Swift Discipline


Swift DisciplineI sat on the couch, my stomach twisted in anxiety, holding the yellow copy of my speeding ticket. I don’t often get tickets, but when I do it’s always a clear case of distraction, and today was no exception. I had flown through a speed trap 20 miles over the speed limit. The officer was kind enough to only write me a ticket and sternly remind me that if I would leave the talking on my phone to when my car was in park, perhaps I wouldn’t be facing a $250 fine.So, here I am waiting for my fiancé. He’ll take it patiently like he does everything. But that won’t prevent me from baring my bottom for a severe punishment. I love him and can’t begin to think of how many times he’s seen me naked, but knowing I’m facing a punishment is a whole different thing and I feel shy, and ashamed. I hear the door click. I feel sick. He comes in and sees my ashen face and the telltale ticket and asks, “Whatcha got there?””A speeding ticket.””Hmm. I see. How’d that happen?”My eyes fall to my hands. If I tell him everything it’ll be worse, but if I leave out the fact I was talking on the phone, and he finds out later it won’t be better. And he usually finds these things out. I took a deep breathe, “I missed the sign for 35 mph and the cop pegged me at that corner where they like to hide.””Right – but you usually drop your speed off a mile tunceli escort before that sign because of that cop. What was different about today? Were you on your phone?”I could barely look at him as I whispered “Yes.” I had broken the phone rule. Conversations while driving were only for utilitarian purposes. I was lost, a road was closed and I needed new directions. Any lengthy conversations were prohibited because they were a distraction and a threat to my safety.I met his gaze and he looked so disappointed. “You realize what this means right? That fine will have to come from our vacation budget which may mean we won’t be traveling this summer. That the cause of this was distraction, and you could’ve hurt someone or taken their life including your own. You will require swift and serious consequences for this. Remove your clothing.”I gasped. Complete nakedness was rarely required except in cases of severe punishment. “Please, no!” I pleaded. He looked at me resolutely and replied “It’s been decided. Remove your clothes and bring me your paddle and the yard stick.”I wanted to pee myself. The yard stick was always and only used to paddle inside and between my legs. And the paddle was the most severe tool we owned. Naked I begged to use the toilet as I handed him the implements. “No,” he said soberly. urfa escort “Swift punishment is immediate. And if you fail to control your bladder as you did your desire to gab on the phone while driving today, let me remind you that I will punish you for that as well.”I shuddered as I followed him to the kitchen to be bent over a kitchen chair. I was already crying softly. I bent over the chair as I heard him tell me that I would get twenty hard paddles over my butt and legs, one for every mile over, and 10 on the inside of each leg for breaking the distraction rule. I was not to move from position or scream. I bent over, feeling the skin pull tight. He told me to spread my legs and in that moment I realized that my privates were now being displayed and I cried harder. I felt the smooth, cool wood of the paddle on my rear. A minute later he swung and made contact and I about went to my knees. How would I do nineteen more? I cried. I clutched the chair. Five in he hit my legs I jumped up and clutched my thighs and begged him to stop. But he refused and reminded me that that swat would now be repeated since I jumped up, and it would be like that with every swat if I didn’t behave. Not wanting to make it longer or worse, I resolved to stay put as if it was my job. I managed through to about swat 13 because he escort bayan was putting some space between those seats. But at swat f******n he decided to rain them on my butt until he hit twenty. I couldn’t stand it. It hurt too much and at swat 17, I lost control of my bladder and peed on the floor. I felt my body flush red. I never pee in front of him to begin with, and then to just lose it on the kitchen floor, I could barely breathe from embarrassment.”I told you not to do that. You’re really having issues with rules today. Ok well, get up and sit on the edge of the chair.”My poor butt could barely take the wooden chair, it hurt so bad. But I did what I was told and spread my legs and felt the cool length of the yard stick on my inner thigh. He tapped my thigh a few times so I wouldn’t know when to expect the first strike. Oh but when it came it was enough to have me begging for mercy again and again for the entire 20 strikes. I barely knew it was over until I heard him say, “You’re going to get five strikes on your pussy for failing to control your bladder. Spread your pussy lips open and don’t close them”I thought I might pee myself again! I wasn’t even going to spanked on the outer lips, but on the delicate inside. How will I manage? Slowly, I spread my pussy open and waited with dread for the strike. Five painful strikes later, he put down the paddle and yard stick pulled me into his embrace and reminded me he loves me. He made me clean up my mess and then carried me to our room to spend a few hours showing me all the ways that he really loves me besides just being my disciplinarian.

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