Sweet Breastfeeding Sister Pt. 02


Edited by: Pope1994. Thanks!


Mia was all alone in her apartment. It was the first time in months that she was completely alone and she was enjoying this precious moment. Her son Logan was at his grandparents, one of her roommates was away at her yoga class and the other was gone for most of the night. She was sprawled on the couch, completely naked. And she was lazily caressing herself. She was playing with her pussy, but very lightly; she didn’t want to climax before her roommate came back. Looking at the clock, she thought “Soon…” with a smile.

She was also playing with her breasts, marvelling at their size. Ever since her late teens, Mia (and her boyfriends) had enjoyed her very nice 34C breasts. During the time she was breastfeeding her son, her breasts had grown to 36E. While 34C was a decent enough size, Mia had always envied her older sister’s larger breasts. As such she had been sad to see her breasts return to their previous size once Logan had stopped breastfeeding. Nonetheless, she had been pleased to see that they had kept most of their firmness and hadn’t looked like deflated balloons. It had happened to one of her friends and Mia had been afraid it would happen to her.

She grinned as she cupped her breasts. They weren’t 34C now. Oh no. More like 36D. Why? Because even though there wasn’t anyone else around in the apartment, Mia wasn’t exactly alone either. From her bulging breasts her hands slid down over her distended belly, grinning as she caressed her smooth skin. At seven months pregnant, her daughter was developing nicely inside her.

But as much as she loved her growing daughter, her mind was preoccupied with something else at the moment. Sliding lower, her right hand found her pussy again and Mia giggled as she found it completely drenched. Her middle and index fingers slipped very easily inside and she moaned as her palm pressed against her clit. Mia arched her back, pushing her large breasts and round belly upwards in the process.

A few tresses of her long hair shifted as she moved, sliding down from her belly to follow the curved of the underside of her breasts. She pulled her hands away from her pussy, not wanting to climax too soon. Leaving a long trail of glistening juices, she moved her her hands back up and cupped her breasts. No milk yet, but they were bigger and felt much heavier. Mia wondered if, when filled with milk, they would grow bigger than the first time. Apparently that could happen.

As it was, when she squeezed them hard, she felt the thick flesh, taut skin and the already growing aureolas. One of the things that had nagged her during breastfeeding was the size of her aureolas. They had been much bigger than before. What would her breasts look like at 34C with large aureolas like this? She had wondered. And feared. But nature had worked its magic and her aureolas had shrunk at the same time as her breasts, now empty of milk, had returned back to their original size.

Smiling, she tried to express some colostrum, but failed. It was too early in any case. Still, the firm pinching motion sent shivers up and down her spine. Before she could stop herself, Mia reached for her pussy again and squeezed it hard. She moaned out loud, arching her back. She felt her ass slipping closer to the edge of the sofa, her thighs opening wider. Second later she was fucking herself with two fingers very hard and quick, but managed to stop herself. She didn’t want to climax too quickly.

The many months since that first threesome with her brother and sister had been eventful. Deliciously eventful. They explored their new relationships with wide eyed wonder, stealing moments whenever they could. When Stephanie began talking about getting an apartment, their parents weren’t all that surprised. But when she told them that Mia and Nik would move with her, they were shocked. The three of them got along together just fine, but still… Living together?

Looking around herself, Mia saw the second couch, the kitchen table, the kitchen counter, the back door with its large window and so many other places where she had fucked her sister or brother in that last year. Thinking about one particularly intense moment with Nik on the counter, she involuntarily squeezed her pussy again. She moaned out loud and laughed as she did. She really, really wanted to wait for her roommate!

Twenty minutes later Mia was panting with lust when she heard footsteps in the building’s hallway. The couch she was sitting on was angled so that it nearly faced the door. Hoping it was Stephanie coming back home early, she gently rubbed her pussy, making sure that it was glistening. When she heard her sister’s key turning in the lock, Mia’s heart jumped in anticipation. She pushed her other hand back towards her pussy and pressed her breasts together with her arms at the same time. Partly covered with her long hair, her pussy splayed opened and her breasts pushed outwards like this, she couldn’t have made a sexier pose.

