitting on my lap, with my cock still inside of her. She broke away from May’s tongue and Jan’s fingers to come over behind Julie.

Anne was on her knees and her face went to Julie’s bottom. As I watched I saw her tongue Julie’s asshole and begin to drink Carl’s cum that was dripping out of it. I soon felt her tongue around my balls and right where my cock entered Julie’s tight and very wet pussy.

Her ministrations soon had my cock growing inside of Julie. Julie looked into my eyes and picked herself up until just the head of my cock was in her pussy. Anne had her head shoved in there and her tongue was all around my cock. Julie stepped up and away from me leaving my cock standing up in the cool air.

Anne soon had my cock in her warm mouth and throat. Her hands caressed my balls as she sucked on my shaft. Julie moved over to Carl and began to lick and suck on his cock. I could see her asshole as she knelt between Carl’s legs. It was still opened up, as was her pussy.

Anne soon had my full attention. She moved up and turned around, facing away from me. She grabbed my cock and guided it to her tight little asshole. She began to work herself down over my very hard cock and soon I was fully buried in her ass.

She leaned back onto my chest and put her feet up on my knees. Her legs spread wide open; she began to move her ass up and down on my cock. May looked up and then quickly moved so that her face was in Anne’s pussy.

As Anne fucked herself on my cock, May tongued her pussy. I felt a finger go into my ass and as I looked around I saw that Jan had joined in the fun. May shocked me a bit when her tongue drifted down to my cock as it entered Anne’s asshole. Her light licks on my exposed shaft caused a thrill to run through my body.

Jan moved up and we began to kiss. Once in a while she would move down and take one of Anne’s nipples into her mouth and suck on it. I could feel Jan’s finger stroking in and out of my asshole as May licked on my cock and Anne kept up a bit of motion.

I slipped a finger into Jan’s pussy, and soon followed that one with three more. I was fucking Jan’s pussy and rubbing the palm of my hand on her clit as I did. I moved my thumb around and was able to get it on her clit and lightly played with it as my fingers explored her depths.

Anne started to cum and cum hard. May pulled her head out from between where our bodies were joined and started to lick and suck on Anne’s clit. Anne cried out and started to really cum hard. As Anne came, I began to shoot off. Jan was rocking her hips in time to my fingering of her pussy and I tried to keep the motion going as best I could.

I felt my hot cum shooting into Anne’s tight asshole as May stilled kept her head on Anne’s pussy. After I had finished my orgasm and Anne was lying on my chest with my arms wrapped around her, we watched Carl and Julie as they fucked each other.

Julie had moved to straddle Carl’s lap, his cock in her pussy. I could see his shaft as it went in and out, drawing her pussy lips with each stroke. He asshole winking at us still opened up a bit from her earlier duo fuck.

May had moved to sit beside me as Anne rested in my arms. She leaned on my shoulder and lightly kissed my cheek. Her hand found mine and we just sat there, holding hands. Anne still had my now soft cock in her ass. As I turned my head to kiss May on the lips, I felt my cock slip out of Anne’s ass and dangle between my legs.

Jan moved between my legs and began to lovingly suck on my cock and lick up the combined juices at the base of it. May put a hand on Jan’s head and held her hair away to watch. Anne slipped off of my lap and joined Jan in cleaning up my cock and belly.

May kissed me and hugged me in closer, her eyes never leaving the twin tongues on my crotch. Believe it or not, I fell asleep at that point. My last memories were of May in my arms, her lips on mine. The two tongues around my cock and licking in time with each other couldn’t even keep me awake.

I awoke later, May in my arms asleep, Anne and Julie at my feet also asleep. Carl and Jan curled up together on the other couch. Someone had covered Anne, Julie, May and I with blankets. Carl and Jan had a blanket near them, but it wasn’t covering them. I could see that they kaçak iddaa were still joined, Carl’s cock in her pussy looking so natural there.

I sat quietly for quite some time just soaking in the experiences of the last week. I found it hard to believe that I had done the things I had done. I also knew that I had changed quite a bit too. My eyes had been opened up to different ways of sexual enjoyment. My heart opened up to many other people.

