Swim Coach Rewards Pt. 02


Part 02 – Suzie

It was now the end of the school day of Day one, and all the girls gave me sexy, lust-filled smiles as they greeted me by the pool. Once they were in the water, we started with the laps, working hard, Kennedy High was no pushover, and the team was fired up, eager to take the championship.

As I watched them going back and forth, my mind was drinking in the movement of their sexy bodies, knowing that soon, one of them would be moving her body against mine.

When practice ended, they again gave me those eager smiles as they headed off to the showers. I hurried to the coaches’ quarters, changed out of my gear, and threw on a T-shirt and a pair of shorts. I went over to the door to the girl’s locker room and waited.

Becky Larinson came out, she grinned and said, “Not today for me coach.”

She came in, brought her lips towards mine, and gave me a tongue twirling melding of lips, my dick rose up fast. When she broke the kiss, she slipped her hand down and felt my bulge.

“Ummm, can hardly wait until it’s my turn.”

As she left, Monica Moore came out, she smiled and said “Not today for me either Coach.”

She stepped forward, her mouth moving against mine, letting our tongues come out to play. The hot press kept me rock hard.

She reached down to feel me, and purred, “So hard, I’m so eager for my day. Enjoy today Coach.”

She was followed by Deanna Lostrin and Tina Sutter, both of them giving me the tongue-twirling kiss and saying how it was not their day, and how much they were eager for their time.

Down to Lisa Persley and Suzie Morrison, which one would it be?

The door opened, and Lisa Persley appeared. She smiled and purred, “It’s Suzie’s turn today, we all stroked and kissed her sweet pussy to get her warmed up, she’s all hot, ready, and waiting for you.”

After the tongue-filled swirl of her mouth against mine, she reached down, feeling the solid press of my cock.

“Oh yes, take that big hard cock in there, and let Suzie give you her full thank you for being part of our winning team.”

I quickly entered and was greeted by the sight of Suzie, as advertised, hot and ready, with an eager smile. Naked save for a set of black bikini-style panties, she was a feast for my eyes. With the short blonde bob of hair, deep blue eyes, lush lips, her body looked to be about 5’6″ and about 110 pounds. Her 34B breasts stood up, nipples hard and perky, just the right size for her height, my eyes went lower, enjoying the view of her black panties pressed tight against her pussy, a butterfly tattoo was just above the pantie’s front panel where the hairline would start, sleek, strong swimmer’s legs. She would cut through the water doing the backstroke effortlessly. She was a great way to start off the week.

She turned her back to me, the phrase Hump Day was stitched in white across the bottom of her panties, her ass cheeks nicely filling them out.

She came over, pressed against me, and purred, “Good afternoon Coach, Mmmmm, I’m the first one for you. It may not be Wednesday, but I am looking forward to this special kind of Hump Day.”

I smiled at her, and said, “Suzie, since we have nothing in here but tile floor and hard wooden benches in here, how would you like to go over to the coaches’ quarters? There’s a nice big couch and a bed, it’ll be very comfortable to make love on.”

Her eyes were hazy with passion, she purred, “I’d like that very much Coach.”

It was a pleasure to cross the short distance with Suzie, clad in just her panties before we were behind the door of the Coaches Quarters. I made sure the door was locked up tight, when I turned around, Suzie was there before me.

She purred, “Let me get you naked Coach.”

As her nimble fingers worked on my clothes, I said, ”Suzie, please call me by my first name, it’s Mark.”

I felt her hands around my cock, and she cooed, “Oh Mark, such a hard cock, all for me!”

“My turn Suzie.”

Taking a knee, I peeled her panties down slowly, getting a close-up view of the sexy moons of her ass. I placed kisses on each cheek, enjoying her moan of pleasure.

I led her over to the couch, and instructed her, “Sit on the couch baby, and spread your thighs.”

As she did so, I saw her smooth bald pussy spread out for me, her 18-year-old pink pocket was glistening with juices, she was making little cooing noises as I settled between her thighs.

“Gonna taste you, baby, I’m gonna lick eryaman otele gelen escort your pussy until you cum all over my face.”

