Susan’s Second Time


Susan’s Second TimeLouie didn’t get me pregnant but I can remember how a day, went by, then another and another and I kept looking into the mirror to see if my tummy was growing but it wasn’t. I didn’t really know how things worked. the fact was that I didn’t get my first period for another seven months and by then he was put in jail. I was very lucky I didn’t get pregnant but even to this day, just thinking about having sex with Louie makes me feel horny. To me, it’s an adventurous, exciting idea of having unprotected sex not knowing if you’ll get pregnant or not. I decided then and there that whenever I get a new guy in my life, I would tell him I’m not using any protection to make sure they know I could end up pregnant. Well as I got older I found out how that gets men really horny. I, however, didn’t do much of anything sexual after that although I tried. Boys were too immature for sex. They couldn’t do anything to turn me on. I needed a grown man so I decided to try to look older. I began to dress and act sexy but to keep my parents unaware of my activities I would be subtle and gentle with my makeup. Try as I might, it was a disappointment to walk down the street completely un-noticed by any fully grown men. I went out a few times but I didn’t have sex again until my parents moved to an appartment and I could see into a Black man’s bedroom from my window.Yep, here I am, a f******n year old freshman girl who is dying to be fucked by a man, sleeping only two feet away from a great looking Black man. That was because the building we lived in had window wells and my second floor window was only two feet above the first floor roof (a detail that I would find convienant later). I occasionally saw tha man and I’m sure he saw me then one night I saw him fuck a woman. First I heard them talking so I looked through my window to see who it was. He had a mini blind on the window, but the blind was open just enough and there was enough light in the bedroom so watched them. As I watched both of them get naked I could tell this was something they had done several times before. The woman was White and about my mother’s age. She stripped in front of the Black man and placed Her clothes on a chair near his bed, like it was common practice. They just got on the bed naked and laid on top of the sheets. They played for a few minutes (kissing, fingering and such), then the Black man rolled the White woman onto her back and mounted her, spreading her legs with his and then laid his big hard Cock on top of her pubic area. I remember seeing him kiss her very hard, grab her breast, squeeze it and then force his fat black cock in Her pussy. I could easily hear the White woman moan from my bedroom,”Oh, fuck!”She squealed, startled by the sudden penetration,”No, you’ll make me pregnant…!”Up to his balls inside her, however, he did nothing but grasp her by her hips and continue to fuck her, appearently intent on canlı bahis pumping his cum into her belly. As I continued to learn, for some reason the thought of knocking a woman up thrills men. I know he liked the idea of planting a black baby inside this White woman. The Black man grunted,”Hey baby, my balls have been churning out loads of sperm ever since I first laid eyes on you.”The White woman’s eyes popped open wide as the repercussions of the Black man’s words registered.”Shoot it up my pussy.”She demanded. Then with a growl she said,”If I caused all that sperm to be made then I think its only right that you give it to me. I want you to make my White body pregnant with your Black baby.”That was all the Black man could take. With one last mighty thrust he lodged his cock deep inside the White woman’s pussy and let gravity assist his pulsing black cock in fertilizing the wanton White woman. The White woman closed her eyes tight as she concentrated deeply on feeling the flowing sperm enter her fertile womb. I couldn’t hear anything after that so I went to sleep.The next day I saw the man on the street and said hello. He said,”You didn’t know I saw you, looking in my window, did you? Oh yes, I saw you.”I was scared but then he asked,”Do you have a boyfriend?”I meekly said,”No.”He asked,”Have you ever seen another boy’s dick?”Embarrassed I said,”Yes.”Then he said,”But you never saw a black dick, have you?”I admitted I didn’t. Then he said,”Since we’re neighbors you should know my name is Trevor.”I called out,”I’m Susan.”As he just walked off.That night his light came on. He quickly opened his blinds and caught me looking. He beconed me to come over. It was like I was hipnotized. I opened my window, stepped out, then went through his. He closed the window and closed his blinds fully. He drew the d****s and told me that the d****s were new. Then he said,”Now that you’re here do you want to take your clothes off?”I started to blush as I thought about the ramifications of getting nude. He then took me in his arms and gave me a big kiss. When Trevor kissed me again, I melted into his arms. We fell onto the bed, and he rolled over on top of me, pinning me to the bed. I felt helpless underneath him as he smothered my mouth with kisses. I returned each one with more passion. I put my arms around him, hugging him to me in the thrall of our embrace. He rolled off me to the side, and I immediately reached for his big cock. I felt it in his pants, already hard. I unbuckled his belt, unsnapped his pants and pulled his zipper down. I reached into his pants and found it, waiting there for me. I held it in my hand and squeezed it. I rubbed it up and down. Trevor asked if he could take my clothes off but he didn’t wait for an answer as I let him undress me. Then he said,”Show me your pussy, baby.”I lay back on the bed, pull back my legs to fully expose my pussy to him. He gets on the bed then on me. He bahis siteleri kissed my neck and his free hand reached down to his penis. He adjusted himself to enter me. My heart