Sweet Teen Ballbuster Ch. 04


I stared at Kim’s flimsy nightwear for what seemed like an eternity, almost transfixed at the sight of it. After a while, I found myself slowly collapsing to my knees, drawn to her underwear like a moth to a flame. I buried my face in her nightdress, drowning in its warm glow and heavenly scent.

I dragged myself onto the spare bed she had slept in and held her panties to my nose. The scent from her gusset was overpowering, and soon my fingers were reaching inside my boxer shorts, as my cock stiffened for her, yet again.

“Oh, Kimmie!” I sighed, as I gave into the inevitable…

My cock was as hard as steel again in no time, as I rubbed her silk nightie all over my chest and belly, while my other hand worked overtime on my pulsing rod. My senses were blasted into outer space as the sight, sound, smell, touch and taste of her filled my every thought!

Given that I’d already came hard for her the night before, I was surprised I had anything left in my tank for her. She was like an aphrodisiac, keeping me somewhere between semi-hard and rock-hard these last few weeks. I thought about her deeply, while I jerked off…

I thought about her in my living-room, in the snooker hall, how she played footsy with me at dinner and how she’d dry-humped me on the sofa before bed last night. All these images of her in her teasing poses flashed through my mind at a trillion miles-per-hour. Her short skirts, her purposely exposed panties, her wiggling, writhing and teasing me for torturous hours and days. God, it was amazing!

Just as pulled her nightie up over my face to drown in her fragrance, my balls could take the strain no more and swelled to bursting point. I jerked furiously as I imagined fucking her for real. As she humped up and down on top of me, her pigtails and titties bouncing to the rhythm, I hit the point of no return once again…

This time coming for her was painful, as my cock spat my man cream violently all over her nightdress. Endless streams of my essence splattered all over her clothing as I jerked myself for all I was worth.

“Yes, yes, yes… Kimmie …. you… fucking ….little …. goddess!” I exclaimed, as I drained my balls of every last drop for her.

I sank further into the bed, like a spent man in a brothel.

‘That was good!’ I said to myself a while later, as I slowly became coherent once more.

Getting up from the bed, I grabbed her clothing and walked down the hallway. I stopped at the washroom, but thought better of it and took her cum soaked nightie and see-thru panties back to my own bedroom. I placed them under my pillow for safekeeping.

And there they stayed for most of the time, as each passing day was filled with the same routine. Jerking for Kimmie in the morning. Jerking for Kimmie in the afternoon. And jerking for Kimmie at night…

I reckoned I had a good few days left to marvel at her underwear, as she wouldn’t be showing up again ’til next week. I planned to put it in the washing machine the night before, that way I could still smell and enjoy her fragrance every day. And enjoy it I did…

Her underwear was in and out of its hiding place like a yo-yo on a daily basis. I held them, sniffed them and even tried them on! The nightdress was a tight fit, but felt great along with her panties gripping my balls. I paraded around the bedroom, pretending to be her. Then I’d finish off by laying on the bed and jerking like crazy for her, creaming her nightdress again and again and again.

Surprisingly, the more the jizz I shot for her, the more my balls seemed to be producing. It felt like I couldn’t keep up with clearing the backlog!

All thoughts of being a bad Uncle to her for even thinking about her in this way were all but disappearing. This was the new Uncle Will and I was ready to give her what she really wanted the next time she showed up.

I was surprised that I had managed to play golf, pay the bills and even get the groceries in at all that week, so distracted had I been. She was on my mind 24/7 and this time I wasn’t ashamed. Hell, my stammer had even begun to disappear, as I began to think of myself in a brand new way.

Midweek, the phone rang at an unusual time. 9.27pm, to be precise. It was my sister Betty, who just happened to be Kim’s Mother. It dawned on me that I hadn’t even checked to see if Kim had her Mother’s permission to stay overnight. I paled visibly, as the colour drained from my face at the thought of the ear-bashing I was about to get…

“Will, it’s about Kim”… she started. Fearing the worst, I could only nod at the phone, without actually speaking.

