Susie’s Awakening Ch. 03


Author’s note:

I have received some feedback that concerns me. I don’t have a problem with people writing and indicating that they don’t like the story. But “Don’t bother writing more.” really isn’t helpful. Give me a clue WHY you didn’t like it and future pieces may be more to your liking. Something else I wanted to mention, the “Susie” stories were written for my GF and I to enjoy as the fantasy plays a part in our sex life together. Those things said, I hope you enjoy the stories, and I look forward to helpful feedback, be it positive or negative.

Susie’s Awakening Ch. 3 (Awake and shared)

Susie awoke groggily and tried to sit up. The cuffs on her wrists and her ankles held her tight. She pulled against them, knowing it would be useless, that she was helplessly trussed up for her father’s cock to use whenever he wanted. She sobbed in humiliation. How could her own body betray her by craving something that was so wrong, so dirty?

She heard a thud as the vibrator slipped out of her dripping cunt and fell to the floor. Oh, no! She thought. Daddy had told her not to let it fall or she would be in terrible trouble.

“Thought I warned you about that, slut.”

She gasped as she heard her father’s voice. He must be on the couch right behind her.

“I didn’t mean to let it fall, Daddy, it was just an accident, I’m sorry,” she whimpered.

His hand cracked roughly on her ass and she screamed. “Not half as sorry as you’ll be, my little cocksucker,” He started to stroke her ass then, gently, and his voice turned teasing. “You’re such a good little cocksucker, you suck Daddy’s meat so well….who taught you how to do that?”

“No one Daddy!! I swear! I just do it for Daddy!” she cried.

“Then how do you get such good grades, a little whore like you?” Another slap on her ass, this one harder. “You’ll suck whoever I tell you to suck, whore.”

He undid the handcuffs and ankle cuffs, and carried her into the bathroom. He undressed her carefully and put her in the bathtub.

“What are you doing, Daddy?” she asked. She couldn’t imagine.

“Don’t you remember when Daddy used to give you baths all the time? I am going to clean my baby girl up, because we are having company.”

Susie almost wilted in relief. If they were having company, then he couldn’t fuck her and then she wouldn’t have to feel guilty about how much she loved it. She cringed when she remembered how she’d begged for his cock, told him to take whatever part of her he wanted to use, to spew his cum all over her.

Tom gently rubbed the soap all over her body, washing away all of his cum, all of the drool, all of her cunt juices until she was spanking clean. Then his hand moved down with the washcloth to rub her tiny bald cunt. She noticed that the front of his shorts were bulging, as if something strong, hard, and thick were underneath them.

He began to rub her in that special place, and she felt herself begin to dissolve again in waves of pleasure. His strong fingers were practiced and knew exactly how to touch her to make her helpless.

“Whose cunt is this, little cocksucker?”

Susie didn’t know what to say, so she didn’t answer. Roughly he slapped her across her breasts and she yelped. “I asked you a question, whore!”

“It’s yours!! Your cunt, Daddy!”

He laughed cruelly. “That’s right….and I get to do whatever I want with my little cunt, and this tiny asshole….” He slipped a finger in her ass just as her hips were bucking against his strong hand. “Fight all you want….I like it better when I have to work for it.”

Suddenly her body was writhing in orgasm, and she closed her legs tightly over her father’s hand, holding it there as wave after wave of cum shot through her. Tom laughed softly. “I knew you’d be good at this.”

She expected—wanted him—to pull down his shorts and let his huge cock pop out for her to suck, but he didn’t. Instead he picked her up and carried her to her bedroom. He dried her off carefully, stopping to suck roughly on her nipples. Then he got out one of her babydoll night gowns with matching panties and dressed her like a doll.

That’s what I am, she realized helplessly. Just his little fuck doll…what kind of a bad girl is a fuck doll for her father? Maybe she should scream or yell…but the image of what was behind his bulging shorts stopped her. She had to have that in her mouth, in her cunt, up her ass, again, she just had to.

He brushed her hair gently and put it up in two pigtails. “There, that’s my little angel whore,” he smiled, his eyes glittering. She wondered what he had in mind to do to her little body this time.