“Oh yes Mark, lick me, I love having my pussy licked.”

Eager to do so, I lowered my face, caught the delicious scent of her aroused center. I got a close-up look at her butterfly tattoo as I started to lick all along her pink trail, enjoying her coos of pleasure as I could feel the juices coating her labial lips. I gently pulled them apart and drove my tongue in, eager for a full-on taste.

“Ummm, oh yes Mark, I love being eaten, feels so good.”

Her taste was light and tart, she tasted wonderful, and I eagerly went after her, stuffing my tongue as deep as possible, then bringing it out to slide over her clit. Her increasing moans and gasps drove me onwards, I felt her grab my head, pulling me tight against her.

“Fuck, fuck, there, right there, oh yeah, Ummm, yeah, unnh, hunnh yeah, ohhhm oh yeah, YAAAHHH!”

She came with a force, pushing her dripping box tight against my mouth, her juices painting my face. I rose up, my cock was hard as granite, and Suzie stared at it.

“Mark, I’m still a virgin, looking at you so hard, I can’t want to be a non-virgin. Can you take me to that bed, and make me a woman?”

“I would be honored to do so Suzie.”

On the bed, she was trembling a bit, as she prepared to take that big step.

I said very softly, “I’ll be gentle with you Suzie, I won’t force you to go any further than you can handle. If it’s too much to bear, use a safe word, and I’ll stop immediately. Let’s make our safe word Mars.”

Suzie smiled as she saw I would not force her, and she said, “Ok Mark, my safe word is Mars. I’m ready.”

Wanting to make the entry as easy as possible, I nudged my cock head against her pussy lips and ran it up and down, letting her juices coat my cock head. I could see Suzie looking down, looking closely at the instrument of her deflowering. Her face was a mixture of horniness and anxiety, my cock was throbbing, almost painfully hard. I let my cock head rub against her clit, she let out a soft coo of pleasure, and I needed to take her. I was going to set the matrix for her sex life, I wanted her first time to be a wonderful experience, not a rape.

“Look at me, Suzie,” I whispered to her.

I nudged against her opening and pushed slowly. My cock head popped in, I heard her let out a sharp gasp, I saw her hands gripping the sheets of the bed tightly.

Shakily, she gasped, “Don’t stop, keep going, Mark.”

Suzie inhaled sharply as I felt my cock nudge against her maidenhead, she shut her eyes and nodded her head. I gave it some force, pushing in hard, for a moment it held, then Suzie’s maidenhead ruptured, she let out a pained cry as she was deflowered.

At her gasp of, “Don’t stop”, I kept on, I could feel her stretching open, the virgin tight walls parting reluctantly.

“Now, all the way, make me a woman!”

At her urging, I gave one last push to penetrate her fully, she yelped as I completed her deflowering as I was now buried, my balls touching her ass cheeks. I growled with pleasure as my cock was engulfed, the heated teen cunt, her virgin tight walls getting their first fuck, the tightness was superb.

I saw her hands pull away from the sheets, and they came up around my shoulders. She opened her eyes, looking into mine.

“Are you sure you can handle it, Suzie, just say the safe word, and I’ll stop,”

Suzie said shakily, “No, don’t stop, just take me gently until my tight little pussy can adjust. Now that I’m a woman, I want my tight little pussy to get its first load of hot male cream.”

I started to kiss the sides of her neck, eager to help her adjust. I brought my mouth to hers, our lips came together, taking her mouth, pushing my tongue between her lips, feeling her tongue rising up to mine. I started to gently pull back a bit, then drive forward slowly, I could hear her moan into my mouth as I did so.

I pulled my mouth away, and brought our eyes level with each other, watching her reaction. After the first few thrusts, my cock could feel the fucking rhythm become easier, her pussy stretched out to accommodate me, and I could see the glow of rising pleasure in her eyes. She let out a loud moan, and her juices poured forth, bathing my cock in the wet heat, the rising pleasure had replaced the momentary pain of her deflowering.

Suzie cooed, “Go a little faster Mark, sincan escort it’s starting to feel good.”