Stephanie froze when she saw her sister, her eyes glued to Mia’s ataşehir escort bayan naked body. Mia could see that Stephanie had been angry, but was glad to see that anger fading. Why her sister had been angry wasn’t a big mystery: Stephanie was still wearing her yoga top and Mia could see two huge dark spots right around her nipples. Because the wetness had likely felt cold on the way here, Stephanie’s two nipples were hard, poking large tents under the tight lycra.

But it wasn’t sweat that had made two dark blue spots on her otherwise pale blue top. It was milk. Stephanie’s daughter, now 11 months old, was with Logan at their grandparents. For the entire night. Mia knew that Stephanie had pumped a lot of milk for him today, stored in their parents’ fridge. She had also pumped her breasts dry just before going to her yoga class for the first time since Olivia was born.

And, clearly, it hadn’t been enough. Mia could imagine Stephanie’s anger in the class. Her wet spots had forced her to leave early, which explained her angry expression she’d had on her face. But now, with the door closed behind her, Mia could see that lust was pushing that anger aside. Stephanie dropped her bag and walked towards her sister. Standing right between her sister’s opened thighs, Stephanie whispered “I need to take a shower…”. Her skin was already starting to flush with lust.

“Forget about the shower,” replied Mia. “I need you now even if I have to lick your entire salty skin.”

Stephanie’s took a deep breath and said “If I take my top off now, milk is going to spray everywhere…”

“Then make sure it sprays all over me my love…” Mia replied, shivering with anticipation.

Stephanie grinned wolfishly, then smiled as she pulled her straps away from her shoulders. Mia’s breastmilk fetish wasn’t a secret, nor was her sister’s and even their brother. The three siblings had wondered if their parents also shared that fetish, but they had yet to cross that particular incest line. Mia opened her mouth in anticipation as she saw her sister’s mammoth breasts being unveiled. For a moment she saw their generous curves and gasped at the sight. Milk filled as they were right now, she knew they could easily fill a 38F cup bra. But at the moment she couldn’t stare at them as she had done many times in the past. Instead, as soon as they were freed from the lycra, Stephanie’s breasts began spurting milk.

To long jets of the warm white liquid arced in the air for a second before falling all over her. A second later Stephanie’s too small hands tried to gather her breasts and guide the milk. Mia shuddered with pleasure as she felt the drops falling on her face, in her mouth, on her breasts and on her huge belly. “Shit!” she heard her sister cry out, laughing. “So damn much!”

Mia, licking her lips to taste the first few drops, shivered in pleasure. She inhaled deeply, enjoying the peculiar smell immensely. Reaching for a big drop just above her lips, she drank it hungrily. Stephanie expressed a lot more milk than she herself had last year, which was saying a lot given that Logan had had more than enough. And not only Logan, of course… Stephanie had drank her fair share as well, as had their brother Nik.

Looking up, Mia felt like Stephanie could fill a fucking bathtub with her breasts! She laughed at the thought as she kept licking. Stephanie managed to control her aim, aiming right above her sister’s distended breasts. Soon the white rain was generously covering Mia’s breasts. Mia looked down at her breasts and squeezed them together with her arms, pooling the milk between them. The collected milk flew down between her breasts in a large trickle. Mia scooped as much as she could with her hand and brought it to her lips. It was her first real taste tonight, a decent swallow of her sister’s milk.

The relentless fountains of Stephanie’s nipples soon created a stream of milk that flowed down between Mia’s breasts before spreading out once again all over the pregnant girl’s belly. Mia, her mouth open in awe at the prodigious amount, used her hands to scoop up the milk from her belly. She then pushed it back up to her chest, letting it fall back down again. She giggled at the sight and felt her pleasure growing rapidly.

She then began spreading all that milk over her skin, enjoying the feeling, the warmth, the smell and the sexual intimacy between her and her sister. That sexual link had never weakened or wavered ever since their first threesome with Nik. Quite the contrary. Mia was now profoundly in love with both her sister and brother, and was pretty sure the feeling was mutual.

When she looked up at her sister, her mouth still opened, she saw Stephanie grinning wickedly. A second later Mia closed her eyes and laughed as Stephanie aimed her twins streams directly onto her face. “Gods!” Mia cried. “You could ease world hunger with those things!” She laughed with Stephanie, but soon she felt her sister’s breasts directly against her face. Mia felt Stephanie’s breasts all soft and relaxed, and for escort kadıköy a few moments the flow of milk abated. Instead of squeezing her breasts, Stephanie was now gently rubbing her nipples all over her sister’s face, spreading the milk that was already there. Mia tried to grab one of them into her mouth, but Stephanie playfully pulled them back.