“She’s at that age, you know… well…fucking… difficult! I hope you don’t mind her coming round to visit you, as it seems to be doing her some good. She’s smiling a lot more and ataşehir escort bayan arguing even less. Is that okay Will? Are you there?”

“Sure… sure it’s okay Betty,” I replied, as my tensed-up body breathed a sigh of relief.

Betty went on to explain how this had been a testing time at home, since Kim’s Father had absconded with his secretary 9 months ago, leaving her and Kim almost penniless. Betty had moved back to town and taken a part-time job to make up the shortfall. I was actually doing her favour by letting Kim stay overnight, as most weeks she had to do nightshift for 3 days running.

What she added next came as even more of a surprise to me. Kim’s mother explained that her daughter had been interested in boys for quite some time. In short, she needed a safe outlet. A Father-figure who could also satisfy some of her curiosity and be a steady, guiding hand. In Betty’s opinion, I was just the man for the job, simply by keeping Kim company. If she couldn’t trust her own brother, then who could she trust? Could Kim stay overnight for two or even three sleepovers a week?

I was flabbergasted!

“Errr… yes, no problem Betty, you can count on me!” I replied swiftly.

“Good, that’s all settled then! I’ll phone you next week again to see how things are,” said Betty, before hanging up.

The ‘that’s all settled then’ part stayed in my head and it struck me that Kim had used those very words when she’d announced her overnight stay. Like Mother like daughter, I suppose…

As usual, my dominant sister had done most of the talking and me most of the listening. It had always been this way. Ever since she’d caught me rifling through her panty drawer all those years ago…

…I was but eighteen years old back then and Betty a year older at nineteen. The heat that summer had been unbelievable and my sister had been home from college for three weeks. She’d changed quite a bit since I’d last seen her.

‘All grown up’ was what you might say. She cussed and swore a lot more. She seemed to have developed a real mean streak about her too, since she’d been living away from home.

Her looks could have gotten her away with anything though. Her strawberry blond hair was long, her skirts were short. Her breasts were prominent, you just couldn’t miss them in the skimpy summer dresses she wore that year, mainly without a bra.

All of these things I was noticing. Betty was also noticing that I was noticing. She started laying it on a bit, once she realised I was looking at her more than usual. She made sure her skirt rode up when sitting across from me, her legs drifting casually open. She’d hold my gaze for an eternity, until my eyes dropped down to her panties on full display. Then she’d smirk to herself and run off with a giggle…

Three weeks on and I could take no more. I had to smell her pussy. I rifled through the laundry basket one day when she was out with her friends. No luck, only socks and t-shirts were in there.

I quickly padded up the stairs to her room and went inside. The top drawer was slightly open and her panties were visible in the gap. This was the drawer for me, I thought. In no time I had it open and searched through her amazing collection. White ones, pink ones, black ones, red ones. Some made of cotton, some silk and some seemed to be made of nothing!

Not finding any used pairs to sniff, I settled for just touching and feeling them and rubbing them all over my face. They all looked and felt wonderfully exotic, as I closed my eyes and thought of how good they would look when Betty actually wore them….

Just then the bedroom door flew open and Betty stormed in.

“That’s the last time I go shopping with that stupid bitch Maggie Jones!” she shouted, as she threw a carrier bag on the bed.

Her jaw hung open in disbelief when she noticed me.

“Will, what the fuck are you doing with my panties?” she bawled.

I froze, as I held two pairs in mid-air. They hadn’t made it back to the drawer on time.

“What the fuck Will, are you some kind of pervert, huh?”

“N-n-n-no!“ I stammered, as I lowered my head in shame and just stood there red-faced.

Her anger seemed to subside, as another smirk formed on her pretty face.

“Hmmm, let’s see where we’re going with this Will,” she announced, as she led me to the edge of the bed.

She pushed me down roughly and I landed on my back, on top of the mattress. Quickly she climbed onto the bed and straddled herself on top of me, her knees either side of me. Her skirt was right above my face, the hem of it tickling my chin. She stared down at me triumphantly.

“So this is what you get up to when I’m not around, eh Will? Are you some kind of sissy-boy? Bet you love my panties, huh?”