I did as she asked, sliding in and out easily, relishing the slick tightness, watching the bliss playing across her face.

“Mark, Mark, Oh, god it feels so good. Faster, harder please.”

I pumped my cock hungrily into her, quickening the pace as she asked. It was a smooth pleasure ride, Suzie had the tightest pussy it has ever been my pleasure to enjoy. The tight walls of her virgin pussy hugged my prick, milking and sucking at my shaft, and her moans of pleasure only further egged me on to go harder.

“Oh, fuck me, fuck me hard and deep, I love it, you know how to fuck me so good, oh yes, do it hard, harder, make me cum, fill my tight little pussy, christen it!”

I was now really power fucking the tight grip, her tits were bouncing up and down furiously as I shafted her, making sure her first time was the best time, something she would remember all her life. Suzie’s cries of enjoyment filled the room and mingled with my own lust grunts and moans of pleasure. I started to stimulate her more as I alternated between sucking her breasts, nipping at her stiff, swollen nipples and her neck.

“Oh yes, it’s so good, give it to me Mark, gonna cum, gonna cum so hard, yes, yes YESSSSS!”

Suzie’s voice rose to a howl, followed by cries of orgasmic pleasure, her body thrashing wildly underneath me. I felt her body spasming against mine, her pussy started to pulse with orgasmic ripples, becoming the ultimate gripping heat, I couldn’t hold it any longer as my cock burst, squirting wildly deep inside her. Suzie was letting out squeals and cries of pleasure as my cock pumped a full load into her eager center, I deeply thrust into her until I was finished, her superb tightness eagerly milking my cock, giving her every drop.

As we drifted, Suzie cooed, “Ummmm, that was so good, I felt every drop of your hot spunk being pumped over my tight walls. Cumming with a hard cock is so much more intense than using my fingers to get me off.”

We lay quietly for a while, then I asked her, “Suzie, would you like to take a shower with me?”

“Oh yes, I’d love to Mark.”

Under the warm water, we passed around the soap, it didn’t take long before Suzie’s soft warm hands brought me up. She led me out of the shower, and standing on the bath mat, she took to her knees, smiling up at me.

“I enjoyed the cock sucking we gave as a team, even though it was so short a time we each got. I was not the lucky one who got her mouth filled, so now I want to correct both the time and the hunger to taste your load. My mouth has not been a virgin since I turned 18, and I sucked my Uncle off. I know how to suck cock, and I am very good at it. I wanna feel you squirt, I want your rush of hot cum filling my mouth.”

I looked down, enjoying the sight of a sweet 18 years old eager to suck me off. Her hand lightly gripped me, pulling down the foreskin, I saw her head come forward, I felt her mouth slip over just the head of my cock, and it brought a groan of pleasure from me as her hot wet tongue circled around, tickling at the sensitive underside of my glans. I felt her head move, hot wetly sucking lips sliding down my cock, until she swallowed me whole, I felt my balls bounce against her chin. I grunted, fuck that felt nice. She pulled back and drove forward again, she had learned how to suck cock very well, as she was deep throating me on every thrust. She put her hands around my ass cheeks, almost like she was holding me in position while she gave me the best blowjob I have ever had. Her two years of cocksucking history had stood her in good stead. No hands on my cock, she was letting her sweet hot mouth do all the work. Her tight, true cocksucker lips gripped me with a tight cling, her mouth a swirling hot vortex, tongue swirling around my prick on every plunge. I looked down at her blonde head bobbing back and forth, I could see my cock shaft, shiny wet, appear them disappear between the tight grip of her crimson lips.

It took a while building up, but her blowjob never faltered, she could feel my cock swelling up in her mouth, and her right hand came around, and started to play with my balls, giving them gentle squeezes. That did it, and I grunted out, “Cumming, oh yeah, fuck, FUCK!” and I let go, my cock erupting, her mouth tight around me, suctioning my load right out of me.

“Oh Suzie, that was amazing!” I grunted.

She elvankent escort smiled and said, “Thank you, Mark, sucking your cock was a pleasure to suck a real Man’s prick.”