He picked her ataşehir escort up and carried her into the living room. She put her arms around his neck. Maybe he’s just going to cuddle me now, she thought, and was surprised at the huge feeling of disappointment that came with that thought. Stop it!! She told herself firmly. Only bad, dirty girls want their father’s cock thrusting and throbbing inside of them!

To her surprise, the living room wasn’t empty. There was a huge black man sitting on the couch, drinking a beer.

“Princess,” Tom said, “I want you to meet my friend, Jim. Say hello to the nice man.”

“Hello,” Susie stammered. Tom set her down gently right next to Jim, and sat down on her other side.

“Why, hello there,” said Jim. His voice was deep and rich. “My, my, your daddy was right, you are one sexy little girl.”

Susie bowed her head, but knew she would be punished if she didn’t respond. “Thank you.”

“What do you say, Jim, wanna watch a little TV?” Tom said, his eyes twinkling with excitement. He flipped on the remote, and slid his other hand inside Susie’s nightgown, playing roughly with her nipple. She tried to turn her body so that Jim wouldn’t see, but her father held her firm.

“What’s the matter, princess, are you afraid Jim’s gonna find out what a little cockwhore you are?”

Then the TV popped on. There she was—her father must have rewound the tape while she was sleeping—with her tiny lips wrapped around the head of her father’s cock. On the tape, her father’s hands forced her head further and further, taking in so much cock she was gagging. Then he was slapping her face with his thick, dripping member, laughing as he plunged in back down her throat.

Susie felt her face turning purple. Her Daddy was showing this stranger what a bad girl she was. She tried to look down, but when she did her father pinched her nipple painfully, forcing her to watch herself beg for more of her father’s thick cock to be stuffed into her ass.

Jim and her father remained silent until the tape was over.

“My goodness, you are one bad little girl, sucking your own daddy’s cock dry?” Jim chuckled. He reached out to squeeze her other tit; she could feel the nipple grow hard beneath his fingers and hated herself for it. No wonder they said she was a slut, her body wanted to be touched, fucked, raped, and beaten all the time.

“So, how much?”

Susie didn’t understand the question, and closed her eyes, feeling Jim’s hand and her father’s hand mauling her titties roughly.

“You want her to suck your cock, one hundred. You want to fuck her pussy, five hundred.”

“I want that tiny little ass.”

“Not for sale…that ass is mine.” Tom said firmly. Susie didn’t understand what they were talking about.

Jim squeezed harder. “I’ll give you a thousand.”

“I told you… her ass is mine.” Tom’s eyes grew firm and Jim backed down.

Jim thought about it. “Fine.” He counted out five hundred dollars and threw it on the coffee table. “Now let’s see what we got.”

Tom grabbed Susie’s pigtails and forced her head into Jim’s lap. Jim had unzipped his pants, and his huge cock was springing upright, into her face. She started to struggle.

“Daddy, no!! I don’t want to do this with him!! Don’t make me suck his cock, Daddy!” she wailed, but it was useless. Tom relentlessly pushed her forward and jerked her jaw open, and then this strange man’s cock was dancing in and out of her mouth. It immediately went beyond her throat and she began to gag and whimper.

“Don’t worry, princess, did you think Daddy forgot about you?” Tom laughed. He got behind her and eased her panties down. She struggled to keep her legs together so that he couldn’t remove them. Tom laughed. “It’s so cute when she fights, just like a helpless little kitten.” Effortlessly he pulled her thighs apart and ripped her baby-doll panties off. She felt her hips being lifted and suddenly felt her father’s tongue darting over her little pink clit. He had lifted her up and placed her pussy on his face, and her little legs dangled over the ground as she sucked Jim’s cock. Occasionally he lifted her hips up so he could lick and nibble at her little pink asshole. She wondered futilely how she must look, and then realized she would find out later. Surely her father wouldn’t miss getting this on tape. Her little ass up in the air, her little pussy planted firmly on her father’s face, her tiny lips wrapped around this huge black cock….please don’t let me cum with a stranger’s cock in my mouth, she begged silently, even as she felt the agony of the pleasure waves beginning to wash over her. kadıköy escort She moaned and sucked, hearing Jim grunt his own joy, while her body bucked and rode her father’s face. He grasped her cheeks firmly and held her still; the orgasm instensified and she came all over her father’s face.

