Susie and ‘The Chair’ Part I


Susie and ‘The Chair’ Part ISusan was sitting on her couch in a silk bathrobe that conformed to her gorgeous body when she got the call. All he said was ‘It’s your turn for the chair, Susie. Be there in an hour.’ Susan was quick to get off the couch and head to her closest. Her lower regions heating up in anticipation. She pulled out her special trunk, the one she kept for him. She pulled off her bathrobe revealing her firm B-Cup breasts, smooth flat stomach, athletic tight ass cheeks, and her soft creamy complextion. She opened her trunk and pulled out the expected attire, a pair of blue and pink striped stockings, a dark green short skirt, a size small bra, and a white blouse.She quickly dressed to save time, pulling on her knee high stockings, stepping into her skirt, squeezing into her bra, and buttoning her blouse, she turned to look in her mirror. She was 5’4″ and had hazel hair that contrast to her green eyes. Her blouse was buttoned to a point where you could see a good deal of cleavage, but nothing obscene. Her skirt was a different matter, it barely covered her ass, and without panties, she was vulnerable to wandering eyes, but that only made her heat up more. She quickly tied her hair into two short ponytails, the way he prefered, and head to her car.Driving was torture, she was slowly growing wet with anticipation and couldn’t touch herself, he would know if she did. But she couldn’t resist pinching her slowly erecting clit, casuing a slight whimper to escape her mouth as she drove. When she arrived, she quickly walked into the building and to the designated room.Susan had never been treated with the chair, and had no idea what to expect. Stepping into the room, she closed the door and stood in a room that seemed to be made of all metal, and in the very middle was a metal chair. It was just and average chair with four legs and a back, no arm rests, and attached to the middle of the seat was a metal dildo. It looked to be around 7″ long and was pretty fat, it tapered down to a fat bottom before rounding into bakırköy escort a thinner part just before the seat of the chair. Susie knew this was for her ass, which put a little fear in her gut, but it made her pussy heat up with excitment, flushing the fear away. Susie quickly made another realization about the room, it was freezing, her nipples were erect from the cold and sensitive from her excitment, but the room had to be around 65 degrees. Before she could think about it, his voice boomed from a speaker in the wall, ‘Sit.’ Was his simple instruction. Susie was jolted by his voice but quickly abliged, she walked over to the chair, her sock covered feet silently crossing the room. She turned and hunched over the chair, she slowly brought her ass closer to the tip, when it was pressing into her tight hole, she grabbed the seat and began pushing herself on to the buttplug, slowly it slipped in, Susie let out a shriek from the metal being cold, but was quickly overwhelmed by the slight pleasure she was getting, and after a few inches she let out a cry of pain. Her breathing was becoming heavier and her pussy was nearly dripping on the seat, she kept sliding down, more gasps of pleasure were being made, during the final inch, a single tear had fromed in her left eye, and when the bottom finally popped in her gorgeous ass, she let out a quiet ‘fuck’ which she quickly regreted.Before she could let go of the seat, her ass violently shook, causing her to scream ing pleasure and shock, it was abrupt, but her yell held in the air as she caught her breath. She now knew the buttplug was a buzzer, a violent buzzer at his control. ‘You know why that happened, don’t you Susie?’ ‘Yes, sir’ was her designated response. ‘That language must be punished. You know that, don’t you Susie.’ Susan was going to anwser him with a yes sir, but Susie was out now, and she was a bit more dangerous. ‘No, Sir. I fucking don’t.’ No response came, but Susie couldn’t hold back a grin, then another buzz went off in her beşiktaş escort ass. Susie yelled in pleasure and excitment, the jolt again only lasted a second.’Susie, do you know what respect is?’ ‘Yes, sir’ ‘Do you respect me?’ ‘Fuck N-‘ She was cut off by her own screams of pleasure from the buzzer. This time it lasted, she clutched the seat and let the vibrations rebound in her pussy and ass, even her nipples were getting a little vibe, she couldn’t tell, but her whole body was shaking with the buzzing buttplug. ‘Oh, fuck.’ She didn’t expect it but the buzzing intensified to her language, she was no screaming and moan in pleasure, her pussy was now dripping juice onto her seat. She was playing against his rules, something she had heard the other girls talk about, she could only hope he was enjoying this as much as her. She had wanted to come, and she knew what to do. ‘Fuck you, sir!’ She yelled out inbetween gasps. The buzzing stopped. Susie didn’t expect that. She sat in the quiet, her body tingling from the violent vibrating. She heard the door open behind her, before she could turn around, a blind fold was put on her, and tied back, she was blind, and he was in the room with her, her body tensed, she her hands were taken and tied behind her back, she remained quiet until he spoke.’Your a very beautiful girl, to have such a dirty mouth.’ He said this with a hint of aggression. Before she could say anything, her mouth was filled with a semi hard cock. She was shocked at first, but quickly began sucking his member. ‘I need to purge your throat of that filthy language missie’ being talked down like a c***d made her even hotter as she licked around his head, which she could feel enlagring, and sucked his pulsing shaft.She focused on her sucking, hoping for a reward of her own. She swirled her tongue around the head and even flicked it into his pisshole before swirling it around more. She was only able to take about half of his 8″ dick, but he didn’t let that stop her. He pulled out a small beylikdüzü escort remote and spund a dial, instantly Susie was shaken by the buzzer, her moans even caused him to let out a moan of pleasure. He stuck the remote back into his pocket, then he grabbed hold of her pigtails and began forcing his dick down her throat. She started gagging, but he was relentless, forcing her haed up and down his shaft, forcing another inch every thrust, untill the tip of his dick was down her throat. He held her head down like that until he could see tears coming from under the blindfold. He let her pull back off and get some air.He pulled the remote out and cranked the intensity of the buzzer. Susie was moaning while breathing and could barely get any breath, now with her body shaking she was yelling in pleasure again, then her mouth was stuffed with his dick once more. He used her pig tails to hold her head as he throat fucked her. Susie was close to letting a very pent up orgasm loose, but she knew the rules, don’t come. Of course, Susie didn’t like the rules. She felt he dick grow tense in her throat and she knew he was about to go, so he went with him.He shot hot sticky ropes of come in her throat, while she started pumping out delicious pussy juice from her orgasm, she was moaning on his squirting cock, and loving it. Rope after rope, wave after wave, both were having intense orgasms. Finally he pulled his cock free and let her swallow, which she did with a c***dlike grin on her face. ‘ now that I’ve cleande your mouth out,’ he turned off the buzzer. ‘Lets-‘ ‘Sir, I came.’ Susie said this with such blodness, it added to both of their intensities. ‘You know that isn’t allowed without permission.’ He said with a little shock.He hunched down and looked, lifting up her skirt just a little to see the seat drenched in sticky delicious pussy juice, Susies red hot lips quivering, she had just had an orgasm. He let out a sigh and a laugh, pulling out two zip ties, he bound her ankles to the chair, stood up, tucked his softening cock away and turned for the door, before leaving he turn the buzzer on low. Causing Susie to let out small soft moans. The he closed the door and left. Leaving Susie waiting for his return.Leave comments, will try and get part II out as quick as possible. Second story, would love feedback.

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