As we were getting dressed, Suzie’s cellphone chimed. She picked it up and I heard her side of the conversation.

“Hi Mom, yeah I’m just about ready to leave…Really? That late? No, that’s okay, I’ll just take the bus home. Yeah, okay, I’ll see you later. Love you, Mom, bye.”

When she broke the call, she said, “That was my Mom. She was going to pick me up, but her boss told her she has to work overtime, and with my Dad at a sales convention in Seattle, I guess I’ll have to take the bus home.”

“No way, I’ll drive you home, my car’s right out there in the parking lot.”

“Oh Mark, that would be wonderful, thank you.”

When we left the coaches’ quarters, we went cautiously and quickly through the deserted hallways. There was very little chance that there would be anyone to see us but still, better to use an abundance of caution rather than not enough.

When we were settled in my 66 Mustang, she directed me, and soon I pulled up in front of her house. I walked her to the door, and when she opened the door and turned on the lights, she asked me to come in and make sure there was no one that had broken in, I quickly made my way through, and seeing that the house was safe, I came out of the hallway to find her in just her bra and panties.

She grinned at me and said, “No house break-in, good, now that I am broken in, I need it again. It’s still my day, my Hump Day, my Mom won’t be home until about 9 or 10, and it’s only 5 right now, I need your cock deep inside me again.”

In her bedroom, she cooed, “Get me naked Mark, then get on the bed and lie back, I want to ride you like a cowgirl.”

I quickly did as she asked, and enjoyed the view of Suzie squatting over me, ready to take me in. Her hips rolled back a little and I felt the tip of my cock pushing against her pussy. With a low moan, she thrust down hard and I was wrapped in the tight, wet, clutching heat. Her loud gasp of pleasure mixed with my grunt as she drove down hard, not stopping until she had my cock buried to the hilt. She paused with a dreamy smile, I drank in the sight of 18-year-old Suzie, naked and very horny, perched securely on my prick.

“Ummm, now that I am no longer a virgin, it feels so good oh yes, I love it.”

We moved slowly as Suzie drove herself down, each thrust balls deep. When she drove down, she would rotate her body slightly, left and right, almost like I was corkscrewing into her.

“Ummm, so good, your cock is rubbing all over my tight little pussy, so deep inside me I love it.”

I could feel the muscles of her pussy gripping my shaft as my cock was driven up between her tight lips. I watched her hands come up and she started to play with her breasts, rubbing them then tugging and tweaking her nipples, making her moan deeply.

She whispered, “Rub my clit Mark, polish my pearl.”

I pressed my fingers against her, letting my fingertips make contact. I let my fingertips start to run circles over her hard stiff orgasm button, her cries and moans increased. She picked up her speed as she started to ride me with a hard, straight up and down ramming. I felt my cock thumping against the fluttering back wall of her cervix, making her moan loudly.

“Oh god, so good, gonna cum, fuck, fuck, YEEESSSS!”

“Oh yeah Suzie baby, cum all over my cock!”

I could feel the spasms starting, her pussy becoming the ultimate tightness, her orgasm filled her body, her juices bathing my cock, her pussy walls milking wildly at me. That took me over, and I felt my cock bursting, filling up her needy heat with another volley of hot spunk.

As our orgasms ebbed, she lay forward, resting her head on my chest, cooing, “Ummm, that was so wonderful, Mark, not only are you a great coach, you are an amazing lover.”

After drifting in the afterglow, Suzie got up and plugged in a tampon to soak up the spunk. She went to the bathroom and came back with a glass of water and a pill, she chased it down with a swig.

“My morning-after pill, since I was not protected, Becky got this for those of us who are not on birth control. My baby-making chamber is not going to get an early start.”

At her front door, she gave me a tongue-twirling kiss and cooed, “See you tomorrow Mark, where you’ll have another one of our team to give you their extended thank you.”

On the drive home, I marveled at what had transpired. Just my first of the six days, and I had been so satisfyingly worked over by sweet Suzie. I really looked forward to who would get their hot little teen hands on me for Day two.

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