He dropped her hips to the ground and laughed. “Did you cum on Daddy’s face like he came on yours? What a good little whore,” he said, slapping her ass. “Don’t you forget ever whose ass this is, little slut. Anyone goes in there but me and you will be sorry.”

The thick black cock was gagging her; she couldn’t breathe. In, out, in, out, Jim’s hands now the ones that yanked her ponytails, forcing her to suck cock….if she didn’t breathe soon she was going to pass out. Just as the world started to go black she heard Jim give a shout, and then she felt rivers of cum pulse down her throat, his huge cock throbbing in her throat.

She woke up only a few seconds later. She lay on her back on the floor, her baby doll nightie shoved up over her titties. Her father knelt by her, spreading her legs, showing the stranger her little cunt. She struggled to close her legs, but it was no use; her father was much too strong and powerful.

“See how sweet that is? Just a sweet little cunt, only been used a few times,” Tom laughed. Jim frowned, and stuck a few fingers up inside her. She shrieked and bucked; Tom held her firm.

“It sure is a tight little pussy,” Jim said, licking his fingers. “I might be too much for a tight little pussy like that.”

“Trust me, this like cockmonger can take anything,” Tom assured him. Jim placed himself between her knees so she couldn’t close them, and Tom lay down next to her.

“This man is going to fuck the shit out of you, princess,” he said smoothly. “Now, if you don’t want me to sell you to even more men to fuck you, you’d better try to stop him. You’d better whine and beg and plead for him not to ruin your little sweet pussy. Because if I think you like it, I’ll have to go out and get more customers tonight.”

“But Daddy, I can’t stop him, he’s too big, he’s too strong—“ Susie begged; Jim’s cock was already rock hard again and he was moving it close to her pussy lips, which were dripping from her father’s licking.

“Oh well,” sighed Tom. “If you can’t stop him, it must mean you really want it..”

“No, Daddy!!”

“Then you better convince me…”

Susie tried to close her legs and move her arms, but her father held those down firmly has he lay perpendicular to her. He lazily sucked on her little nipples as she felt Jim’s cock pushing its way into her cunt that had been virgin until a few short hours ago. His cock rubbed against her clit for a while, and she desperately thought if she could make him cum that way, he would stop. But as she moved her hips against it, Jim laughed.

“She can’t wait for it, can she?” He reached down to spread her pussy lips with his fingers and then suddenly thrust himself forward. Susie screamed, in pain, and as he began rocking back and forth, hammering at her cunt with his dick, she began to feel that now-familiar feeling building up between her legs. He didn’t stop to tease like her father, he pounded and pounded as she whimpered and struggled helplessly against it . “ A stranger’s dick is pumping like a steam engine and I’m going to cum,” she thought; I truly am a cockwhore.

“I feel left out,” Said Tom. He straddled Susie’s head and unzipped his fly. “Get it hard for me, you little cunt.” His cock popped out of his shorts and Susie seized it in her mouth gratefully, sucking, licking, swirling her tongue around his huge cock. He laughed as his cock grew in her mouth. “You’ve been wanting this ever since the bathtub, haven’t you, slut?”

“Mppppggghhhh,” Susie moaned. She could feel her little legs bouncing helplessly as Jim pounded her pussy, and she could feel her father’s cock touch her throat as she greedily sucked. She was stuffed full of cock and loving it.

“Say it, cockwhore. Say, ‘I love cock’.” Susie refused to let go of his cock with her eager little rosebud mouth, and he pulled it away, slapping her with it. “Say it!!”

“I love cock, Daddy!! I can’t get enough cock, just give it back to me, please!! I need it!!” she sobbed helplessly at the sound of her own words, knowing every word of it was true.

“Good girl,” he laughed, and let his cock slide back into her mouth. She sucked it like a Popsicle, licking, tasting, teasing from base to head, taking it all in again….suddenly her body was bucked by another orgasm and she shrieked, her hips bobbing of their own volition. She writhed and moaned, Jim’s bostancı escort bayan cock in her cunt, her father’s cock in her mouth.