Since it was still very early in the morning, I slipped quietly out of May’s arms and took a nice long hot shower. Stepping out of the shower I saw that Carl was sitting on my bed. He had pulled on some shorts and a T-shirt. As I dressed he was quiet.

Finally I turned to him and he looked up at me.

“I wanted to let you know that the other day…when we um…when you…when I…”

“Hey…you know what Carl? Even though I had never had thoughts of having sexual relations with another guy…it was interesting. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Not a big deal.”

“Yeah…no big deal. I just wanted to tell you that I liked it. I like you…a lot.”

“Oh. When you say a lot…how much is that Carl?”

“Well Bill, I like you more than a lot actually. You have been a great boss to work for. You are very loving, that much I have seen. You are also very um…I liked…I liked having sex with you. I think I know what May, Anne and Julie see in you.”

“Oh. Do you have certain feelings for me then Carl?”

“I think I do. I think that you are a great person Bill. I would like to get to know you even more than I do now.”

“Carl, you realize that what happened between us was kind of in the heat of passion. That I am not gay?”

“Yes. I know you prefer women Bill. But what happened between us was so…well…good. I enjoyed it a quite a bit. Do you think that we could…well…do you think that you might be willing to try it with me again?”

I was troubled. I knew that Carl liked me more than I felt I could return. I also knew that even though I was not gay, I had enjoyed our time together that night. I just couldn’t imagine doing it again though.

As I hesitated I saw Carl’s face change ever so slightly. I could tell that he was getting set to be hurt and I didn’t know how to explain my feelings to him. I didn’t think that I would go there again, but then on the other hand, I had never thought I would have gone there to begin with.

“Carl, I don’t know. I can honestly tell you that I just don’t know. I never would have thought that I would have done what we did the other night, let alone contemplate doing it again. I do not want to lead you on either. I can’t say that maybe we will. I can’t say that we wont’ either.”

“I understand Bill. You really are trying to be a nice guy and let me down gently. I want to tell you though…the other night…you were wonderful. You really were. Thank you for that time.”

As Carl left the room I felt bad. I finished getting dressed with a troubled mind. I just couldn’t get over some of the things I had done on this trip. I had fucked and sucked my daughter, I had given a blowjob to a man, and I had let a man give me a blowjob. I had sex with numerous women, at the same time. I had also fucked my daughter in the pussy while another man had fucked her ass.

My thoughts were scattered and I needed some time to think. I set out the zodiac and went for a ride. I went around Pleasant Island, enjoying the view and saw a porpoise that was playing in the wake of the boat.

My attention was drawn to a Coast Guard boat as it swept past me. It was out about five hundred yards and moving quickly through the water. The white hull gleamed, with the red strips on the bow seemingly glowing. It looked pretty sharp out there on the water.

I had about two hours in the zodiac and when I returned to the yacht Jan had a great breakfast ready for us. I put the boat away and went in to eat with the others. I felt right with the world now. Even though I had changed so much in such a short time, I still felt good about it all.

Sitting around the table eating, I couldn’t help but notice how much we were getting along like a family. Far more than the strangers that we had started out like. Anne and May were positively glowing as they sat on either side of me.

Julie was sitting next to Anne and her eyes shined with love and peace. Carl was even smiling a bit too. I think our talk had been hard on him…I still had some things to say to him about ‘us’ too. I had decided that whatever happened from now on would be ‘to the emotion and motion of the time’. In other words, I wouldn’t push for an encounter with him again, but, if it should happen, I would roll with the flow as long as I was comfortable with it.

Jan had outdone herself with breakfast. It was delicious and filling. After we were done eating, Carl pulled anchor and May set us on course for Glacier Bay.

The sights and sounds around us were not to be forgotten. We saw whales rolling and playing kaçak bahis as we slipped by. We also saw eagles flying overhead, diving on fish in the water once in a while. The beauty of nature surrounding us along with the clean fresh smell of the ocean and mountains was overpowering.

