Suzi needs to be unfaithful Part 3


Suzi needs to be unfaithful Part 3Suzi needs to be unfaithful Part 3I bounced up and down on the life like cock, orgasming with regular monotony. My pussy was insatiably hungry for more cock. The previous two hours being replayed in my erotic memory of my two guests fucking my pussy and ass, exploding their spunk everywhere then handcuffing me to the stairs. I was coming down from my latest orgasm when I heard the wheels of James’s car tyres moving across the gravelled driveway. His car stopped and the engine was switched off. I heard his car door open and close as his leather soled shoes sc****d across the gravel. As he approached the opened front door, my already heightened state of arousal went into overdrive. The door was pushed slowly open as James stared open mouthed at his unfaithful wife wearing black lingerie and cum stained stockings handcuffed to the staircase with a huge life like cock inserted in her shaved pussy.I looked up at James with half closed lust filled eyes, still riding the replica cock and smiled.“I’ve been fucking two cocks all afternoon!” I giggled.James stared bahis firmaları in suspended belief, shaking his head with the broadest grin I’d ever seen emblazoned across his flushed face.“What a nasty slut I’ve been!” still giggling “They fucked me so good in my pussy and ass and will do so again next week!” I smiled revealing the repeat performance to my husband.“Who’s idea was it to handcuff you to the stairs covered in fresh spunk?” James enquired.“It was their idea. I just went along with it as it sounded really naughty!” I giggled “The key is hanging on the back of the front door if you’d like to free me?” “Not a fucking chance!” James smiled, kicking the front door closed.Undoing his belt, he began to remove his trousers, shirt, shoes, socks and boxer shorts. Standing naked in the hallway, sporting a huge erection, he moved over to me, his cock waving around as he walked slowly.“First I’m going to fuck your pussy with the fake cock in your ass, then I’m going to fuck your ass with the fake cock in your pussy while you tell me all about your afternoon of taking cock in all kaçak iddaa of your unfaithful slut holes!” he snarled rather menacingly adding to the moment.He eased me off the cock, repositioned my ass over the cock and slid me down on the fake cock. The cock was still buzzing, sending gorgeous shockwaves through my anal passage. James knelt in front of me, holding my spunk stained stockinged legs wide, as he began to feed his rock hard cock into my cheating slut pussy. As his cock reached as deep as it was possible, I orgasmed instantly, moaning and tormenting my husband.“Their cocks went much deeper than this!” I panted, ensuring my words would sting yet arouse my husband.James groaned with pleasure as I began to verbally belittle his sexual prowess.“Their cocks were so much bigger and thicker! They stretched my pussy and ass all afternoon, coming inside me and on my black stockings!” I giggled knowing my words were tormenting yet arousing James.“It felt so good to be their slut and let them use me!” I continued “They’re going to fuck me again next week. I can hardly wait to feel them kaçak bahis inside me again and get fucked by two hard cocks!” I smiled.James looked down at my tormenting face, his cheeks flushed with arousal as his cock slid in and out of my well greatest pussy.“Can you see any of their spunk on your cock?” I teased “They certainly left enough of it inside me!” I exclaimed.James gritted his teeth and began to slam his cock as hard as he could deep inside me.My panting increased as I felt my orgasm approach, and judging by the twitching of James cock, his own orgasm was approaching at light speed.“I can smell their spunk as you fuck my cheating slut pussy! They loved fucking me and squeeing my tits!” I panted as my orgasm burst through me.“You fucking cheating whore!” James growled as he emptied his load inside my well fucked pussy.James continued sliding his cock in and out of my spunk drenched cunt, until his cock eventually slipped out in a semi erect state.“Let me lick the guys spunk off your cock!” I smiled, inviting James to feed his spunk coated cock into my hungry mouth.“This smells and tastes delicious!” I giggled as his cock slid past my lips, my tongue wriggling around his sensitive bell end.Shall we have a rest and then you can fuck my ass and I’ll tell you all about today!” I giggled.

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