“Time for something new,” her father said. He stood up—Susie whimpered and grabbed for the cock she needed so desperately. He laughed. “Not yet, little whore.”

Jim lay fully on top of her and rolled, so that she was lying on top of him. He took her face in his hands. “I never did know a little girl who liked cock so much.” She whimpered, knowing he meant she was a bad, bad girl. Jim held her hips and began pumping furiously again, for a minute. She was bounced up and down on his cock mercilessly, feeling it tear into her, going deeper with each thrust.

Then she felt her father behind her. “Got room for me?”

He spread her little ass cheeks and spit on her hole. His cock, drenched from the drool in her mouth, was already soaking wet as it began pressing into her tiny opening.

“No, Daddy!! Not two of you at once!! It’s too much cock!! I’ll break open, I’ll split right in two with that much cock in me!!”

Tom yanked her hair back. “However much cock I give you, you’ll take, understand?” he slapped her ass roughly as Jim bounced her up and down like a rubber doll. “Hold her still, Jim.”

Jim held still and spread her ass cheeks further. Susie fought desperately; she was such a bad girl already, this would make her the worst of all the bad girls. But her father was much too strong and soon her little opening popped open, and he slid his cock up to the shaft in it. “There, that’s better.”

Tom and Jim began rocking in unison as she sobbed. Daddy picked up his belt and wrapped it around her mouth. “Bite on this if it hurts, you’re gonna need it.”

She bit on the belt as they pumped their cocks into her little raped body, cruelly using her cunt and her asshole for their pleasure. Each grunt and thrust made her body belong to them more, and she whimpered and shrieked as she came time after time. Her father’s balls were slapping against the bottom of her ass, and one of his hands was wrapped tightly around her neck. How could she ever go back to school, knowing that she was such a bad dirty girl who would come as she was being raped? She bet none of the other girls came when their daddies raped them, and certainly not if a stranger was raping them too….

Jim started pounding her faster, harder. She moaned and Tom tightened the belt. “Now!” he yelled, and rolled over on his back. Jim jumped up and stuffed his cock into her mouth, as her father fucked her asshole like a machine about to burst. She gagged on Jim’s cock.

Suddenly Jim pulled his cock out of her mouth in time for a bucketload of cum to spurt out….it landed on her face, in her mouth, dripped off her cheeks….some landed on her tits and he rubbed it in with his cock as his orgasm faded. At the exact same moment, Tom began his now familiar grunts and began pumping harder until he exploded inside her asshole; she could feel his cum dripping down the sides of her ass cheeks….

After a moment they stood up and rearranged their pants. She heard the Poloroid going off again but didn’t open her eyes. She was too ashamed. A stranger now knew now much she loved cock and had to have it.

“The little baby’s tired, she wants to go to sleep, “ she heard Jim laugh. Her father picked her up and took her to the bathtub again, washing away all of the cum and the juices. “This will help my baby sleep,” he said, and fed her a little white pill. It hit quickly and she was so suddenly exhausted from all that fucking she hoped he would put her right to bed, but he didn’t.

Instead he carried her out to the couch, which Jim had pulled out into a queen-sized bed. Her father laid her out, spread eagled, on the bed on her back, and kissed her gently good night. She was starting to see double if she kept her eyes open and she could bare move her arms or her legs. Her daddy made sure to spread her legs open wide, and she couldn’t even close them.

She could hear them watching the tape and let herself fall asleep to the sounds of her own moaning. Every now and then one of them would get up and fuck her little cunt, or straddle her head so she could suck cock, and she pretended to be asleep so that they wouldn’t know when she was coming. They could feel her little pussy pulse when she did, and laughed. They knew how much she needed and loved cock, knew what a little slutwhore she was. Her father would roll her over to have her asshole occasionally, but no matter how much money Jim offered her daddy refused to let him have it.

“Her ass belongs to me. No one else gets it. I’m her daddy, after all.”

Finally, after being fucked and coming more times than she could possibly count, she drifted off to sleep. There were two more days of the weekend; she wondered what else her daddy had in store for her. Despite herself, her cunt began to throb at the prospect.

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