I found myself looking for a place to build a cabin for a getaway. I could imagine living here and waking every day to this wild and beautiful land. As we pulled into the Ranger station I saw a young woman come out on the dock. In her uniform she looked all business.

“Here to see the park?”

“Yes, is this where we get the permit?”

“Yes. I have a few questions for you first though. How many in your party?”

“Um…six. Two men and four women.”

“Oh…I see that you are in good hands then. With four women you guys should be able to make through without incident.”

Her eyes were smiling as she said the last part. Her business-like approach was being changed over into a more approachable type. Her eyes were on Carl as he went around the boat checking things over. He was wearing shorts and a tank top. One could see that he had a great body, even with the clothing covering him.

I filled out the forms she handed me, with May standing by.

“Who is captaining the boat?”

“May is. I mean…Captain May is running the boat.”

“Um…who is Bill?”

“That’s me.” I own the boat, May is the captain, Anne and Julie are crew and Carl is the mate.”

“Hmmm…quite a crew you have here sir. How long are you intending to stay in the park?”

“Um…probably overnight if we can. We have a bit of time, but we are also headed to Anchorage too.”

“Well, here is a list of rules…please follow them closely as you can. This park is here for all to enjoy and we strive to keep it pristine and beautiful as we can.”

“Would it be all right for us to anchor up over there?”

May was pointing out at a small islet just past where we had pulled in. I was a bit surprised at this since I had thought we were going to head on up right away. I saw that she had something on her mind though so I remained silent.

“Um…I see no harm in that. Yes, you may anchor up over there. Be careful of the reef that is on the north shore there. I would recommend that you stay to this side since it is deeper there.”

“Would you like to come out for dinner later? Can you do that?”

“Why I would love to, but I don’t want to intrude.”

“You won’t intrude. Bill was just saying how he wanted to invite the rangers out to the yacht if they could. We would love to have you out for dinner.”

I was remaining silent. Confused since I hadn’t said any such thing, but curious as to why May was being so generous. The ranger was cute and she filled out her uniform nicely too.

As we pulled over to the islet and anchored up I caught May on the bridge. I wanted to know what she was thinking. Why she invited the ranger on board.

“Hey May. What was up with the ranger there?”

“Didn’t you see the way she was looking at Carl? I think she was ready to grab him and take him down right out there in front of us. I figured that she might be some fun to have on board for the evening. Besides, she must be bored to tears out here for months at a time.”

“Hmmm…you think she will want to play then huh?”

“Think? No, I know she wants to play. We may be her only playmates for quite some time. I imagine that they get people out here constantly during season, but not like us.”

“Heh heh heh…you have a very interesting mind May. Very interesting. That is why I think I love you so much too.”

“Oh, you love me do you? I think you are just after my charms there sailor. No need to bribe me with sweet words and actions. Come and take me stud.”

May had stepped around with her back to the bridge controls. Her hands undoing her blouse as she lewdly smiled at me. I felt my cock stirring and by the time her blouse was headed to the floor, my cock was rock hard. Her bra followed and then her pants dropped. Standing in just her panties, she held out her arms to me.

I undid my clothes and tossed them aside. Taking her into my arms I looked around the bridge and saw the captains chair. Pulling her along behind me I went up to it and sat her down in it. I placed one leg over an arm of it and then I picked up her other leg and set it across the other arm.

May sat there; legs spread wide open, her panties showing a very large wet spot. I reached out and ran my fingers over her panties. She moaned as my light touch rubbed her clit. Her nipples were hard and sticking way out. I leaned in and licked them, nipping at those buds with my teeth.

Her arms went to my head, but I pulled them off and placed them under each leg, on the arms of the chair. Getting the idea, she left them there like she was tied up. I began to lick her body, starting at her chin, moving down her neck and then across her chest to each nipple. I played with each nipple in turn, driving her to the edge.

I had fingers lightly rubbing her mound through her panties. I worked my lips and tongue down over her belly, playing with her belly button as I explored her taut body. I could smell her need. The heat rising up from her was narcotic to me.

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