The shame escort kadıköy was humiliating, as she milked this one for all it was worth…

She lifted her skirt slowly to show me the panties she was wearing that day. Sky blue silk ones with white lacy trims, almost see-through. I’ll never forget them.

“Have a good look Will!” she taunted, then slapped my face hard when I did.

“You dirty little bastard! Bet you’d love a good sniff as well, wouldn’t you, sissy-boy!”

She smirked again and threw her skirt over my head, as her knees widened and she lowered her panty covered crotch down to my nose. I could do nothing but breath her in and she smelled wonderful.

Betty must have been getting off on her little power trip, as I noticed her panties were dampening at the front and her scent was getting stronger and stronger.

Automatically, my tongue darted out and I licked up and down her panties. She moaned a little, but didn’t stop me. She even pushed herself down a little further.

The next thing she did totally shocked me. Her fingers were reaching inside her panties and she pulled them totally to one side, exposing her sopping wet bare pussy to me.

I knew what was expected of me. I sucked and licked and tasted my older sister’s naked pussy like a tramp with a plate of broth! She ground her hips round and round and practically fucked my face there and then!

Her movements grew faster and faster, until her ass was moving at the speed of a fiddler’s elbow…

All of a sudden she stopped and just froze in suspended animation. Then it came…

Or rather, she came. Spurt after spurt after spurt of girl cum lashed my face as she ejaculated her load all over me. God, it felt great! It took me years to figure out that not all women came in this way, it was an exception rather than the norm…

She rubbed her soaking wet pussy all over my face as she finished off and then rose up silently. She adjusted her panties and skirt again and walked out of the room, without saying a word.

Nothing was said about the incident over the next few days, though Betty started leaving her used panties all over the house for me to discover. For my part, I just did what came natural and took them to my room. I’d sniff them for hours on end, almost jerking myself into a stupor!

And so that endless heavenly summer wore on, until it was almost time for Betty to go back to college. Just about a week before then, she came to my room.

“Will, it’s time for your sissy training to start for real!” she announced.

With that, she was unbuttoning my jeans and hoisting them down, along with my boxer shorts. She pulled a pair of panties out of her pocket. The blue silk see-through ones she’d worn that first day.

“Put them on Will!” she commanded.

I hesitated, as part of me wanted to wear them, the other part curious as to what she was really up to.

“Get ‘em on Will, or I’ll tell Mom what you’ve been up to all summer.
You’ve been stealing my panties, haven’t you? At least that’s what I’ll tell her. Who d’ya think she’ll believe, huh? What the hell would she think of you then?”

I surrendered immediately and started pulling the panties up my legs. I adjusted them over my cock and balls and made sure they fitted snugly around my ass. I have to admit, they felt amazing. So soft and thin and nice against my bare skin. My cock started to stiffen quickly and Betty held her hand to her mouth to suppress a giggle.

She wasn’t finished with me yet though. Next she pulled out a white petticoat from her pockets and made me wear that too. Black hold-up stockings soon followed and boy did I feel feminised!

“You look great sissy-boy!” said Betty and pushed my onto the bed once more.

“I bet you love feeling like a girl!” she announced, as she ran her tongue down my bare belly and over my petticoat. She lifted it up and stared with her eyes wide-open at my raging cock, confined in the restraints of her panties.

It must have looked inviting to her, all of my rock-hard rigid man-meat about ready to burst through the super thin blue see-thro material with white frilly lace edging. My cock was leaking pre-cum, I could feel it slowly trickling down the hardened shaft. My foreskin had pulled itself back, buckling under the strain of the biggest swollen purple bell-end I’d ever had the pleasure of announcing.

“Looks like you’re my fucking panty slave now Will!” exclaimed Betty.

She freed my cock from the confines of her knickers with her fingers and started to jerk me off slowly. I even moaned like a girl as she lowered her mouth over my cock and sucked me harder than hell, tickling my balls with her free hand all the while…

My hips reacted mechanically, as I fucked her mouth while she sucked bostancı escort and sucked on me, like a lollipop. It was quite a sight, my sister’s cherry-red gloss painted lips sliding up and down my boner. Soon my back arched involuntarily, as my balls swelled up, ready for launch time.

