Swimming with a larg man.

Swimming with a larg man.More of my diaries.Sorry it takes long time for this one to come. I was very busy. I was in 13 and I nearly grown up my body was like a girl big boot and breast. My father was sleeping with me nearly every night. I had a lots of sexy clothes my father bought for me . In school I still was a boy and I needed to wear very big school wear to other guys don’t see my boobs.Last few years I changed my school few times because when some one realised about me, my father very quickly change my school to avoid trouble. I get to use to have a double life. I kind of like it. I was going to pool with my dad but we wouldn’t get close to each other because my father liked to see other men’s come around me and sometime tried to touch me. Once my father saw his friend from another city and I never met him before. While their were talking and I was playing in pool I see my dad pointing at me to his friend. I knew I shouldn’t go near him because he told me so. When I was wearing tight swimming clothes without panties for enjoy of my dad, I shouldn’t get near him for the sake of our secret. Then my dad start to come near me his friend come too then start to talk asked me how old I am and … Suddenly my dad go behind me and very slow with one hand made my swimming suit between my bottom. I feel so exposed , then he said to his friend needs to go toilet and he left me alone with his friend. I start to swim and he could see my big booty çorum escort he waited there then he came and start to talk, some ordinary question then he start to rubbing my ass , it was so quick and a my face turn to red , but I didn’t move I was speech less , he asked me do I know that man( my dad) and I said I met him few time here that’s it. I put my swim suit back as it was, and start to get away from him because I didn’t my father see my with him as he told me don’t do anything without his permission.When I was coming out my suit was stick on my body and I feel his eyes all over me.I went to toilet to see my dad and on my way I saw him then he said why I’m here because he leave me to his friend can relax with me and he said he watching me from here. He said don’t tell him about me. While I was backing there I see him get out of pool and I could see his monster was awake without say anything I jumped on water again and I see he go and talk to my dad. I was confused and didn’t want him to touch me because he was very big with big monster .When he came back to pool after few minuets he came near me and asked me to go and have something to eat with him. First I said no but then I knew my dad told him so and I said ok. I said I’m going to change and he can met me outside. When I get out and was going to get a shower I see him next to my dad talking to him. I changed my swim suit and wear my bra then wear my panties but it was tight and covered çorum escort bayan between my bottom from the back it like I didn’t wear anything. I got the shower and went to toilet.Suddenly he came inside and grab my ass and stick to me then he turned me around His fingers are slightly shaking as they slip into my panties he was going deep then I felt his finger touched my hole, The contact makes me jump slightly and he chuckles into my neck.His other hand is wrapped around my chest and start rubbing my boobs. He starts to talk and saying what I am he never see any girl sexier than me. He turned me around again and forced me to sat on my knee and he unleashed his monster to my mouth It was big and he very quickly came in my mouth most of the cum came on my chest.He takes my cloths off and start to eating my breast and then start to touch my dick which it was hard and he was saying I can’t believe my eyes how amazing I am and he would give me anything if I go with him to his place. We couldn’t be there no longer because maybe someone notice us he go out and then came in and take my hand and said come with me. On that time my dad come and said hello again then his friend said he’s going to take me to his home and see u later. Then my dad said no he wants to come with us otherwise he is the one who take me home. Then they agreed to my dad come to his friend home, I was looking my dad and silently asking him to don’t let him take me. escort çorum Because I didn’t want him to inter that monster in to me. Once I felt the pain last year and I never wanted that. Any way first we went to shopping centre and he bought some very nice lingeries for me . We went to his home then he start to drink few quick shots and gave me one shot too. My dad didn’t drink.He asked me to take my clothes off and I did. He told me to lay on the bed naked and he bring the oil bottle and start to rubbing all over me he get on top of me and was completely naked he put a pillow under my hips and put cream on my ass and wanted to fuck me first he played with my ass hole and used a lot of cream he start to sawing me back and fort between my legs. He had a huge dick and was eating my neck and breathing fast. Then he get of on me and with both hand split my ass and wanted to inter to my ass hole but I didn’t let him and I start to bag him to don’t do it. Then my dad said leave him alone do what ever u want but that. My dad get naked and he put his dick in my mouth his friend from back and he from front they fucked me over and over. He was jerking of from behind for me too. Each time he was cum bring a lingerie and wear me one and fuck me on that too. All over my body was full of cum my dad very careful to don’t let a drop of them get wasted to rub my breast and bott and leg with the cum. He always saying it’s very good for ur skin and size of my breast and ass.He added to a list of people who fucked me , but he just got started and he wouldn’t stop by any thing .I’ll writhe again to tell you guys about him more to you.Hope you all excuse my mistake if u see in my wording.

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