Stephanie eventually knelt between her legs and Mia watched, fascinated, as her sister’s fingers squeezed her large pale brown nipples again, forcing even more milk out. The strands of her hair that were over her chest and breasts were already wet, clinging to her curves. When she felt a large drop of milk sliding down her belly directly towards her pussy, Mia shivered. Even though she couldn’t actually feel it, the thought that her sister’s milk was mixing with her own juices made her moan in pleasure.

Mia slipped one hand down to her pussy. Head thrown back against the sofa, eyes closed and mouth wide open, she groaned and trembled as a first shock of pleasure took her. She could feel that her entire upper body was covered with breastmilk, only adding to her pleasure. As she pushed her milk-covered fingers inside her, she imagined her sister’s milk being pushed deeper and deeper into her and gasped as her entire body trembled.

Her mouth opened in that gasp, Mia was taken by surprise when Stephanie pushed one of her breasts directly into her mouth. Reflexively she closed her mouth and sucked hard, trembling again when she felt the big squirt of milk hitting the back of her throat. And then another, and another… While she had drunk a few times from her own breasts last year, she couldn’t believe just how much milk Stephanie’s breasts contained. She knew it wasn’t simply a question of how big her breasts were, but it sure felt like it now! Stephanie’s breasts felt like huge jugs overfilled with milk!

After a while Stephanie moved her breast away and replaced it with the other one. Not having been drained as much, this one responded even more to Mia’s sucking and soon Mia’s mouth was filled with milk. Mia had kept all those jets of milk in her mouth, resisting the urge to drink it. When she felt that she had enough, she released Stephanie’s nipple and drank all the milk in a huge swallow. Instantly she shivered and felt her climax triggering.

Despite the intense pleasure she was getting from her sister’s caress, she was barely aware that Stephanie had moved lower and was now pressing her squirting nipple right against Mia’s pussy. While Mia’s own aureolas had simply gotten larger as her first pregnancy progressed, Stephanie’s got larger and much pointier. They looked like large dark pink cones, topped with huge nipples.

Stephanie must now be squeezing one of them hard and Mia felt it enter maybe an inch inside her pussy. She screamed as her orgasm grew and grew even more powerful, then arched her body even more before freezing when Stephanie quickly replaced her nipple with her mouth. Mia clamped her thighs around her sister’s face as her orgasm crested, feeling Stephanie’s long tongue pushing inside her as well as her upper lip crushing her clit. The thought that Stephanie was drinking her own milk from her pussy pushed Mia’s climax to an even higher zenith.

Mia spasmed and groaned, trashing on the sofa as her orgasm ravaged her. Eventually, after one last spasm, she released Stephanie’s head, laughing and crying at the same. After having recovered her breath, she shifted sideways on the sofa to be more comfortable. Soon she saw Stephanie rising from her pussy, slowly kissing her way up her belly, then her breasts, then her mouth as they shared a kiss. “I want your pussy!” Mia whispered.

Grinning, Stephanie jumped up, turned around and straddled her sister’s face in a 69. The huge belly made it awkward, but given that Stephanie was taller, she could still manage to reach her sister’s pussy. Then again Mia, having come down from a climax she had begun stoking about an hour ago, wasn’t interested in another one so soon. She focused her attention to Stephanie’s beautiful pussy and gave it all she had.

She was soon covered with her sister’s juices and loving every minute of her 69. Stephanie had not taken a shower after her yoga class and Mia loved how her sister’s pussy smelled and tasted. After greedily drinking her in, Mia began to make the small movements her sister loved so much. A minute later Stephanie was bucking above her face and Mia felt her pushing herself up, her hands on the sofa. This gave Mia a better angle and she finished her sister off with a powerful orgasm.

Stephanie shook and trembled over her sister’s face until she pulled away in a powerful spasm. She crashed next to her sister on the sofa, panting hard and laughing with Mia. After a minute, holding her sister’s hand, Mia saw that one of Stephanie’s breasts was leaking slowly. “Oh Gods! Not again!” Stephanie frowned when she heard the comment, then was puzzled when Mia shifted slowly on the couch and began drinking again from her right breast. The sisters bostancı escort slept together in Mia’s king sized bed, enjoying their night together.