was racing and I was scared but as soon as his penis entered me, I was hooked. Electricity shot through my body, and I wanted to just lay there and enjoy the feeling. He said,”You’re so tight.”I was so neieve. I said,”I’m sorry.”He moved in and out of me slowly and I opened up a little more. He lifted my legs up and I felt him deeper in me. He began to push in and out. It started to get hotter and hotter. It began feeling really good, so I moved my hips to meet him. I bite my lips trying not to moan. He noticed and he said,”Let it all out baby. Do what ever feels good to you.”He went faster and I moaned like crazy. He kissed me while thrusting himself into me. Our breathing was rapid. I breathed with my mouth open because it became harder and harder to breathe. I felt my body shaking and twitching and knew I was cuming. I wrap my hands around his back, pushing him against my body. I was finally with a man!He slowed down and held himself as deep in me as he could and cumed.”What!?!”I thought. It took me a moment but then I realized what he was doing. I thought,”No, don’t cum inside me! Oh God, please pull out! Pull out! Oh God, oh fuck, oh fuck, please, don’t cum in my pussy, don’t get me pregnant, please, please, don’t get me pregnant! I’m too young to get pregnant!”I thought it but I never said it. The pleasure I was feeling was too intense. My eyes widened in terror as I watched Trevor arched his back & grimaced his face. Once I felt his thick hot semen gushing into my cervix. My mind panicked wildly. I squealed,”NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”I thought,”He’s cumming inside me!! He’s cumming inside me!! Fuck, he’s getting me pregnant! He’s getting me pregnant! Oh fuck, now I’m going to have a baby inside me. There’s nothing I can do now! I’m pregnant! I’m fucking pregnant!”In orgasm and in fear, my body was shaking and trembling under Trevor. My frantic mind started to imagine all those millions of his vigorous tiny little sperms rushing through my womb to impregnate me. Soon his seed was oozing and soaking into my nubile young belly; seeking refuge in my teenage womb. Trevor kept moaning over and over, continuing to thrust his dick back & forth pumping out more and more cum inside me to the point where it overflowed down to my ass.He pulls out and lies next to me. I put my head on his chest and listen to his heart, which beats really fast. He wraps his arm around me and kisses the top of my head. I pulled his head down and kissed him deeply. Then I lied and said,”That was my first time.”His response was pure a****listic. His tongue invaded me as he grabbed me and picked me up. I felt his erection sliding between my legs and I wrapped my legs around his hips as his penis entered me again. It felt güvenilir bahis so good to feel a grown man’s member inside of me! He was growling and kissing me as his hard erection sank into me with a burst of pleasure. I felt him hit a blockage and he pushed through it as I cried out in pain/pleasure. I thrust up against him to get him deeper. Then I just kissed him and locked my legs around his hips. I can hear him grunting and groaning at every thrust. I couldn’t believe it. I am being fucked by a grown Black man. I’m just thinking to myself,”Shit, we’re actually fucking. He’s fucking me. He’s fucking me!! Oh fuck, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m.. Uhhgh!!!!”My body shook violently. I can feel him thrusting harder and faster now. Feeling his cock throbbing inside me. All of sudden I hear him say,”Oh baby, Oh baby! I’m going to cum. Oh Yeah, I’m going to cum inside you again!”We kissed passionately, our wet mouths open and our tongues prying in and intertwining, while his hips bucked, his cock in me so deep. He thrust again and again. Soon, his breathing became even more rapid as he shot jets of his sperm into me. Electricity was bursting through my body as another wave of ecstasy hit me, and another and another and another! I could barely breathe! He groaned and kept thrusting faster and faster, then eventually slower, and slower, until finally he stopped, pulled himself out, and laid on top of me for a couple of minutes. Then he fell back onto his bed exhausted. At this point I was shocked at the fact that I let him impregnate me, putting his seed of life into my fertile womb and now I have a baby growing inside me. Trevor said,”Damm you’re a good fuck, Susan. Nice tight pussy. Haven’t fucked anything that tight in a long time. I think I’ll keep your young white ass around.”My parents are going to kill me, I thought to myself”It felt good, didn’t it?””Yea..Yeah, it felt really good.”It did feel good but I couldn’t help but wonder will he feel good to be a father? Well I waited at my window the next day and as soon as Trevor saw me he asked me over. Even though I was sore I went to him. I got on his bed my back and raised my legs in the air showing my wet pussy. Trevor got on top of me and proceeded fuck me with my legs up in the air and did he fuck me but good! It felt so good to have him fuck me hard. He is always so careful when fucking me so he doesn’t hurt me but my pussy was sore for the first two weeks. I love that “fucked” feeling. The coolest thing is that once I got used to him, I could take him, no problem afterwards. Since then I have always watched him fuck other women really hard and it has always turned me on then what he did to them he would later do to me. It was so hot. He gets this a****l look when he fucks other women and now he started fucking me with that look! I nonetheless was worried for nothing because I wasn’t pregnant Trevor had been fucking me for months with his magnificent Black cock and I love to go visit his bed every few days. Then one day I looked for him and he wasn’t home. It was the same the next day and the day after that. several weeks past and I found out he was murdured.

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