Betty withdrew her mouth and jerked me furiously.

“That’s it, let it go Will, cum like a girl!” she demanded.

“Oh…oh…oh… f-f-f-fuck!” I groaned.

Cum I did, as I rocket-blasted my jism high into the air, a good load of it landing on Betty’s face and more of it running down her hands and wrists, as she kept milking me for everything I had.

As I lay there afterwards like a spent dime, she got some tissues and cleaned herself up.

“You can keep the outfit Will!” she said, smirking like a cat that got the cream as she left the room.

And so the last week of Betty’s summer vacation drew to an end, as the days flew by too fast…

I remember waving goodbye to her from the porch, as a taxi took her to the station and she was gone. I climbed the stairs, way too depressed to do anything but go to my room.

Imagine my surprise when I pulled back my bed covers to discover a tidy pile of panties, petticoats, stockings plus a note from my sister…

“Enjoy the rest of your holidays Sissy-Boy!” it read, “Try not to let Mom catch you in this stuff. Our little secret 😉 Betty xxx”

As my college went back one week after hers, I spent all of it dressing up in her pretty underwear and jerking off like a madman. I loved the soft pretty colours and the feeling of all the silk and nylon clinging to my skin, the way her petticoats swayed when I walked around the bedroom, the way the stockings stretched out with each movement of my legs. I’d slap myself now and then the way Betty had slapped me to add to the excitement, it always spurred me on to cum even harder.

I got lost in girl-land that whole week, each dressing-up adventure took it to further extremes. I even stole my Mom’s make-up and put on lipstick and liner. That nearly blew my mind, as I gazed in the mirror making girly shapes and poses, feeling all the more that I was getting right to the core of what it meant to be a woman. Suffice to say, I came like a Japanese bullet-train afterwards.

My mind wrestled all that week with the fact that I’d crossed a line. There was a name for men like me. Transvestites. That word became less horrific and more enticing as time went by. As I slowly came to terms with it, I thought ‘what the hell?’ If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em…

I thought about how Betty would have put it.

“Sissified by my fucking sister!”

I also began to notice that the more I dressed up, the less extreme the stammer I‘d spoken with since infancy became. I felt good in every way, like I’d broken the chains of some invisible bondage and was free to think, dream and fantasise, in any way I liked.

That fleeting feeling of euphoria soon came crashing down though, in a very short space of time…

Me and Betty never got together again in that way. By the next summer she was married to a marine and living far a-field, and all too soon I found myself back at school. The weeks and months that passed by rolled into years, as memories of what happened between us started to get hazy…

Until, that is, they were re-awakened by her daughter Kim!

As I lay in bed alone that night, I recalled every fine detail of the past and it struck me that Kim was a lot more like her Mother than I‘d first realised. Her hair was slightly less reddish and more blond, but those piercing blue eyes were exactly the same. Almost a week had passed now since her last visit and I couldn’t wait to spend some time with my favourite niece. I had a final last jerk into her panties and fell asleep…

Next morning I was up and about at 8 o’clock as usual. By nine I was sipping coffee and munching toast, while scanning the newspaper.

Just then, the doorbell rang. ‘Must be the mailman with a parcel to sign for’ I thought, as I wandered down the hall.

I opened the door and much to my surprise, there stood Kim with one of her schoolgirl friends!

“Hi Uncle Will!” they both said at the same time.

“Hi girls,” I managed to reply, remembering all the while that Kim’s underwear hadn’t made the wash yet and was still under my pillow and covered in cum stains!

I wondered what the hell I was going to do, as I ushered them both in through the doorway. I followed behind them down the hall, as my mind worked overtime…

Kim was wearing a pink tartan pleated skirt that barely covered her ass, sky-blue panties on display. Her friend was like a mirror image of her, in a blue tartan mini with pink panties on display. She had brown hair to compliment Kim’s blond strands.

Both girls had their hair up in bunches, which bounced up and down along with their short skirts as they wiggled those cute asses all the way down my hallway.

I wanted to slap myself again, to check if I was dreaming…

( To Be Continued )

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