When Stephanie woke up first the following morning, she stretched like a cat before sitting up. When she did, she saw that Nik was in bed with them. Their third roommate had apparently come in very late last night and had decided not to wake them up. The three siblings slept together like this, in Mia’s king sized bed, more and more often.

Looking at the sheet covering him, Stephanie grinned and saw that Nik had an erection. Biting her lower lip, she looked at it and wondered if he’d be very angry if she woke him up with a blowjob. She giggled silently at the thought. He probably wouldn’t be angry. What man would? Then again, if she hadn’t even woken up when he joined them in bed last night, it meant that he probably arrived very late. “Oh, the day is young in any case… I’ll probably get that erection later today.” She thought as she got up from the bed delicately.

As naked as her two siblings, Stephanie walked out of the room and was glad to see that her breasts were not leaking. Maybe Mia had managed to suck them dry last evening after all! Stephanie intended to enjoy that morning alone. In the bathroom, she looked at herself in the mirror and grinned: yoga and a healthy diet had worked wonders on her figure and she had lost all of the weight she had gained during her pregnancy. Her belly was flat and taut, with barely a few stretch marks if one looked very carefully. Her thighs and lower legs were lean with none of that swelling that had plagued her for months before and after giving birth.

And of course her breasts! Even before her pregnancy Stephanie had had incredibly breasts. But now, being still very young and filled with milk, they were just unbelievable. She had already been used to stares from men before, but now it was a constant thing. But she didn’t mind. She enjoyed the attention, both from strangers and from her brother and sister. Part of her never wanted them to go back to their original size. Only 36D. Looking at herself in the mirror, Stephanie laughed sheepishly, knowing that millions of women paid thousands of dollars and risked surgery to get breasts exactly like hers.

Instead of taking her shower right away, she decided to wait for her siblings. Instead, she spent about an hour all alone in the living room, dancing, doing yoga, some push ups and sit-ups and generally enjoying her nudity. Sometimes she wished the three of them could go to a nudist colony together. Then again, the no-sex rules there would make the experience less interesting, especially since people would know they were brother and sisters. Guess they would have to make do with their apartment.

Finally, she heard noises coming from the bedroom. Mia came out first, naked of course. She was disheveled and looked as sexy as possible with her large breasts and jutting belly. “Is Nik awake?” Stephanie asked her sister.

“Yeah. He’ll get up soon. Why?”

“Well, I was thinking that I’d take a shower and waited for you two.” she said with a naughty smile.

“Really? Again?” Mia asked, grinning.

“Of course! Go get him, I need his cock!”

Mia laughed and went to her room. A minute later, when Stephanie saw her brother and sister enter the bathroom, she turned around and sighed theatrically. “Can’t a girl with milk-filled breasts be alone in this house?”

“No!” Nik and Mia replied at the same time.

Stephanie entered the shower and turned around. As she closed the two rounded sliding doors together, she pushed her breasts forward. For the next minute or so she played with them, acting the dumb blonde unable to close the doors without hitting her breasts. Nik and Mia laughed, yet Stephanie could see Nik’s cock rising slowly. Stephanie squeezed one of her breasts until a stream of milk spurted out.

Nik joined her and pushed her inside. Once in, Nik turned the shower on, spraying the still cold water over them both. Stephanie cried in shock and did her best to direct the water all over him. But cold or not, Stephanie could see that his cock was now turgid. Following Nik’s gaze, she saw that her own nipples seemed just as hard.

With the water now warming up, Stephanie pushed her brother against the wall. Pushing his cock downward, she placed it between her thighs as she pressed her body against his. As her breasts moulded themselves against his pecks and her smooth belly against his, she felt his cock nestling between her thighs and pussy and poking out from behind her. Nik grabbed her buttocks and pulled her body against him, making his cock poke even further out. At the same time, of course, she felt her breasts leaking milk all over him.

Looking back, Stephanie saw her sister walking in after making sure the water was hot enough. Stephanie felt Mia’s belly against her back and soon found herself in a sandwich between her siblings. Looking at Nik, she smiled and kissed him, enjoying his hands on her ass and his cock pressed up against her pussy. “What’s that between your legs Steph?” asked Mia playfully. Stephanie and Nik giggled and Stephanie felt Nik stiffening, probably because Mia had grabbed his cock between her legs. “Oh! interesting…” Mia said playfully.

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